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Private/Closed Dimension Games

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

With a flash of light, the world came into view. Beings had been brought here against their wishes, forced to compete in a competition. A competition of survival. Somehow...this was in their heads upon entry. As if it were psychically placed there.

Each contestant was ferried down from a platform, suspended above. A shield erected around this platform to prevent anyone from early acting. They could see all the contestants. All 26 of them. A large number appeared in the sky, glowing a dark shade of orange.


Just like the number of contestants here. As the platforms lowered beneath the trees, the players could see one figure far to their left, and another far to their right. Their close neighbors upon spawn. This was going to be quite the spectical...

Suddenly, the casing disappeared from all the platforms at once, right as the platform connected to the ground. The game had begun!


Previously Gamingfan2
Wascally Wabbit
To be honest, this wasn't the first time Bugs had been kidnapped. Heck, it wasn't the first time he'd been in a competition against his will. Which likely explained why the toon took in his surroundings casually, as if this was just another day. However, once the casing was dropped...
The rabbit promptly spun around, and waltzed his way back. He had no idea what kinda game he was being forced into, but he had no intention of playing.
Then again, trouble tended to find the rabbit more of than not.

Self-Made King
"A competition eh?" The King of Dreamland, King Dedede drawled. "Well, I guess I'm glad I was holding onto my lucky hammer then."
The tubby bird slapped his massive mallet, which looked much more tech-y than usual, and chuckled.
"Welp! A King like ma'self can't just stand around all day. I wonda if Kirbeh's here?"
And the King was off, searching for his longtime rival.

The Young Star Warrior
Much like Bugs, Kirby looked unfazed by the whole situation, despite essentially being a kidnapped child. Ultimately, he was just confused over how he kept finding himself in these situations. The puffball looked around, finding two figures to left and right. The star warrior waved innocently, hoping this competition was like the Gourmet Race. He really wished whatever trans-dimensional being that does this would have a more open mind.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Tsk Tsk Tsk... what an unpleasant invitation. But I'd be a fool not to play a game with potentially challenging fighters. Nai nda na~"

The western Digimon adjusted the tip of his hat with his index finger, giving a eager smile. The bee nearby didn't seem to be of any dangerous caliber. Flew right under his radar. The blue hedgehog? Potentially, but he significantly doubted it.

"Blue one."

He announced himself to the hedgehog. Walking toward him with the sound of his metal boots, the gunslinger crossed his arms as the wind blew through his scarf.

"You are a contestant here, yes? Are you a strong fighter?"



"Woah...the clouds are so crisp when we were up that close to 'em."

Belowski was laying down, staring up at the clouds up high. Who needed to fight when he had a view like this? The smell of the oaky breeze drifted towards him as he seemed close to nodding off already.


"Musimon! How'd we get here??"

"I dunno Astra, this place wasn't exactly a part of the script for our video."

"Ngh! And we were about to do it all in one take too!"

Irritation aside, this whole setup seemed like something a rogue appmon would do, that had to be it. It wasn't vibing with him in the slightest. Life and death battles weren't his thing. He'd rather beat them in a hotdog eating contest or something. He just hoped that others here were just as passive as him.


Previously Manu456Alola
A competition? How interesting.

Despite finding himself in a much different environment compared to the Sunrise Palace he'd been in moments ago, Zed remained calm. He was confident in his abilities, and his Septima would be sure to give him an advantage over other competitors. As long as he managed to get back and continue his plans of creating a better future for the world, he'd have no qualms taking part in this competition.

He glanced to his left and right, taking note of the beings positioned a decent distance from him. A small, blue, spiny creature to his far right, and a blonde boy with a small creature accompanying him. He couldn't help but be reminded of the world-renowned Azure Striker.

He made no moves on either of his presumed competitors, instead opting to gauge the other's reactions and capabilities before approaching them. He made sure not to use his Septima either, not willing to start a fire recklessly.

This was his first time seeing the world outside of Dharma Tower. It was not inhospitable and filled with radioactive dust like others had told him, but instead quite pleasant, finding himself in a forest, a blue sky greeting his optical sensors as he looked upwards, the orange '26' being the only thing that looked off.

"This is not our Earth."

Of course, that whisper in his head remained. The Architect. A preserved consciousness, as well as the main reason he was still active. The Climbers had done what they could, but it was the Architect's experience with Ghostrunners and Cybervoid that managed to get him back online. Not that he wasn't grateful for what the rebels had done, of course.

Two figures were located within eyesight. A seemingly young girl in strange attire to his right, and an adult male in some sort of suit to his left. Neither had said a word just yet, but if the objective of this competition was to survive, there was a chance one of them could attack. He remained cautious, one hand grasping his blade to fight back at a moment's notice.

"Hesitation will only get you killed, Ghostrunner."

He preferred the name the Climbers had given him. Jack had a nice ring to it.

The only thing this place could be compared to was Greenpath. She was clearly not in Hallownest anymore, now being able to see the blue sky beyond the kingdom. Surreal, in a way. The forest seemed untouched by the Infection, lifting a burden from her shoulders, but her time spent here would likely be far from pleasant.

She could see the number in the sky. And she somehow knew that her objective was to survive. That this was but a competition, almost like one that the Colosseum of Fools would hold. And survival, in her experience involved fighting, in one way or another. For now, she would have to observe her competitors. Figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

The pink puffball waved at her, a gesture Hornet did not return, instead flinging her needle towards a nearby tree, pulling herself towards it thanks to the silk attached to it, taking refuge at the top of it, concealed by the vegetation. She wordlessly observed both the pink puffball and the tall biped, waiting for a display of their abilities. Waiting for a chance to strike.​
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d

The Dark Lord of the Sith

No words were said. No threats delivered. No pleas bargained.

The apparatus exhaled a deep, tense breath, calm and slow. It then dragged in another breath, equally as cold as the exhale. Through the red lenses of his helmet, Lord Vader gazed impassively at the numbers in the sky. Regardless of the lack of spoken information, the purpose here had been planted inside of his mind. It did not take a talented force user to understand that this was not by the cause of the force itself. Some external, unseen power.

And where there was power? There was Vader.

It would be his, this was his guarantee the moment he'd opened his eyes.

Another shudder as there was an intake of breath. To the left, a human, swollen with a muscular frame, wearing vestments that indicated incarceration. He would pop.

To the right, an alien, avian-themed, nothing he recognized, but the Dark Lord was no stranger to wiping out unknown civilizations out of existence. This would be no different.

His purpose was to destroy the competition. Until he understood more, he would abide by these very simple requirements. After all, he . . .

Darth froze, his brow creasing behind his helmet. His connection to the force . . . it felt nearly severed. Weakened. Hanging by a thread. Like he was some novice youngling, struggling with the basics once again.

. . .

An unexpected development, but this would not spare his victims from the power of the dark side.

With more strain than he would have preferred, Vader lifted a large hunk of earth from the ground, clumped together with grass roots and large rocks, many jagged ones sticking out. Despite his struggle, the sith's outward portrayal was one of control. Precision. Power. With the casual swipe of his hand, the earthen projectile immediately launched toward the human (Cody), intending to flatten him, while the dark lord immediately began to walk toward the penguin (Dedede), his gait portraying purpose and fearlessness.

