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Favorite Fictional Character

Shiny Motley

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OBVIOUSLY as the resident fangirl/fanboy of 'Charms, it's only fitting that I make a topic like this, right? ;D But yeah, there are like so many characters out there that exist, from comic books to games to movies to TV shows to whatever you can think of. The sky's the limit; talk about your favorites here!

It's honestly EXTREMELY hard to narrow down my list of favorites, but I guess I should start with characters from my favorite franchises. Wait, that'd still make the list ridiculously long. Ah well.

  • Steven Stone - Fucking Steven Stone has his fanboy moments with rocks and he's such a nerd for a Champion. I mean, yeah he has his cool moments (okay, every moment is cool), but doesn't mean he can't be cute as well.

  • Kokonose Haruka - MY ABSOLUTE PRECIOUS BABY. He's an ill little boy who loves drawing and I just love him so much. Seriously, I can't find anything wrong with him. ;w;
  • Tateyama Ayano - MY OTHER PRECIOUS BABY. I just love her scarf and hair clips so much, and she's ridiculously pretty no matter who draws her. She's also a very sweet girl ♥
  • The Fourteenth - posting his real name would be MAJOR SPOILERS, but I just love him so much. I REALLY like his hair and though he rarely ever appears, every time I see him I just squee a lot. I can't help it. ;w; I need to see more of the 14th ahhhhh
  • Allen Walker - Sweet, sweet child who has too much tragedy going on in his life. Also something about being a badass poker player.
Assassination Classroom:
  • Hayami Rinka - Her cool, quiet attitude and amazing shooting skills just really amaze me. Her cute pigtails also win major points with me~
  • Koro-sensei - He's funny and silly and just overall great. What's not to love?
Avatar (both ATLA and LOK):
  • Lin Beifong - She's extraordinarily powerful and is all serious, but occasionally not quite above it all. She's amazing and I'd love to meet her if she was real :<
  • Uncle Iroh - I love well-written old people in general, and this show does that really well. Iroh is the father figure I've always wanted, and though he's really cool and whatnot, he also kicks major ass when he can. Yesss ♥
Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • Captain America - Out of all the members of the Avengers in the MCU, Cap has to be my favorite. I'm not even sure why, though I guess Winter Soldier helped me love him that much more.
  • Hawkeye - He's pretty short when compared to everyone else (poor Jeremy Renner), but he has his adorable daddy moments.
Harry Potter:
  • Luna Lovegood - Silly girl who isn't afraid to be who she is, all while being a loyal friend to Harry and everyone else. She's an AMAZING character and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Rinoa Heartilly

Mother of Meltans
7.] Pokémon
Jasmine: Despite her shyness and lack of confidence, she is a strong and very caring individual who is capable of not only running a gym in Olivine city but earning the trust of other Pokémon outside of her party such as Amphy the Ampharos whom lives up in the lighthouse. I just admire her so much - why do the most awesome people lack the most confidence!? ;___;

Blue: She really amuses me. We have the same fear of birds, she's very cunning and despite her mischievous side, Blue is a good person. Plus, she uses a Jigglypuff as a mode of transport and a Ditto for a mask. Blue's pretty damn cool.

6.] Dragonball
Android 18: Lazuli is so amazing - she will forever be a very precious character for me for many reasons. Mainly that beauty, brawn and brains CAN all exist in women. Yay~! ♥

5.] Steven Universe
Garnet: It's Garnet - do I really need to explain this? I love Ruby and Sapphire so combining the two just makes me see Garnet as pretty much the perfect gem in the entire series and I'm not even sorry.

Peridot: Space dorito, guys.

4.] Gravity Falls
Dipper & Mable: The mystery twins are impossible to hate, imo. Dipper is so sweet and sacrifices so much for his friends and sister that it just makes my heart melt and Mable is Mable. I love all the characters [minus Gideon and Preston] to degrees of insane but the twins will win every damn time.

3.] The L Word
Shane McCutcheon: Amazing, talented, sexy and down to earth. Despite all her flaws, she's the most loyal friend anyone could ever possibly ask for and only ever wishes to see everyone else happy. I wish she would have stopped putting others first and thought about herself more... She's such a sweetheart and I love her to bits.

