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Ask to Join Dragon Ball Chronicles

Age 749, Land of Gurumes…
Far south of Central City, backed by the seemingly endless mountain range that lined the south coast sat a small, little-known kingdom. It was once a peaceful and happy community of mostly farmers, all protected by the watchful eye of King Gurumes. Sadly, this is no longer the case.
Now, the once lush and fertile hills where the kingdom had been established were torn completely asunder. Dozens of acres of crop land had been totally destroyed, most livestock had been either killed or escaped, and nearly half the kingdom had been badly beaten and wrongfully imprisoned by the guards who once vowed to keep them safe.

All of this was done in the name of King Gurumes, who’s “illness” has gotten so bad, he’d become a monster both inside and out. With the supply of easily accessible Blood Rubies trickling to a halt, the mad king saw no other option but to turn on his own people. He was certain one of those bottom dwellers had tried to pinch valuables from his mine- he just had to find them.
And while he didn’t find anymore Blood Rubies, he did discover the legend of the Dragon Balls.

Guremes’ Castle, Throne Room…

“Bongo! Pasta! What d-do you have to say fuh-for yourselves! It’s been four days. FOUR D-DAYS! You’ve haven’t found meh-me any new Dragon Balls!” The mutated king barked angrily towards his second and third in command, leaning forward in his chair as he did so. The arm rests on his throne began buckling and creaking as the kings ever-widening frame pressed against the walls of the chair, which had clearly been made for a much smaller man.

“Sir, it hasn’t been easy. It’s like findin’ a needle in the biggest haystack ever.” Bongo, a large brute of a man replied sheepishly, all the while trying to avoid direct eye contact with the monstrosity that sat before him.

“Sir,” Pasta, the small, delicate-looking young woman who acted as Gurumes’ third in command quickly interjected, “if we just had a bit more intel to go off of, we could drastically narrow our search down to-“

“I DONT HAVE ANYMORE INFORMATION! NOW GET OUT THERE AND DO WHAT I PAY YOU TO DO!” Gurumes, who’s been quietly groaning in his chair, quickly sparked to life after he realized both his subordinates had nothing but excuses to provide him.

“Yes sir!” Bongo quickly shot back before turning and running out of the castles main entrance.
Meanwhile Pasta simply stood their, staring at the king for a long moment. It was almost as if she’d zoned out completely- lost in deep contemplation.

“Have you gone deaf? WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!?” The oversized king shouted once more while attempting to wrench his rotund body out of its seat.

“Nothing, sir. I’ll get back to work!” Pasta finally came to as her King’s anger began to boil over.
After stepping outside, Pasta was quick to joined Bongo in tossing a capsule out, which quickly expanded in a helicopter. After a fast take-off, Pasta was once again lost in thought, this time only being brought back by the ringing of her choppers phone. It was Bongo.

“What’s with you pushing the king buttons so much?” The large man snapped towards his partner with zero hesitation, clearly having been put off by Pasta’s actions.

“I’m not tryin’ to. I’m just… I’m worried he’s gonna break into the reserve.” Pasta clearly wasn’t in the mood to speak, but forced a response nonetheless.

“And? He’s already squeezed the kingdom of all its worth. Why do you care if he uses what little is left? We’ve already confirmed the payment.” Bongo fired back, clearly not backing down despite his partners standoffish attitude.

“I’m just… I’m just worried about him, alright? He’s our primary assignment and we’ve made zero progress. So do as he says and get back to the search.” And with that, Pasta quickly ended the call. Bongo was too damn chatty.


Approximately 100 Miles West of East City…
Nestled between a heavily wooden forest and a large river sat a small, finely-crafted wooden cabin. The residents of this isolated cabin were none other than Dr. Dango Ceric and his adoptive son, Gyoza… both of which could be seen tumbling out the front door in a flailing mess.

“Dang it, boy, hood still!” Dr. Ceric was a small, sinewy old man dressed up in an all black suit. The only touch of color on his entire person resided on his bright purple bow tie. Well that, and his ice white, slicked back hair. He was clearly the type of man many would describe as someone with ‘class’.
Though contrary to his appearance, the aged man barked his reply through gritted teeth while attempting to pin down the much more fit-looking young man. He had some type of special screwdriver in hand, and was aiming for a bolt on Gyoza’s prosthetic arm.

“Are you crazy old man? Get off of me. I told you I already ran diagnostics!” Gyoza shot back while attempting to wrestle the older man to the ground. Though it was clear that he wasn’t really trying too hard in his attempt to ward his adoptive father off.

