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Happy 14th Charms Day!


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It’s that time again! Another year has come and gone, and Pokécharms is another year older. Today Pokécharms.com is celebrating its 14th anniversary, and while the last few months for us have been fairly quiet the past 365 days have definitely been enjoyable.

With the Pokémon franchise hitting the big 20 years mark in 2016, it made for a busy time of exciting reveals, game releases, bursts of news, and heaps of HYYYPEEE. It was a great year to be a Pokémon fan and one we hope you all enjoyed as much as we did. Now with the Nintendo Switch in our hands I’m personally very eager to see what new advances and experiences the hybrid console will bring to the main series Pokémon RPGs and spin-offs. (Pokémon Stars and/or Pokkén Tournament Ultimate Edition please)

But let’s pull it back to the real reason why I’m writing this. Throughout the past 14 years that I’ve been part of the Pokécharms staff we’ve seen countless site redesigns/layouts and an assortment of features introduced: some features that stuck around, some that vanished into the abyss, and others that are gone but still ever on our minds. With our latest incarnation of Pokécharms, which I'm rather fond of, I’m continuously impressed by the dedication many of you have shown towards the community and site as a whole.

As of my writing this, we’ve currently hit 2,337,352 Trainer Cards created and 409,347 cards saved to member profiles. Over two million cards made since our last site relaunch (September 4th, 2013). I hadn’t even realized how high that number had climbed!

Looking to the Creative Corner, we’re currently sitting at 24,135 Works created, with 4,357 being Written Works and 19,778 Art-related Works. I’m curious to see what those numbers will look like by the time our next birthday rolls around. Keep ‘em coming, guys!

What will the next year bring for Pokécharms.com and Pokémon as a whole? I cannot say, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. One thing is for certain, however. For all of the time that I’ve been part of the Pokécharms staff I’ve never stopped loving being part of this community.

Here’s to all of my fellow staff members and the lovely members of our community - new and old.

Happy Pokécharms Day!
Theren are so many people here that are nice, so many cool artworks here, and such a nice community around here. This site got me into Rp so much. Thanks Pokecharms so, so, much. This site is the best for roleplaying and showing off art. Other sites fail to compare with Pokecharms awesomeness.


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So another 'Charms Day comes around, and it still feels like I only just discovered this site, even though it's been a little over six years. Yet, at the same time it's pretty much an integral part of my life now, and I'm glad I've been able to befriend so many of you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go exploit the fraction of my heritage that is actually Irish. Here's to many more years of being this site's Robot-Maid that doesn't actually clean anything, hope I continue to see you guys around the forums for a long time ^^
Happy Charms Day! I am so happy that I accidentally stumbled upon the club when I was looking for some more Pokémon roleplaying way back last year in September.

I've been working strong on my Fan Made Pokémon and I may consider publishing their written information or even having some artwork out if I get better at it to increase the numbers!

*a Nefilo throws some four leafed clovers around in excitement*
Happy Charms Day to everyone! It's been a bit difficult to celebrate it at the moment, as I'm recovering from a surgery and the painkillers make me want to nap every hour. :p

On another note, I'm glad this community has been around so long. It's been a great support to me growing up (I joined when I was 12 or 13, I think, and I'm 22 now), and I'm glad to have been part of such a diverse community bonded by Pokemon. :)
Happy Charms Day!!
I'm pretty new here still, but it feels like I've been here forever because everyone is so friendly and welcoming. This community is like a family. ♥
And while I am spreading my art to more sites now, Charms will always be where I started and my home ♥
I'm sorry I'm late! The internet's been horrid and the puppy we got a few weeks ago is an adorable little demon. But I still love him.
Anyways! Happy (late) Pokecharm's Day! I'm happy to have stumbled upon this site with the help of @Twilight Nova ! I used to feel a bit cold towards myself and kinda hated life for a while, but it all changed when I made some new friends and found a few (@Estra , @Andrewski2000 , @Twilight Nova , etc.) to help me through mild depression...if you could even call it that.
This site literally changed my view on life, and I couldn't be happier about it. It allowed me to actually be someone that I want to be, rather than what most would expect me to be...It allowed me to actually live a life in the light rather than holed up in the dark.
Without this site and without all the friends I have...I don't know where I'd be right now.

All I can say is...

Thank you.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful site.
Thank you for standing by my side for over a year.
Thank you for helping me through the dark.
Thank you for everything...

Thank you.


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This website has helped me meet many other people and make new friends, so I enjoy this website very much. So Happy Charms Day, I hope all you great people enjoy PokeCharms as much as I do.:)
Are you kidding me? I missed not one, but two birthdays while I was away!? Why does the world hate me so!? ;_;

Man, where do I start with this site? I can't even remember how I found it, but holy sweet Arceus, am I glad that I did! I've made so many friends, improved on my art, and taken part of way too many RPs, and I could not be any prouder. I've just recently celebrated my one year anniversary of joining this place, too, and I hope for many more amazing years to come!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Charms Day, and thank you to everyone that has been a part of my stay here! I love you all! :D
Hey, sorry I didn't comment yesterday. I've only been on here since November, and I have already grown to love this place and the people on it. Thanks Pokecharms, and stay creative :)
Holy hotnobs, this site is old. As weird as it is to think that you guys kept this site going for 14 years, it's even weirder to think that I first found this site just over 10 years ago, in the days we used to throw brainless fools into their own special little forum to rot. A lot has happened on this site, and in the medium this site revolves around, and I'm eager to know what happens next.

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