2.] Orange Is The New Black
Nicky Nichols: Beyond awesome. Nicky is a layed back woman who is very neutral but helpful towards other inmates and has demonstrated time and again to be a strong support for many of the other women within the prison. Great sense of humour and knows how things work within the system. Can't wait to see her again in season 4. ♥

1.] Castle
Kate Beckett: My future wife is fierce, hella intelligent and will go out of her way to make sure that justice is accounted for in all of her cases. Loving, athletic, witty and stylish, this woman is easily my number one~ ♥

I'm beyond tired, so forgive me for my short post!
....I plan to fill it out once I've actually had the chance to rest my mind, hahah.
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(the feeeeeeels are going to follow you around, Shiny)

D.Gray Man- Tie between Lavi and Yu Kanda. Never really been sure why for Kanda, he just seemed like and interesting character. Lavi is fucking LAVI! what's not to like?

SMT-actually unsure. I'm kinda fond of all of the demons, and how they have their own little personalities. Aside from them, though, probably Yuzuru Akie from SMT: DS2RB. HE's just so relaxed and laid-back, regardless of everything that's happening around him.
Pokemon- Champion Lance and Gym Leader Clair
Both are astoundingly strong dragon masters that excel in their position. Clair is cocky (and for good reason) and Lance helps you out in the Mahogany Rocket Base to stop the premature evolutions.

Dragonball- Tien Shinhan
Tien is one of the most powerful (If not, the most powerful, second to Uub) human in the entire series. He won the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament despite having to beat Goku in the finals. He's unique, and I'm sad that he did little during Dragonball Z except distract Cell.

Grand Theft Auto- Roman Bellic
I really dislike Grand Theft Auto IV. I know, controversial opinion, but whatever. However, Roman was just so damn likeable throughout the entire story. I got to choose between a date with some chick and Roman, and I picked the date. Roman then proceeded to make me feel guilty through the phone and I never let him down again. Roman, it's hard to hate you.
Pokemon: Siebold- During my first playthrough of Y, I made the undoubtedly horrific mistake of having a Charizard and a Talonflame in my team, so Siebold was the hardest Elite 4 member for me. I also love his personality. I mean, a famous chef who thinks so clearly of art? Amazing.
Family Guy: Jasper- Okay, I absolutely love Seth MacFarlane. I love Family Guy, I love The Cleveland Show, all of that. Originally this spot went to Brian, but I soon started seeing more episodes and began to love the character Jasper, Brian's gay cousin. And come on, he's absolutely hilarious; Cleveland Show: Holt- Again, I love Seth MacFarlane. I just recently began watching the series, and I have to say Holt is my personal favorite. He's the small midget who still lives with his mom, but still funny nonetheless. Bully SE: Petey- A major yet minor character, Petey was Jimmy's only friend during his first school year at Bullworth Academy. He was there for almost all of his fights (not including the Earnest fight and the Edgar fight). He was overlooked by most, and was bullied mercilessly and given the name "Femme Boy" by Gary, he still helped Jimmy throughtout the game.
Skylanders: Chopper- I don't own Skylanders (or a Wii U for that matter), but I do remember going over to a friend's house. He insisted I try Skylanders, and let me play with Chopper. I absolutely loved this character, and I love his backstory. Awesome.
Paper Towns: Quentin- This protagonist has guts. He has courage. He has determination. I think that's what you want in a hero, and to add to our good quality pool, he did all of this right after his school year ended, when he was going to college just months later. He missed his graduation just for this one girl. Yes, the book is filled with a shit ton of filler, I skipped like 100 pages in the middle and didn't miss anything important, but I do suggest you read it.


