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Private/Closed Gunpla Battle [1v1]


Formerly Karu
Hello. This is a private thread for myself and Toru to test out our new Gunpla in the style of the more recent Gundam anime. With any luck, I've wiped off my rust and we'll put on a good show for any readers. I'm going to skip the start of the day to cut to the chase somewhat, as we're playing as self-inserts who know the place and ourselves reasonably well.


Trudging down the cold stairwell, Atma questioned the feasibility of a hoodie practically cardigan-like in it's thin factor atop just a t-shirt and jeans in the midst of winter. Puffing up his cheeks with a delayed sigh as he descended the final steps into the dimly lit lower floor of The Scythe Cafe, local trial grounds for aspiring Gunpla 'pilots' the fact he hadn't seen his opponent in a whie flitted through his thoughts. Chewing at the dead skin upon his lower lip, blue eyes passed slowly across the room. Nobody was down here today, only the low hum of cooling units and the floor-lighting of neon bars here and there the only light aside from backlit display cabinets and the central console upon which battles were conducted. It was more or less to be expected as this was a new fitting for the cafe with the actual models and apps to arrive a week hence in the U.K., leaving it only open to those who had played with JP accounts and ordering systems. Still, it was somewhat disconcerting that even his own askew timekeeping had brought hiim here before his friend.

Taking a glance back at the brightly lit upper floor spilling light against the painted white cement, escorted with a cheer of joy indicated walls that as usual, card games were exploding upstairs with unprecedented popularity of the pre-release. A slight smirk took to his lips as the individual rubbed his hands together, stepping up to one of the ports of the console with some thankful hum for the warmth of the machine, bringing hand to rest upon the outer ring of the waist-high platform. It was essentially a big circular table computer with access ports for Gunpla Battle compatible handheld devices and a hologram projected grid upon the black computerised surface. Slotting in a smartphone, the twenty year old then set down his high grade Gundam 00 Seven Sword G variant with a very nervous grin. As he shakily keyed in the passcode to unlock the phone and link into the machine, his eyes unfocused and slipped into the realm of the imaginary at the dull momentum of the program loading. The opponent was a real grade, bigger, better made and more powerful. Thankfully it didn't have any funnels, fangs or dragoons to his knowledge, giving his Seven Sword something of a tactical edge in versatility. The majority of the battle would have to be fought utilising the GN Buster Sword II, if he considered the fact this thing boasted and equally powerful blade and shielding. Pacing over the details in his head, he contemplated relative performance. E-Carbon GN composite armour; almost incapable of Trans-Am but superior performance to the original 7S model; sniping range of up to 1000km.

Coming back to reality as such, a stage with an asteroid field was loaded up with the holographic excluders raised around him in simulation of a cockpit. The central of three displays showed nothing but space dust, rocks and empty air. Gripping the floating control orbs, the GN Drives whirred into life and oriented towards the back of the mobile suit, larger weapons safely holstered there as systems registered low level warning of possibe collisions.
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Toru struggled for breath as he quickly descended the flight of stairs to The Scythe's mysterious basement, knowing that he was quite late. He had spent most of the day applying the finishing touches to his new Gunpla model, an RG Destiny Gundam, and being the forgetful self he normally was, forgot he had to get a train half-an-hour ago. Since Toru had moved a little while away to study at University, he hadn't had time to see many of his friends, especially the one who got him into Gunpla, Atma. Fortunately, he knew his close friend better than most, and smiled at the sight of Atma setting up 00 Seven Sword onto the holographic battle system - Toru wasn't going to miss out on some fun. However, before Atma could even get into the swing of things, Toru casually bopped the reset button on the side of the large table, causing the holograms around Atma to slowly fade away along with the outer-space themed hologram as Toru took his position, slotting in his own smartphone into the GP base slot as instructed by the monotone robotic voice. The confident look on his face became visible to Karu as the hologram dissipated into nothingness.

"You must remember how much I hate not starting with my opponent, dood. How've you been holding up? It has been a while, after all."

The change in confidence was very much noticeable from the slightly shorter youth of 19. Pulling his newly crafted Gunpla out of its holster, the mobile armament, Destiny Gundam stood tall on the standby platform, facing the Gundam 00 Seven Sword. A very fitting Gunpla for someone studying the art of the sword himself. "Just give me a sec," Toru chuckled a little.

"Sorry for the dramatics just then; truth is, I wanted to apply a special ruleset I found on the Japanese system whilst digging around online - any clean strikes to the Gunpla won't result in plastic breakages - instead, any major physical contact registered during combat will increase the flow of Plavsky Particles through the specific part of the Gunpla, causing those pieces to simply pop out, or fall apart. It's pretty cool, right? It gives me a good opportunity to try out this big guy with no worries of damage."

Toru had used a variant of a Gunpla from 00 Gundam before, and was used to fighting with a GN Drive Gunpla - In this case, the Amazing Exia. Whilst not having as much mobility as Atma's unit which was fitted with two GN Drives - a Twin Drive, Toru at least had an idea of what to expect from his friend. Although it upset Toru slightly that Atma wasn't using a Strike Freedom Gunpla - that would have been a true rival's battle. Regardless, this was going to be a great fight. As Toru launched the specific rule on his GP base app, the robotic voice rang out loud and clear at Toru took position.

*Beginning Plavsky Particle dispersal.*

Plavsky Particles - the lifeforce for Gunpla which allowed them to become as animated as units from the Mobile Suits in a Gundam Anime, and fire and use all sorts of weaponry. Their deep blue glow filled the area as the holograms became apparent once more, and Toru took a grasp of his own control orbs, becoming exited at his cockpit formed around him, with several lights and options on each side of his screen. Toru set Destiny onto the starting point, which slowly formed into the hangar for the mech.

