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Ask to Join Eeveeloution Life

Antonio and Alan were running through the forest. Soon they would be at a human city. They didn't know or care what it was called. Their mission was to free as many pokemon as they could at the pokemon center. Soon they found themselves in a meadow. In the middle of the meadow was a Leafeon. Past the meadow was the city. It was day so they decided to wait until night. Ignoring the leafeon's singing, they took out the map of the pokemon center they had and started discussing their plan.
Hearing the beautiful and melodic singing of a leafeon nearby, Vortex emerged from the bushes, his mocha-chocolate gaze befalling Lily. She was certainly a beauteous being, and the Water-Type loved nothing more than pretty ladies- so he padded over to the femme, his copper optics warm and friendly. "Your singing is wonderful," he said, his voice smooth and sincere- she truly was a lovely singer. "What mught your name be? I'd love to get to know a pretty girl like you."
"No problem, my dear." the male cooed, half-closing his molten chocolate gaze. A soft smile curved his maw, and he blinked a couple times. "They know me as Vortex, guardian of the oceans. Wonderful to meet you, Miss Lily." he paused, raising one of his paws on greeting. "You suit your name- pure, and pretty."
Meanwhile, Antonio and Alan had thought of their plan of attack for that night. "We have a reputation for this so we have to try not to be spotted," Antonio said. "So we'll sneak in through the ventilation system. Then we navigate through into the room with the pokemon. After that we simply release them from their pokeballs and blow a hole in the wall with the TNT we stole."
"Finally," Alan said excitedly. "I've been waiting to use that for weeks. But won't the humans hear it?"
"By the time they get there the two of us and all the other pokemon will be gone," Antonio said confidently.
"Well, how could I not? Your melodic singing is a magnet I could not repel," Vortex smiled at Lily, his chocolate ocularies burning with warmth, despite his Water- typing. The Vaporeon's fin-like ears perked upward at the sound of others conversing nearby, and he tilted his cranium, wondering what perhaps they were doing, there. "What do you think they're up to?" the male asked, gesturing to the two Eeveelutions huddled around a map. Peculiar, to say the least.
"Alright so I guess now we just have to wait until night," Antionio said to Alan. "That's when we'll strike."
"But what if the Pokemon don't want to leave?" Alan asked. " I've seen pokemon that seem happy with their trainers for some reason."
"That's just what the humans want you to think,"
"Yeah, your probably right."
Lily looked at the two Pokemon also, curious. But she ignored them. She looked up and smiled. "It's so nice out, today." She said, the sun glittered. Lily never thought about Vortex and the romance thing. But, she kind of Likes him.
Vortex thought Lily was rather cute, and certainly very pretty. She was pleasant as well- so perhaps, the Vaporeon could say he liked her as well. "Oh, yes! It's pretty wonderful, out here." he said, the sun's glittering glow tinting his azure skin yellow with the light. "You must like the sunlight, being a grass type?" he suggested, unable to pinpoint whether he was being accurate with his assumption.
"Oh, yes. I love the sun. I think you're... never mind." Lily said. The word she was going to say was 'cute' but she was scared to say it. Lily liked Vortex for his kindness and handsomeness. She saw sure if she wants to be his girlfriend. But, she was thinking about it.
Hidden in her den, which was in a tree, Holly watched some dancing. Well, she only watched it for one minute, and then she stopped to get some oran berries from her den. There were only a few, so she had to something where someone who look at her: berry picking. She would be scared to do that, but she had to if she wanted berries.

Holly mainly stayed in her den about 99 percent a day because she was shy.
Alan was sitting there in the meadow when he saw a sylveon who looked like they were trying to hide. He was bored and had nothing to do while he waited for night so he decided to talk to her. So he walked over to where he saw her. "Hello," he said when he was near. "What's your name?"
"Who doesn't like the sun? I prefer rain, personally, but the sun is still very nice on my skin," the Vaporeon commented, his chocolate-brown gaze sparkling. She'd cut herself off, though- making a comment about... him? Perhaps it was a compliment; though, so... perhaps he could give her the confidence to say it? "What were you going to say, Miss Lily? I will not judge you, I promise."
As Antonio looked around the meadow he saw many eeveelutions. There was a leafeon, a vaporeon and now a sylveon talking and Alan had gone of to talk to a different sylveon. "I thought we were rare," he said to himself.
"Who doesn't like the sun? I prefer rain, personally, but the sun is still very nice on my skin," the Vaporeon commented, his chocolate-brown gaze sparkling. She'd cut herself off, though- making a comment about... him? Perhaps it was a compliment; though, so... perhaps he could give her the confidence to say it? "What were you going to say, Miss Lily? I will not judge you, I promise."
Lily immediately stood still. "Uh, um." She couldn't say it. She was very scared. "Cute." Lily whispered. She looked down immediately. She wanted to scream because she said. Lily regret it.
Hearing some words, Holly was confused that some people saw her. She then saw some other eeveelutions, and then she got a bit tired and confused about it. She didn't like being confronted or seen by anyone. Oh wow... Holly, Holly, get yourself together... I won't be shy, she thought.

She was still shy, and she wanted to run away. She would see someone... oh well.
"What the h*ll's going on here?" an oddly deep voice called throughout the field. From the nearby forest sprang a blue-ringed Umbreon, confused as to why there was so much commotion, especially from a bunch of Eeveelutions. He had hopped down from a high tree, where he had been scouting for food, in order to emerge to the others. "Let's just take it down a notch, alright?" Kuro swung his bangs away from his eyes with a simple flick of his head, glaring over to the group that now stood relatively close by.

Out from the same section of the forest, without jumping from any trees, then came an odd-looking Espeon, flicking his ears slightly in annoyance as he watched his shiny relative's little show. "Do pardon Kuro, please," he began, bowing to the group in greeting, "he knows not what he does. Kuro," -he was now turned to the Umbreon, a patient look on his face- "there is nothing out of the ordinary happening here. There is no reason for this behavior. I must advise that yo-"

"You don't gotta advise anything, Dad!" Kuro growled back to the Espeon, huffing. "I'm- I'm not little anymore, 'kay?"

Well, so much for this introduction. Hanging his head low in defeat, Nebula ignored his child and looked up to the group. "Just do as I do," he instructed, eyes not even flicking over to the black form of his son, who was now trying to gain his attention to ensure his point was made. "Hello there. My name is Nebula. This here is my son, Kuro. As you can see, he is not one for manners, no matter how many times I have told him-"

"But Daaad!" Kuro whined, sighing as he literally up and left the situation, heading back into the forest. "Ugh, fine. You don't want me here, I'll go, but I will be back!"

"Of course, you will, son," Nebula jested, a slight purr erupting from his throat as he sat on the comfy grass of the meadow. "Again, I apologize for his actions. Might I ask for your names?"

(OOC: I'll change Nebula's age to something older as soon as I can. Also, I'm really sorry about this awkward first post, but I'm overtired right now and ready to fall asleep any second.)
Midnight looked around the forest with a sigh. She saw a Shiny Umbreon then she hid behind a tree. She climbed up the tree silently then watched the Shiny Umbreon from a branch on the tree. She heard some commotion but she never guessed it was from another Eeveelution.
Lily turned around. It's getting crowded here, She thought. She sighed. Yay! So much for a gentleman, no reply. Lily licked a paw and turned her head the other direction with a, "Hmph."