Magearna before it was cool
  • Blue Oak (Gen I rival guy) - Whatever his incarnation, anime, game, manga, this guy is just all sorts of badass, and still my favorite rival to beat the shit out of, and that's the thing, not too many rivals since have been all that fun to take down, they don't have that level of smugness that Oak's grandson brings to the table, and I don't even have to mention the awesomeness that is Gary, AKA the one and only reason you need to watch the old series. All that aside though, when it comes to the game incarnation, the fact that he's constantly running into you and teasing how he's always one step ahead of you throughout the game, right up to the very point where he became champion before you could even give it a shot, there's not a single Pokemon battle in my honest opinion that had as much personal depth as that one.
  • Lt. Surge - I can't help it, this bastard's my favorite gym leader bar none, and for the absolute dumbest of reasons, that being he just explodes with 'Murica. He's the epitome of kickass, walking around in his army fatigues with his Guile-style haircut and deal-with-it sunglasses, and I'm sure he's secretly got his Raichu trained in firearms. I mean, he apparently brought his Pokemon to war after all, who knows what kind of shit they train them for in those circumstances? I don't know, whatever the case, maybe I'm just going back to my childhood mindset thinking a soldier as a Pokemon trainer is cool, but, I can't help it, and I won't bother trying, Surge is a boss.
  • Future Gadget Lab... just all of them - If there was ever a show that made me truly and completely adore pretty much all of the main cast, it's Steins;Gate. I probably wouldn't be able to firmly and accurately describe why I love them all so much, especially not if I want to avoid major spoiler territory, but, I think it's that they're just the most strangely fitting combination of outlandish and realistic, especially Okabe and his "mad scientist" persona, something that I initially thought I'd get sick of but, I never really did, it just ended up becoming a part of him that I accepted, especially when his past is revealed a little more throughout the story. Same goes for Makise and her more genius intellect and (usually) level head, Mayuri and her adorable innocence, Daru and his complete and utter otaku obsession, and, well, I'm already rambling too much, but, take my word for it, and then watch the show, like now, seriously... I don't care if you've watched it already, watch it again! >=O
Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • Captain America - Now, unlike Surge it's not just 'cause 'Murica this time even though it really probably seems like it by now. Really, the reason why I particularly like Steve Rogers over the other still-awesome Avengers and co. is his status as a temporal fish out of water, living in a future world so very different from the one he grew up in, and also, the idealism he carries that seems so very out of date because of it. He struggles to deal with the fact that the nation he defended and was once a mighty symbol for has changed in many ways, and not too many of them are for the better, but even so, he still fights, still strives to be the hero he once was, even if much of those he's fighting to save see him as nothing more than a relic. It's not the fame or glory he cares about, it's strictly the ideals that he refuses to brush aside just because everyone else seems to have done so. Few characters in the MCU have a resolve that strong, especially in the face of adversity, much of it coming from those with superpowers, the likes of which Caps doesn't have, but much like Iron Man, another character I adore by the way, he doesn't just back away and let the superhumans and the like do all the work, he gets in there and he leads the charge, powers be damned. Also, yes, much like Shiny, Winter Soldier definitely made me love this character all the more :)
Christ almighty those explanations got a little too long... Well, whatever, gave me an excuse to nerd ramble, and that's always a good thing ^^
Gold- When I first looked at his Bulbapedia page I didn't like him but then I read GSC arc. Talk about how first impressions aren't always correct. He's so funny and I love how he consider his pokemon as his family.
Black- Black is so adorable and loud and I love how expressive he is

Pretty Cure
Hime Shirayuki / Cure Princess- She starts off as shy, cowardly, princess who lack self- confidence but in time, she become brave and start having faith in abilities
She also opened the Pretty Cure equivalent of Pandora's box but that's why she became a Cure in the first place. She owns up to what happened and she wants to fix it
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-White (Hilda): She's by far the best female protagonist, and she's jsut absolutely amazing! And not to mention fashionable af.
-Alan: He's everything that Ash should have grown up to be. He's calm, collected, and tough. He's just an all-around badass.

Dragon Ball
* looks around cautiously, preparing to be bombarded by rotten tomatos *
-Yamcha: Come on, this guy needs a little love; even the creators of the show seem to hate him! He's always the first one finished off in fights and to rub salt in the wound, his girlfriend ended up falling for the guy THAT KILLED HIM. If that's not the epitome of a horrible existence, I don't know what is. I swear his sole existence on the show is to prove that no matter how bad your life is, at least your not him.

