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Does anyone here like baking?

I can't be the only one on here who bakes, right? I love to try all sorts of recipes, particularly eastern European ones. Let's share our love of baking, our favourite recipes, and our signature bakes here! Mine are brownies and kladdkaka
I don't bake very much, but I enjoy it and I'll try a few recipes during the holidays. I had a friend who stress baked for awhile and she made some good stuff.


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I like baking, but sadly I have no skills and baking most certainly does not like me. Evidence? I once tried to make an amazing cheesecake for someone's birthday. I followed the recipe and everything seemed to be going fine. And it rose in the oven. It puffed up like bread. Turns out I'd accidentally used the bread flour :V

I do go through phases of collecting recipes and thinking 'I'm going to go and get all these ingredients and have a lovely day baking' and it never happens. I do however quest for the perfect gingerbread recipe :)

A girl I work with really enjoys baking and brings something in each week for my team. I wish I could do it xD
I actually took a Baking class in my freshman year (AKA, the one that just ended). However, the teacher lost half our work, and was just a bad teacher in general. We usually worked in groups of four and five. I'm no good at it alone, but I do fairly well when I participate in a group.