“I just need to check one last time! You know I’ve got a better grasp on how those systems function! Just let me check them!” Having successfully put Gyoza in an arm-bar, Dr. Ceric used his free hand to begin unscrewing the casing on his sons artificial limb.

“Pa…what’s this really about? We both know I can do this just fine on my own.” As the burgundy haired cyborg finished speaking, he could feel his fathers grip on his limb give way.
The older man stepped back and helped his son to his feet, which was proceeded by the pair sharing a long moment silence as Ceric just looked over the strong and capable man before him. Seems like only yesterday he’d discovered that small, helpless baby amongst the waste-fields of Central City.

“I’m…well I’m honestly scared to see you go, son.” After Dr. Ceric finally spoke up, he was immediately met with a warm embrace.

“I’ll be okay. If things ever get to be too much to handle, I’ll come back. I promise.” The two finally broke apart, with the older of the two appearing to have finally come to terms with his sons wishes.

“I know you will. Just tough to see em’ go. Well now- get your arm reattached and get moving. You’ll wanna make it out of the forest before nightfall.” In an effort to lighten the mood, Dr. Ceric quickly flung the screwdriver at his sons head, causing the boy to dive for the ground.

“You really are crazy, you know that? What if one of these days I’m not ready?”

“Always be ready, runt. I love you.”

“…love you too, Pa. See you later.”
~Location, Tulare Island...~
~September, 12th(Thursday)...~

it was another fine day at Tulare's workshop. His workshop was an old tuffle mining ship that looked like it had seen better days. The ship itself had been tore apart and put back together many times, swapped pieces, modified, changed and altered to the point where it hardly even looks like anything of tuffle space or any part of space, really. It looked even stranger on earth. The ship itself had a stealth field and was on a remote island that wasn't easily accessible. It was however not far from North City. The City that Tulare had visited the most. Tulare had spent months working on Vawk, his combat bot. It was a powerful bot when fully built but Vawk was missing far too many pieces.

"There we go...! got that attached and now you got two legs again. Now if we can just get more armor plating to cover your exposed circuitry..." Tulare spoke. Small pitter patter of metal feet could be heard pacing back and fourth as his small robot companion, Redgie paced the room behind Tulare, wondering when Vawk would be finished. Tulare glanced over at Vawk, looking mildly annoyed.

"Go be useful and get the plasma rotary saw" Tulare said.

"Can do! Can do!" Redgie said. The small bot ran into the ship, and leaped, performing a backflip in the process. it began floating through the air and looking around for the tool he needed.

"I could turn you on now, but your not really helpful with your wiring still damaged. If I turn you on now, you'll probably malfunction or something" Tulare said, talking to Vawk. A subtle grin sat there on his face as he inspected the second leg, making sure it was on tight and properly. Eventually Redgie came back with the cutter tool.

"Fantastic. Good work, Redgie" Tulare said before continueing working.

"Good work, Redgie! Good work, Redgie! Thankyou thankyou! I'm glad your happy, master!" Redgie said.

"You know I hate it when you call me master, we're buddies, ya murfger" Tulare said as he was making sure the knee bent properly. Redgie gasped in silence as if Tulare said something truly horrible. Tulare didn't react to this small outburst and continued tinkering away at Vawk. He continued working on Vawk for another twenty minutes before taking a break. He had spent two hours working on his ship and an additional hour working on Vawk.

He didn't visit his island daily so when he did visit his island, he made sure that he got plenty work done. He slept there on the island in his bedroom of the ship. it had been a while since he slept in a bed. He slept there for a few hours, then he got up. His eyes still had eyebags, but he was feeling better. he hopped off his bed and he made his way outside. Closing his ship outer hull and leaving it cloaked for when he eventually return. He used his jump jet to get him back to land. Swimming part of the way back. He kept his staff ready in case some silly sea monster mistaken him for an easy target. His jump jet allowed him to fly for a brief few seconds which did help him avoid most dangers in an instance, but it only took him so far, and eventually it would need to charge again. he made his way back to land. His mobile home was near shore. It wasn't a home, so much as it was a mid sized van that had been teched up and turned into a very small mobile living quarters for the tuffle.

Tulare preferred living in a vehicle than owning a home. Although homes were much larger and more comfortable, Tulare didn't wanna waste money on such unnecessary commodities. Plus he was used to cramped spaces, especially considering he spent a large portion of his life in a space ship among the stars. He also didn't bother getting attached to anyone on earth. Earth was just another planet and a stepping stone for the tuffle inventor. Though admittedly the food was leagues above the food Tulare normally ate and would no doubt miss it, if he ever left earth. He dried off and got in his car. He'd head to West City like yesterday. Maybe he'd head to East City today. It didn't matter. Either way he'd choose in a few minutes ones he started driving.


