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Ask to Join Elemental Legends - The Torch Bearers

(Current RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Mewtwofan259, @Clementina, @SismicFlareCharmander, @Godjacob)

September 18th, 1455. The Catholic Church of Wallachia
It was happening again. The unjust witch burning, done by the Church for not a single good reason. And who was tied to the stake this time? A woman by the name of Petunia Tepes, formerly a Belmont. Formerly because she was now married - she had been since a few years ago.
But the bishop heading the burning didn't care. All he cared about was the death of this ungodly witch.
"How was she uncovered?" a man asked, walking up to the priest.
"Satanic engines." the Bishop responded. "Devilish contraptions powered by lightning. Thin glass bottles with sickly liquids. And worst of all, the picture of Satan himself."
"He's here, you know. My husband is here. He- AGH! He won't take kindly to being called the devil!" The woman shouted, the flames burning higher.
"So you suggest I stop calling a sheep a sheep? A brick a brick? You married Satan, woman. Can you not see that?" the priest continued. "You were a good woman once. The Belmonts were good people. But then-"
"We still are!" the woman shot back. "You chose to capture me and burn me because I went against the strict as hell rules of your religion and chose to pursue science!"
"You dare call your witchcraft science?!"
"So you suggest I stop calling a sheep a sheep? A brick a brick?"
"Famous last words. It's time to go be with your husband forever." the Bishop said.

"I couldn't agree more. It's time for her to leave."
The loud words coursed through the people and clerics gathered at the burning before a powerful mini-tornado crashed down at the stake. The wood scattered, and the fire vanished. When the gusts dissipated, an ominous black figure stood in front of Petunia Tepes.
"You called me the devil. Count Vladimir Dracula Tepes does not take kindly to that." Dracula said, standing exposed in the sunlight. "Nor do I appreciate you trying to BURN MY WIFE ALIVE."
"D-Demon! It's a demon!" The priests began chanting, holding out crosses while saying religious prayers. Dracula summoned his sword and stabbed one of the crosses, also stabbing the hand of the priest.
"You deserve worse than what I will do to you as payback for this." Dracula said, his cold gaze fixing on the Bishop. "I could open the gates of hell and allow your race to die. And if my wife had been dead by the time I got here... then I can assure you I would have done so. Do not sleep quietly, men of the Church. It's time to learn that your actions have consequences." Ms. Tepes ran up and hugged her husband as the mini-tornado began to form again. "Make your peace with God while you still can." The mini-tornado formed, obscuring the two from view. Then it dissipated, and they were gone.

July 8th, 2017. Wallachia.
"Shit. Don't tell me I'm lost."
Silas Raven sat down on a stump in the dead forest he was cruising through. He kept flipping his map around, trying to find which way fit. "Yep, completely lost. Someone remind me again why I thought taking a trip to Wallachia was a good idea."
No one else was with him.
"...okay. So I'm talking to myself now. That's fine. Helps me think." Silas continued, getting up and looking around. "Alright, landmarks. Can I see any?" Looking around, Silas saw something interesting. "Castle? Old, decrepit castle? If anywhere's the old home of Dracula..." Silas began to run up to it when he noticed something. The castle was on top of a hill, and had a drawbridge crossing over it.
But below the drawbridge, in a crevice, was a mansion with a stained glass window in the shape of a bat on the front.
"He is the bat king." Silas said. Taking the risky route, he decided to slide down the side of the cliff. It worked. He arrived at the mansion in record time. Walking up to the door, he saw the conjoined handle was in the shape of a bat. Pulling the two sides apart, he could now open the door normally. Entering, he found the house dark. "Uh... hello?" Silas saw a torch on the wall, so he took it. Shockingly, it lit up by itself. Using it to look around, it seemed like a moderately fancy mansion. Old machines were lined up against the walls. Fancy banners adorned the pillars. A large rug covered the main hall. And the stairs were large.
Suddenly, Silas heard movement directly behind him.
"Now why have you chosen to intrude upon my domain, human? A stupid decision."
Not often I explore the city, but still I know I have to see this for myself...

Devin glanced up at the large castle in front of him. It was a jarring sight, the old castle right in the heart of Britain. Still, this recreation of the fabled Camelot was something Devin had always wanted to see in person. The Arthurian Legends often served as inspiration for many of his role play characters in the past. Still, this was anything beyond what he had imagined.

Hard to believe they'd make this little museum to honor an age old fable. Still, this is nice and gives me a reason to leave the home. Mother always is concerned I remain at home a bit too much...

With a deep breath, Devin walked inside to go explore. Curious to see what this recreation had to offer, as well as perhaps a chance to get some inspiration for future role plays.

