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Private/Closed Grand Castelia World Tournament! (RP)

You have been... accepted! Into this exceptional tournament.
Your assets have been deemed that of a promising trainer, and we await you at the stage.
Enter into Castelia however you like, but be sure to stop by the stadium on your first day.
It is highly recommended to arrive the day before, as that is when a ceremony is being held
to commemorate the fifty-fourth annual tournament since it was first held in 1966.
Concessions for the participants will be free, as long as you show a wristband that is inside of this letter.
It will also be used for entering into the battlefield and identification.
The Royal Swanna Inn will also be free, though any concessions there must be payed for.
Please RSVP by 21/05 to confirm your participation.

~ Terrance Marrish, Secretary of Castelia Municipal Affairs.
*That will be the letter all participants receive*

The Week Before:

Duncan was absolutely elated to have been admitted to the tournament. At first, he doubted himself, but now a wave of positive emotions overwhelmed him. He could barely talk, and barely noticed the wristband. He looked out his window, seeing the busy streets of Nimbasa City before him. Duncan somewhat hoped he would emerge victorious, but what a fat chance he had at a world tournament. He slipped the wristband on and started packing. "Mom! I got accepted to that tournament!," he yelled down the hallway.


Arriving through the desert, Duncan looked like a buffoon compared to the sophisticated Castelia City. It was even larger than Nimbasa, though he made sure to stay on the main streets. Once he arrived at the Pokémon Center, he sat down on a chair, his feet aching from the walk. He noticed others had Pokémon outside of their Pokeballs. In Nimbasa, that was heavily prohibited in the center. For the fun of it, he sent out his Skarmory, which had a curious look to it's eyes as it waddled around the area. Another thing he noted was the presence of a battlefield in the back of the place, though he didn't want to spoil his strategies in front of any possible opponents.


Previously Gamingfan2
"And weavile is unable to battle! That means absol is the winner!" Ben called out.
Currently Ben was in Prof.Oak's Lab, having a sorta mini-tournament as to choose who will battle in the actual tournament. He had only brought a small number of his pokemon, already having chosen Lucario, Samurott, Mienshao, and Golurk. The last pokemon were his goodra, who beat his charizard and Absol, who had dominated his weavile. She was surprisingly ready to fight, Ben guess that she wanted to go along on another adventure, probably feeling left behind.
Anyway, now that it was decided, Ben knew it was time to go. He put on his wristband, readied his backpack, and flew off on his Golurk.
(Timeskip wooo)
Eventually he made it to the Pokecenter. After dropping off his pokemon for a quick healing, except Lucario, as he didn't participate in the mini-tournament, he saw on a chair to wait, with Lucario was close behind. Ben was aware of the rule against pokemon out of their balls, but he also was aware that Lucario hated not guarding him, and would probably throw a fit, along with a few people.
“Ambipom, aren’t you excited?!” Jet showed his partner Pokémon the invitation later, explaining that he was accepted into the Castelia tournament. Currently stuck within Virbank City, Jet made reservations to take a boat headed to the bustling city. Ambipom cheered with glee as well, clapping his two tails and hands together and bouncing around. Jet juggled the Pokéballs containing the Pokémon he would use in the tournament, but was one short. Deciding that he would pick his final Pokémon tomorrow, he and Ambipom headed off to bed to get some shut eye.

The blue and purple boat Jet was riding in finally approached one of the docks of the giant city, with lights that could illuminate the world. Jet was astonished by the sight, not having ever seen a city like it before. Jubilife’s size wasn’t enough, nor were Veilstone’s attractions quite as exciting. Jet and Ambipom, as soon as the boat docked, swiftly bounded onto the rough pavement, thanking the helmsman and rushed straight for the nearest Pokémon Center.

Jet moved through the crowds, looking back and forth at the busy workers who were going about their day. He accidentally ran into a few, getting called a name once, but that didn’t stop him, although he did start containing his impatience. Walking into the Pokémon Center he finally sat down to take a break. Ambipom sat beside him, taking a snack from one of Jet’s pockets and gobbled it up. His trainer laughed it off, pulling out five Pokéballs.