The force throw had been more difficult than he'd hoped. The force was not something he could consistently rely on for moves like that again, whatever power here had weakened his connection to the dark side. He would need to be conservative and precise with how he approached these conflicts, blind rage would only get him so far.

As the avian obliviously began to waddle off with the grace of a pregnant rancor, Vader made sure to get his attention. The dark lord's hand had raised, and Dedede could feel his throat constrict. It was not with enough power to crush his throat, or choke him death, Vader's power too weakened to perform this outright, but it would undoubtedly be enough to catch the penguin's eye.​

The D.S.O. Federal Agent

Oh. Great.

Leon Scott Kennedy blinked at the sunlight beaming down, squinting about at his surroundings as his barrier lifted, and the sudden thought of "the game has begun" entered his mind. Definitely not his inner voice.

Chris had mentioned something like this in one of their brief messages. A warning of crossing universes, though he advised to keep it a conversation between them exclusively. How he'd fought alongside the likes of a "Spider-Man" and a "Frank West". By reasonable deduction . . . this was a similar situation. A glance to either neighbors confirmed as much. A small pink blob waving a stubby arm at him. Seemed friendly.

Leon gave a wave back, if only to humor it. To his right was another human, a fighter by the looks of him. Whatever rules were bumping around in Leon's brain, he found himself wondering if they could just . . . casually team up and take on any of the more violent opponents in this place. There were clearly 23 others, if the sky count was any indication, and it would be a fool's gamble to assume there would be no violent and dangerous individuals that had appeared here as well.

All in all . . . Leon felt he was taking this situation a little too well. Shouldn't he be at least a little more off-put? Well, maybe he was just used to crazy shit at this point. After Raccoon City, then everything with the Los Illuminados, which he'd only just concluded a couple nights ago, delivering the safe and healthy Ashley back to her father and Leon's personal friend, the President of the United States . . . he'd . . . he couldn't remember what came next. Just straight here, right?

"Man, I can't catch a break," he muttered, relaxing a little, though still keeping some of his guard up, uncertain if either of his neighbors would suddenly turn into a giant flesh monster and try to kill him. Or . . . just try to kill him. He was just used to giant flesh monsters at this point.​

The Spirit of the Messiah


The absolute harmony of the SOUL.

To unlock power incarnate.

His sage green eyes darted left, then right.


His life's goal.

Power beyond imagination.

A puff of smoke drifted from his lips as he casually took a puff from his cigarette.

Vidal . . .

That would have to wait.

Nikolai sniffed, pulling his cigarette from his lips and flicking off the ash on the end. He wasn't disappointed with what he'd seen. His opponents. Why was he here? Why was he set to fight? Why him specifically?

Trivial questions. Not every one needed an answer, because the response here was simple: fight.

He just had to remind himself not have too much fun. He still had a brooding and serious persona to maintain, after all. The massive creature to his left looked like a very entertaining match. The giant living plant to his right seemed equally as entertaining. This was just the sort of weird fight he'd been looking forward to. The rest of the Messiah could keep Undyne, Nikolai had bigger fish to fry, pun entirely intentional.

Rotating his shoulders for but a second, he made a choice of his first battle, taking another puff from his cigarette, before he threw it down, stamping the lit end out, and turning his gaze toward the kaiju.

"Da, chert voz'mi."​
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Previously Deathstalker62
The Pyromanic Pair
With two platforms descending, two different maniacs were brought into this survival game. One, a masked individual, disillusioned with their pyromanic actions and seeing the world in a child's eyes - filled with rainbows, unicorns and lollipops. The other one? A small Pokemon, a cute and harmless appearance which couldn't have been further from the true personality of this twisted creature. While the masked one was still looking around, the small creature already flew up to them, realizing that in order to win whatever this was.. they could use some allies.

" Ribom, Ribom! Ribom-beeee~! "

Of course, the Pyro could not understand what this fuzzy little ball of adorableness was saying. Neither could they care less. Immediately, their child-like personality was entranced by it, the creature looking the same in their fantastical vision as it did in the real situation due to their already cutesy appearance. They just watched the creature in awe as it flew around them before seating itself right on their shoulder - and friends they now were!

I can't believe this idiot was so easy to trick! Child's play, I'll tell you!

Ribombee had thought to himself, snickering internally. Glancing with a sinister intent over the competition, the Bee Fly pokemon was momentarily taken aback as his 'friend' begun walking around, bopping their body to some kind of tune only they could hear. From out of nowhere, a large device was now in their hands, with the only thing giving it away for Ribombee being the flame on the far end of the weapon. A flamethrower. Perfect. He was just gonna sit back and let his pal do his work. After all, why do unnecessary work if someone else can do it for you?

Pyro had a wonderful time taking in all the different cute, cuddly creatures around them. But there was one that caught their attention the most. A giant flower, petals still hidden away, a grey tint washed over its entirety as, just barely visible from behind its petals, a sad frown was seen on its face. What? Such sadness they couldn't just stand by and witness! With their rainblower armed, Pyro (in their vision) pranced on over to the giant flower, ready to blast it with sparkling rainbows to give it the colour it needed to blossom!

...unfortunately for the flower's real equivalent, this was none other than an actual, giant plant. A giant plant.. named Petey.


The slash-happy plague of Olathe
Whistling a joyful tune to himself, Buzzo simply took in his surroundings, machete in its sheath. Really, he couldn't care less for being in a new world. Whether he was in the Olathe, Rando Land or in who knows where.. there was always someone.. or something to torment. And that's all a guy can really ask for, isn't it? Though the joy-fueled fearmonger wanted to cause some havoc.. it seems others were already there before him. The inmate was getting a chunk of land thrown at him, while the rabbit.. it just left. What a fucking pussy.

Stopping his whistling, Buzzo put on his signature smile again and turned to the convict, reaching into his pocket and tossing a Joy Pill at him, disregarding whether or not he'd pick it up and take it before or after dealing with the chunk of land and rock. Even if he didn't.. someone would. And that's all he needed. And with his back now turned, Buzzo begun sneaking towards the rabbit. Following. Stalking. Always out of sight and never too close, but always hot on their trail. He had found a next target.. and he wasn't about to let them go wander off.. not without a present..
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MODEL -- ROBOPAL 8819 --

Amongst these great warriors, legendary heroes and villains, and rascally wabbits, was a mere house Roomba; a robot house cleaner, yellow with blue eyes, developed by industry leads FamilyCorp. Understandably, Dusty McClean was not exactly confident seeing those his new programming dictate he must fight as the casings dropped.
"Beep" was said by Dusty, as if to signify minor terror. Suddenly, a bright yellow buff being appeared above Dusty, wearing little but underwear and showing a head of Dusty's shape. This was Sexy McClean, a manifestation of Dusty's fighting spirit and wish for dancing - This makes more sense for those who see than those who hear.
"Dusty, don't be scared! We must succeed - for our family!" He loudly exclaimed, potentially drawing attention to the otherwise small Roomba. Dusty appreciated the support, letting out a more cheerful beep now before actually looking over his foes on his left and right. One, a strange...penguin, thing, seemed to walk away but got attacked by a robotic thing, and the other was a robot, red with the Omega symbol on a shoulder. Dusty's eyes seemed to soften, as if to say 'perfect'. Robots may not have been his favourite foe but...