It's okay, Yamcha. I totally understand. I'm here for ya, bro. 8)


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Pokemon: may she's cute has an eevee and is so nice soooo...ya. My little pony: derpy hooves. Why? Because I have autism so a "special needs" pony just fits me to a T (also she is sooooo cuuuute!!! Anime: Kirito from SAO he is so badass plus he's always trying to protect people who are in danger (also I love the anime it's a gamers dream for crying out loud!
  • Barry: He is always in a rush to everywhere and is impatient and he ALWAYS crashes into people. He is also a bragger and is impulsive. This, for me, is one of the only good things to come out of Gen 4.
  • Steven Stone: He collects rocks, I collect gems. He has blue hair, I have blue hair. He is also my favorite champion.
Steven Universe:
  • Amethyst: Her personality, past, looks and everything else resemble me. I love her.
  • Pearl: I loved her from the beginning. I love her relationship with Rose and how she is perfect/imperfect. I also like how salty and thirsty she is.
  • Lapis: She was trapped in a mirror, and it couldn't be clearer, she wanted to leave this place and get herself back in space. And dad you might think she's a criminal, but her friendship comes through subliminal. Lapis Lazuli, you fled into the bottom of the sea. Lapis Lazuli, you were so mad but then you came around to me. Does theat explain it?
  • Jasper: Big Buff Cheeto Puff. She's a jerk. She's cool.
  • Ruby: I"M AN ETERNAL FLAME BABY! I love her relationship with Sapphire. Need I say more?
Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Tails: Yes, Tails is my favorite character. I loved him in the Sonic Adventure games. He tried to force himself to be brave to save Sonic. i am starting to dislike him since the newer games treat him more like an unworthy sidekick but, I still love him.
  • Blaze: SHE CONTROLS FIRE. But still, she is like a female Sonic, but with fire.
  • Sonic: The Blue Blur himself. Everyone says I'm like him. His "get it done", cocky, easy-going and loving attitude, his impulsive nature, strong sense of justice, his free-spirited, adventurous and reckless personality, his self-conifdice with a large ego and a way to not dwell on the past and live in the present can all be found with me.

I absolutely love Steven. He's extremely intellectual and very gentlemanly. I just love the way he talks and presents himself to other people. Honestly, he's the person that I always wanted to be and that I strive to be. After reading some theories about Steven, it really made my love for him blossom and it's hard to deny now.

I always had a soft spot for shy and reserved characters. But seeing Wally be crippled by his illness and seeing him struggling to overcome it, it truly is amazing to watch. It inspired me to try and become stronger, too. Even though he lost his battle with you in the end, after all of his hard work, he still greeted it with a smile and decided to try harder.

Ah, yes, Nagito. He's a very... interesting fellow, that's for sure. Though he's really nice on the eyes, he isn't so nice on the mind. He's very manipulative and intelligent, leading everyone on the path of death. He does very bizarre and crazy things in order to instill "hope" into others. If he has to kill someone to enforce "hope," he'll do so.

Yet another shy and reserved character. Chihiro is a programmer who is extremely insecure and just naturally lets people walk all over him. He wants to try and overcome this, though. He wants to become strong to others can take him seriously and he doesn't have to run away anymore. Very similar to Wally in a way, and it makes the same connection to me.

Don't even get me started on Makoto. Oh, my god. He's such a precious cinnamon roll, you don't even know. He's so gentle, caring, and soft-spoken. He truly does put people's needs ahead of his own. He also loves animals and he'll always be there for you, no matter what. He's also someone that I really want to be like.

It's not a shy character this time, I promise. Rei is incredibly smart and calculating. He always goes by the book and wishes to do things the traditional way. While he appears to be extremely serious and distant; he's actually a gigantic goofball and dork. He's a great combination of silly and analytical behavior. He's a realistic character.

Armin is an example of a reserved, more submissive character who helps everyone out with his calculating and intelligent nature. He's extremely selfless and cares for everyone. He gets stepped on by others all the time, so sometimes he does have to lean on his friends for help. He cares for them deeply and will do absolutely anything for them.

He's almost emotionless, seeing as emotions get in the way of critical thinking and observations. He's a very talented detective, seeing as he's the successor of L. L was probably the best detective around. Near has similar mannerisms to L and even a similar appearance to L. You would think they were related.

