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Ask to Join Fulmination's Rejuvenation [RP]

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It was a bright and sunny morning, sunbeams filtering through the trees surrounding Nuvema Town, and reflecting beautifully off the expansive ocean. A sizable cruise ship—the S.S. Primarina—had just docked in the Nuvema Town Harbor, gathering a small crowd of spectators.

Meanwhile, Professor Juniper and some helpful members of Nuvema Town were setting up what was a small festival, complete with decorations and a hefty buffet. Though the celebration was targeting new Trainers, or those wishing to start their Unovan journey, all were invited to join in the festivities. It wouldn't be much longer until Professor Juniper—with the help of her aides—would be distributing Unovan starters to those who wished to obtain one.

A small crowd of new Trainers was hovering near the buffet, while other more experienced Trainers were more enthralled with the massive cruise ship than obtaining a low-level Pokémon. Still, there was a nice crowd of both people and Pokémon.

Off to the side of the main festival area was a blonde man clad in a long grey overcoat. Some may recognize him as Castelia City's new Gym Leader, while others may condemn him as the former leader of Team Plasma. Stranger yet, some might recognize him as the quirky scientist who traveled both Kalos and Alola, but regardless of how they might know him, he was the scientist known as Colress.

Standing beside him was a much shorter blonde woman donning Aether Foundation apparel; a short white dress with their logo weaved into the bust. Cybernetic parts could be seen on parts of her face and left hand, however given that she was traveling with Colress, likely made such objects less shocking than they might normally be.

With a smile upon his face, the blonde scientist turned towards his assistant,
"Only 14 minutes and 23 seconds until Professor Juniper is scheduled to make an appearance with the starter Pokémon! I already see a number of promising faces in the crowd, I simply cannot wait to battle them!"

⟶ Nuvema Town

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Hand in hand a young couple walked, the gentle winds and soft sunshine of Nuvema Town welcoming them with open arms. Although many folks were in town for the upcoming event- only moments away- these two had a bit of a different story. The two of them, a young brunette woman and a young man whose hair was bleached to almost a snow white, let their vision roam the sudden crowds gathering down over by the harbor, many unboarding from a massive and luxurious-looking cruise ship that had just docked a mere minutes ago.

"S.S. Primarina," The taller man read the cursive label on the side of the ship, squinting a bit. "Never heard of it. Is it some kinda big resort cruise, or whatever?"

The brunette next to him simply shrugged, her exposed shoulders quickly bobbing. "Dunno. Maybe? Not like it matters to us, though. Remember what we came here for?"

"What, the free food?" The corner of his mouth upturned into a slight smirk, grey eyes glinting.

Not as impressed, the woman returned an equally playful look. "Okay, well, yeah- That. And I need to talk to Juniper again once she's free. I know she'll probably be a bit busy today with handing out starters and sending random kids off on their first time through Unova and stuff, but this'll be a good chance to ask her. Personally, I haven't really seen anything that's sticking out to me so far... It'd be nice to see if she has a recommendation or two."

The white-haired man couldn't argue. "'Aight, fair. First things first, though. Ya boy's hungry as shit. We gotta grab something before we start talking to anyone," With his partner in tow, both of the young adults made their way over to the buffet table. They hovered around the area, eating first with their eyes before making any sudden jump at a meal. It was mainly the girl's idea- She suggested to let the younger, new trainers go ahead before they got anything. The real plan was to start grabbing things once Juniper showed up and everyone was preoccupied with her.

Fire Mana

Previously Top_Smug_
Four figures wearing matching cloaks made their way off of the S.S. Primarina among a crowd of many more people. The two of them donning black cloaks stood taller than their pink counterparts. However, the group didn't make it even half way down the dock before one of the pink cloaked pair began complaining.... very loudly.

"Parker! Can I take my cloak off yet! I'm getting hot and you said I wouldn't have to wear it for this long!" A young feminine voice rang out among the crowd of disembarking passengers.

The black cloaked boy standing next to the complaining girl quickly turned to her and held his hand up to her mouth.

"Shhhh! I told you April, just wear it until we meet up with the Professor! We need to make a good first impression."

The clearly annoyed girl ripped his hand from her mouth and once again began to yell at him, not showing any concern for those around them.

"I know what you told me, but I can't do this anymore! I know I begged you to get me a cloak like yours, but I seriously have no idea how you manage to wear this all day long!"

The girl in the pink cloak suddenly ripped it off, revealing the rest of her face and body to those around them. There were murmurs in the crowd now, as well as a few particularly ticked off members of said crowd shouting some not so nice things at the cloaked figures.

"Ahhhh! April, put your cloak back on! Our whole introduction will be ruined!"

The boy was clearly panicking, as he always did when his plans went wrong. His female companion seemed not to care however as she ripped his cloak off as well, sending the boy into even more of a panicked state.

"You're not getting this back until tomorrow!" The girl announced to him as she raced through the crowd away from him.

"April! Wait! Come back!" The black haired boy shouted after her as the two made their way off the dock.

The pair of cloaked Pokemon that had been behind them through the whole ordeal sighed in sync. They looked at each other for a second before interlocking hands and walking down the dock after their trainers.
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Two very hungry young men, who don't even look like brothers, were heading towards Nuvema Town by flying Pokemon. One flaming haired individual was on a Charizard, while the other purple haired man looking like a ninja was on his Crobat. These two Pokemon flew side by side, with the Charizard gliding down and the Crobat flapping its two pairs of wings occasionally to keep him and his trainer aloft.

The flaming haired man looked over at the ninja and smiled. The endearing notion then turned into a mischievous one as he yelled out: "Race you to the food, Poito!"

The ninja, now known as Poito, looked over and shared the same kind of smile. Maybe they were brothers after all... He yelled back: "Alright, Pyros! Let's go, Cro!"

With that, the flying lizard and bat hugged their wings to their sides as they plummeted to the ground faster and faster. They were neck and neck in speed, with the two men squeezing the sides of their Pokemon and holding on to them tightly as they try to reduce the most air resistance, while also getting ready to pull up on their Pokemon to signal them for releasing their wings from their sides, so they don't plummet and get seriously injured from the quick fall.

Meanwhile, the professor of the Unova region - Aurea Juniper herself - was making sure the food was prepped and all ready to go for the large amount of people. She had lots of tables out in a clearing near her lab, with people laying down sheets on the tables. Smiling at the quick progress, she looked out and saw S.S. Primarina coming in. She could see two specks in the sky, and they were dangerously growing, as if someone was heading in her direction...

Oh no...

She raised an eyebrow and prepared to step out of the way when the two specks veered off to the side, their trajectory heading towards more of the clearing, where a stage would be for Professor Juniper to stand on and hold a mic in her hands to address everyone. Well, thankfully they weren't stray meteors from a Draco Meteor or something. As they got closer, she can make out a purple block and a longer orange blob. Interesting...