Hey, couldn't be tougher than Robopal 9000, could it?
He began to whirr towards Omega, dashing forward at high speeds every so often before suddenly closing eyes. To Dusty, time appeared to slow and the world turned slightly purple and more like a schematic. Moments later, if possible to have hacked, Omega's robot hand would whirr and spin rapidly in an attempt to distract the bot, creating a loud scraping noise like keys to a car. Regardless if this worked or not, the next thing for Omega to see would be Sexy McClean bursting upwards from Dusty and moving to punch him in the face, both of the McClean's with bright red eyes and they struck as hard as they could.


"..." A sigh same from a bandana wearing warrior, his gloves tightening as he checked his champion wraps, which had allowed him full strength at no risk for some time now, and looked at the number. The strongest of his world, no, his timeline, was mildly annoyed at this. Being dragged out somewhere wasn't the worst, he was already travelling himself, but killing was something he rarely enjoyed - In fact, he would say he had only enjoyed it once, and his foe himself was a monster, one who deserved every hell he had coming. Still, as the case left, he stretched out his limbs a little, knowing full well someone could attack him at any moment.

Then, when nothing happened, he simply turned around and walked into the forests. He wished to train, ignoring his foes closest - Past the first glimpse, he saw one had a gun and the other was massive, he knew when to fold it. Attempting to get out of sight, if succeeded, we would immediately jump to training; More specifically punching trees and doing pressups. He broke more than a few trees with his punches, not exactly quiet.


Inside one of the cases, next to Jack and Hornet, a black mech sat - The cockpit open, an old man inside who looked far younger than he was. As soon as the case lowered, he closed the cockpit, letting out a sigh.
"Gods and their machinations..." He uttered, before working some computers - Attempting to access any communications the others were using. Ignoring any sort of issues with successes, he uttered out into his microphone to communicate.

"Lay down your arms. I am Grief, and your chances of victory are slimmer than Humanity's righteousness." He seemed to chuckle to himself. "Through me you pass, into the city of woe." He added, adding a more sinister tone to his voice as his mech suddenly darted to the skies as high as he could, turning to aim at Jack as a missile launcher on his shoulder opened up and fired five missiles right at the Ghostrunner.
"DIE." He ended his talking with, opening his own com link to all who could access it and talking into it.
E-123 Omega
Scanning area….
Scan complete
Targets identified: 25
Targets within 50 foot distance: 2

E-123 Omega was relatively unphased by the situation he found himself in, focusing on eliminating targets rather than figuring out how he got here. There were 2 targets nearby, one who had not done anything yet and one who began to charge at Omega.

The enemy speeding towards him was a rather small, cylindrical robot who was accompanied by a large man with the same face. The man had not been detected previously, but Omega did not really care where he came from, only that he was a threat that needed to be neutralized.

As Omega’s hand began to spin out of control due to reasons unknown to the droid, he rotated both of his arms in a full circle, replacing his hands with two rapid fire rotary cannons.

“Target sighted.”

Omega opened fire, releasing an onslaught of explosive bullets from his rotary cannons, aiming directly for the rapidly approaching Sexy McClean.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic tapped his foot aggressively while crossing his arms, a frown on his face. “Can’t a hedgehog get a day to himself every once in a while?” He said while looking up at the sky, which currently had a large “26” in it, which Sonic assumed didn’t come standard. This was no doubt the work of a bad guy, but Sonic didn’t have time to figure out who because the platform reached the floor and the contestants were free.

A large western-looking dude walked up to the hedgehog, looking down at him with his scarf flowing in the wind. While he did look cool, Sonic couldn’t help but snicker at the whole western get-up. The strange figure then asked him if he was a strong fighter.

Sonic crossed his arms and raised me eyebrow. “Dude, why do you even care?”
@Shen: King of Digimon

Petey Piranha
As soon as the shield around his platform disappeared, Petey jumped eagerly off of the platform, shaking the ground as he landed. This was gonna be easy. All these little shrimps were going to be child’s play to beat, but who to start with?

Fortunately, his questions was answered for him as a man in a ridiculous suit with a cool mask happily skilled towards him with a weapon that had…fire?

HA! Fire was nothing new to Petey, he used it himself! This was gonna be easy!

Petey leaned back casually, then spit out a torrent of acid from his mouth towards Pyro. The acid was sticky and would stick to and hurt Pyro if his body touched it in anyway. After this initial launch, the acid would form a large puddle on the ground. Along with being a sticky damage hazard, small goop creatures would also begin to emerge from the puddle and jump towards Pyro to damage him.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

The taller figure gave a smirk in response, tilting his hat at the snarky hedgehog before him, who seemed less like a warrior and more like a high school dropout.

"A challenge. Battle is boring if it isn't at least a challenge. My instincts tell me that this place is ripe with challenges..."

With that, he lifted his hat so his eyes were visible, both fixated solely on the hedgehog before him.

"Are you strong, Hedgehog?"


Previously Deathstalker62
Pyro & Ribombee
" Ribombee! " The Pokemon cried out, warning his 'ally' of the incoming acid train. Well, he had hoped he hadn't needed to fight so soon.. but, if he wanted to keep this idiot loyal, he needed to watch out for him. Standing up, the Bee Fly Pokemon had closed his eyes, arms pointed at the acid.. before opening his eyes again, them now glowing with a pink energy, as did his body and the incoming acid stream (alongside the pools on the ground).

And with the use of Psychic, the acid was parted to the wayside, allowing the Pyro to continue their sprint at the towering plant, wading through the now cleared path of pink, vibrant water (acid) aiming to give happiness and rainbows (a fiery death) to the massive flower (giant piranha plant) with his rainblower (flamethrower).
@Captain Pokémon


Previously mallard
The Duck appeared back in Route 3 after being defeated by the super-monkey. It was a fluke, of course, but Psyduck couldn't allow that to happen again.
It was time to get swole.
...And then he disappeared again, not even a minute of being back home.

He appeared on a platform. Holy Miltank, he couldn’t get a break. On one side was a huge grass-type, and on the other was a creepy-looking humanoid. Psyduck didn't really want to confront either of them... but in front of him was a river. Bingo.
As soon as the platform touched down, Psyduck rushed forwards, sticking to the cover of bushes when able, and headed towards the stream.

The king of the koopas grinned. Some joker wanted him to kick some tail. Sure, he'd steamroll all over these punks. His gaze shifted to the right. There sat just a little kid; not his style.
Then to the left was a rabbit. It didn't look strong, but Bowser figured it'd be a good warmup.
As soon as the platform touched down, Bowser moved towards the rabbit, who was already wimping out. With no attention to Buzzo, Bowser then leapt high into the air, coming down upon Bugs Bunny with a heavy butt-stomp!