Alright, that's about it. I'll stop rambling. I'm sorry for the long post!

She uses my favorite type. She plays my favorite instrument. She's from my favorite region, and stars in my favorite Pokemon games! I love her outfit, her style, her design, her mannerisms, literally everything about her. She just oozes personality, just look at her!


He's basically a 9-year old kid in the body of a world-famous guitarist, and that's why myself and so many Metalocalypse fans love him!

I might edit in some more later.


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Bigwig (Watership Down)

Watership down has been a favourite book of mine since as long as I can remember. I read it at least once a year and do enjoy the film every-so-often, even though the film is pretty messed up in parts. The reason I haven't included a picture of Bigwig is because all the pictures are either bad quality, angry or covered in blood ^^;
Bigwig was my instant favourite the first time I read the book, mainly I think because he's strong, not afraid to speak his mind and very loyal to what he believes in. He never gives up, and he's just a character that's always stuck with me, which is odd, as I'm not a fan of rabbits generally xD

Daenerys Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Some may know her more from the TV show, Game of Thrones, and essentially they are one and the same, but book Daenerys has a little more depth than her onscreen version. I was reading the books long before HBO made A song of Ice and Fire into a series, in fact I've been reading the books since late 2000 when I first saw Game of Thrones in Waterstones xD But anyway, onto Daenerys! She's awesome. She has dragons. She destroys all in her path. Sure, currently she has lost her way a little, but ultimately I really hope she becomes who she is meant to be and takes the Seven Kingdoms with Fire and Blood as is her birthright! She's just, simply put, an amazing character who rarely has a dull moment. She has no mercy but also has a heart of gold and just wants what's best for everyone (apart from those who wrong her).

(I'll post more maybe when my browser stops refreshing this page due to errors) :V


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Let's have a go then:


There isn't many characters that really stand out to me in this, but if I had to pick one that stood out to me more than any of the others, it's Ghetsis. He was the first villain in the main series of games that seemed genuinely evil for the sake of being evil, as opposed to Giovanni seeming to view the player as a worthy adversary in Team Rocket's path, Team Aqua/Magma believing they were doing what was in the world's best interest, and Cyrus/Lysandre likely becoming twisted by past experiences. I've always been a fan of villains who are evil just because it fulfills their selfish desires best, and the way Ghetsis was built up in the games he starred in was predictable but a refreshing change to the normal formula - especially when he turned out to be the final boss of B/W instead of Alder.


Two characters tie as my favourites: Freeza and Beerus. Freeza, much like Ghetsis, was evil because he could be, and honestly I'd rather have a villain who I can love to hate than one who has an excuse for his/her evil ways. Freeza commits genocide and tortures people because he can and because he enjoys it, and while it was a shame that he ended up becoming such a joke in the series due to power creep after his first death to Trunks, the DBZ movie Resurrection F made up for it by putting him far above and beyond even Majin Buu in power, all after four months of training - granted they killed him off again shortly after but it's the thought that counts.

Beerus was introduced in the movie before Resurrection F and quickly became one of the most, if not the most, hilarious character in the franchise and also one of the most powerful, as shown by how casually he makes sport of Super Saiyan 3 Goku at the very start of the movie:

He is the God of Destruction of his universe - and also a cat - and behaves like much of both. He's obsessed with food, quite lazy and likes to sleep for years on end and is absurdly bad-tempered and petty; half-way through the movie he loses his temper and decides to destroy Earth because someone refused to give him any pudding. Granted destroying entire planets is his job and as such something he just treats as a day's work, but this combined with how silly and petty he is over the smallest of things and the fact that he's actually quite a friendly and sociable character when not in a bad mood creates a combo of hilarity and awesome, to the point that Battle of Gods is fun to watch purely because of Beerus's antics and those of his attendant/mentor, Whis.
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I have quite a few.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Sawada Tsunayoshi. He is one of the most STRONGEST anime characters EVER! I can't even defeat him.
-Sawada's Guardians. They are all good! I mean, their rivalry, teamwork, strength, loyalty, everything! They are also cool. It's hard to pick >> . <<