She stood back at the side opening of her lab, watching the two specks get closer and closer with more and more detail becoming visible.

Pyros and Poito finally made it to the clearing with the tables, but they were empty. Food was likely not ready, yet. Poito could feel that they were getting too close to the ground, so he had his Crobat pull up, not wanting to hurt him. The Crobat's two pairs of wings unfolded at his sides and he flapped to slow down his velocity. The Charizard zoomed right past, and her speed was going to become a death sentence for her when....


When Poito had yelled at Pyros with a concerned tone, Pyros looked back and made a triumphant smile as he had his Charizard pull up, her wings flapping only a couple of times to keep herself from becoming chum for the Sharpedo in the grass. Swooping right up, her belly got tickled by the grass. A narrow miss that caused apprehension within the youngest sibling before he sighed and had his Crobat glide down to the ground. He hopped off of his ride and returned his Crobat, thanking him for the little adventure. He then walked up to Pyros as his Charizard landed with a great thud, her smile matching the victorious look her trainer gave.

Pyros slipped out of the harness made for Zarda and smiled at Poito, who was almost fuming. "Hey, we're alive! And I won."

"You had me so worried, Pyroshu. Don't scare me like that..." sighed Poito. He was at least relieved his oldest sibling was alive.

"Ahh, don't worry too much, baby brother. Besides, we're here, and right before the food got ready," smiled Pyros, who was taking in the sights of the area getting set up. The people who were helping Juniper with this event had watched their landing and brotherly interaction before focusing on their tasks, turning away to finish everything before the deadline.

"It's nice to see both of you," greeted Professor Juniper. Smiling, she walked up to them and waved at them as she walked.

"Well, hi, Professor," said the brothers.

"We heard there was food, so we came to eat and socialize," smiled Pyros, his goofy grin still not disappearing.

"Well, you came a little early. The food will be ready in just a moment. You can rest here if you'd like and help with giving out Pokemon to the young trainers who come by if you want," offered Juniper, waving a hand at the seats nearest to her lab, which were there for her workers and other people not wanting to socialize or deciding that they weren't hungry.

Smiling, the two brothers walked over to the chairs and sat down, with Zarda smiling at the Professor and nuzzling her shoulder before reaching Pyros and laying down next to him, curling her tail around the two chairs.


A young man was seen waiting alongside a Leafeon and a Jolteon as the S.S. Primarina docked. He smiled as he saw so many prospecting challengers arrive and he couldn't help but notice there was someone familiar nearby. He walked over to the two blondes and recognized them as the new Steel-Type gym leader of Castelia City... And something else... Wasn't this guy Colress? He recognized him from somewhere.

He walked up to the two and smiled and greeted them. "Hello, fellow gym leader. I'm Sean, the Grass-Type Gym Leader between Striaton City and Accumula Town. This is Joltz the Jolteon and Arboria the Leafeon. How are you?" he asked as he motioned towards his Pokemon as he introduced them. They both sat down and waved their paws, with Joltz noticeably unable to sit down on his hiney, unlike Arboria.


A young woman could be seen trying to steel her nerves for the new adventure ahead. Her Pichu, Chu, was trying to calm her down and tug her pant leg towards the Professor's Lab, where the feast was to be held. She got as far as dragging her to the foot of her door, but the anxiety poured in like a waterfall as she opened the door and she stepped back and doubled over, her tears welling up.

"I can't, Chu, I just can't... Maybe next year-" started the woman, but her little mouse companion interrupted her with a few squeaks and a sour face filled with determination. The young woman couldn't help but sigh as she finally caved in and pushed past her anxiety for the adventure. She had her Pichu crawl up her leg and onto her shoulder as she gripped her satchel. She was going to be okay. She took a timid step out of her house and found the anxiety push her back again, but she fought it this time. She took another timid step away from her house, and her anxiety became easier to fight. She took more steps, and her anxiety for the adventure ahead was replaced by... A good feeling. A feeling of change. A feeling of turning her life around. She smiled as she pecked her partner on the cheek while thanking her for giving her the courage to leave and strode forth towards the lab.
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A blond spiky haired was on the S.S Primarina and left the cruise ship’s dock not before he saw a pair run off. “Terrific a pair of weaklings that already seemed to annoy me and I have yet to touch Unovan land.” He groaned and then looked at the town. “So this is the location.” The blond looked around and saw many different people and many different things. He was only there to get his starter then leave end of discussion he didn’t have time just to watch some festival. The blond continued to look around for the professor, but could not find her “Whatever, I suppose I must wait until this festival starts to get my starter.”
Luke radiated a cold aura and just by looking at him you could see he was experienced. He held a single pokeball at his waist. Luke looked at the pokeball and said “It will identical to Sinnoh. Beat the best then beat those who are better than the best. I will soar to the top and then I will have 2 regions in which J held a champion position.” The gave Luke a sense of accomplishment for himself.
Luke looked throughout the crowd and noticed different people many he felt he could easily beat in battle, others that may prove a challenge. “Well then this is delightful I would like a few challenges I wonder if anyone here would provide any free strength to add to my might.
"Is this the place? Please say it is!" Avon yelled. His parents told him it it was the place for him to get his first Pokemon. He said goodbye to his parents and went to look around the place.

"Buffets that are not even ready yet, Flying Pokemon, and some people with cloaks......what?" said Avon. He saw the girl take off her cloak and what seemed like her brother's cloak. Avon was very confused. "What the hell?" said Avon.

"Never mind that," said Avon. "I need to find Professor Juniper!" He looked around, trying to find her. He finally found her and said, "There she is!" He ran up to her and quickly said, "I am an aspiring young trainer, so may I please have a starter Pokemon?"


Previously gamora
Angelo walked through the festival along with his cousin, Lee, exhausted from the trip to Nuvema. It was a little awkward between them- they hadn't seen each other since they were young teenagers, as it was. Well, at least it was awkward on Angelo's half. Lee was more focused on the prospect of receiving a new Pokemon, completely pumped. After going through all of the starters available in Unova, she had made a clear decision. Angelo helped guide her through the town to the buffet, as he'd been in Nuvema before, after all. In reality though, he didn't really need to help her, as it was pretty clear where it was by the gathering of trainers. He wanted to make himself useful, and he didn't really recognize anyone here.

Lee fawned over all the food that was starting to be put out at the buffet- she was almost as eager to start eating as she was to get a new Pokemon. "I've decided, Tepig is definitely the one I want!" She informed, still marveling over the plates, slowly adding up.