"Megalon! Megalon! Wake up, Megalon! Come on! Rise up now! To the Earth's surface! Destroy the Earth! Destroy our enemies! Rise up! Go on, Megalon!"

The prayers of Seatopia swirled inside Megalon's head as it awoke to its surroundings. It was midair, on a lowering platform. Surrounding it were creatures and humans of all shapes and sizes, but none as large as the mighty Megalon.
Its first instinct was to get off of the platform, but the sensitive antennae of the kaiju noticed something in the way, something it could not see. So it swung a bladed forearm forward, streaking across the invisible shield.


Megalon let out a roar as he went in for another slash. This failed too, but when the third strike came, the platform had just touched down, and the shield disappated. The bladed metal forearm of Megalon cleaved through a tree, the top half tumbling to the woodland floor.


Now free, Megalon turned its attention to a human that said something, seemingly challenging the Seatopian deity.


Megalon stomped towards Nikolai and raised one arm, before plunging it downwards, not giving the Russian very much effort yet.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic smirked in response to the cowboy’s statement of wanting a challenge. “Ha, I’ll never understand you brooding types and your obsession with ‘good battles’. If I were you, I’d just put the hat over my head and take a nap, but I don’t think you have that in mind.” With a shrug and a casual smile, Sonic continued. “Sorry to say this pal, but as much as I’d like to warm myself up by running circles around ya, I’ve got better things to do.” The hedgehog pointed to the massive creature in the distance that was easily 30 feet tall. “Like pummel that troublemaker into next week.”
@Shen: King of Digimon

Petey Piranha
Petey did a slight double take as the small insect hovering nearby the man used some sort of magic to move his acid to the side. That was weird.

The massive plant then decided to change tactics, whipping up several twisters with his leaves. Each twister was smaller than a full on tornado, but easily bigger than a few people. This twisters closed in on Pyro and Ribombee, aiming to injure and send them flying.

The Convict Street Fighter​

Cody looked around as the platform decended. When he said he wanted a fight, this wasn't exactly what he was thinking of. At his feet, a piece of glistening metal caught his eye. Whoever or whatever had sent him here, they were kind enough to have allowed him to start with a knife. The Cody picked up the knife, tossing it in his hand to gauge its weight. Yes, this would do.

The area around him was some sort of mountainous region. To his right and left, he could see two other platforms decending. The first one contained a man, dressed in all black armor and a cape. The one on his other side was a guy, looking more like a punk. He reminded Cody of someone he hated. The barriers lowered, and the fighting began. There was a blur of movement, and Cody turned to find a massive chunk of earth flying towards him from the direction of the dark caped man. Had he thrown it?!

Taking a fighting stance, Cody threw a powerful uppercut. The force of the punch generated a small whirlwind, which cut into the chunk of earth. The jagged rocks were flung to the side by powerful winds, and the chunk of earth was grinded to dirt. The convict took a ready stance to fight, only to find that the masked man had... walked away.
"Hey..." Cody said. He took a step after Vader, only to hear something hit the ground next to him. A small pill, tossed by the strange gang member next to him. The gang member had a sickening grin on his face, and Cody watched him too turn away and walk into the mountainous forest. No, not walk. That stance, the way he was moving... Cody could tell the gang member was on the hunt.

Cody looked in the direction Buzzo had gone, then in the direction Vader had gone. The masked man... Or the gang member who's mere sight made his blood boil?

Cody stepped on the Joy Pill, breaking it and grinding it into the ground with his shoe. As much as he wanted to punch that gang member, the masked man was the one that attacked him first. Cody tossed the knife in his hand once more.
"Let's see if we can't do something about my boredom." Cody said, following after Darth Vader.


The Youthful Sage​

Eitri looked at her gloved hand, feeling the platform she was on descending.
"So that's what being summoned feels like... Most interesting." She said to herself. The youthful sage of Niðavellir looked out at the sprawling arena before her. She could see in the distance desert, mountains, and a strange ruined city of some sort. She was not the only ones arriving, as she could see to her left and right two other competitors. One clad in heavy red and black armor. Eitri's trained eye could tell that there was no man beneath that armor. An artificial creation. On her other side, the competitor appeared more human in appearance. Yet Eitri could tell that he, too was an artificial creation.

"Incredible..." Eitri muttered. She would have to see if she could find these beings once she completed her replication of Briedablik. Would her prototype Briedablik even work here, in this strange new world?

The barriers keeping Eitiri to her platform disappeared. She acted instantly. Across her back, the large gun-like magical device Grim Brokkr sprung into action. It floated besides Eitri, and the girl quickly jumped onto the weapon. Riding it like a witch rode a broomstick, attemping to fly in the direction of the mountains she had scene. There was a cacophony of explosions, and Eitri looked back to see the red and black artificial creation engaging in combat with another competitor. Better he be distracted with that than focusing on her.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Oi oi! Who dat?"

Astra pointed at Zed, turning to Musimon. It was another human here? At least it wasn't a hostile monster or something. Musimon just gave a shrug.

"My guess? Maybe he has an partner too. Maybe an appmon brought all the humans with partners here to fight each other?"

"Bah! Im totally not feeling that... Maybe we can get to the bottom of this with that guy over there. Hey! Guy!"

Astra called out to Zed, waving his hand in the air as he approached, Musimon in tow.

"What's all this about fighting each other, right? Dunno about you, but that doesn't vibe with us. What say you?"


"Huh...don't you think mountains are kinda like Mother Nature trying to touch the clouds...?"

Belowski was lost in thought looking over at the forested mountain range just directly north of him, still not having left his starting position. He was laying down, looking woozily at the mountain range.


"Tsk Tsk Tsk, I'm not one to interrupt when one declares a target. Have your fun, but know I will anxiously be waiting the winner. Nai nda na~"

With that, he gave sonic an eager grin before four neon rainbow colored wings flapped out from behind him. And just like that, he bounded up into the sky before levitating comfortably above the trees

"As I thought, battle is not...far. away."

His eyes lit up with a GPS tracking system over pupils, getting a clean view of Sonic as well as this Kaiju. This was going to be interesting. Especially since the Kaiju was already fighting a small man down there. Human. What was he hoping to achieve?


Previously Gamingfan2
Karmic Trickster
Bugs trotted along, muttering to himself.
"And if I have to deal with getting smushed ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna find the maroon that holds these games and-"
The sound of thumping cut his ranting short, prompting bugs to look at the culprit.
Hardly did he get a glimpse before what looked like an oversized turtle leapt, and fell back down...directly above him.
Bug's eyes quite literally burst out of his skull, before turning as if preparing to run.
Bowser landed with a hard crash, seemingly directly on the rabbit. All was silent...until the sounds of burrowing could be heard.
With a comical POP, Bugs burst from the earth directly next to Bowser, looking mildly annoyed. He reached into the grey part of his fur, which apparently opened up like a jacket, and pulled out a carrot.
Leaning on the massive beast, Bugs took a crunch.
"Ehhhhh...." he munched a little more, before swallowing. "What's up doc?"

