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Right when I was starting to do All Right with this whole silly art thing, I ended up in hospital - and now I'm out of practice. As in, I literally can't remember how I coloured anything. Help me get back into it with some requests!

>>no humans, unless y'provide the lines - I am No Good at people. Pokemon, furries, wolves ect are fine tho
>>stuff will likely be headshots rather than fullbody
>>probably just going to draw what catches my attention, may not end up doing everyone's requests. sorry folks




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I love your art, it looks really good!

Would it be possible for you to draw a sneasel’s head, but the red feather on its head is bent over at a 90 degree angle with the end of it touching the opposite side of its head? It’s an inside joke that my hair irl looks like a triangle, so I kind of want to do something like that :) if you need a better explaination, just let me know!
I can only draw human heads and anything but humans, too XD Hate the friggin' hands and feet on any creature though XD

Can you draw me a Delibird with a monocle? :) It's going to be the look of one of my character's Pokemon (you know which one I'm talking about XD). If you are going to do the full body (doesn't have to be, but you know), then the tail-sac would have to be humongous xD At least half the size of its body, with so much stuff in it XD