“Alright you guys, let’s have fun out there, ok? I know I will...plus we get to see the big city!”
Duncan looked at newcomers who entered the Pokémon Center. He was startled a bit when he saw a trainer send out all of his Pokémon. His Skarmory looked at the team with a rage. It seemed as if it thought that it was a battle, and started to peck at the ground with it's eyes glaring at them, trying to tempt one of them to fight. "So...," Duncan said to the trainer," Are you going to the tournament as well?" He was clearly staring at his team, taking notes.

“Oh? A letter? I haven’t gotten one in a while... actually, I don’t think I’ve gotten one ever!” Oliver said as he inspected the envelope, opening it to find an invitation to the prestigious Grand Castelia World Tournament! He’d been waiting for this invitation for years, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was invited. He quickly hurried inside and packed his bags, he’d leave tomorrow morning and hopefully arrive by the early afternoon.


Oliver arrived a little later than he’d planned, but it was no big deal. He wandered around the big city for a while, reminiscing about when he got lost here on his journey, it took him two hours to find the gym! This time though he knew where he was going, and headed toward the Pokémon Center to allow his Hydreigon, who he’d flown here on, to rest. As he arrived, he returned the three-headed giant to his pokeball and gave him to Nurse Joy so she could speed up the process of healing. He noticed a couple of other trainers about, even one with his entire team out of their pokeballs, which he found a bit odd but paid no mind to as he walked himself over to one of the many cafes to wait for Nurse Joy to finish tending to his pokémon.
“Eh?” Jet looked over towards Duncan, while his team, who’d just been released, were still coming to their senses. “Oh! Yep, I’m definitely participating in the tournament. With this team, too. Guess that’s a spoiler warning, huh?”

Snivy would look around for a bit, only to notice Palpitoad, who’d consequently noticed Snivy, and both began to bicker. Jet’s Galvantula would be sound asleep, even outside of the Pokéball, and Togekiss would glare right back at Skarmory. Jet began to pet Togekiss’s back, trying to calm him down.

“Yep, that’s my...um, Sudowoodo?” Jet’s Sudowoodo would be trying to disguise as a potted plant, hiding behind one of the pots, nervously shifting around. “Sudowoodo,” Jet began. “It’s not working. Don’t be so shy!” Sudowoodo peered from behind the pot, and quietly walked over, sighing.

“That’s my team! Haha...so, are you going to be competing as well?” He asked Duncan.
Tony was in the backyard of his home and let out a sigh, he enjoyed the sight of the beautiful sunny day despite the fact his bored expression didn't seem to show it. Tony sat on the stairs of the back porch while his Pokemon all seemed to do their own thing; Garchomp and Arcanine appeared to spar with one another, but not too much as to cause any major damage, Mawile sat with Noivern who nuzzled up to her, Zoroark slept close to Tony while Beartic simply sat opposite to Zoroark in a calm and collected manner.

"Tony!" A somewhat deep and rough voice called out, this caused Tony and all of his Pokemon to look back at the source only to see a rather chubby man walk through the door. "This came for you in the mail, it looked important." The man said as he handed it to Tony. "Thanks dad." Tony replied with a small smile as he took the envelope and wasted no time opening it, when Tony began to read what was inside, his eyes slowly widened in surprise. "No way..." Tony said softly to himself, his father went to sit down next to him with clear curiosity just as his Pokemon slowly approached. Tony's father also blinked in surprise at what was written on the letter.

---One week later---

Tony had been on a cruise ship from Sinnoh to Unova ever since he received his invitation to the tournament, despite having done several battles within his home Region and even beaten Cynthia, he admitted to himself that something like this was unexpected, he was simply a strong trainer like several others. He got out a Poke ball from the pocket of his black coat and looked at it, for some reason, it gave him a little bit of comfort. "I wonder how this'll go down, will I emerge victorious and be seen as an even stronger trainer than I already am? ...Or will I be humiliated worldwide and have simply wasted my time with these fancy shenanigans?" He thought to himself, the latter thought made him sneer.

