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Private/Closed Discussion for Mexican Region

RP link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mexico-region.21538/
Tired of traveling the same regions? Want a new adventure? Want to explore new places and meet new people? Are you reading this like a commercial? Well you came to the right place! A brand new region has been created by yours truly. Based on the exotic country of Mexico. A place that had deserts, beaches, jungles, forests, ghost towns, the world's largest cities and much more! This is your opportunity to learn of it's national beauty and it's culture. And the best way is through a Pokemon journey!

1) Pokecharm rules apply, read them before proceeding.
2) No fakemons.
3) Must start with your starter Pokemon. You cannot choose one already chosen by someone else, first come first serve.
4) I will be in charge of GYM Leaders.
5) Regarding Pokemon capture:
The Pokemon available in the area will be mentioned by me. If it is a wild encounter it must be a WILD encounter, you can't just throw the Pokeball and catch it or say the Pokemon trusted you right away and joined your team. There will be Pokemon give aways and Eggs. There will be different level of Pokemon, make sure you catch something that makes sense. (Ex: In a desert a Garchomp appears and you only have your starter Charmander. There is no way you can successfully capture that Garchomp.)
6) Trades are allowed with other trainers. A traded Pokemon cannot be traded again.
7) Battles are allowed, just make sure your opponent is available to battle so the RP doesn't get stuck 3 days on one battle. If you cannot decided a winner, I will.
8) Depending on the level of your team, the GYM Leader's team will change.
9) Money will not be controlled, but you can't be a beginner trainer and stack up on 99 Ultra Balls and 99 rare candies.
10) Admit when you have been defeated, Eevee cannot take 5 Karate Chops from a Machop of the same level. I'm sorry, its the truth.
11) Feel free to give ideas or comments, I'm open for suggestions.
12) Include the password Quilavarulez, so I know you read the rules.
13) Romance is allowed, keep it PG-13. Same for foul language. (Don't over use it).
14) Moves: Egg moves- Starters don't have them. Pokemon born from eggs can have two of your choice. There is a price called Move pass, which allows you to add any egg or tutor move to any of your Pokemon. (As long as they can learn it.) Very rare Pokemon have an egg move of your choice.
TMs- These will be prizes given by gym leaders or me.
Level up moves- Your call. Just be fair, your newly obtained starter Charmander can have ember and metal claw, but not fire blast and slash.
There is no limit to moves, but don't overpower your Pokemon.
15) Abilities, you choose, I'm not picky.

Character sheet:
Age (15+):
Choose your starter: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Snivy, Chespin, Rowlet, Bulbasaur, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Eevee, Tyrogue, Pichu. (Pokemon in Bold are taken.)

My character:
Name: Maker Towers
Age: 15
Appearance: Maker has long wavy blonde hair, dark blue eyes. She is 5'2 and weights 115 lbs. She is in good physical health and her body shows it. She has light skin and pierced ears.
Outfit: She wears a red sports jacket that is red with white sleeves and it has a white star on the upper right side and a big one on the back. She wears a black tank top underneath and white shirt shorts. She also wears black leggings and red Converse.
Personality: Maker is bipolar. She goes from happy to angry and vice versa in a second. She is unpredictable but has a big heart for others and Pokemon. Loves to be the center of attention and is a flirt with most boys.
Starter Pokemon: Chimchar.

Nate- VR pass (1) Shiny pass (1) R pass (1)
Lysia- VR pass (1) Shiny pass (0) TM 73
Rowena- VR pass (1) Shiny pass (1) R pass (2)
Allie- R pass (1)
Sol- TM 73
Jade- TM 73
Sylvia- R pass (1)
Eli- R pass (1)

Once we have four trainers in total the RP will begin, but feel free to ask to join anytime. We can adjust your character to where the RP is currently at.