The Pink Demon
Kirby sagged a bit as Hornet ignored the gesture, before perking back up as Leon returned it. Already considering the man a friend, Kirby skipped towards him, happy to talk to someone he didn't need to fight for once.

Monarch of Dreamland
"Hmmm, if I was a pink blob, where would I-HURK?!"
Dedede's search came to a halt as he felt his throat tighten, a special feat given his....kingly proportions. Despite this, the King remained calm...externally. He turned as best as he could, catching the sight of a very, very, very dark figure, with an arm outstretched. Despite himself, he grinned confidently.
"Ya'know" he croaked. "If ya wanted to talk to a King such as I, ya coulda just asked."
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Darth Vader

Even his signature force choke was . . . lacking. How disturbing.

The avian gave a mocking response, one to which the dark lord lowered his arm, relinquishing his hold.

"Very well," Vader spoke, his voice deep, dark, and pronounced. Beginning to understand just how limited he was with the force, it was safe to assume that only the more lethal aspects had been so significantly diminished. However, it was not a useless ability. So as Vader spoke this line, he flicked his mechanical wrist calmly, the force yanking one of Dedede's legs violently to the side, either tripping him up or giving him an uncomfortable disbalance. Either way, it was far more passive than the last two aggressive tactics the sith had used.

"How would you prefer to die?"​

Leon S. Kennedy

The dude was heading off into the surrounding forest, evidently having zero interest in what was going on around him. Leon glanced over as the pink blob skipped over with more speed than he'd have expected from it toward him. He braced himself for evasive maneuvers . . . but it did nothing hostile. It probably was just happy he'd waved back.

"Name's Leon," he greeted it, unsure if it would even understand him. "Say, why don't you and I stick together? We could use numbers, too. Maybe we could get that guy with the bandanna who went into the woods."

Regardless if the blob understood him, Leon was more or less just voicing his inner thoughts.​

Nikolai Vaspetin

The kaiju had set its sights on the Russian, letting out a screech. Exactly what he'd wanted. Flexing every muscle in his body, stiffening himself, Nikolai watched as the arm approached---before he leapt to the side, the scaly fist striking the earth. Nikolai let out a joyous laugh as he immediately took the opportunity to dig his fingers into the hide of the beast, and use its own arm as a ride up. When the arm would inevitably begin to rise, Nikolai would leap from it, bursting off the arm like a bullet to immediately try and ram his fist into the beasts throat with a steel-shattering fist.​


Previously Manu456Alola
The boy and his animal-like companion had approached him, expressing their distaste for the competition and how they would rather not fight. An opportunity presented itself right here. He could feel it.

"It is rather unnecessary, is it not? Of course, some of those brought here may not agree..." He replied calmly, looking over towards the massive creature in the distance already wreaking havoc.

"Since neither of us sees a reason to fight each other, why don't we form an alliance? Seems like a reasonable approach to survival, doesn't it?"

This 'Grief' was focused on victory from the get-go, taking to the sky before firing five missiles down at the Ghostrunner. Missiles were old-fashioned compared to the plasma weapons he usually dealt with, but that did not make them any less threatening.

To Jack, time slowed down to a crawl as the missiles closed in, his Sensory Boost activating. It would last for but a few moments, but it gave him the chance to prepare his counterattack. Drawing his blade, the cybernetic warrior could see each missile clearly outlined in red. All close enough to each other for him to---

In the blink of an eye, Jack left the ground, leaping into the air and slashing cleanly through each missile in quick succession, a trail of smoke following him as he closed the distance between him and Grief. A thin, blue cable burst from his left wrist---his gap jammer, which flew towards one of the mech's legs, aiming to attach itself to it just long enough for Jack to pull himself closer, similarly to a grappling hook. If successful, he would then swing his katana at the leg as he passed by.
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Astra & Musimon

Zed seemed pretty calm in a situation like this. Maybe they've been in dangerous situations before, or maybe masked their emotions well? In any case, he wasn't aggressive, and in fact, wanted an alliance!

"Eyyy, now your speaking my language! That way if there's any battle crazy weirdos we can just slap them out of the way. We feelin' it?"

"Are we not?" The yellow creature pointed up to his partner.

"Of course we do!" They both said in unison, making a punk rock sign with their hands.

These two were energetically in sync, that's for sure. After their little catchphrase, Astra gestured to Zed, with another hand on his hip.

"Sooo if we are in an alliance and all, where's your partner? if If have one anyway. Mine's Musimon right here."

"No Musimon, no life!" Musimon chimed in.


Previously Gamingfan2
Blob Monster
Kirby's eyes sparkled at the mention of teaming up, before nodding furiously.
"Kaabii!" he chirped, patting his...chest?
It was then something Leon said suddenly caught his attention. Bandana guy?
He knew a Bandana Guy!
The already energetic puffball seemed to run on 110% energy, dashing back and forth, looking every which way, trying his darndest to find what he presumed was a good friend.

The Avian Rancor
Apparently they liked his comment. Maybe. Under the mask King Dedede could hardly tell, but they let go of his neck.
Until Darth Vader somehow grabbed his...legs? Dedede felt his (more accurately) feet swept out from under him, but manage to catch himself with his hammer, propping himself back up. Upon Vader's presumed threat, Dedede's smile vanished.
The King pointed his hammer at Vader, suddenly serious.
"Ain't no way in hell I'm dying before Kirbeh."


Previously Manu456Alola
"Oh, I have no companion. Certain associates do assist me on occasion, but I am more than capable of fighting on my own. Allow me to demonstrate..."

Raising an arm above himself, Zed manifested a bright golden flame in his hand, which soon increased slightly in brightness and size as he held it above himself, expanding into the shape of an orb, almost like a miniature star, thankfully out of range of any trees. Now that he thought about it, it wasn't quite as hot or large as some of his other displays. How odd. He didn't let this concern show, however, his confident smile present as always.

"Golden Trillion, a Septima of the Sun. An impressive sight, isn't it?"​


Previously mallard

King Koopa had met his mark. He got to his feet and turned around, expecting to see a flattened rabbit, but was surprised to see nothing but a hole. Slippery little punk...
To his flank came a voice, prompting the Koopa to swing his head to gaze upon the rabbit, totally fine for the most part, and leaning on the royal shell. Bowser shoved the rabbit back.

"I'm gonna crush every chump in this arena, starting with YOU, rabbit!"

The human was faster than the kaiju, and grabbed onto Megalon's arm. As Nikolai predicted, it lifted its arm, and was struck in the plates where a vertebrate's clavicle would be. Hard.
Megalon wasn't expecting a human to punch so hard, and took two steps backwards.
Then it took a step forward, and swung one huge foot forward in an attempt to punt the Russian. If it connected and Nikolai was sent flying, Megalon spat something after the man: a Volcanic-Napalm Bomb. The red oblong flew after Nikolai to land in the dirt beside him, erupting into a huge blossom of flame a moment later.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Astra & Musimon


Did he get sucked into a comic book or something?? This guy was carrying a miniature star in his hand! He couldn't be human...could he? He had to be some kinda appmon. If he didn't have a partner and was brought here...that had to be the case. So this wasn't just exclusive to tamers after all...

