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Open Gotham Roleplay

This Roleplay takes place in Gotham City, where Batman died fighting the Scarecrow, and his identity was revealed. A few years later and reports of a black and red bat like figure scaring criminals to hand themselves in have been spreading, and there may be more going on in the GCPD than anyone first thought.

You can use canon characters or OC's. I would like to avoid superpowers that are too big. Like flight or super speed or something. Make them harder to notice and not too flashy. Batman is canonically dead by this point. Any information you might want to know, just ask me on my profile. This RP is loosely inspired by the ending of the Arkham series of games, but it's not exactly the same. This means I must make it clear there will be gore, and some more disturbing stuff. Include a bio with your OC, no template required, just anything important to know to understand the character.

Azreal kneeled low on the shady rooftop, deep in thought on what he was about to do. He was free from the Order now, yet he still found himself back here. About to continue his old mission. The untimely death of Bruce Wayne had left many in shock, but that Todd kid had made the right choice. Soldier on, it was the Gotham way. He knew some people that wouldn't be losing any sleep over the death of Wayne or Batman. Of course, he still wondered about what he had done. Scarecrow was defeated, injected with his own fear toxin. But Bruce activated the Knightfall Protocol, detonating Wayne Manor... and himself. It was dramatic of him. Too dramatic for the Batman he knew. But the events had changed him, it was as if Bruce was no longer there at all. He gritted his teeth under his steel mask. Now was not the time for thought. It was time to act.

Two nameless thugs. Names were something they had given up when they put on the mask. A black skull, almost realistic, with stitches all over it's grotesque face. The new Black Mask would not tolerate a failure, that had been quickly shown, and by the end of the night they were expected to return with some serious cash. They were only muggers, they were lucky to make any profit at all. But the pearl necklace they had stolen from that screaming couple had given them a gleam of hope, the disparaging thoughts in the back of their minds being replaced by the allure of possible income. "Dammit, it's broken. It's more like a Pearl whip now." whined the first, as he followed his friend into the back alley. "That don't matter. We can't sell the bloody string can we?" The second mugger snarled as he attempted to open the door on the right of the alley. "Damn things locked. How does the boss expect us to make this much by the end of the night with this kind of backup?" His complaining was quickly silenced, his focus on opening the door to bring in his latest haul had kept him from noticing the shadow descending upon them. Azreal landed like an anvil, the metal armour all but crushing the thug holding the necklace. Beads clattered to the floor, mimicking the raindrops bouncing from the cold hard stone. The second mugger was quickly dispatched before he had time to react, a quick turn of the head and he was out cold. Azreal attempted to brush the blood of his metal glove as the beads came to rest on the floor and the sudden burst of sound was quickly gone again.
Thomas Elliot stood at the door, waiting for the kid to open it up. He stood for a hour, and had
to move. He went down the sidewalk and smashed a car window. "Hey, you!" The man in the car screamed. "Get away, old fool." Thomas had his identity on, which was bandages around his head. Thomas punched the man, knocking him out. "Well, this is nice." He said. Soon, Thomas would be known as- Hush.