When the cruise ship arrived at Castelia City's docks, Tony--along with many other passengers--got off and set foot in the new region, for Tony, this wasn't the first time he came to Unova and it likely wouldn't be the last. He had a look at the letter he received with one hand and his Rotom phone with the other which displayed a map of Castelia. "Gotta get myself familiar with the Pokemon Center so I can make sure my Pokemon are good, after that, I'll go relax at that Inn."

Tony put his stuff in his pocket and began to make his way towards the Pokemon center, meanwhile his eyes darted around to admire the sights of Castelia, a sight he saw as nostalgic. When he arrived at the Pokemon Center, he saw several other Pokemon trainers there alongside a few Pokemon, with a look of indifference, he walked towards the counter. "Hello sir! Welcome to the Pokemon Center, how can we help you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Think you can give my Pokemon a quick checkup? I got something big going on and I wanna make sure my Pokemon are at peak efficiency for when it happens." Tony said in a semi bored tone of voice. "Of course." Nurse Joy replied while Tony nodded and opened his coat to reach in to it's inner pockets to grab six Poke balls and hand them to Nurse Joy. "Hopefully, this won't take too long." She said as she put the Poke balls on a tray and went off to take a look at them. Meanwhile, Tony simply sat on a nearby bench with his hands in his coat pockets, his eyes never gave the trainers a second glance.
Allison's Gardevoir was helping sort out her books and materials. Her Mismagius was trying to keep her Pachirisu entertained, and her Typhlosion was taking a nap on the living room couch. A normal day for her, she leaned back in her chair as she was doing her research. She had the windows open as the wind of the coast gently flowed in. She slowly got up off her chair and walked outside to get the mail while in her robe. She looked over at the gym to see all those young trainers wanting to go against Jasmine and at the distant beach. She opened up her mailbox, grabbed the mail and went back inside. She went through all her letters as she sat down on her recliner in the living room. The Pachirisu was now watching TV. Her last letter was one from Castelia City, an invitation to a tournament of the best. It has been over eight years since she participated in anything "battle". Mostly it has been her Pokemon doing clean duels against each other. She would RSVP and then a week later, get ready to head out. The rules stated she has to have six Pokemon total, so she decided to take some of her old friends out of "storage". She headed to her basement and took out her glove. The room was massive and highly mechanical. She went to a panel and scrolled through her list of Pokemon and choose six. Allison inserted her glove in a hole next to the panel which injected the six Pokemon's data into it. "Karen, Boops, Sailyia, Reyion, Rufeso, Bakoryn." Her glove shot out a projection of the six Pokemon. "We are heading out to a tournament, I figured you six would want to. Anyone want to back out?" They all stood still. "Well let us go then." Allison finished. She headed back up to her multiple packed suitcases on the first floor. "Hey, you four, I'm heading out for a while, don't make a mess." She went out the door and headed toward the airport.

