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Open Dragon ball ultra discussion

No playing god
You can make up your own moves
You must pick from one of the main races being: Namekian, majin, saiyan, frieza race or earthling
Enjoy :)

My character info:
Name: Glace
Race: Frieza race
Clothes: Yellow trousers
Signature move: Shadow fist
Appearance: Short horns, Sapphire blue and red skin, Throwing knives attached to his belt
Age: 14 (will age as the rp goes on)
Height: 6'05 (will grow)
Extra: Son of Frieza but wants to be good
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Name Delta
Signature move: Galick gun
Age:12(will age as rp goes on)
Extra:son of vegeata searching for his brother Trunks
Clothes:Saiyan armour (black)
Hair: spicky (black hair)
Enemy:kid buu
Height:5'09(will grow as well)
Sayain extra : goes up to super sayain 4 learns to fly and teleport
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Name: Taiko
Race: Namekian
Signature Move: Devil Drill Beam (something Taiko created himself, based off Piccolo's Makankosappo)
Appearance: Similar to every Namekian in anatomy, dresses in a black sleeveless shirt, baggy black pants, and matching boots with metal coverings on the sole, heel, and toe of each boot. Also occasionally wears a red and white baseball cap and jungle camo jacket.
Age: 18 at the start
Height: 5'11"
Extra: Leader of a street gang, enjoys breaking the 4th wall and making references.

(So where's the actual RP?)

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Moved the discussion thread to the discussion board, where it belongs. Also, you people really ought to read the rules, because the one-liners the thread is rife with are not allowed in General Role Play either.
Name: Neke
Race: Saiyan.
Clothes: A Modern Red Shirt, Blue Jeans, Black Shoes
Signature move: Ki Sword(My Own. Causes a Giant Blue energy blade To Form Out Of One Arm.
Appearance: Peachy Skin, Red Eyes, Average Weight.
Age: 15
Height: 6"78(Will Grow)
Extra: Bit Of an Anti-Hero, Sent To earth Long After Goku. Despises Human War. Has The Ability To Go his Own Super Saiyan Form, Super Saiyan White, Just As Powerful As Super Saiyan 3, But Slower, yet Stronger In Physical Strength.
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Name: Rosetta
Signature move: Blaster arrow(similar to frieza' death beam, but it's slightly larger and if it travels for a little bit it splits into 3 frieza sized death beams
Age: 14
Extra: grand daughter of Gohan (we could make her be from the future )
Clothes: Saiyan armour (blue), and a new generation purple scouter that constantly updates on a persons power level if they were to power up.
Hair: brunette, wavy hair that falls on her shoulder
Enemy: zarbon( her ex )
Height: 4'10
Sayain extra : Can go up to super saiyan 2, but prefers to go mystic
Well, Neke and Rosetta pretty much wandered into the Skull and Crossbones territory as well and challenged Glace and Taiko to a fight. Taiko simply wanted them to leave, but reluctantly agreed to do so. Then the battle started, and the entire Skull and Crossbones gang was murdered, save for Taiko, who is now in an uncontrollable rage and having absorbed the four namekians of the crew for extra power. It's funny how one of my most light hearted characters was so quickly driven to madness by grief and anger.
Can Anyone Reply?

edit: I Forgot To Mention Something, When Ki Sword Hits, It Takes A Small Amount Of Ki Away From The Target. And The Gang Will Come Back 'Cause Ki Sword Only Kills Stronger Ki Users And Kills Them For Good.
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