All the while unaware of what seemed to be a young woman had been watching him from the top of the castle, a grin on her face before she vanished into thin air.
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Jesse. Frankenstein finished writing in her notebook and slipped it into her backpack. Her ancestor, Victor Von Frankenstien, was a world known mad scientist. Though he had made many mistakes, one in particular being a monster of unimaginable horror. But that didn't matter to Jesse. She adjusted her glasses and continued down the path. Jesse was going to the Frankenstein's old manor, where Victor and his assistant, Igor, worked on many experiments together. Her school was asking for an essay on our ancestors for a history class, and boy, Jesse could right a novel.
She came across the old manor, damaged by time. She walked through the broken down door and began to wander around. All of her bloodline had started right here, in a dusty old lab. Eventually, she came across a hospital bed, broken chains everywhere. A chill went down her spine and the hairs on her neck stood up when the figure emerged from the shadows.
Alfonzo stepped through the deep bushes that thrived in Wallachia. He was there to explore his distant ancestral home, but so far all he had found was dust, bushes and the burned remains of several churches. "Not my best idea." He muttered to himself, swatting at a mosquito. He looked up. It was getting late, so he found a clearing, set up his tent, and started a small fire. It was as good a place as any to sleep for the night.
Maria's sister, Minerva, was suposed to go to the grocery to buy the usual fruits that day, pears, apples, oranges and sometimes in the summer, strawberries. However that day Maria wanted to do the groceries herself, she was sick of being helpless, however halfway through the path she found some woods, always curious she decided to explore, after a long walk she found herself looking at a big castle that sent shivers down her spine, she realized night was falling, she always hated the dark, she wanted to go back home but she had forgotten the path back home. "Maybe I should find someone inside, then I could ask them the path" she thought to herself, so she entered the castle, took a few steps and said, "I-Is anyone there?"
Silas, having quick reflexes, rolled forwards. He turned around, gripping his wooden staff tightly. What he saw was... strange, to say the least.
A man wearing a large, black cape. Shadows covered his face, but it looked like he had pale white skin with a tinge of purple. His two fangs were exposed.
"Dracula? Then you're real?" Silas said, reaching into his pocket.
"The evidence lies before you." Dracula responded. "Now tell me why you have come to my domain. And tell me what you are fishing in your pocket for. Perhaps you will try to stake me? Trick me into eating garlic?"
"I've come to discover the truth behind you and your magic." Silas said. He found what he was looking for, and pulled out a small cross. "I wish to become y-"
Silas was stopped as Dracula moved faster than he could have imagined, slamming the man into the wall. "You DARE enter the house of Dracula bearing the symbol of the Church?!"
"No, please. I can explain-"
"I told the Church to stay out of my domain. You are proof they have forgotten 500 years ago!" Dracula threw Silas away and to the ground, before seemingly drawing a sword out of nowhere.
"I'm not with the Church!"
"Then why do you bear a cross?!" Dracula shouted, raising his hand. It started to glow, and Silas just barely ran behind a pillar in time to avoid being incinerated by the powerful blast of fire.
"So it's true. Magic is real, and you know how to use it!" Silas said, astonished. "Please, let me explain!"
"And why should I listen to those who condemned me to this life?!" Dracula responded, as a black... thing dashed around the pillar. The streak turned into Dracula, and Silas just dodged the sword strike.
"Listen to reason! I'm not with the Church! I'm Atheist, for God's sake!" Silas replied, dashing away. He saw the cross on the ground, as well as a suit of armor with a sword. Taking the blade from the armor, he parried Dracula's strike. Good thing I took those fencing lessons. Silas thought. He jabbed at Dracula, but the Bat King turned into a swarm of bats. Silas ran away from the swarm, and instead ran to the cross. The bats reformed into Dracula.
"You think God will save you from me?! That cross has no power!"
"I already told you, I don't give a shit about God!" Silas shouted, arriving at the cross. Raising his sword, he stabbed downwards, destroying the cross.
"...why would you...? You're a man of the Church! That's the only thing that could have saved you!" Dracula said, both shocked and astonished.
"I already told you, I'm not with the Church!" Silas responded. "My name is Silas Raven, an Atheist and believer of magic. I have come seeking Dracula, with the goal of becoming his apprentice and learning the magic arts."
"...you seek Dracula?" Dracula asked. "You have found him. My name is Count Vladimir Dracula Tepes, and I am impressed by your courage and beliefs. Say I do choose to take you on as my apprentice. What will you offer me in return?"
"Whatever you want, as long as I can keep my life in order to learn your magic and put it to good use." Silas replied.
"...very well. I suppose I could use an apprentice." Dracula said, smiling. He stood up, allowing Silas to see him completely. "Welcome to Tepes Manor, Mr. Raven. I have a feeling I will enjoy you being here." Dracula extended a hand, and Silas took it. With a single handshake, Silas Raven's life was forever changed.
A young girl named Claire was walking in the dark forest right outside of Dracula's castle. "Oh man, where did that hat off to? I swear then wind blew it here." He though as she walked around the forest looking for her hat. "I hate dark places, I need to get out of here quick." She though. Claire saw a white sun hat on a rock not far from her. "Oh there it is." She said. Just as she was about to pick it up. She heard the rumble of a motor in the distance.
"Wow so this was King Arthur's armor?"

Devin had been talking to himself when he examined a sky blue and silver set of armor. According to the stone text, this was the recreation of the fabled armor Arthur wore into battle. Devin had to admit, this really was quite authentic to see...