Previously Deathstalker62
An unnamed Forest, near East City

Now was finally the day. Yatapi had been so excited, he could barely sit still in his hidey hole within a large tree's hollowed out area and await the rise of dawn. As the light finally broke through again, the strangely-tinted Saibamen hopped out of his home and begun climbing about the forest, trying to get from branch to branch but failing miserably and landing in a bush as he got closer and closer to the exit of the forest. Peering out of the undergrowth, Yatapi could once more see the giants in the distance stand out like a sore thumb. And today was finally the day he was gonna go out of this stupid forest and visit them. Carefully, he stood up, raised one leg.. and the moment he stepped one foot down, he stopped.

Huff.. Puff..

A shudder ran down his spine. He could feel warm air on his back. This could not bode well. He wanted to just run and hide, but.. out there it was just him out in the open. So, for once in his life, he turned slowly, feeling his body shake from fear, his legs wanting to give away but his intense desire to run shining through and overpowering the weakness in his little legs. He slouched instinctively as he faced what was behind him, which greeted him not with a nod or a smile, but with a loud, deafening roar.



The little red and green goblin sprinted fast as he could through the plains, a giant monster of a dinosaur chasing after him. He couldn't outrun it, but it could not catch up to him. They were trapped in a stalemate of an endless chase until one could either hide or the other could catch its prey. Preferrably, Yatapi would go for the former option. Given this beasts' persistence however.. he wasn't exactly sure if even hiding was gonna help him out at this point. So all he could do is run.. and run he did.


Previously mallard



In the middle of a forest, a cowboy and a purple raptor charged eachother. The raptor hissed, baring its fangs and talons at the human, who ran with relative ease considering he wore a peg in the stead of his left foot. As they neared, Bosek threw a right hook, his metal hand connecting with the lizards jaw and knocking a couple teeth loose. The beast's head jerked to the side, exposing it's neck for the human to wrap his arm around, squeezing the dinosaur into a headlock and raining down punches on the dino's left eye.

"Quit yer snarlin', beast! I've met iguanas tougher'n you!"

The creature tugged out of the headlock, and Bosek let him, the man turning to face his prehistoric foe. The raptor charged him again, but the ki-powered cowboy was ready. He lifted both arms, his left hand grasping his right wrist, and traces of flame began whispering from his right elbow. The reptilian killer snapped at Bosek's exposed side, however that would be the last thing it would ever do.


The elbow became engulfed in bright ki flame as it smashed into the lizard's skull in an instant. The force drove it into the dirt, and there it stayed.

"G'night, Lizzie."

- - -

Only a few short minutes later, the man was trudging through the forest. His left hand carried his spear, while his right grasped the tail of the dead raptor as it dragged in the grass behind him. Despite his violent and nerve-wearing way of life, he could still appreciate the beauty of the forest around him, and he let himself get lost in the tranquility. Beautiful melodies sung by songbirds eased his mind as the adrenaline wore off, and he watched as a rabbit munched on something in the shade of a large fern.


The peace was shattered by a dinosaur's roar. A huge, carnivorous beast by the sound of it. Hell, the raptor was a good warmup, and it was time for some big game hunting. Its earthshaking stomps came closer with each second. He slung the dino corpse behind a bush for safekeeping, and braced himself for battle. That's when a little gremlin creature ran past him.


There was no time to ask questions, as the beast was hot on its tail. Bosek refocused, hopping out of the dino's path, but he waved his spear in the air to gain its attention.

A few Hundred Miles East of Central City…
Gyoza’s speed bike had been zooming across the various, passing landscapes for several hours. Oddly enough, the young kickboxer had taken notice of quite a few helicopters passing by overhead. At first, he’d considered following them, but that was until he realized there was no clear path to follow; the dozen or so choppers he’d seen thus far had all been flying in totally different directions than one another. Some came in from the east, heading north. Some came in from the west, heading southwest. There was simply no consistency to their paths.

“Gyoza. Did you remember to fuel up?” The cyborg was snapped away from his thoughts by a feminine, robotic voice suddenly emitting from a tablet which made up the majority of his dash, “I forgot because of the old man and his damn diagnostics!” Gyoza groaned as he quickly began tapping around on the screen before bringing the bike to a screeching halt.
While it was true that he could simply swap over to electrical power, he saw this as a rare opportunity.


