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Ask to Join Fulmination's Rejuvenation [RP]


Previously gamora
Lee perked up with awe after hearing that Seven was not human, but a Porygon2. "Wow! You're a robot! That's so cool! Hey, what's 645 million point 8 times -2 and 1/2?". Lee then realized she had forgotten to introduce herself.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Lee." She did it more trying to be polite and in response to what Sean had said, but really was interested in Seven and Sean's Pokémon. Lee crouched to the two electric types at her feet- Penny sniffed out Joltz in turn before barking in excitement and running around, trying to get Joltz to play.

"These are evolutions of Eevee, right? We don't have 'em in Hoenn. I've always wanted one, they're so cool!" Lee stood back up, not wanting to get in the way of their playing. She had forgotten she had already asked Seven one absurd math problem. "Seven of Nine, what's 7 times 9 times 7 times 410 to the power of 69?"
Colress seemed confused by Hawes' reaction, "You were planning to give those away, were you not? It would appear whomever stole them was desperate to acquire a fossil, or perhaps any Pokémon." As he looked around for the culprit, he was reminded of a Trainer known as Silver. He too had stole his first Pokémon from a professor, however eventually he became a formidable Trainer.

Meanwhile, Seven had been unable to properly introduce herself, and raised a brow when Sean decided to do it for her. Perhaps for the best, as the young woman did not seem intent on letting her elaborate at any length. Looking to Lee, she gave her a nod of acknowledgement before looking down to the enthusiastic Jolteon.

Raising a brow at Lee's question she responded curtly, "I am Porygon2." Clenching her jaw at the math, she glared for a moment before answering, "-1612500002." After a moment she gave her a nod, "Lee."

Watching the pair interact for a moment, she froze when asked yet again another strange math question. "8.443543e+182."

⟶ Nuvema Town
Sean chuckled and his head nearly exploded by the large amount of math given to Seven. Even though he was good with math, he wasn't a robot. He nodded to her question about Jolteon and Leafeon being evolution of Eevee. He thought for a moment before smiling and sharing with her some info about where to find Eevee in Unova. "There's this park in Castelia City. You have to get through the sewers to get there, but there are Eevees there. Eevee evolves into eight different kinds of Pokemon. Which one would you want?"

As he questioned, his Jolteon's spiky tail wiggled about as if he was wagging it playfully and bounced and ran about, wanting to play with the Electrike. Joltz then pounced Penny and growled playfully. Arboria just sat there and yawned, sitting down next to Sean's foot.


Previously gamora
Lee considered the question for a moment. "Uhh... I dunno! I do like Jolteon and uh, Fireon? But is there a fighting type one? That'd be sick as hell, dude."

She turned back around to Seven. "
Seven, what's your favorite? Is there a robot one too?"

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
"Yes." Hawes said to Colress. "But Juniper wasn't giving out starters just yet. Maybe the crook wanted to get a starter immediately. Juniper did lock the door to the lab. But, from what i'm hearing, she's waiting to give everyone their starters. The journey would not be so long if such festivals and precedures were not a thing. If I were giving the starters, i'd give them out as each trainer came. Yes, it's less systematic, but it stops impatient people like that girl from getting angry."

Valerie panted as she rested against a house. There weren't many in Nuvema Town but they were fairly well built. "Hilda!" A voice shouted from the door of the house. The woman stood behind Valerie. She was pretty old, obviously a mother. "What are you doing?" The woman asked Valerie. "This our house!"

"This is your house? I'd laugh at that if I were in the mood." Valerie said as the woman stood speechless at her. "So you have a daughter called Hilda? Sounds familiar." She looked at the woman. "Of course, this is where the great Hilda and Hilbert were brought up. I bet that useless wannabe Juniper *****, Bianca also once lived here...and that weak-ass gym leader Cheren. Yes, I read about it now!" She belowed. She could be heard by other residents as a brown-haired old man exited one of the nearby houses looking cross at her and another woman give a look of diapproval.

"You are rude, you are! Watch your language! You don't live here! Get out of our town!" The woman behind her yelled. Valerie used the time they stood there to escape. She would come back to Nuvema Town later when the distripution of starters was available.
As Sean and Lee discussed Eeveelutions, the automaton began to clench her jaw with annoyance. It was clear this woman hardly knew anything. A robot Eeveelution? The notion was absurd. Finally, since she was addressed, Seven let out a sigh. "I do not have a preference. However, a Jolteon would be most useful for its ability to provide electricity."

Meanwhile, Colress stood and simply shrugged, "Perhaps. However there are too many individuals for that method to work effectively. Still, preparations should be nearly finished. If you wish to retrieve your stolen fossil, why not ask one of the Trainers here?"

⟶ Nuvema Town

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
"Why don't you, if you're so keen?" Hawes laughed at what would be called a 'negative' comment to Colress. "Anybody you got your eye on? There's so many trainers around here!" He looked around. "The crook could have left the town by now. She's probably at the Pokemon League by this rate!!" Hawes looked to the floor. "Thinking about though, she'd have to stop at the museum in Nacrene to revive her fossil. If we don't find her, i'll chase her down myself...maybe I could get one of the trainers to follow her and make sure the fossil was in good hands...i suppose it wouldnt be bad if she used the fossil for good purposes...if it's too late to get the fossil back, assigning a rival to her would be the best option."