Angelo was put off a bit by the fact that being eager to eat food is what made her think this- in older times, humans used to eat Tepigs. Disgusted by the thought, Angelo tried to shake himself out of it with a little late of a response. "Uh, yeah, that's cool. I'd personally go with Snivy or Oshawott- a Tepig might be a bit much to take care of. Once they evolve completely, they're, in some places, considered fire hazards."

He winced at himself, after saying that. It was completely her choice what to pick, and he shouldn't have put his useless input once she made a decision, that had to be annoying, right? However, Lee was completely unphased. "That sounds sick! Fire types are pretty cool- I've heard it becomes part Fighting type too, which is even cooler."

What was with this girl? Angelo sighed, and sat nearby, letting out Bastu, curled in his lap, and letting out Jinju, who simply floated next to him. Lee plopped down on the bench along with him, and let out Penny, her Electrike. Penny laid on the grass, quietly. She was still tired, the flight had messed with her sleep schedule. Bastu looked at Penny, before concocting a plan to mess with her. Angelo noticed a look he had seen Bastu make many times before, and strengthened his grip onto him.
There were quite a number of people filing in as the event grew closer to starting. There were a few newcomers that the scientist recognized, mostly from assorted tournaments he had participated in. His partner's gaze had fixed upon a single individual, Colress meeting her gaze to find that Seven was boring into Pyros. It wasn't entirely unexpected, as she was quick to form ties to others. However, the blonde woman made no motion to move towards the Darastrix group, instead addressing the young man who had approached them.

"Sean McLoughlin." Seven stated bluntly, her blue eyes fixed upon the new Gym Leader.

Beaming, Colress greeted the man, "Hello! Yes, I do recall that there was another new Gym Leader, not including myself! It is a pleasure." Looking to the pair of Eeveelutions he gave them a nod in greeting before pausing for a moment. Though he wasn't entirely sure where he recognized the youth from, his assistant made it very clear.

Sean McLoughlin participated in the recent Almia Tournament.

Looking down to the PADD embedded in his sleeve, Colress read the message before making eye contact once more with the man, "Yes! I was certain I recognized you. We participated in the same tournament in Almia. Ah, but it has been some time, allow me to introduce myself. I am Colress, a Steel-type specialist." Gesturing towards his companion, he allowed her to make her own introductions.

Giving a curt nod to Colress, her gaze fixed upon Sean. Clenching her jaw for a moment, she started her introduction, "My designation is Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Colress Unit 01."

In the meantime, a few of the catering staff were beginning to bring out bowls and trays of food, all with plastic wrap covering them to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible. A few nearby Trainers began to turn their congregation into some semblance of a line, hoping to get to the food before everyone else.

⟶ Nuvema Town
Sean smiled as Seven recognized him, and he actually remembered her name. Although, he allowed them to introduce themselves, but he just couldn't help but smile a huge one as he remembered meeting him at the Almia Tournament. "Hi, Colress and Seven. My, it's been awhile. So, how's being a Gym Leader?"


Professor Juniper turned around from making sure everything was going according to plan to a young boy who had asked her a question. She smiled and nodded.

"Hello, young aspiring trainer. You may have a starter Pokemon, but only after my speech. The starter Pokemon aren't ready to be given out just yet. But which starter were you wanting?"
Giving Sean a nod, the scientist beamed, "Indeed it has!" Pulling his gaze from his sleeve-embedded PADD, Colress' yellow eyes fell upon the youthful Gym Leader, his gaze scanning over him before continuing, "I should have become a Gym Leader much sooner. The amount of data we have been able to gather on the relationships between people and Pokémon has been phenomenal." Smiling, his gaze returned to his tablet before he continued, "You are also a new addition to the Unova League. Are you enjoying the experience?"

As the males spoke, the blonde automaton's gaze found itself on Professor Juniper, an eyebrow raised in curiosity as she watched a young Trainer question her, presumably about receiving a starter. It then occurred to her that the region's professor would likely need quite a bit of help distributing them, and that her efforts would best be spent helping. When there was a lull in their conversation, Seven interjected, "Master. I believe Professor Juniper requires assistance."

Smiling to his companion he continued, "Ah, yes! I am sure she would be happy to receive your help. Oh, and please inform me if you find an exceptional Trainer!"

Giving her Master a nod, the blonde woman made her way towards Professor Juniper who was currently assisting a young boy with dark blue hair. Not wanting to interrupt, she stood there awkwardly waiting to be addressed.

⟶ Nuvema Town

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"I would like an Oshawatt please," said Avon. "I really like Samurott and so I would like it as my starter." He was smiling for a long time, waiting for an answer from the awesome professor. He was standing there, waiting to see if there was an Oshawatt available.

Avon was dancing and jumping with excitement. He wanted an Oshawatt so badly, he can barely say much. If the starters were not given out yet, then there had to be an oshawatt ready for the taking. Avon could still not contain his excitement anymore. He was going to become a trainer, after all.
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Within mere minutes, the area became even moreso bustling with activity. Both of the young adults held back as preparations continued underway, watching as a couple of Juniper's assistants were setting out food.

Atty watched as a young boy ran past them, ignoring whatever festivities were being set up and heading straight for the Professor. He seemed to have missed the memo that things hadn't yet started, and that all the starters would be handed out at roughly the same time, but it made the brunette happy to see someone of the younger generation excited to travel her home region. However, her thoughts on the matter derailed when she felt Guzma nudge her arm.

"'Ey. Look who I spy," There was a faint grin on his face, nodding over towards the tables. Surely enough, after a moment of looking, the flaming hair was a dead giveaway.

"No way," Much like her companion, there was now a grin plastered on her face as well. "Seriously? What the hell is he doing here?" Although her words could be taken out of context, her tone was luckily playful, albeit a bit confused.

"Hell if I know. Gives us a reason to go up and ask, though," With only a bit of flirtatious protest from Atty, the taller man gently took a hold of her hand, leading the pair over to Pyros- along with whoever else he was sitting next to. It wasn't very hard for Guzma to go under the radar as the two made their way over, practically announcing his arrival as he spoke up in that naturally low tone of his. "Well, well, well- Look who it is, if it ain't the hotshot himself."

While her partner was much more cool and controlled over seeing a past friend, Atty had different plans in mind. She slipped away from the white-haired man's light grasp, launching herself at the redhead for a hug. "Pyros!" A string of giggles erupted from her, all too happy and caught up in the moment. "Just WHAT the heck are you doing here? And who's this?" Her curiosity had gotten the better of her, looking over towards who she could only presume to be another one of his many siblings or associates.
Luke watched a happy trainer look excited. The trainer was talking to a woman, so because of how excited the trainer was he assumed the woman to be the professor. “Hmmph does he not know that the festival must start first.” Luke held an annoyed face as he watched more trainers appear and were talking with others. “I have no need for useless squabble I must have this starter and be on my way. I care not for this festival it is not worth my time.”