"Well, not totally accurate. For one thing the colors are all wrong."

Devin stopped when he heard a woman's voice behind him, turning to see a young woman greet him with a smile.

"Um, okay. Who are you?" Devin asked as the woman giggled before holding out her hand.

"Merlina. Descendant to the great Wizard Merlin himself." Merlina said, Devin remained silent for a moment to think over what he said.

Then he began to laugh. Merlina frowned at this as she set her hand down.

"R-right! You are Merlin's long lost granddaughter or something. Yeah, totally legit. Gotta admit your role play idea, while not overly original, is not something I'm use to..."

"Root of Creation!"

Devin was cut off when a pair of small roots emerged from the ground and gave him a pair of slaps across the face. Devin was annoyed initially, before his eyes widened at what he realized he was hit with.

"W-w-w-what d-did you j-just..." Devin mumbled as Merlina gave a satisfied grin before she recalled the roots.

"Like I said, Merlina descendant of the great Wizard Merlin. Nice to meet you." Merlina said as she held out her hand to shake Devin's, who while dumbfounded was able to complete the action.
Thomas Mallory listened as a woman introduced herself as Merlina. The boy, was a ancestor of Sir Thomas Mallory, the man who helped gather the original King Arthur stories.

He had come to this reconstruction of Camelot, to learn, maybe find some kind of info about King Arthur. The man, had always been a hero to Thomas' eyes. The way the knights acted, how they fought. He had read all of the stories, and learned as much as he could about this man.

But now, the boy, was hidden behind the corner, holding his breath, quietly listening to what was being said. Curiosity, had overcome the boy completely.
"T-this can't be. T-they are just stories..." Devin mumbled, in disbelief over what he just saw. Merlina simply chuckled.

"Oh it's so cute to see you so dumbfounded, but nay we have more urgent matters to discuss. We have an unspeakably important task, we must find and awaken the sleeping king. The world needs King Arthur." Merlina said as Devin raised an eyebrow.

"King Arthur? Sleeping king? What are you talking about? Even if this "legend" is true, Arthur died in battle against Modred." Devin said as Merlina gave a nod.

"Yes, that is what most of the world thought to. However my ancestor was not just the one to help train Arthur, but also a close friend. Arthur did suffer sever wounds, by my ancestor put his body in hibernation to save him. Now it is my task to not only teach you our family's long line of magic, but to find and awaken King Arthur once again." Merlina said, Devin listened but was still confused.
Claire turned her head towards the rumble and saw a man on a motorcycle jump out of the woods beside her and did s spin before sopping near Claire. "Uh hello? Who are you..." Claire said before realizing the man didn't have a head. She fell backwards with a look of terror in her eye. "Hey lady, are you alright?" A voice said. "Huh? Who's saying that?" Claire said with a trembling voice. The Headless man was carrying a pumpkin below his left arm that suddenly opened its eyes. "I'm right here missy." The pumpkin said. Claire saw the pumpkin talk and shouted in terror. She then got up and started running towards Dracula's Castle. "Wait lady! Don't go that way!" The pumpkin said before revving his motorbike up and chased after Claire.
Alonzo had packed up his tent and was walking. He had finally reached his destination. An old, burnt up village, but he saw a mysterious castle, off in the distance. He began to walk to that. After half an hour, he arrived. He knocked on the door. No answer. He assumed that it was uninhabited, so he pushed open the door and entered.
Dracula pushed aside two large double doors of the mansion, and Silas could see what the room was like. The walls were a pale orange, while the ceiling and floor were hard wood. There were bookshelves lining the back wall and coming onto the side walls, both stopping at a door on either side of the room. There was a large dome of glass in the ceiling, which seemed to be open up top. In the middle of the room were multiple tables, with books and chemical vials scattered all around. A single book was sealed in a glass container in the corner of the room. Many pictures aligned the bare walls of the room. A few diagrams were pinned to a corkboard on the wall with the main door.
"Silas Raven, welcome to the laboratory of Dracula."
"A lab? But... I thought you excelled in magic." Silas said, walking into the lab. "All I see here are textbooks and science equipment."
"That's the thing, Silas." Lord Tepes said, smiling. "Magic is more science than art, contrary to what the legends say. Back 500 years ago, they called the generator and glass vials I gave my wife witchcraft. The realm of magic becomes more fact and less fiction every year. I have simply been 1000 years ahead of the rest of the planet in my studies. If he was still alive, I'd thank Merlin a thousand times over for leaving his Tome of Magic behind."
"Wait, you mentioned you had a wife." Silas replied. "Is she here? Is she immortal as you are?"
"I gave her the same curse I have, yes." Dracula said. "She left on her own journey a few hundred years ago. It's been incredibly lonely since then."
"Oh. Sorry I asked."
"It's fine." Dracula sighed. "She left not out of spite for me or lost love, but because she had her own mission that I couldn't help her with. Anyways, enough talk of the past. You're here to learn magic?"
"Then it's time for class to begin."