With the click of a button, Gyoza’s speed bike was returned to its capsule, which he made quick work on slipping away under his cloak. After which he promptly lowered down into a runner’s stance, eyeing the seemingly endless dirt road that resided ahead.

“On your marks… fuck it- go!” And with that the… rather vocal young warrior dashed off with impressive rate of acceleration. In a matter of mere moments, the boy had already achieved record breaking speeds. When he eventually topped out, his arms and legs were nearly a blur to anything or anyone that might be looking.
Sure, it was definitely slower than the speed bike, but Gyoza enjoyed long-distance sprints. Besides, it wasn’t everyday that he had around a hundred miles of flat, open road to really let loose.

“Hope Central City’s gym has some more competent boxers than the last time I visited…”


A few miles out from North City…
The peaceful midday silence was abruptly interrupted by the deafening boom of two helicopters careening into one another.
Thankfully, neither of the birds bad exploded, but with their wings intertwined from the nearly head-on collision, they were quickly sent into a death spiral towards the earth below.


The pilots were incredibly lucky, as both heli’s happened to crash down onto the soft treetops of the nearby forest. Once again, a devastating explosion was just narrowly avoided.
And while there was no boom, the crater of crumpled metal just a few meters off the main road didnt look much better.


Happily strolling down the busy streets of Central City was a young woman with fair skin and distinct green hair. She wore a frilly white dress, matching white heels, a pair of sunglasses and a white sun hat to top it all off. Hanging off her arm was a rather large shopping bag, it is clear what this woman had been doing up till now. The girl whistled as she continued down the road. "Phew, what a haul. I have to get home to try these on." She said to herself as she walked.

On her way, Flakes walked past a TV shop where the television on display was broadcasting some very interesting news. Stopping right in front of the display glass, the young woman took a look at the screens on the other side of the window. "Recently, a large number of helicopters of unidentified allegiance have begun surfacing all over the map. The officials are still investigating this matter, we will be updating you as this story progresses. For now, we urge anyone who spots one of these helicopters to stay away as we do not know what their intentions could be."

"Hmm, a bunch of helicopters wouldn't just appear out of nowhere for no reason." Flakes thought to herself. "I wonder what they could be up to." The girl's mind stayed on this topic for a little bit before she resumed her walk. "Well, it's not like it's any of my business. What's the worst that can happen? An invasion?" She joked with herself as she walked off with a giggle. “I’m sure the officials have it handled.”
~Location, Tulare Island...~
~September, 12th(Thursday)...~

Tulare's van had a dual-fuel system. It could run on solar power and biochemical fuel that he could get from converting organic matter. Which usually meant nearby wildlife. He had a small converter in his car just in case. It wasn't as big as the one aboard his ship meaning the converting process on the road was slower and involved cutting parts into manageable pieces. This was work normally for a mining droid. Ashamed he didn't have any operational ones on earth yet. Maybe one day he'd build a lab on earth. Possibly on the moon. There wasn't oxygen on the earth's moon but there was privacy. The exterior if the van had been stripped and rebuilt completely. It hardly resembled a van seen on current day earth. It hovered off the ground and went up to 200 miles per hour.

Inside the vehicle were two seats and three computer screens up front. The steering wheel and pedal functions were taken out and one of the computer screens controlled the car which sat where the steering wheel should be. The other two monitored the car's vitals/maintenance. In the middle row were two extra seats and if you fold the chairs down, a foldout cot for sleeping. A thick plated wall and a small round hatch door separated the midsection of the van from the back. A small person like Tulare or smaller could fit through the door and fit into the rear of the van. This area existed so Tulare could fix his home from the inside. It needed no repairs so safe to say, Tulare got in the drivers seat and made his way down the highway. It was a small two lane highway down a mountainside area.

As he made his way through down the highway, he spotted something falling from the sky. A ship crashing. It didn't look too good. Tulare figured he could either help them or loot their dead corpses. One thing was certain was, he would not approach them with his vehicle nearby. He hid his van near the mountainside away from the road and prying eyes. He got out and made sure his home would not be easy to spot. He began making his way to the crash site. It wasn't far, so eventually he saw it within eyeshot. He saw the pilots not far from him. He had his staff hidden and could easily pull it out in a combat scenario, but for now he'd approach them cautiously.

"Took a nasty spill there. Surprised that ship of yours didn't blow up mid-air. I'm guessing you folks didn't intend to land here, now did ya?" Tulare asked.
As Tulare approached the shredded wreckage of the two helicopters, he would come to find a pair of unmoving figures slumped over against a large tree near the heap of metal. Further inspection would reveal two more individuals still in one of the wrecked helicopters; their bodies completely mangled and crushed by a wall of metal and earth. Suffice to say… their chopper took the brunt of the impact.