"Woah! That's...hot!" Astra winced an eye, the heat felt off his face. "You definitely ain't your typical Joe Shmoe, are you?"

"Yooo that man's got some hot fire, but at least we can spout fire just as hot, right Astra?" Musimon gestured, though that didn't do much to sooth the blonde's nerves.

He was just glad that this guy was on his side, well, at least for now anyway. No telling what this guy was thinking. As far as what he brought to the table, he knew it wouldn't sound as impressive out loud, but he cleared his throat anyway.

"Well, we might not be lobbin' stars at things, but we got the power of music and media on our side. You may think you can't stop anybody with music, but you just gotta wait and see, then you'd be beggin' us for an encore!"
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Leon S. Kennedy

The little blob started to sprint about, evidently excited at Leon's words. He let out a chuckle, then glanced about to make sure there was no immediate threats to worry about.

. . .

Yeah, everybody he could see seemed pretty occupied, and he wasn't keen on getting close to that giant armored flesh monster.

Why'd it always have to be giant flesh monsters

"C'mon, I saw him go this way," Leon gestured for Kirby to follow, and started jogging in the direction he'd seen the bandana-wearing man go, though drew his sidearm, Matilda, just in case things got a little hairier than the usual hairy.​

Nikolai Vaspetin

He landed on the ground, the massive beast roaring as it stumbled back from the one-armed strike. Nikolai's mouth broke out into a wide, slightly yellow grin. The Spirit of the Messiah was one of the most powerful humans, at least that he'd ever heard of, and that went for the knowledge of all he'd met, as well. Nobody could match his raw strength, his steel-like skin, his unwavering tenacity, and love of vodka.

Still, Jonathan Obaseki, "The Father" of the Messiah, was one person Nikolai couldn't help but respect, not just out of approval and acceptance, but also out of fear. Obaseki's vast droves of untamed power with the SOUL of Integrity made him one of the few things in existence that could actually harm Nikolai, not by piercing his skin, but by bypassing it altogether and striking his heart, or any other vital organ. That was worthy of fear and respect.

But a beast like this? It would have to do something truly impressive to command an inkling of fear from the Russian.

And then it kicked like it was aiming for a soccer ball.

Not an act demanding respect, but it was certainly an exciting challenge. With a hearty laugh, Nikolai crossed his arms in an x-formation in front of him, flexing himself, preparing for contact---and was launched backward, his grin widening in increased joy, sailing through the air, heading for the forest. While his skin had turned a light shade of pink from the contact area, it hadn't done much else---Nikolai's bones were far more impressive than his skin.

This fight was just getting started.​

The Convict Street Fighter​

Cody walked through the forest. Luckily, it appeared this masked man had a difficult time breathing on his own. The strange breathing apparatus he wore made it easy to follow him. Walking through some underbrush, Cody finally caught up to the masked man. The sight he was greeted to was... an unusual one. The dark man had encountered another one of the competitors, a large... creature. It was like nothing Cody had ever seen before. And he had fought a crazy, green electro jungle man and a psychic megalomaniac dictator. The creature the man in black was fighting had an almost bird-like appearance. Yet it wore clothes, and carried a massive hammer. And it spoke. English, of all things.

Well. The man in black was the one that had thrown the chunk of earth at Cody. If the hammer wielding bird-man wanted to join in the brawl, he'd take him on too. It would make things interesting.

Not saying a word, Cody threw his knife at Vader's back and ran to close the distance.


The Youthful Sage​

Eitri flew low on the back of Grim Brokkr, staying underneath the cover of the trees. She could see the ground shake, and hear the loud screeches of something massive fighting to the southwest of her. Something she would prefer to not get involved in.
"Beings brought here, to fight each other. Why? For someone's entertainment?" Eitri questioned, deftly maneuvering the gun she rode around trees. Who could have the power to do this? The dragons? The gods? Eitri did not like not knowing things. What's more, she could feel her blood begin to rush at the thought of the combat to come. Sure, she was not one to shy away from a fight. But here, now, she almost felt the desire to be thrust headlong into combat. This certainly seemed like one of Loki's tricks. But even she would not have the power to pull these beings from other worlds into one.

As Eitri raced through the trees, she managed to catch glimpses of other competitors as they faced off. A massive, turtle-like monstrosity fighting against a rabbit-like humanoid. Eitri only saw a glimpse of them before she had continued north.

In her path, a starting platform revealed itself. But unlike the other ones around the arena, this one still had it's occupant on it. Eitri stopped Grim Brokkr, hopping off the gun and ducking behind a tree about 20 ft away from the competitor. The competitor on the platform appeared to be... a boy. A teenager, even younger than Ótr, or even Reginn. He didn't have any weapons that Eitri recognized as such, just a blue jacket. Perhaps that strange device on his arm was a weapon of some sort. Eitri cautiously watched Belowski from a distance. Had the competitor seen her?


Previously turnt3chGodh34d

Darth Vader

The avian didn't take kindly to Vader's words. It wasn't as though the dark lord was expecting it to take it any other way, but then . . . he could feel a disturbance.

The knife flung, and it stopped halfway between Cody and the sith. Calmly, Vader turned around fully, his right hand raised casually to chest-level, close to him. "Did you really think you could destroy me with that?" Darth asked, and with but the twitch of a finger, the knife sailed right back for Cody as he charged forward.​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

As he lazily took in his surroundings, the boy's half open eyes fixated on a bush filled with berries off into the not doing distant brush. They were big and red, ripe with juices. It made his stomach happy just looking at them.

"Woah...far out..." He spoke, taking out a card. "Ey Mokey Mokey, can you get some of that stuff for us to split, oki doki?"

He placed the card in his gauntlet, or rather his duel disk on his arm. Suddenly, a monster materialized out of smoke, barley over the 2 foot mark. It looked like a pillow with stubby little legs and feet with a expression that was just a few straight lines on the upper part of it's pillow. It also sported little yellow wings and a bent question mark on it's 'head'. Just looking at the thing made someone at ease somehow.

"Mokey Mokey." It responded.

It floated dazily over to the brush, getting somewhat closer to Eitri unbeknownst to him. The little pillow diary began to gather the berries as a Belowski sat up, giving a long yawn.

"Help you in a second bud. Kinda chill to be out and about instead of underground, huh?"


Previously Manu456Alola
"Is that so...?"

The ability to weaponize music. He already knew someone with a similar power---Layla's Djinn was capable of empowering Adepts and Primal Dragons through song. Could Astra and Musimon be capable of more offensive feats?

"Well, I'm glad we've come to an agreement. Shall we search for like-minded competitors to expand our alliance? Perhaps the blue one would be interested?" He suggested, before letting out a small gasp, followed by a chuckle.