Luke held a cocky and arrogant smile as he walked to the brown haired woman. “Excuse me I presume you are the professor. I wish to acquire a starter pokemon for this region. I have no use for this festival, so I would like to have my Pokémon as soon as possible preferably an Oshawatt.”

Luke looked at the other trainer with a cold expression and his arrogant smile faded. “You want a starter early, I would not waste your time I will succeed the champion of this region and be the pokemon leagues best conquerer. No mere run of the mill trainer will stop me either.”
"Oh yeah? You think you are so tough huh? Well then, if you think that way, then how about we battle after getting our starters? How do you like that? Then we will see who the best trainer is."

Avon was angry at Luke. VERY angry. Avon thought, " Wait. If he will be the first person I battle, and we both want to become champion, then does that mean we are gonna be rivals?"

Avon had a tiny smirk on his face.
As she stood near Professor Juniper, her gaze fell upon a familiar sight; Pyros. However she was not familiar with the man beside him, though she noted it was likely one of his many siblings. If he met eye contact with her, she'd give him a nod of acknowledgement.

Raising a brow at the youthful Trainer, she listened to his request however remained silent. Her gaze panned from the youth to a rather boisterous individual; Guzma. Atlas was with him as well, which wasn't surprising. Though she was curious what their business in Unova was, along with the Darastrix sibling's. Listening quietly, she hoped to get an answer with minimal effort thanks to Atlas' inquiry.

Yet another person arrived to speak with the Professor—a Blonde-haired young man. He proceeded to chastise the young Trainer, to which the pale woman could not tolerate. Eyeing the newcomer, Seven spoke up, "I do not understand how your goals are related to this individual's request for a Pokémon. A Pokémon companion is required for individuals interested in travel, and he is not an exception."

⟶ Nuvema Town

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Previously gamora
Angelo recognized a familiar face in the crowd- not one who would know him, but one he would know. He remembered following a news story about some gang who took over some abandoned town, and attempted to kidnap an Ultra Beast, as well as successfully stealing many other Pokemon. This was distressing to see, to say the least. Angelo got up, searching for the professor, lost a bit.

"Where're you going? We can't get anything to eat yet." Lee, to be frank, could barely wait another second to try some of the food. Oh yeah, and get the Tepig. She had forgotten about that for a second.

To find the professor. I think this festival may be unsafe." Just then he spotted her, talking to two trainers and one- trainer as well? The man pulled his hair back and started running towards Juniper, Bastu following. Lee didn't follow, wanting to get up the second the time came.

Angelo sort of listened to the side to Juniper's conversation, trying to wait patiently, before tapping her shoulder, distressed. "
Ma'am, I don't think this festivals safe, there's a gang leader here who steals kids' Pokemon. He might be trying to take all these starters."

He had followed stories about everything happening with Team Skull only up to the point of the one kid who fought them fighting them in Po Town, and from then on, had kind of forgotten to keep track of things. This lack of clear attention to it omitted the fact to him that Team Skull had disbanded, but, to the general public in Unova, most wouldn't even know about Team Skull, and he found that he had to warn them.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
A lone man joined the festival. He was wearing a white lab coat with brown hair and he had started to grow a brown beard. As he strolled into Nuvema Town he had one hand in one of the coat's side pockets and the other one was out of it, giving him a speedy pace. He had never been to Nuvema Town. He was visiting the normally quiet town after a meetup with a researcher from Accumula Town. Intruige filled him as he marched up towards the lab and crept closer and closer to Juniper and Colress. When he spotted Colress he jumped. The man in the labcoat was Nacrene City's newest gym leader, 'Professor' Hawes.

"What is going on here?" Hawes asked. He was not informed that the trainers were to be picking pokemon today.
Luke looked at the woman talking to him. “ I wish to have my starter before this peasant.” Luke spat out the last word. “I will succeed the champion and have my name known to all. Red, Blue, Gold I wish to drag those names through the mud after my pilgrimage to the Pokémon leagues is completed.”

Luke adjusted his jackets collar then looked to the happy go lucky boy. “You want to battle after we get our starters. They would be insufficiently trained. It would be like having babes fight each other. It is useless squabble. It is up to the trainer to make the pokemon strong, and a weak pokemon battling a weak pokemon would not do well.” Luke turned away from both the newcomers then looked at the professor awaiting a response.
Sean smiled and excitedly nodded his head, although the commotion around Professor Juniper was too much to not ignore. He stood by Colress and looked at them all trying to get a Pokemon. He sighed, mumbling something that only Colress could hear while crossing his arms. "You'd think they'd be a little more patient, especially with how much stress Professor Juniper is dealing with right now. I won't be surprised if she doesn't give anyone any Pokemon, considering with how they are behaving."


Pyros was busy talking with Poito about what they were planning on doing when they heard someone familiar approach them. Pyros stood up, already knowing who it was, while Poito remained seated, a little confused as evident by his face. Pyros greeted Atty with a hug and lifted her off the ground, then set her back down after a minute (probably popping her back in the process).

"Atty! Guzma! Dear Arceus, it's been awhile. What are you two doing here? I came here to help a certain someone while Poito, my youngest sibling and adorable brother, is here to collect toxins and venom from the Pokemon in the Unova region," explained Pyros. Poito stood up and made himself be known to the two.

"Ahh, Atlas and Guzma. My brother has told me all about you two after he met you in Alola. Pleasure to meet you both. I'm Poitoxi, but you may call me Poito."


Professor Juniper smiled as Avon asked for the Oshawott, but she still could not give them out. She looked over when a young man came over and asked for a starter. She sighed heavily, already having to explain to the kid that he couldn't have his, so why should she make an exception? It was when the young man started talking about his ambition of being a champion. A lot of people had that ambition, but only a few were worthy enough to have it. It was then that the two started to squabble about who was tougher and if they should battle, with the older man completely denying it. It was then that a familiar looking young girl approached them robotically and asked the young man's relation to the two boys' goals. It was then that a random man came up to her and told her about someone who was 'dangerous'. She looked around and even looked right at Guzma, but shrugged and didn't know who she was talking about. It then dawned on her that he was talking about Guzma. She found Atty with Guzma, so she assumed he must be her boyfriend.

She sighed heavily, having enough with everything. On top of all this mess she had to deal with now, she had to prepare for her speech, which is due in fifteen minutes, make sure the food is properly prepared, make sure the starters are alright for distribution, and to make sure everyone got along. This was not a happy day for her.

Stress lines were starting to form on her brow as she sighed again. She had to step her foot down. She had enough.