As for the pair slumped outside the crash, one was sitting with his back against the base of the tree, his head hung low. The second was laying straight across the first man’s legs, completely obscuring his torso and arms from view. It wasn’t clear if they’d been flung from the wreckage or not, but answers would soon come in the form of a worrisome, little-


“Don’t come any closer.” The man resting against the tree muttered from under his breath as he cocked a hidden firearm. Closer inspection would reveal it to be tucked away under the second man’s body; the barrel of the large handgun now aligned perfectly with Tulare’s head.
It was clear that this man had used his dead partner as a shield, which would’ve only made him a more difficult target for the approaching stranger.

“Just…just gimme’ yer car keys and…and jus’ walk a-a-away.” The man’s voice was low and gruff, as if he were trying to put on an intimidating tone- likely to no avail. It was clear that the man was severely injured, one of his legs being completely shattered and crumpled beneath his dead partner.
Just for a brief moment, the man cast a glance at the cargo door of his chopper, which was still intact.
But just as quickly as he looked, he turned away, hoping Tulare had been distracted by the heavy revolver aimed right at his noggin.



As Bosek shouted out towards the dinosaur, it came to a sudden stop, quickly snapping its head his direction. It was certainly a threatening beast; a t-Rex. A bit on the smaller side, but still entirely capable of swallowing a fully grown man whole.


Seeing as a larger meal had simply offered itself up, the Rex quickly shifted courses, now charging directly towards Bosek.
Every deafening stomp it took shook the earth, making it hard for anyone within range to keep their balance.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Yatapi's little legs begun feeling shaky as he kept running and running and running.. not even noticing the fact that the large reptilian beast was no longer hot on his trail and had in fact found larger prey to hunt. That is when Yatapi abruptly stopped, putting his claws into the ground and kicking up dirt left and right, even tripping over and doing a roll on accident before he could finally get up and look as to why he couldn't hear the heavy stomps behind him, only to find another creature fighting his previous foe - one of those things he saw before. The ones who stood on two legs, like him, but still looked just as unfamiliar.

Even despite this man being his saviour, the little Saibaman couldn't just simply stand by and watch as this person would try to face off against this beast on their own. So, the red gremlin reached for his head as it split open briefly, allowing him to reach inside as if it were a purse and proceeded to pull out a rusted ray gun. Yatapi pointed the wrecked thing at the Dinosaur, made a brief, quiet laugh and pulled the trigger..

* Click! *

Nothing came out as the Blaster malfunctioned.. wait, what? Nothing came out? This thing broke AGAIN?? Yatapi looked at the weapon a few times, before aiming it again and trying to press the trigger multiple times. Nothing, as if it were somehow jammed. This annoyed the Saibaman, causing him to snarl at the weapon in anger and throw it against the ground - from which it then fired, a laser shot whizzing past his head, causing Yatapi to pause. He had almost killed himself, all because of this thing not wanting to fire!

As much as he wanted to destroy it here and now, he could still use it.. nor did he really believe he could do so much as put a dent in it. So, quietly, he just took up the ray gun in embarrassment and went to hide behind a large rock, peeking over the top to watch the fight.
~Location, Near North City(Mountains)...~
~September, 12th(Thursday)...~

The man was slumped against a tree, holding his dead friend. It wasn't a surprise seeing the angle they were crashing from. Tulare could make out a gun. Tulare wasn't expecting the old man's reaction.

"The hell's your problem? Your threatening me and your over there knocking on death's door. My car is every bit half a mile down the road, and its in the woods. Even if I give you the key, good luck finding it" Tulare said. Tulare reached into his pocket like he was about to pull a key out, when he pulled a cylinder shaped piece of metal. He quickly retracted it, turning it into a staff rifle. In his other hand, he grabbed his portable hand held jump jet.

"Be smart, we can leave this mountainside together, and I can take you to the hospital. hell! If your wounds aren't bad, I can probably patch you up myself" Tulare asked. Tulare wasn't sure what this man's reaction would be. Humans were weird and confusing sometimes like that.
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Previously mallard
Perfect. The big dumb dinosaur had made the choice to try to eat Bosek instead; the last mistake it would ever make. A huge smile was plastered across his face, and a crazed glint twinkled in his eye as he opened his arms, and welcomed the oversized lizard's jaws.