"Ah, my apologies, I nearly forgot to introduce myself! I am Zed, leader of ATEMS."​


Previously Gamingfan2
The Bonk King
Dedede was sure he was gonna get telepathically yeeted or something as soon as the words left his mouth. But when Vader spoke, it wasn't to him.
Not that it mattered, as the man turned around while talking, leaving Dedede an opportunity.
With surprising agility, Dedede leapt towards the Dark Lord, swinging his hammer over Vader's head!

Carrot Muncher Extraordinaire
The toon nodded in what looked like understanding. He wasn't keen on dealing with this turtle-looking guy, despite feeling just a bit insulted that they quite literally tried to sit on him. Suddenly, an idea struck him.
"Well now Doc, that sure sounds nice and all. But tell me, would you really be happy with crushing little ol' me? Besides..." Bugs quieted, leaning in and whispering.
"Haven't you heard the rumor?"


Previously Manu456Alola

"Right, we do come from very different worlds." Zed remarked. "ATEMS is an organization led by myself, comprised entirely of Adepts, people with supernatural abilities. We involve ourselves in many matters, notably research into Septimas, technological advancements, and the recent insurgence of Primal Dragons, those with powers a step above Adepts."

Of course, ATEMS's duties went far deeper than that, but there was no reason for this boy to know. Not that it was relevant, anyway.

"With that out of the way..." Zed added, turning away from Astra and Musimon, walking over to the nearby Sonic.
"Excuse me," Zed opened. "Would you be interested in an alliance to guarantee our extended survival?"​

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Astra & Musimon

"I understood like, some of that. So I'm just gonna tag you as like, some kind of super power cop person...??"

Then Zed turned his direction toward sonic, expanding the scope of his recruitment campaign. Normally, he'd interject that he didn't get an intro all to himself, but he didn't want to risk angering the guy who could potentially toss a star at him. So. This time would have a pass.


Previously Deathstalker62
Pyro and Ribombee
Though the rainbow liquid may have been flung away, this massive flower now threw out giant spinning tops! Who knew flowers loved those kinds of toys? Stopping for a moment to stare in amazement, the Pyro thought that one top spinning closer to them was starting to slow down a bit. So, they did what they did normally: Aim their rainblower at it and fwoosh!

With one compressed airblast coming out of the rainblower (flamethrower), the twister was reflected (and any of the others within range of the airblast), shooting them right on back at Petey Piranha. Ribombee himself quickly flew up amidst the chaos, darting towards the giant piranha plant (as close as he could get at least), his body starting to emit some sort of swarm of black dots.

Then when he deemed to be close enough, he performed a loop and flew on back as the swarm became its own creature, flying away from its host and towards Petey Piranha - as Ribombee had just used Infestation to whittle this massive enemy's defenses down gradually while him and Pyro kept warding off the oversized stalk's attacks.


Someone else appeared to be on the hunt for the Rabbit. A giant, shell-wearing, horn-having thing. Great. No, really, fantastic. Buzzo always did welcome more newcomers to his slaughterfests. Still, he wasn't about to let some fatass turtle about to steal his kill. Not while he still had Joy to feed to people.

Seeing how these two were distracted with each other, Buzzo took the opportunity to slowly creep up more and more, getting into the right position for the perfect attacking angle.. until suddenly breaking into a running start and leaping into the air, one fist raised high into the sky, flames kicking up and veiling it in a joyful inferno. Who was he aiming for? It was fairly obvious the Rabbit would already find its way to dodge his attack.

This giant thing however.. it seemed slow. Lethargic even, if that giant shell had anything to say about it. But the shell was too high-risk to attack with all those spikes. So.. this Joyous Fist was meant to damage this thing's skull. Hopefully, cracking or even breaking bone. Anything to make this thing cry in pain... that sweet sound of anguish was just the thing this event was missing. On Bowser's end, he may even see a black text box appear over Buzzo's head, displaying but one simple sentence.

Buzzo wrecks you.

The Convict Street Fighter​

The masked man caught the knife mid-air, with some sort of invisible force. So this guy fell into the realm of psychic megalomaniac. M. Bison was tough, one of the toughest fighters Cody had ever fought. This masked man certainly gave him a similar feeling. He even took a moment to gloat, which meant he was probably about to-

The knife was launched back at Cody, but the prisoner was ready for it. He hit the ground in a slide, and the knife flew over his head and into a tree. Cody jumped back up to his feet, and- saw the massive form of the bird-man launch themselves into the air, swinging their hammer down on the masked man!


The Youthful Sage​

Eitri's eyes widened with shock. This boy, this lackadaisical, lethargic, BOY had just... summoned a creature! Just like that! He had placed something, a card of some sort, on the device on his arm, and had called the creature to him. And it followed his commands! While looking at Mokey Mokey would cause someone to feel at ease, Eitri was keeping her attention fully focused on Belowski. She stepped out from behind the tree.
"You! Boy!" The small child called out, pointing at Belowski. "How did you just do that?!"

Although Eitri was keeping her attention on Belowski, the eye on Grim Brokkr kept itself focused on the Mokey Mokey.


Previously mallard
Bowser's attention was caught by the mention of a rumor, the wabbit's tricks taking effect.

"Eh? What rumor?!"

Bugs had distracted the mutant turtle well enough for a third party to strike unnoticed, the punk flying through the air with a brutal haymaker in store. King Koopa braced himself for impact, and the attack met its mark atop Bowser's cranium. However, after absorbing the impact, he reared his head to throw the joyous man backwards.

"HA! You're gonna have to hit harder than that, punk, my skull is as hard as my shell!"

Contrary to what he said, the Koopa stumbled a bit to the side, dizzied by the attack.

"Let's see if you can't take more than you can dish out!"

The king leaned forward, and blasted out a cone of white-hot flame towards the drug dealer, incinerating any vegetation within range as well.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist


Belowski turned to the lady who had just come out from the bushes. He didn't seem fearful or aggressive, but maintained his easygoing demeanor.

"Ah...this lil' dude? That's Mokey Mokey, man! I just summoned him out n' stuff with my duel disc. Pretty chill, ain't he? Juuuust my kinda zen."

"Mokey Mokey!"
Sonic the Hedgehog
The hedgehog raised an amused brow as the cowboy suddenly sprouted wings and flew up into the air. “Huh, maybe he’s gonna take that nap after all.”

Sonic’s ear twitched as someone walked up to him, causing the blue hedgehog to turn around and look up at the person who walked up to him.
The guy seemed interested in a team-up to survive longer, at least that’s how he put it.

“Well, if you’re interested in teaming up, how about ya come along? I’m about to pummel that big galoot over there. ” Sonic jabbed a thumb in the direction Megalon was. “It’s gonna be fun, you three can be my plus ones, if you can keep up that is!” Sonic said that last part with a smirk.

Regardless of their answer, Sonic promptly proceed to dash away at unnaturally high speeds, heading over to fight the big monster.

. . .

Nikolai was sent flying by the massive beast, the napalm spit flying after him, directly towards him! Suddenly,


A blue blur emerged from the a tree and dashed towards Nikolai, catching him right out of the air! This blur was revealed to be none other than Sonic, who cockily grinned at Megalon as he passed.