"EXCUSE ME!" she practically yelled at everyone near her, her stress becoming very apparent on her face, which looked a little exhausted, and yet firm as she was angry with everyone. "I already told this young man that he couldn't have his Pokemon now. You may NOT have your Pokemon before him, and you may WAIT along with everyone else. Just because you talk with such a royal tongue and because you speak highly of yourself does not mean you are going to be held in that manner by anyone else. I don't know how you became champion of Sinnoh, but your attitude really doesn't suit your achievements. And you, mister," she moved on to the kid who tried warning her about Guzma. "Guzma is not evil anymore. He disbanded Team Skull long ago and he's happily dating a wonderful woman. Before you start accusing someone, learn the facts first. Now, everyone. PLEASE, leave me alone while I work on this event. You are not helping yourself or anyone else. You are lucky I am not cruel as Ghetsis. If I were, no one will be having a starter. Do not ruin it for everyone else just because you feel like you are entitled to!"

With that, she walked away from the commotion and towards her lab, completely fed up with everything. All the Pokemon were in the lab anyway, and as soon as she walked in, she locked the doors to keep anyone from sneaking in through the door. She then worked with her lab assistants on gathering all the Pokemon and getting them ready.


Natalia had come up to see Juniper yelling at everyone and then furiously storm off. Wow. Having lived here for as long as she had, she had never seen Professor Juniper get so angry. She must've been incredibly stressed. She searched for someone, to which Juniper told her had flaming red hair. It didn't take her long to find him, as he was greeting Atty and Guzma and had watched Juniper storm off. She carefully walked up to Pyros, her knees shaking a little while her Pichu perched on her shoulder waved at the man.

Looking over at the young woman, it took Pyros a second until he realized it was HER he was going to help through her journey. Awesome! He gestured for her to come into the circle of friends and introduced himself. "Hello. I'm assuming you are Natalia and this is Chu. I am Pyroshu and this is Poitoxi, but you may call me Pyros and him Poito. We will be your traveling buddies, as Shade recommended to Juniper," explained Pyros. He then continued. "Oh, I can't forget these two lugs. This is Atlas, but you may call her Atty, and this is Guzma. Oh, and the little sleeping lizard by me is Zarda, a Charizard."

Natalia looked on at everyone, trying not to stare too much, but smiled when she saw the sleepy Charizard, who peeked up to see Natalia. Yawning, the Charizard stood up and smelled Natalia, with the young woman whimpering a bit as the large beast smelled her. I didn't expect her to be this huge! she thought. It was then that the Charizard smiled at her and huffed, some smoke escaping her nostrils before she laid back down again. "Ahh, she likes you! Amazing!" exclaimed Pyros.

Looking at the Charizard, then the tall man before her, she felt more at ease and happily smiled. She finally said something, her soft voice barely escaping her lips. "Uh... Hi, everyone... I'm uh... I'm a little shy... Sorry."

"No worries. You'll be fine with us, Natalia. Just be careful of Poito's pranks. He really likes to prank people-" started Pyros, as Poito glared at him and retorted back, while hearing Pyros snicker.

"No I won't. The poor girl looks like she's going to have an anxiety attack. I'll maybe prank her when she gets more confident, but for now, we'll just protect her. Alright with you?" smiled Poito, who was trying not to mess up Pyros' hair - his ultimate punishment.

"Oh, uh... It'll be alright. I don't care if you prank me, just as long as it won't hurt me," mumbled Natalia, although she was starting to feel comfortable around everyone and her voice was a little louder than before.

It was then that Chu left Natalia's shoulder and investigated Atty and Guzma. She waddled up to them and waved at them, her small body could be heard crackling a little with some electricity. She also held up her hands, as she wanted to be held.
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Colress had been conversing with his fellow Gym Leader when a familiar man approached him. It was Professor Hawes, Lenora's husband. Giving the man a beaming smile, Colress greeted him, "Ah yes this is a festival celebrating Trainers! Professor Juniper is to distribute Starter Pokémon to novice and veteran Trainers alike."

When Sean spoke up, the scientist's gaze followed where Seven had gone, and the crowd that now surrounded the professor. "It would appear Seven was correct. However I was not expecting this..."


Yet another person approached the professor; this time with a warning. A gang leader, did he mean her Master? At the professor's response, it became clear that he was referring to Guzma, which as she had pointed out had reformed himself.

Seeing the professor become aggravated, Seven knit her brows together attempting to figure out how she should proceed. It was clear the argument between the boy and the apparent Sinnoh Champion would not subside so easily, and the professor had just about enough of it.

Though she wanted to let it be known she was here to help, Juniper had already left. The blonde woman deflated some, her eyes looking to the assortment of boys and men around her. "I am unsure of what you were expecting. It has been clearly stated that Starter Pokémon are to be distributed after the opening ceremony."

⟶ Nuvema Town
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Atty's giggling faded, giving a small grunt as Pyro's cracked her back. Whether it was intentional or not, it still felt good, but she wasn't about to speak up about it knowing that Guzma was right behind her. "What do you mean "what am I doing here"? I'm from Unova, dummy!" She playfully scolded him, although understanding that her answer was a bit vague just to toy with him. "Me and Guz are just doing some browsing around different towns, y'know... Doing a bit of apartment or house hunting, yeah? We figured Nuvema would be a good place to start, maybe get some advice from the Professor. I actually had no idea that there was a festival going on, but we're gonna stick around for a bit, cause why not?"

As Pyros set Atty back down, Guzma was back on her in record time, a strong arm slinking around her exposed waist and his hand resting on her hip. Although he trusted Pyros enough not to make any moves, it was instinctual for him to show off his status when around new faces. His gaze fixated on Poito, studying him for a bit before quirking a thick brow. "Whaddya mean "toxins"? Like, from Poison and Bug types 'n whatever?" His tone didn't sound so much criticizing, moreso inquisitive as to what Poito's plan was.

The couple's attention was suddenly draw to Jupiter, however, being surrounded currently by multiple people. The way she raised her voice did not at all sound appealing to either of them, but they couldn't blame her for suddenly darting back into her lab to get away from the attention and noise. The two adults eyed eachother with a mutual look of understanding that said: "Definitely talk to her after the festival."

With Natalia's appearance, however, the two once again warmed up to a new face, Guzma still acting in his typical way of being protective, though not coming off as much of a threat. Atty beamed at the other girl, noting that she had to be around her own age. "Natalia, was it? Nice to meet you!" She skipped over introducing herself and the white-haired man at her side, figuring it would be redundant to repeat information. "Are you gonna be traveling Unova?" Her brown eyes watched the other woman, until she felt a tickling sensation down by her ankle. There was a small Pichu vying for attention, her cheeks crackling with harmless static. Guzma's hand slid off Atty as she squatted down, getting to a closer level with the mouse. "Well aren't you a cutie? You wanna be picked up, huh?" She reached out, gently picking up the Pokemon with both hands like a little stuffed toy.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

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From what Colress had said and the numbers of trainers trying to recieve their starters, Hawes had worked out what was going on-this was the day that trainers were to recieve their starter. Hawes' eyes were locked on Colress, but when Juniper exploded, she caught his attention. He tried to follow her into the lab but of course, she had locked the door. Hawes looked at the hordes of trainers that had annoyed Juniper and Hawes himself started to get angry. He was not the type normally to become enraged.