...However, the creature would only snap at air, as it attempted to eat the cowboy's afterimage. Faster than the reptile could see, the dino killer had raced to the side and kicked off a tree, where, through air resistance, he slowed down enough to be visible again, reappearing above the dinosaur.

"You ain't a real clever girl, huh?"

He followed that verbal jab with a physical one, as he stabbed his spear down at the creature’s leathery back, aiming to wedge his weapon underneath the creature’s shoulder blade for maximum hurt.
“I’m dealing with s-something bigger than y-yo-you and I, b-boy…” The man paused for a moment, taking a few deeps breaths in an attempt to steady his voice before continuing, “Give me yer’ damn keys. I’m not asking you again.” As the soldier finished, he attempted to slide the barrel of his gun forward a bit, hoping that if Talure hadn’t seen it before, he would now…



The Rex stumbled to a halt as the target it was aiming to chomp down on had seemingly vanished into thin air.
Then, as the man took a moment behind the beast to say a few words, the Rex attempted to spin around and find the source of the noise.


The beast cried out in pain as it’s attempt to locate its ‘prey’ was cut short by a stab in the back. Unfortunately for Bosek, the Dino’s sudden movements had thrown his target slightly off-center.
The razor sharp spear only sunk in a short distance, before coming to a sudden stop as metal met shoulder-blade.

The Rex, in an effort to shake the attacker of its back, began charging recklessly through the densely packed forward, sumitro smash Bosek against every branch, log and thorn within the nearby vicinity.
Not only did this put Bosek in danger, but Yatapi was now at risk of getting crushed once more.

@Psymallard @DevVoid


Barely any closer to Central City…

After several miles of running the same, unchanging stretch of land Gyoza opted to switch back to his Speeder a little sooner than intended. While it was true that he probably could’ve kept sprinting for a good while longer, he got bored covering such little ground.


“Right, right- low gas.” Initially, Gyoza had begun tapping around on his screen to switch over fuel sources, at which point he took notice of several ‘breaking news’ alerts popping.
Those helicopters he’d seen earlier weren’t near him- they were everywhere.

“No time to waste, then!” With that, Gyoza silently blasted off down the street, covering ground much faster than before.
~Location, Near North City(Mountains)...~
~September, 12th(Thursday)...~

"Doubtful. You know nothing of the Tuffle Empire or why I'm really here. You fly around in your crude air carriers and poorly designed guns and take whatever you see fit. This will end one of two ways; either we peacefully reach the next settlement or you and your corpse friend become biomaterial to fuel my ship. Choose wisely" Tulare knew the Tuffle Empire was gone, but he doubted the man in front of him would catch his bluff. His tone was calm, his resolve unwavering, and his comment about biofuel was truthful. Tulare didn't like threatening people. If his father were alive, he'd likely scold the young Tuffle for his handling of the situation, but Tulare wasn't about to give keys to him.

Tulare knew the gun was there and had his staff rifle ready. Tulare was expecting the man to give in, but his resolve was strong. Why was this man so desperate to leave and why didn't he accept his offer? Tulare gave a gracious offer and wondered why he'd turn it down. Judging by his outfit, he was a soldier of sorts. Likely following someone's orders. Who and why? Tulare didn't have time to speculate what and kept his staff ready. Keeping his distance so not to improve his aim.


Previously Deathstalker62
Yatapi had been closely watching the fight, quietly cheering for the human to win. Unfortunately, this cheering soon turned to regret as the giant dinosaur soon begun running his way to him! ..But wait, hold on. Something caught Yatapi's eye. Some sparkle in the Dinosaur's roaring maw. He couldn't quite figure out what it was, but what he could figure out is that he wanted it. And he wanted it NOW!

Reaching for his head again, the Saibaman took out the Laser Cutter and activated it, leaping atop the rock and off the highest point, trying to cling onto the Rex's left leg with his claws and tried stabbing at its knee with his Laser Cutter, which most definitely was NOT how it was supposed to be used but who was he to know this? All he knew is that it helped against creatures and plants before with this motion, so who knows? Maybe it'd work this time around, too!
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Previously mallard
The cowboy's spear was cut off by bone, leaving him to have to be satisfied with breaking the skin. This didn't perturb Bosek in the slightest, not even as the dinosaur began moving. Because before a single branch could hit him, the man started hustling down the lizard's back, dragging the spear through the reptile's leathery skin as he went! He kicked off before he reached the tail, switching his spear into his prosthetic hand.


Holding his free hand up, he began generating a red ball of energy. He wound up like a baseball pitcher, before flinging the ki blast at the dino to keep its attention drawn to him!
“I warned you!” The injured soldier shouted as his index finger clamped down around the trigger of his revolver.