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru
Hikigaya Hachiman. Everybody loves him for his fancy quotes, yet persuasive and amazing quotes. He is a loner who tries to hide in the shadows, and he believes youth is evil. Everything leads him into trouble, and he is just the BEST. PROTAGONIST. EVER.
  • Sango: She's beautfiful, a badass, and a great character. She's been my number one fictional character since I first watched Inuyasha.
  • Bankotsu: An amazing villain, its a shame he wasn't alive for too long. He was an absolute badass, his fight scenes were some of the best in the series.
Fullmetal Alchemist:
  • King Bradley: The very definition of awesome. He was an absolute monster on the battlefield, had an amazing VA, and some of his scenes were among the greatest in the series.
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong: Beautiful, frightening, and awesome. What more would you want?
  • Run: She might be ditsy, but she's adorable. She's by far the most amusing character in the series.
Gun X Sword:
  • Vann: A complete and utter badass. His sword skills are fantastic, while he's also a pretty comedic character.
  • Wendy: Cute, funny, and a great character.
Mario Bros:
  • Yoshi- He is adorable, plus he's my favorite color.
  • Wario- We can't forget about the infamous "D'oh I missed!"
  • Daisy- Idk why really. Probably because I'm like her in some ways.
One Piece:
  • Luffy- One of the best protagonist in any anime imo
  • Zoro- Easily my favorite character on this show. He's so badass.
  • Ussop- He's just hilarious to me. And he can be strong when he needs to be.
Rick and Morty:

Really the one character that stands out to me is Rick. He may come off as a jerk at first, but he actually does care for his family. Not to mention how funny he is. Oh, and Meeseek is a fun character.

Yo-Kai Watch:
  • Whisper- He's too funny, but in the most ridiculous way. I still like him anyway.
  • Robanyan- It's like he's a robotic Jibanyan. How is that not awesome?
  • Komasan- CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!
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Game of Thrones
- Jon Snow
- Brienne of Tarth
- Tyrion Lannister
Attack on Titan
- Armin Arlert
- Annie Leonhardt
The Lion King
- Shenzi
- Vitani
- Scar
Summer Heights High
- Ja'mie King
- Mr G
Steven Universe
- Amethyst
- Lapis Lazuli
- Lion
Marvel Universe
- Loki
- Thor
- Captain America
- Groot
- Starlord
- O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill)
- Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)
- Queen Chrysalis (MLP: FiM)
- Sunny Daze (MLP)
- Clawhauser (Zootopia)
- Finnick (Zootopia)
- Gill (Finding Nemo)
- Destiny (Finding Dory)
- Happy (Fairy Tail)
- Falkor (The Neverending Story)
- Gmork (The Neverending Story)
- Jet the Hawk (Sonic)
- Wave the Swallow (Sonic)
- Blaze the Cat (Sonic)
  • Marvel Universe
Loki - Where do I begin?Well,first,he's probably to coolest characters in the whole MCU.Just the way he acts is awesome and his goals are amazing.
Thanos - Aw,yes,the purple Titan himself.The one who wants the all powerful infinity stones.He's just so cool and is so important to the Marvel Universe.Like,come one,they had since Avengers to start the timeline with infinity stones and how you get a teaser for Infinity War NINE-FLIPPING-YEARS BEFORE INFINITY WAR COMES OUT WITH THANOS BEING THE MAIN VILLAIN.Also,it's gonna be cool how he'll probably kill everyone since it's the main theory for Infinity War.

Rocket - Rocket just speaks to me.He is pretty much Deadpool,but in space and a racoon.

Deadpool - The pretty much immortal mutant,anti-hero.He's cool and has a pretty awesome game that I played a few months ago on my Xbox.Plus,the first movie was amazing and I want to see the second one. Even though I'm too young.

  • Overwatch
Lucio - This is my main and I adore him.The support that can heal the whole team at once.He's just pretty cool.

D.Va - Just ship it

Sombra - Ship it,more

  • Pokemon
Professor Kukui - This professor is just chill....maybe because he's stoned.Also,he gave you some of the starters. But,not Poplio.

Agatha - First of all,she had the coolest Pokemon in her party in gen 1.And plus,Gengar.