"You all new trainers?!" Hawes asked. "Don't you think Juniper has enough on her plate with the stress of giving out the starters to the right people?!" Hawes looked at Colress. "We have to do something! That poor women is suffering from extreme stress!"
Hawes had made an outburst similar to what Seven had already done, though the automaton was decidedly less emotional. When the man noted they needed to do something, Colress made his way towards the professor, shaking his head. "If anyone is to assist her, it would be best for Seven of Nine to do so. We would likely only serve to stress Aurea further."

Turning to Colress, his blonde assistant spoke up, "I was able to observe her vitals before she left for her lab. It would be advisable to avoid any confrontations until after the ceremony." Her blue eyes then fell to Hawes, a brow raised in curiosity, "You are Hawes, the assistant director of the Nacrene City Museum." Pausing for a moment she made her introduction, "I am Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Colress Unit 01."

⟶ Nuvema Town

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Hawes jumped again. "Seven of Nine? Where did that name come from?" Hawes laughed but stared at the desguised Porygon2 with no realisation that this was no human.

"You call yourself by numbers do you? That can't be your real name...what are you...some kind of human data bank? What is your real name?" He stared at Seven of Nine, thinking she was pretty. Then he remembered he had a wife.

"I don't know anymore. People are so complicated. I just want to study pokemon and their fossils. I want to do it with some proper researchers, you know, so I came here. But it looks like the professor is busy!" He looked back at Colress. "I can't believe they gave you a second chance. You should be in prison by now! But...you aren't...you chose to go down the peaceful road. I see what game you're trying to play!"
Of course, Seven wasn't entirely sure how to answer Hawes' question; to her it was self explanatory. Still, she certainly made the attempt, "I am Seventh of Nine Pokémon." Furrowing her brows she looked to him when he stated it couldn't be her real name. "I am Porygon2; I do not have a name, I have a designation. Those I encounter prefer to address me as Seven."

Hawes went on a rant about how he simply wanted to do research, and the blonde scientist nodded, "That is understandable. After the festivities, she should be available. It will not be too much longer."

When Hawes began to rant at Colress, Seven stiffened, her brows knit together and her piercing blue gaze falling upon the man. "The International Police came to the conclusion that my Master was more valuable under their observation than inside of a facility."

At his last exclamation, Colress seemed confused, "I am not playing any games."

⟶ Nuvema Town
Andromeda Kress took a deep breath of air in, pausing briefly before exhaling, enjoying the fresh Unovan air. Her thin lips slowly pulled into a smile. "I've barely gotten here and it's already so much different..." Andromeda thought, looking at all the trainers walk around. She tucked a wisp of earthy hair behind her ear, scanning the area with her clear, hazel eyes. Celesta, her small Wailmer and childhood friend stood happily next to Andromeda. Andromeda wasn't here to get a new Pokemon; as she already had two, but she was a new trainer... "Huh, guess I might as well check it out..." She muttered under her breath. Andromeda began walking to the general area of the festival, gravitating towards the buffet.

After grabbing a plastic cup of orange juice, she made her way to Professor Juniper's table, the familiar jingle of the items on her wrists cueing Celesta to follow. She stayed farther back than the other trainers and sat on a bench nearby, as she watched Professor in question left the table in a surge of stress.
"I don't blame her, Celesta. I could never handle all the commotion and people crowding around me!" Celesta let out a cry in response, before pointing to her backpack. Andromeda shook her head. "Dude, I don't think he trusts me enough like you do. But, just wait. Soon I'll have a team of friends." Andromeda smiled again. The other people near the table seemed to be lost in their own conversation, but that was fine.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Hawes went red. "She's a pokemon?" Hawes stared at Seven of Nine. "I presume she's yours then." He then looked at Colress. "I didn't mean that. You can be angry with me...but that was just a joke." He paced around Colress.

"We scientists and researchers need to stick together. The other gym leaders haven't got what we've got- a passion for facts. I've heard what you're like, Colress. People misunderstand you. I know you don't mean any harm."

Hawes looked at the young trainers. He opened his heavy bag to reveal several fossils. "Maybe I could give one of these fossils to a lucky trainer."
"Starter Pokemon are not weak!!!!" said Avon. "They can be strong. If you believe in them, and show them friendship, they will be very strong and you will be able to beat your opponent."

Avon was very angry at Luke. It seemed like he only cared about strong pokemon and not friendship and love between the trainer and pokemon. Avon said to Luke, "Fine. Have it your way. But we will battle one day, and friendship will win over strong abuse on your Pokemon. Or we can battle with our starters to see who's right. Unless.........you're a chicken!!!!!!!" Avon started to mock Luke by making chicken noises and acting like a chicken.

When Avon saw Prof.Juniper leave, he yelled to Luke, "SEE WHAT YOU DID!??!?!?!" Avon got very angry and left to wait for the ceremony and his starter.[/COLOR]
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Looking at the professor, Colress beamed, "Yes! Seven of Nine is my assistant." After a moment he returned his gaze to his PADD, "I do not take offense, please don't worry." As he began to elaborate on his thoughts, the coated man nodded along, "Your interpretation of my motivation is correct. I became a Gym Leader to better observe the bond of people and their Pokémon."

Tearing his gaze from his electronic device, he eyed the fossils for a moment before smiling, "That would be a most wonderful gift. I am certain they would appreciate it!"

The argument between Avon and Luke apparently was not finished. Clenching her jaw, Seven commented, "A Pokémon you have just received will not be your friend. As such, the basis of your argument is flawed. Once you have had sufficient time to bond with it, only then will it know friendship." Giving a sideways glance to Luke she continued, "He is correct. It is pointless to battle with newly acquired Pokémon. The individual with the Type advantage will be victorious."

⟶ Nuvema Town
Luke looked to the boy and heard Sevens comment and said "See how infantile you are being. Unable to listen to reason at all. I never said starter Pokémon are weak, but weak in their beginning stages. And besides should you be fully committed to friendship then you will only spoil the Pokémon and they will have no hardship or strife. On the other hand I do not plan to "abuse" a Pokémon's strength because if you do then the Pokémon will grow cold and therefore ruthless. Strength is important but there must be a balance a step with soldiers. They are battle hardened but still have some humanity left because that is what they fight for, their humanity. Now if you excuse me this squabble is over unless you wish to annoy me more with your ignorant chatter." The blond adjusted his spiky hair and flexed his collar and then sneered at the boy and walked away.