The Rex roared in pain as the thick skin and dense muscle along its back was cleanly sliced down the middle, not even taking notice of the small, green creature now clung to its leg.
The beast stumbled to a stop, arching it’s back in anguish right as the Ki blast connected.


The smell of burnt flesh would perfume the air the the Dino slammed against the earth, unmoving. A large, black scorch mark now coated the back of its head, with steam rolling off the impact point. A clean kill.
As the Rex’s mouth fell agape, a small, orange orb rolled out and directly over to Yatapi.

@Psymallard @DevVoid


Central City…

It had been a peaceful day; cars bustling down the busy street, teens gathered outside their favorite stores, families out walking their pets. Various beings of different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and beliefs all came together to form the bustling metropolis that was Central City. And while the differences amongst them might’ve seemed endless, there’s one thing they all had in common…


Out of nowhere, multiple tanks suddenly began filing into the town from every entrance. Dozens of soldiers quickly began to spill from the war machines, after which they made quick work of invading most businesses and interrogating all random passerbys. Individuals who tried to run quickly had weapons drawn on them in an effort to show the futility of their current actions.

Amongst the fleet of armed intruders, one man in particular stood out. A behemoth of a fellow roughly twice the size of the other men. Strapped to his back was a strange, metallic board oddly reminiscent of a skateboard with the wheels removed. He casually strolled along with a large, dual-ended mace in his right hand. It was none other than Bongo.

“If he wants to see results, fine- but we gotta narrow the search.” The right-hand man of Gurumes muttered to himself as his dim, dark eyes scanned over the crowds of civilians. One person in particular stood out immediately; a young woman with very pale hair and unique looking eyes. Not only did she look a bit unique, but she was also carrying a large bundle of bags in hand.

“Scuse me there, darling. I’m gonna need to take a peak at what you got on your person.” Bongo piped up while approaching the young woman, a devilish grin already plastered across his face.

…no one had been expecting that.

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~Location, Near North City(Mountains)...~
~September, 12th(Thursday)...~

The threats and audacity of this man left Tulare speechless. Tulare had expected this, but it would seem the soldier did not notice the dangers of Tulare's staff rifle. Which was also pointed as his head. The moment Tulare heard the shot rang out, Tulare fired a plasma round of his own rifle. Ever so slightly flying its away inches from the soldiers bullet.

When the soldier's bullet would inevitably reach Tulare, Just a split second slower than Tulare's shot would make its mark. With a flick of the wrist, he swatted the bullet away with the side of his staff. Redgie was with Tulare the entire time. Safely watching from behind trees. Tulare commanded the small floating robot to bring the transport out to them. Tulare stared at the soldier. In just a bit, he'd be tossing the two corpses into a bio converter. Where they would break down the the solid matter into a sickly gray-brown thick oily substance. Tulare walked over to the corpse, snatching the gun. He looked at it carefully examining how it was built before pocketing it.

"Hmph!" He mused. Later that day he'd take it apart. Possibly put it back together and take note of how to build it from scratch. He wasn't impressed by the gun, but it had one or two features that mildly peaked his curiosity. The van pulled up, and Tulare went to convert the two. The best part was, he could go over to the remains of the helicopter and salvage. That really peaked his interest. It didn't take long to convert the duo. Next he did what he was intended to do from the start, which was take apart the aircraft. Part of the craft looked intact. He force opened the cargo hold door with an electro cutter, one of his several tools. He put it back then began searching inside the storage area. One thing that stood out was the old embroidered wall piece which stood out like a sore thumb in the sleek aircraft. Bright colors depicting a strange creature. Long snakelike creature. The creature somehow looked familiar, but why...? Tulare continued checking the vessel when he found the ship's black box. He played it.

Soldier 1: I'm telling you... if we find the dragon balls. We can grant our own wish!
Soldier 2: Did you forget where your loyalties lie?
Soldier 1: We could be rich!
Soldier 2: What's the point of being rich if we're dead, you idiot!
Soldier 1: We could start a new life! Somewhere where he can't reach us.
Soldier 2: Gurumes is not going to be happy when he finds you, and I won't be apart of this foolishness!
Soldier 1: You wouldn't dare!
Soldier 2: I have been loyal for years! I will not have your reckless plans get me killed!!
Soldier 1: You're not telling that bastard anything!
Soldier 2: Watch out! You're going to crash into the other chopper!
The sound of a gun shot could be heard before a crash and end of message.

tulare stood there listening to the arguments. Humans fighting each other. Tulare didn't care about the morality of the situation at this point, but two things stood out. One being dragon ball wishes and the hand not wall piece and the other being this Gurumes individual. Tulare would need to hide the chopper quickly just in case more soldiers of this Gurumes came. There was a cave nearby where he they could hide until Tulare could bring them to his island at a later date.
After going to a few more stores and adding to her collection of shopping bags, Flakes took a glance at her watch. She had been out shopping for quite a while now. "Hmm, well I suppose I've been out long enough. I guess I'll head home." The green haired girl mumbled as she turned around.