Pokemon, cities and routes.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o3BIqqJ58-9atbPTIepnI4cF6t2pNkYXjOwsxAGeMaE/edit?usp=sharing (Pokemon available (Cities))
Mexican Region.png

I'm open for suggestions!
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Name: Rowena Blackwell
Age: 16
Appearance: Rowena has stright hair that comes to her shoulders. It is longer in the front and goes a bit shorter in the back. Her hair goes from being dark purple to a neon green. Rowena is pale with yellowish undertones. She has slanted eyes, that are a bright green color. She has some piercings, in her left nostril, spider bites in her lower right lip, and all along her ear. She tends to wear a choker with a vintage charm in the shape of a cat. Below that is a heart locket made of rose gold.
Outfit: Rowena tends to wear black ripped skinny jeans, a band tee, a red plaid shirt around her waist, and black converse.
Personality: Rowena is very kind, though she does have a temper when she is upset about something. Being the youngest of three, Rowena is always picking on her siblings. Though Rowena does have times where she studies and paints on occasion.
Choose your starter: Eevee
Other: Quilavarulez
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For some reason, the name of this region was stupidly hilarious to me xD

I do like how you're basing it around Mexico and even some nods to their culture and all? I think that's super cool. I'm down for joining. Just give me a few to get up a bios. and done! Glad I got in before Cyndaquil was taken.

Edit: Bios

Character sheet:
Name: Lysia-Ann Statice
Age (15+): 19
Appearance: A petite figure, at only 4"9, with black hair almost as long as she is tall, a set of narrow-rimmed glasses and pale brown skin, Lysia is the picture definition of 'waifish' and some might even call her nerdy.

Outfit: She generally wears sweaters which are too big for her along with the occasional pair of either jeans or a nice skirt. For the most part, she dresses plainly, only spicing up her looks for occasions she considers important.

Personality: A bookwormish girl in real life, she uses games and battles as a way to let loose. Her small figure and passive approach can cause her to seem somewhat timid, but she's feisty when provoked, and is both sassy and sarcastic with friends.

Choose your starter: Cyndaquil

Other: Quilavarulez of course, the Cynadquil line are easily my fav starters lel.
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Decided to use an old character that didn't really get enough of the spotlight before. In another timeline, he's you know who's friends, and his friends are friends with Maker.

Name: Nathaniel (Nate) Hark
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Nate has a light skin colour with black-ish brown eyes, and blond, wavy hair. He is 1,69 centimeters (to lazy to convert to feet, sorry) and has a pretty thin body.
Outfit: He wears a gray sweatshirt with purple sleeves, white, ripped jeans and some brown trainers. His whole right hand, except for the fingers, is wrapped in bandages. Not because he hurt himself, but because he thinks it looks cool.
Personality: Nate thinks of himself as laid-back, cool, and skilled. But he isn't. Like, at all. He's just a lazy guy. But usually, he's nice to others and tries to keep things civil, though he will participate in friendly battles with his friends. At first, he's a little shy, but when he gets to know the people around him, he breaks out of his shell and let's loose. He's also not the brightest.
Starter: Totodile(F)
Other: He really dislikes the idea of battles. If it's between trainers, they have to hurt their cute companions to show which one's better, and if they just want to catch a Pokémon, they have to hurt it before. He knows that's how everything is, so he tries to stick to friendly battles usually.
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Sorry, yes you all got in. Since you three were the first ones. You all get a price. You each get one pass for a Very Rare Pokemon and a shiny pass. The shiny pass means you choose which wild encounter or egg hatch will be shiny. The Very Rare pass is to guarantee your character finds a Very Rare Pokemon.
There will be ways to earn more like these later on.
Wait, you don't like RPing with me? Now I'm sad. Also, why sleep? You made me late for the party!