Previously gamora
"Alright, that settles it, Jolteon's the best, it's unanimous! It's a 100% agreement rate, yup, that's that. Seven, do you know the ABC's? Can you rap them? Can you rap in general? Seven, do you know how to skateboard?" Lee was very interested in the capabilities of Seven, switching from topic to topic. Penny was starting to get bored and wagging her tail frantically, nudging on Lee's legs, which she completely ignored.

Angelo still continued to look around for Lee. How could she have gotten so out of the way already?
Luke listened to all the talk about a thief and such and scoffed. “Not surprising.” Luke held a cold expression and said to himself. “This thief is probably a peasant, but that boy dares challenge me. His insufficient care for Pokémon will lead him to his downfall I doubt I would ever need to waste my time with him.”
Luke grinned to himself as he continued to watch the events unfold. Luke did think about a fossil, but he also thought about it if the oshawatt would get taken, so he had to have another starter to choose in mind.
As things seemed to go down around the other main characters , Prox was just waking up . She yawned softly as she stretched , it was around 7 am and her alarm from her phone had just gone off. Today was just another day on her journey , she was gonna go out and train with her Pokemon and probably meet some people along the way.

Once she got up and was moving around enough so her body felt good and well. She picked up her serperior pokeball . She smiled before calling her out and letting her out for a change. Once Blue was out , Phox hugged the big snake like creature and she felt it begin to wrap her tail around her leg. She smiled happily as she let go of her and began to cook a little breakfast with some of the outdoor cooking supplies she had for morning like this. She fixed serperior and everyone else a bowl of pokefood then she let out everyone else so they could eat the food. She now started to cook her breakfast happily . She happily made some bacon and biscuits for herself. Once they had finished cooking, she sat down on the ground and started to eat the breakfast happily. She smiled when she noticed a small fenniken run over to and sniff her bacon " awe you the cutest " she said before feeding it bacon . She laughed when it jumped in her lap " can I catch you " she asked before nuzzling it before it licked her. She smiled before tapping it's head with a pokeball. She held it close then she smiled at the others . Now she had two fire types . She probably was just gonna keep fenniken as her cuddle bug. Or she would train it to be strong

, ( anyone can talk to her)
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Colress seemed rather confused when the professor requested that he ask in his stead, "Me...?" After a moment of awkward silence, he then took a look around before furrowing his brows, "As of now, I have not acquainted myself with those present. However I am familiar with a few of the more experienced Trainers, though I am unsure of whether or not I could convince them to assist you."

Hawes went from panic to resignation, which oddly caused the scientist to smile, "Ah, perhaps that would be the best course of action."

A youthful blonde-haired man approached them, listening in on their conversation, however his input on the matter was strange. He had some fixation with one of the new Trainers. Smiling at him, the blonde scientist responded, "It is true that the thief in question is likely unable to, or believes they are unable to acquire a Pokémon through legitimate means. That said, I cannot further comment on the suspect."


Meanwhile, Lee was asking Seven of Nine a handful of bizarre questions, most of which she wasn't entirely sure how to answer. "If you are referring to the Unovan Alphabet, yes I am familiar with its characters." The other questions, however her brows furrowed as she contemplated them, "I have not attempted the tasks you have mentioned. I am certain with enough research I may be capable of performing adequately."

⟶ Nuvema Town

What Did You Do To Snoke?

Previously Ratbag the Coward
Valerie looked around, her body resting against a large oak tree on route 1. But she could hear the confusion and chaos happening in Nuvema Town. What had she done? She sighed as she heard many of the conversations. These trainers had loud voices and were clearly able to project all of their views: they should prove as barriers on her journey. But right now that prospect was being threatened. She needed to look different so that the locals wouldn't recognise her: a desguise. She went back to Accumula Town and saw a market full of stalls. There, she saw a man in a black outfit.

"What are you, a ninja?" Valerie asked, curiously.

"I shouldn't tell you, kid." He said to her. "If I tell you, you'd go and find some policeman."

"Fine. Look, i've looked at all the stalls around here and there's nothing good. There never is in this town. It's as if it needs something to make it big, like a gym leader."

"What are you looking for?"

"A cloak...or desguise."

The strange man handed her a black and brown cloak. "This should do."

Valerie handed over some pokedollars. "You look troubled. Listen here, no policeman is gonna tell you what to do. I'm just like you, an outlaw. I ran away from my parents."

"Huh, you'd make a good Team Plas-"

A policeman plodged along, his weight being very large indeed. "I need to go." Valerie whispered. "What is your name?"


"I'll look out for you." She whispered, before running away, as fast as her legs could take her.

She hid behind a wall as the policeman inspected the stalls. As she ran through route 1, she looked behind and saw the policeman picking on Martin. She stopped and covered herself with the cloak, before walking into Nuvema Town again. She heard Luke's comments about her and pulled a face of disgust.


Previously gamora
Lee thought for a moment. "Alright, imma teach you how to skateboard! First, you gotta-" She was interrupted by a distressed hand on her shoulder. Lee turned around to see Angelo.

Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you."

Oh hey Angie, this is my new robot friend, Seven. Oh yeah, and uh... Seamus?" She directed towards Sean, not completely remembering his name. Angelo winced when she said "Angie". That was not a nickname he'd really wanna get used to.

Uh, alright, just remember you're gonna have to get your Pokémon and stuff too." Lee perked up.

Oh yeah, I gotta get my Tepig!" The energetic redhead jumped up with glee, and a twinge of anxiety, before slowing down. "Wait, Seven, do you have any Pokémon, or since you're a Porygon, would that be messed up or what?" Angelo sighed before returning back to his bench. Lee would be difficult to keep track of on this journey.