Luke wanted far away from that boy who was just so ignorant to the ways of raising pokemon. Luke grinned at the thought of actually battling the boy. "He has no idea what he talks about, that mere commoner." Luke looked for a place to sit down and rest since there was not much to do until he got his starter.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Hawes walked over to Seven of Nine. He had been eavesdropping on the heated debate between the two trainers. Hawes had only one thing to say about Seven of Nine's comment. "Normally starter Pokemon don't have moves of their type, because they are so underdeveloped. I wouldn't say there was any type advantage at all, for that matter! Most starters i've seen have had weak normal type attacking moves like Tackle and Scratch. So who's to say that they can't battle after they've gotten their starter? It will make their current Pokemon stronger. Besides, where would the starter pokemon start? It needs that first iconic battle to make it bond and trust the trainer over that same hurdle. Then it will be able to battle wild Pokemon."
"Type advantage!?!?" said Avon. "We both want Oshawatts!!! Oshawatts!" said Avon. "Both water types!" Avon looked at Luke and said, "Champions are supposed to be protectors of the region! Not be selfish jerks who argue with kids younger than him!" Avon stormed off, giving off a lot of steam.

"I don't being a Pokemon trainer is easy," said Avon. "Maybe there is more to it than I thought. But someday, I will battle Luke, and I will win!" Avon went to a table to wait for the rest of the festival to end. "No one cares about me and what I think," said Avon. "The older kids always get the edge." Avon got really mad and tried to calm down.


Previously gamora
After Juniper's eruption, Angelo decided to return himself to the bench. When he arrived at it, however, Lee was nowhere to be seen. After taking heaps of food and hiding them in her bag, Lee headed over to who she thought was Professor Juniper, unaware of her outburst which had lead to her going into her lab. In reality, she was talking to Seven of Nines, completely ignoring the wiring on her face.

"Hey, I'm Lee! I came here for one of the starter Pokemon," Lee introduced herself, before muttering under her breath, "...And the buffet." She stuck out her hand as an offer to shake it for a moment before retreating it back and reaching into her bag.

I do got one Pokemon already though, hope that's not a problem. This is Penny. Pretty rad, right?" She sent out her solitary Pokéball and out burst a young Electrike, who barked with excitement, little sparkles of electricity coming out of the back of her head spike.

If it's alright that I get it, a Tepig would be nice." Lee could picture herself now- a pro trainer with her Manectric and a huge Emboar behind her. The idea of her Pokémon becoming that strong excited her.

Angelo however, still had no clue of Lee's location. He stumbled across four trainers- two he didn't recognize, one he swore he could've seen before, and the 'gang leader' he had warned Juniper about. He felt a bit of guilt at saying that to Juniper without the knowledge of how he had changed- he decided to check with them. In all honesty, he was a little intimidated, but he kept himself together.

Uh, hey, have you all seen a peppy redheaded kid with an Electrike, about yay high, dressed like she just ran into a Goodrawill and picked out the first things she saw to wear?"
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What Did You Do To Snoke?

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A young woman in black clothing crept up to Nuvema Town. She wasn't too tall, but a certain ferocious look could be found within her blue eyes. She hid behind a tree and saw all the commotion from a far. "Look at those idiots." She said to herself. "I'll just creep up to the lab and snatch one of those stronger starter pokemon before the professor can see me. Noone will know..." As she crept closer she realised the prospect of stealing a starter wasn't on the menu. She stood behind one of the houses, waiting for Juniper to come out. "Arg, fine! Nothing's ever easy for you, is it, Valerie?"
Watching as Luke walked off, Seven clenched her jaw. Though she did not agree with his explanation, there was no point in furthering the argument. Instead, her gaze returned to the others in her vicinity. Hawes pointed out that some Pokémon did not start out with more than normal-typed attacks. "You are correct. However, there are exceptions. Species 722, 725 and 728 are born knowing attacks of their own respective elements. A superior Oshawott will know Brine, for example." As he continued she crossed her arms, "I did not say the battle will not serve a purpose; only the fact that the victory is insignificant."

At Avon's outburst the woman's blue eyes fell to him, "The battle in question was hypothetical." Furrowing her brows, she stared at him when he mentioned that no one cared about what he thought, "I do not understand."

A red-haired young woman approached her suddenly, introducing herself. "Greetings, my—" She was about to introduce herself in turn when the clearly excitable woman continued. Eyes falling to the Electrike, Seven nodded, "Quite a—" Cut off, once again. Clenching her jaw, finally she responded when the excitable woman stopped, "I will do what I can to see that you acquire a Tepig."

⟶ Nuvema Town
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Previously gamora
Lee beamed with excitement. "Woo! Thanks, dude, that's awesome. Tepig's a fire type, yeah? Then it becomes fighting? Fighting types are really cool, I really like them." She paused for a brief moment, giving her a chance to speak before continuing. "Also Electric types. Like Penny, here. They don't have Electrike in Unova, do they? We love em' in Hoenn, back in Mauville City, where I'm from, there's an Electric Gym Leader. I beat him easily. Yeah, I am that skilled." She bragged, showing off a minor achievement she knew was mostly luck. Lee studied the woman for a moment before recognizing the strange things on her face.

H-hey, wait, what's with those- are those wires on your face? Is it one of those punk Unovan fashion things?" She was kind of impressed. She knew there was different fashion styles in Unova, but to this degree felt bizarre.

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Hawes was staring at a tablet intensely. He had discovered from research that there were fossils underneath Nuvema Town, from a report from researchers in the costal pathways on route 1. He hurried quickly to that area but he bumped into Valerie on the way. Hawes' glasses fell to the floor and Hawes collapsed. He couldn't see without them. He put his hands on the dirty floor to find them. A large bag of fossils also collapsed to the floor too.

"Oh dear! I seem to have lost my glasses...and my fossils...they are my prized research! It took forever to find them! Please help me!" Hawes cried.

"If you think you've got my support by telling me what's in that bag, you're wrong." Valerie looked at the crippled man. In truth, she wanted to help him. But he had dropped such a tempting bag of fossils. She thought the fossils could help her too. If she revived one, it could end up being strong on her eventual team. She took one of the fossils from the bag. "And where would I revive such fossils? I bet they could be strong on my team."

"You must...go to...Nacrene City..." Hawes stated. He collapsed even further onto the ground. Valerie nodded and slipped into the shadows. She hid in the corner of Nuvema Town until the starters were ready to be given out.
Giving the young woman a curt nod, the blonde Aether-clad woman responded, "That is correct. Species 499 and 500 are Fighting-types." The moment her sentence stopped, Lee continued to ask questions, though it was really just a stream of consciousness. "Species 310 can be found in the Hidden Grotto on Unova Route 3." However it just about dawned on Seven; it wasn't really a question, it was mostly a set up for her to brag about her exploits. Though there wasn't much she could do about it.