*Field 1, Space.*

*Battle start.*

Toru Vanguard, Destiny Gundam, LAUNCHING! LET'S GO!

The catapult grinded to a start as Destiny hovered out into the expanses of space, shield and beam rifle ready. What sort of tricks would Karu pull this time?


Formerly Karu
Raising an eyebrow at the simulation being shut off and his new Seven Sword dropping onto it's feet with a slight rocking, the gunpla pilot couldn't help but grin at his friend's attitude. It was refreshing to say the least.

"Not too bad, I suppose." The answer was no different from usual, life was always a mixed bag. "I imagine University is going well?" Came something of a general reply, resetting his smartphone to sync back with the panel.

After a brief fiddle with the system his eyebrow finally fell with his expression at the sight of the RG. True enough, Seven's Buster was the size of itself but the Destiny was rocking that colossal beam sabre. It was going to cause a few issues to say the least, especially since only the buster's hidden feature would enable him to compete. If the blade could be somehow removed? Life would become easier. As the comment about special rulesets filtered through to his brain, Atma almost laughed. "Behind on the firmware, man." Came bemused statement. Declining the offer of a custom ruleset, he instead toggled the extra option in the latest update. In addition to all other settings the voice declared;

"Damage level set to B." This was all it took. This level of damage would as stated pop out parts as opposed to cracking or destroying them and also simulate plasma burns or explosives through discolouring or paint damage. However, as neither were custom painted, the colour-injected plastic would simply discolour.

Getting into the roleplay meeting reality with the models, Atma gripped control orbs and offered with an ecstatic grin, "Gundam Meister Atma, launching!" A squeeze on the controls launched the 7SG out into the arena. As it was a properly selected map this time as opposed to a practise room there was now an Argama class derelict with the catapults hewn off and the bridge blown clean off of the top. Dozens of battleship shards decorated the central cluster of the arena fro the impact. Checking each of the displays, it became apparent the spawn points selected were none too close. Likely his foe was aligned across the wreckage of this surprisingly vast battlefield.

To accomodate the distance, Atma selected the GN Blaster II from the right control orb with a flick of his wrist, detatching it from the right GN Drive harness and snatching it up, securing it to forearm rigging for a solid shot. As the GN condensers reached the peak output for this model the green condenser edge of the bladed rifle began to glow faintly as propulsion lightly edged the Anno Domini era suit gently towards the wreckage. Thankfully due to the regulated output of the GN Condensers, the Gundam still had a reasonable all-purpose speed and his sensors picked up no opponent yet. Darting down from his elevated position with some tactics formulated in mind, Atma intended to take position near the exit port of the catapult, kneel upon the remaining segment and snipe away his foe's blade, with any luck. That damn sword... With any luck, his foe wouldn't see him heading downward to the wreckage and was playing a defensive game as the green sparkle of his energy output trailed behind him. To be safe and sporting, his radio was set to open frequency to pick up any communications. It was just a shame no radio and radar jamming GN Feather effect was generated by this model.
Toru waited for the familiar sound of a humming GN Drive patiently, as he scanned the empty expanses that were his surroundings. Noticing the remains of a simulated worn out carrier ship in the center of the combat field, Toru decided to make his way down to it, the large crimson wings on the back of his unit spreading out, as he advances quickly towards the wreckage.

Interrupted by a series of small alerts on his holographic display, Toru quickly noticed movement on his radar - there he was, slowly making his way into the remnants of the catapult, probably preparing for a sneak attack. Toru wasn't going to have any of that, however. Locking the top half of Destiny into an upright position as he continued to boost past, he pointed his beam rifle straight at 00 Seven Sword, shortly followed by the beam cannon from the back of Destiny, which folded out and positioned itself to stick out from underneath the Gundam's arm.

"FOUND YOU!" Toru bellowed as soon as he pulled the trigger, a small beam and a much larger beam hurtled towards the target of Karu's Gunpla.


Formerly Karu
It had seemed a little too easy at first, teasing the edges of his senses with tension before the glaring red caution hologram alighted above his central monitor. Tilting the S7G's head upward he confirmed the weapon lock with the target careening towards him. Gritting his teeth with his mouth tugging sideways in panic, his tactic had failed. As his foe cried out across the radio, Atma loosed a chance rifle shot as he cut his left GN Condenser by half and flared the right up full force, careening him into the wrecked hangar.

Easing out the balance betwen drives, some light damage registered on the right arm with a hint of discolouring to represent. Exhaling his unknowingly held breath the supposed tactician contemplated the GN Buster Sword II. Ok, it looked like the long range plan had failed. Logically, medium range combat was suggestable but his strong suit was short range, the ship-killer was still an issue however.

"Not bad, not bad." He praised his opponent over the radio, a touch of unease in his voice. It would be impossible to get a target lock from inside the ship but at the same time it was risky with blind shots. Realistically he'd start losing weapons sooner or later, the blue eye'd swordsman simply had the advantage of choosing when. Assuming his old friend to again charge head on, Atma wasted no more time. Drawing the blade designed to demolish giant units the pilot levelled his rifle with the entrance, locking it into his forearm and tipping the blade to lean point downwards, gripped by handle at the top. As GN Condensers reached peak levels the output produced fountains of green sparks, flaring against the ceiling of the derelict. As the Buster extended what minute amount it could to expose smaller condensers, the specialised sword generated a sparkling sphere about the combat mech, not dissimilar to that of the Seravee model.

As soon as his opponent crossed into view, a three shot volley would be let out. If he didn't? Well, it was the shield and not luck that Atma relied upon to keep his S7G safe.