However, before she could even take more than 2 steps, Central city found itself suddenly overrun by an army of tanks. Seeing this, Flakes stood still for a moment, dumbfounded as the invasion happened around her. "Wait, I was joking." The young woman said softly, recalling the joke she had told herself previously. Flakes continued to watch on as numerous soldiers got out of the armored vehicles and began invading all the surrounding shops and questioning the citizens that happened to be on the scene, holding those who tried to escape at gunpoint.

To top it all off, a certain brutish man seemed to have set his eyes onto Flakes, as if this situation wasn't already bad enough. "Great, now I have to deal with a creep too." The girl scoffed before turning towards the large man, forcing a smile on her face. "Well hello sir, what could a little lady like myself possibly have for a big strong man like you?" She asked with a fake tone of sincerity.


Previously Deathstalker62
Yatapi kept jabbing his laser cutter at the giant creature's leg, even when it had already expired, causing the Saibaman to look around in shock as the leg he was holding on to was stumbling and he'd be crushed by the body if he didn't move quickly! Yatapi took a leap to the side, tumbled to the ground and promptly crawled away to a safer distance before standing up and walking to the front of the dinosaur, spotting that same object he saw stuck within its jaws. Just.. what was this thing?

The small red and green goblin-esque creature picked up the spherical object and held it in his hands. He kept turning the object around, examining its shiny, smooth orange surface with glee. And then, he turned it around enough to discover some form of shape on it. A singular one, but one strange thing nonetheless. His eyes were glued to the thing, just constantly watching it turn in his grasp over and over. Like a crow when it has found something shiny, his attention was completely stuck to this ... whatever kind of ball this was.
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“Well we’re looking for something rather valuable- it was that was taken from our boss, ya see. All we wanna do is recover some stolen property…” There was a moment of silence as Bongo used his free hand to grip onto one of the ladies bags, hoping it would keep her from running. The wicked smile smeared across his face slowly began to fade as he continued, “…so you need to let me take a little look through your bag. I doubt a pretty little thing like you is up to no good, but I still need to be safe.” As the large man finished speaking, Flakes would now be able to hear the sound of violence in the distance. One by one, the soldiers of Gurumes took it upon themselves to try and beat answers out of anyone in sight.

The Central City police force had been all but wiped out upon Bongo’s arrival, so there was virtually no one around who could stop him or his men.
In a matter of minutes, just a small portion of Gurumes army was capable of totally overrunning Central City.

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~Location, Heading Towards Central City...~
~September, 12th(Thursday)...~

It wouldn't take long for Tulare to take out any functioning parts. One of which was a navicomputer with a list of locations and points. He wired them to his own computer. And put the parts in his van. He had a small cave not far near his island in the mountainside. He could store the wreckage there completely until he could bring it back to his island. All functioning electronics were brought first. The rest would all be scrap and brought second. A total of three trips to his cave were made. Any information of value would be instantly transmitted to his super computer on the island and Mars by association.

His next course of action would be to head to Central City. He could only wonder what he could be getting himself into by butting in like this. He'd need an evacuation plan if things went south. His introduction with the previous soldier didn't go well, but at least it was in Tulare's favor. He maintained a careful path on the road. Central City wasn't too far ahead. Perhaps in the meantime he'd take a detour and visit a side destination first...? He wasn't in a rush to get there so he did have time to kill.


Previously mallard
...And with one well-placed shot, the dinosaur went down. He didn't expect it to kill, the ki was just meant to catch its attention, but he guessed he got lucky; the attack had met its mark just below the skull ridge of the beast. With the beast gone, there was now a small gremlin thing to deal with, though it was currently distracted by some sort of orb. The cowboy took a breath and looked around, but there was no one else the pickle creature had come with. Guess that meant the... thing was his responsibility now. He began walking with a huff, his shadow enveloping the creature. It seemed oddly fascinated by the sphere. The sun shone in the sky behind him, and he cleared his throat to get Yatapi's attention.

"Hey... whatcha doin' out here all by yer lonesome, junior?"