When directly addressed, the humanoid stared at her for a few moments before shaking her head, "You are referring to my Ocular Panel? Its function is to allow access to the forward part of my Positronic Brain."

Both Colress and Seven seemed surprised when Professor Hawes simply took off. There must have been an explanation, though they weren't entirely sure what that might have been. Seven brushed it off, continuing her strange conversation with Lee, while the blonde scientist kept his gaze trained on the coated man.

He ran off in haste, and found himself on the floor. Colress made a move to help him, but it was too late. A girl seemed to have run off with one of the fossils. Though, he figured he was planning to give them away anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal. Bending over, the Gym Leader began to collect Hawe's things, and even passed him back his glasses, "You should be more careful."

⟶ Nuvema Town

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
"Thanks...but that girl just bumped into me. I think it was deliberate. But she ran off with one of my fossils!" He shouted. "What am I to do? I know, whoever catches that crook can get the other fossil!" He shouted.

Behind one of the buildings, Valerie hid. She sighed deeply releasing the last bit of uneasy breath she had from running. If someone found her, she would run immediately. For now, she waited. She wanted one of the strong starter pokemon. If she didn't get one, she would try to revive the fossil. She saw that Hawes had one of those fossil revival devices she had seen before. Her plan if her first one failed would be to steal the device from him. She noticed other notable people like Corless trying to 'help' him. She laughed at the comedy of the scientist.
As Juniper stormed off and the event was starting to get a little more rambunctious, Sean stayed with Colress with his Leafeon and Jolteon staying at his heels a little closer than before. It's not that they were nervous from the amount of people, but they were more afraid about being stepped on than anything else, especially when people were just randomly conversing with complete strangers with such gusto that it was hard to focus on just one person or one conversation. Sean was even starting to get a little bit paranoid. Although, the exchange between Seven and Hawes, and then Seven with the lady was pretty funny, to the point where he let off some paranoia by laughing a little.

He walked over to the lady with the Electrike, his Leafeon and Jolteon following close behind. "Hi there, prospecting trainer. This is Seven of Nine. She's a Porygon2 that lives in an android shell. I'm Sean, the Grass-Type Gym Leader, and the first one you'll guys be facing. These are my partners: Arboria the Leafeon and Joltz the Jolteon. I'm a Grass- and Electric-Type Specialist. What's your name?" While he was talking and introducing himself, his Jolteon had bounded up to the Electrike and began to sniff the Pokemon, also greeting the canine-like Pokemon in his quirky way.


Natalia smiled as Pichu got picked up by Atty, who nuzzled into her arms and let loose harmless sparks of electricity that would make hairs stand on end and tickle a little. She soon got comfy in Atty's embrace and held on to her shirt, not wanting to let go. Natalia then looked up as Pyros and Atty were conversing, something about apartment/house hunting. Well, that must sound fun... Natalia remembered the day she was supposed to go house hunting, but ended up keeping a house that her aunt had previously before she moved away. Along with all the items in the house, she ended up with all the bills. Luckily, her boss that she was working as a cashier in their local Poke Mart allowed her to take a leave of absence so she can venture off on her journey after the festival. To a question Atty had asked her, she nodded a little. The sound of adventuring scared her, and yet thrilled her with all kinds of possibilities... Which also scared her even more. It was a vicious cycle she was trying not to put too much thought on.

To Guzma's question about toxins and stuff, Poito nodded ecstatically. "Rightamundo! I'm here to collect all the toxins and venom and anything else from just about any Pokemon that is capable of doing so. I will then use these samples and create antivenom and antitoxins to give to people just in case they get hurt by the toxins or venom. Weak poisons can be dispelled by an Antidote, even on a human. However, if there is too much in the bloodstream in a human body, it could potentially cause irreversible damage or even death, and a simple Antidote won't do the trick like it would if a Pokemon got badly poisoned. A human's body won't know what to do with the Antidote anyway, unlike a Pokemon's body, which will adapt and use the Antidote quickly to dispel any poisons. Sadly, the first antitoxins and antivenom will be hella expensive, but after an expensive trial run, it'll be sold to Poke Centers around the globe. Although, I have to get samples from every Pokemon from every region because the severity of the toxins from the Pokemon here could be less or more in another region, soo... It's gonna be a doozy," explained Poito. As soon as he was done, Pyros stopped his rude brotherly yawning and hooked his arm around his brother, who was getting tensed up just in case Pyros did anything... Like a noogie, perhaps.

Pyros' planned noogie was interrupted when a man walked up to him, asking them if they had seen someone matching a description. With how tall the boys were, they decided to do something funny. Pyros whispered something into Poito's ear and he giggled. But he agreed, and Pyros knelt down, while Poito climbed up and sat on his shoulders. With amazing strength, Pyros' shakily stood back up and Poito was teetering a bit on his perch, which made Pyros almost lose his footing. "HEY! Stay still up there!" yelled Pyros.

"Sorry! I'm searching," sighed Poito. It was then that he had found her. The twelve-foot-eight-inch behemoth became two six-foot-four-inch tall humans as Poito hopped off of his brother's shoulders and kindly pointed the man to the right direction. "There she is. She's talking with a blonde that has some kind of metallic parts around her eye and her arm isn't exactly human, either. She shouldn't be too hard to miss. And it looks like man with a Leafeon and Jolteon are talking with her, too."

It was then that Pyros finally took Poito's head and started giving him a noogie, with Poito complaining and then trying to mess up Pyros' hair, to which Pyros turned a little red in the face and the two had an all out wrestling match right in front of their little audience. Natalia was laughing a little as she looked on. Her shyness was dwindling away now, so now she was able to answer questions with more certainty and with words. It was then that she heard something and looked over to see Hawes trip and someone taking a fossil. She sneaked away from the group and walked over to the locked glass doors and knocked on them.

Juniper looked over with an annoyed expression, but softened it and cracked the door open. "I'm sorry, but I-" she started, but was cut off by Natalia.

"No, I'm not here for the Pokemon. Well, I am, I just won't bother you with it right now. I just saw someone steal a fossil from that man right there. I think he's the husband of Lenora. I was wondering if you were gonna protect the Pokemon when distributing them," wondered Natalia.

Juniper looked over to see Hawes searching for his glasses and being helped by Colress, and she sighed and said with a somber and quiet voice. "Thank you for telling me this. I shall get our Watchogs and Timburrs ready so they can better protect the Pokemon," and with that, she shut the door and locked it, heading off to put the Pokemon in tubs, so they can be handed out with ease. It seemed as if there were more Pokemon to choose from, as there were more than three tubs. Natalia smiled and walked back, to see that the brothers were still having their brotherly wrestling match.