2 Days Later

Allison's plane landed in the airport on the outskirts of the ginormous city. She had her massive blue sun hat on as the sun started to beat down on her. After getting out of the airport, she took a taxi to the extremely crowded Pokemon Center, inside and out. She decided to find a place to sit down for a little bit instead. Where she found was a place that she used to relax at when she took her journey in Unova. A nice park area with stairs and clean green grass. Children and their Pokemon play near the coast area. Adults walk along the pathway. Food vendors sell food to others. Allison opened her palm and energy came calmly flowing out releasing her six Pokemon. The seven went to go get ice cream.
"Yes, yes, I'm going to be competing in the tournament...," he looked at the Togekiss and Skarmory, who seemed to be trying to intimidate each other. All of a sudden, an overwhelming urge compelled him to want to battle. He hadn't done it in ages, and there was a battlefield in the Center. "Do you want to go battle in that area over there? Maybe warm-ups before the real deal.," he asked. The Skarmory prepared a Steel Wing against the Togepi, though wasn't going to use it until the battle.
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“Yeah, I’m fine with that.” Jet yawned, getting up off his seat. He’d just arrived and was invited for a battle. How exciting! He quickly recalled his Pokémon, even though they had little time to explore the Pokémon Center. Stretching his arms and legs, he patted Ambipom’s head, who overheard the conversation and quickly finished the snack and tossed the wrapper into the nearest garbage can. He headed over to the battle arena for the quick match. “A warm up wouldn’t hurt.”
Duncan took off to the arena in pursuit of Jet, his Skarmory close behind. He stood on the opposite side of his opponent, making his feet sturdy. "Okay, Skarmory, go for it!," he pointed to the centre of the battlefield. The Skarmory took off in flight, then landed directly where he pointed in a graceful manner. Duncan's Skarmory gets ticked off very easily, and wishes to defeat it's enemies in style. He quickly recalled his Pokémon's moveset, hoping to use a limited variety in case any future opponents were to watch the battle.
Jet stood on the opposite side of the battlefield, breathing slowly, and grasped a Pokeball. Extending his arm, before shooting it forward with the speed of a Pidgeot, he launched his Pokeball forward. A blue light appeared from the capsule, before exploding into a white light, before revealing the Togekiss, who glided down from the air and elegantly landed on his feet, wings still outspread. Togekiss pointed his face forward, looking at Skarmory with a serious shine in his eyes.

“I’ll let you have the honors of making the first move.” Jet rubbed the bottom of his nose, before grinning and getting into an engaged stance. “Be prepared, Togekiss!” The white flying type grunted in response. Jet sighed. “I was hoping for a more excited response...well, let’s put that determination to use!”
"Alright then, Skarmory, set up Spikes!," he called out. The Armor Bird Pokémon would fly directly upwards, then unleashed an abundance of brown spikes over the opposing side. The spikes soon seemed to turn invisible, and were awaiting Jet's next Pokémon to reemerge. It flew back to it's original position, this time remaining in flight to tempt the Togekiss into an aerial battle. Duncan hoped for Jet to switch out his Pokémon after a few stat boosts and close calls.
“Alright Togekiss, Flamethrower!” Togekiss quickly inhaled the air around him, puffing out his cheeks sucking in his belly. His eyes peaked, and Togekiss launches his head forward, opening his mouth and spewing an bright red stream of fire straight towards Skarmory at a rapid pace. Togekiss’s cheeks would turn a very light hue of red, making sure not to add too much fuel to the fire.

The flames would angle straight at Skarmory, if not, a bit off to the left. Jet was hoping to score a direct hit on the steel bird, disregarding the spikes as of now. Togekiss stayed grounded currently, but Jet wasn’t afraid to fight in the air.
Skarmory was hit by the attack, and was knocked out of it's aerial stance. It gave a distressed shriek, which could be heard from the inside of the Pokémon Center. "Skarmory, no. Be quiet, it's a city," Duncan hushed. The Steel-Flying type barely got on it's feet, sending a sharp glare to the Togekiss. "Alright, Steel Wing, Skarmory!," the bird would follow suit, it's right wing becoming sharper and cleaner. It went for the Togekiss with all of it's speed, attempting to hit it up into the air.
Togekiss was slammed by the iron wing, grunting as he was propelled upwards. Togekiss, instinctively, did a massive flap of his wings, becoming airborne. Shaking of the pain, Togekiss gave a small smirk of approval, really getting into the battle now.

“Alright Togekiss, use your Double-Edge!” Togekiss launched himself backwards, wings spread behind him. Then, with a quick flap, Togekiss shot through the air, increasing in intensity as his whole body was aimed straight for Skarmory. Air would begin to form around it, blowing against the white Pokémon. Like a rocket, Togekiss continued to move, ready to knock the breath out of Skarmory.