The two landed on the ground shortly after, a safe distance away from the napalm spit and its eruption. Sonic set the large man down, before turning to look at Megalon, sassily wiggling a finger at him.
“Not today, big and ugly!”

Petey Piranha
As some of the twisters were sent back at Petey, the giant piranha plant reared back and roared. The sheer force of the sound was enough to send the twisters off-course and away from him, and it also served as a deafening tool to throw his enemies off their game.

As Ribombee flew up close to Petey, surrounded by many black dots which began to fly at him, the piranha grinned a sharp, toothy grin. He suddenly spat a massive stream of fire from his mouth towards Ribombee, completely incinerating Infestation along the way, although the main goal was to burn the bug to a crisp.
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The Youthful Sage​

Eitri rolled her eyes and marched towards Belowski. Mokey Mokey. The creature itself appeared rather weak, and almost nonsensical-looking. As she walked past Mokey Mokey, the sage paused as she felt its calming aura. Most... peculiar. Eitri quickly shook off the feeling and closed the distance to the Duel Academy student.
"Yes, yes, very vibe." Eitri said. She crossed her arms and stood over Belowski, and pointed down at the student's duel disk. "How, exactly, did you summon it. What is that 'duel disk'?"
Dusty McClean

"Beep!" Dusty let out an alert sound - Though the bullets did not aim for him it was still a shock. Sexy paused his attack, raising his arms and groaning as the bullets pierced, disappearing back into Dusty's body. With a whir of mild anger, he focused. Once more, time slowed for Dusty, a schematic appearance of the world once more as he attempted to hack into Omega, aiming to force the rotary cannons to clog themselves...and possibly explode.

Masaru Takahara

As Leon and Kirby ran to follow, Masaru was none the wiser. In a small clearing he had found - or rather, made - he was training, as if there wasn't some big fight going on nearby. Pushups, sit ups, shadowboxing, and more were all a part of this, Masaru sweating away as he trained. Eventually, he paused, walking over to a tree in the center.

"...Gale Strike!" He concentrated his efforts into a single fist as he struck the tree, enough force to shatter 30 tiles without issue, toppling the tree and even uprooting it. "Phew...getting better." He muttered to himself, before turning as he heard a noise of approaching people, his battle hardened mind attuned to the smallest noises opponents may make. "If its a fight you want, I suggest you leave it. I'm not the kind of person you want to fight." He uttered out, slowly turning. In reality, he was somewhat worried about fighting someone here. They were very clearly not all human, and the few that were happened to have guns. He did not have a gun. He knew how that would go - No amount of martial arts can beat a fast quick draw.


Not bad...

Grief let his thoughts laugh as he saw Jack's counterattack and avoidance of the missiles. He typed in something on a keypad, revealing a panel saying: Hacking in progress...

Grief knew Four could not assist him here. For as powerful as the AI was, it was no god, nor was it made at a time where it could - Jack, on the other hand, appeared to be a robot, and thus some semblance of an AI was here he had decided. Seeing the blade coming it at first appeared he made no attempt to avoid it, but...
In an instant, Grief disappeared from sight, avoiding the blade (Though Jack was still zipped to the Mech, it appeared). He appeared just behind where he had assumed Jack would be, his eyes closed, as he revealed a large, katana-like blade from his back and turned around, slashing 3 times fast.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist

"Mokey Mooookey." The summon chidded In a 'don't you think it' sort of tone, watching her look at the duel disc.


Belowski laughed a bit as he realized her interest, wobbling raising off the ground. He gave her a smile that seemed ever present on his face.

"It's for duelin' of course. You ain't heard of it? It's pretty rad dude. Very chill."

In his world, not knowing what dueling was was the equivalent of not knowing was soccer was. He didn't mind teaching someone though, he wasn't pretentious like most people his rank.


Hm, so he relies on allies. Maybe that isn't the ideal challenge...

Turning his sights off sonic, he instead focused on this man. Nikolai. They appeared to land a heavy blow on the creature whilst charging in Alone. Gutsy. Now THAT was the exact kind of spirit he looking for.


With that, he materialized a large purple colored weapon with neon green energy pulsing through it. The large weapon fired a shockingly large blast nearly the size of his own body. The laser was to cleave right in front of Nikolai as a warning shot, the beam meaning to harm the Kaiju at the same time. He would have his attention.

"You, human. I like what I see. When you survive this battle, we shall have words."
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d

The Dark Lord

It did not require the force to detect the lumbering form of the avian lunging his way. Dedede made the mistake of closing the distance. The dark lord of the sith was no stranger to punishing others for their mistakes. Letting the force flow through him in a way that he could reliably use it, sensing the world around him, he could quite literally feel the self-pronounced king making his attack.

Darth dropped to a knee as Dedede swung, a metallic rod appearing in his hand, and just as the hammer had arced to over his head, Vader took advantage of the exposed gut of the haughty bird. A crimson blade ignited alongside the swing, appearing from the backside of the rod, intent on plunging into the penguin's middle to punish him for his opening, relying on the weight of his own hammer swing to be his downfall.

"To attack from behind," Vader's cold voice emanated from his mask. "And I thought kings weren't cowardly."

The Secret Agent

It didn't take long to find the martial artists. Despite the chaos around, the sounds of training were obvious to a trained ear such as Leon's. Stepping into the edge of the clearing, he watched the tail-end of the man's training, before he took notice of them, speaking directly to Leon.

"Relax, Jackie Chan," the agent replied, keeping Matilda lowered. "I'm sure you've got the same message planted in your mind as I do. I was actually looking for a strategic team-up. Already got this ball of fun with me, and you look like you have a sense of humor, which is always nice to have around." Despite his sarcasm, Leon was still being genuine, just with a dash of sass. "Name's Leon, I'm one of the top agents for the President of the United States. Division of Security Operations, or D.S.O."

The Holy Spirit

What the hell?

Nikolai had been caught, some azure rodent setting him down.

What the FUCK.

He had half a mind to reach forward and grab its head from behind and crush the thing for even daring to think of stepping into HIS fight. Now it was trying to fight his battle? Small blue rodent was working his way up Nikolai's list pretty fuckin' q u i c k l y .

The only thing stopping him was the immediate threat of the massive creature. First that, then he could obliterate this small fry. The russian raised a brow as a large beam of light flashed in front of him. The producer of this blast at the kaiju had so obviously done it in a way to catch Nikolai's attention. He would know. He was used to many, many people going to great lengths to seek his attention and approval---not that he'd ever give those.

"You, human. I like what I see. When you survive this battle, we shall have words."

Nikolai barely gave the creature a glance. Its old-western get-up (though laughably failing attempt at replicating the theme), its large gun, it was annoying. Nikolai didn't care for show-offs, and this was exactly the vibe he got from this fellow.

"Ot"yebis', kretin," Nikolai replied, getting the sense that others quite obviously wanted to steal his fight from him.


With a sniff, the russian pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and began to walk away.​