Name: Sylva Hierbra
Age (15+): 15
Appearance: She is Hispanic with dark brown hair and eyes. She stands at 5.1. She has sharp features and is a slender build.
Outfit: She wears a white tee with a green tree graphic, blue jeans, and worn black tennis shoes. She also has a silver bracelet with the grass-type insignia.
Personality: Sylva is a quiet girl that tends to be a bit underconfident. She is easily pushed around and is commonly referred to as a doormat. She is trying to be more confident, but when your own starter pushes you around, it's kinda hard to do that. She is also lonely. She doesn't have friends other than her siblings, due to the fact she is scared that everyone will hate her or make fun of her. She is highly driven by fear.
Choose your starter: Snivy
BTW, Quilava rulez (I saw what you did there!)
Sorry, yes you all got in. Since you three were the first ones. You all get a price. You each get one pass for a Very Rare Pokemon and a shiny pass. The shiny pass means you choose which wild encounter or egg hatch will be shiny. The Very Rare pass is to guarantee your character finds a Very Rare Pokemon.
There will be ways to earn more like these later on.
So these only goes to the 3 first people to sign up?


Previously EeviumZ
Name: Allie Silverstone
Age (15+): 16
Appearance: She has long blue hair and brown eyes, with a slim build and light-toned skin. She stands at a height of 5'8.
Outfit: She wears a simple white tank-top and faded blue denim shorts, with white running shoes with pink laces.
Personality: Bright and bubbly, Allie's filled to the brim with charisma. Though she can be a bit dense and socially awkward, she tries really hard to make friends - and usually succeeds, thanks to her overflowing personality. She's a bit rash, with no sense of self-preservation - if she sees someone in danger, she helps them, no questions asked.
Choose your starter: Eevee
(if Eevee is taken, I'll switch OCs.)


Previously EeviumZ
*music stops*

Name: Paige Evans
Age (15+): 15
Appearance: Paige has short brown hair and brown eyes. She has a slim build, and cool-toned skin with a prominent dusting of freckles on her face. She stands at a height of 5'4.
Outfit: Same as Allie's
Personality: Though a bit socially awkward, Paige's about as hyper as you get. Nothing stops her from being happy, and she's always willing to make new friends and help people. She can be a bit immature, but she is by no means stupid.
Choose your starter: Pichu
Right sorry I forgot to answer the GYMs question. So far we have the Normal gym in the starting city, Chihuahua, then we have Fighting type in Tijuana and Ground type in Hermosillo.
You guys will get to choose which city to go to, so the team will be split up at times.
I have planned for Fire and Water, but haven't decided the cities yet. The others are undecided.


Previously 5DigitNeb
Name: Gary Banks
Age: 16
Appearance: His body is tanned from the Alolan sun which he had been exposed to most of his life. He stands at 5'9" (around 1.75m) and has a modest build. His hair is messy and dirty blonde and his eyes are green, though they may appear blue in different lighting.
Outfit: Gary wears a black and white striped t-shirt with black jeans and high tops. He wears a white cap and backpack with basic items in it.
Personality: Gary is usually a calm trainer and doesn't get hot-headed easily. He has a good amount of knowledge about Pokemon from his education in Alola but doesn't have experience. He traveled to the Mexico region to gain that and hopefully become a strong trainer. He dislikes it when he makes the wrong decisions and prefers prepares for things rather than rushing to them head-on. He usually doesn't have an issue talking to people but sometimes slips up and says what he thinks is logical rather than thinking about the effect his words may have. He tries to keep his Pokémon satisfied and content, but if he has to hurt a Pokémon to catch them he doesn't hesitate with his decision.
Starter Pokémon: Rowlet
Other: Quilavarulez
Name: Yame Tutsuka
Age (15+): 19
Appearance: He is very short for his age, 5’2” and is made fun of a lot. He has shaggy white hair, that only makes his nickname: Albino Shrimp. He wears a Jean Jacket most of the time, and gray jeans to top that off. Wears sneakers as well.
Outfit: Oops, basically did that already...sorry
Personality: As a very quick temper, and seems to be mad all of the time. He also favors tall Pokémon over short Pokémon.
Choose your starter: Torchic
Other: Cyndaquil is cute, Quilava rules, and Typhlosion is a badass