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Harry Potter AU student audition

Welcome to platform nine and three quarters! Your next destination, Hogwarts! Cause your a wizard Harry!

I'm making a Harry Potter AU written works and I'm curious if any of you guys would like to add a character. Anyone interested?

Blood status options: pureblood, half blood, and muggleborn
Age: first years 11-12
Houses: gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw and slytherin
Wand: Wood, core, length and flexibility
Wand wood(If your not sure what wood best suits your character, check out the pottermore or tell me about your characters personality and I'll figure something out. No elder wood please)
Wand core: wand cores can be either a feather, strand of hair or scale from a magical creature
Wand length and flexibility: wands should be within 8 and 15 inches. They can be longer or shorter but those wands are extremely rare. Flexibility determines how easily they can switch owners. The more flexible a wand the easier it can switch owners.

Blood status:
Desired House:
Fun facts(optional) :

Name: Procyon Sheerfor
Blood status: pureblood
Gender: Male
age: 11
Personality: Procyon is a bit of an oddball which isn't out of the ordinary for a member of the Sheerfor Family. Procyon is a contradictory boy who's personality traits often contradict one another. On one hand he's confident and self assured, but on the other hand he's insecure and doubtful. He can be loud and outgoing ,but also quiet and introvert. He can be friendly and optimistic ,but also shy and pragmatic. His reactions at times almost change back and fourth whimsically.
Appearance: dull brown short combed to the right, with blonde hair here and there. bright blue eyes, lightly complected skin, average build, 5 ft., and has a scar across his left hand from a prank that went wrong.
Background: Procyon grew up in a broomstick crafting family. His family has made broomsticks for many generations. The brooms they make are called "Eccelor". Their newest broom is called "Eccelor 415" Their Procyon's father(Aldebaran) is a brilliant, but somewhat reclusive man. Not to be mistaken for antisocial as his father is simply a man who enjoys throwing himself into his work. Procyon's grandfather(Capella) was a much more social man than Aldebaran ,but because of Aldebaran's dedication the quality of his work speaks for itself. Which is why Aldebaran is the family patriarch despite being the second eldest child. A fact that is older brother(Rigel) a pure blood supremacist is envious of. Despite this he has accepted his position as adviser in the family hierarchy ,but openly disapproves of his brother's fair treatment of non-purebloods. Procyon's older brother(Cyrus) is next in line to take over the family business. He lacks his Aldebaran's brilliance, but makes up for it in being cunning ,and business savvy. Denabola is the wife of Aldebaran. She is a clean freak ,and perfectionist. Everything has to be neat, organized, and done just right. She helps keep Aldebaran's reclusive antics in check. Lastly is Procyon's younger sister Vega who is the most antisocial member of the family. She would much rather spend time in the family forest with the animals surrounded by nature. In the middle of this is Procyon whom simply wants to learn whatever fancies his interests at that moment which usually means experimenting with random potion ingredients ,or observing animals in their natural habitats. He has quite the skill in chess ,and is an overall skilled strategist which is why when he plays quidditch he plays as keeper to utilize his strategy skills most effectively. Because Procyon is a sheltered boy he can be gullible at times ,but has been slowly growing out of that with time and experience.
Desired House: ravenclaw
Wand: Walnut wood with a hippogriff feather core, 12" in. and rigid flexibility
Fun facts: like all Harry Potter pure bloods I gave his family names after stars
Procyon has a pet dragon toad named Saltus. His pet is reddish-orange with gold eyes. Like all dragon toads it has dragon-like features ,but is still a toad.
Eccelor is Latin for accelerate.
Saltus is latin for leap.
Name: Cyrus Ravenclaw-Selwyn
Blood status: pureblood
Gender: Male
age: 11
Personality: Cyrus is a watchful, Stern, protective and serious student, but one of the traits of that sticks out towards Ravenclaw is inquisitive, but equally as inquisitive as he is blunt.
Appearance: Cyrus has brown hair and blue eyes, he's about 4'5" at the moment, and could grow a foot and a half in the later years. He is often seen outside of uniform, a long sleeve brown shirt and jeans, the type of shirt and additional jacket as seasons change.
Desired House: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor
Wand: 12 3/4" Apple, Phoenix feather core. Inflexible.
Fun facts(optional) : Cyrus could also be researching his Ancestry, as he is descended from one of the house founders.

Name: Cynthia Doyle
Blood status: Half-blood (the muggle side is an Irish man)
Gender: Female
age: 11
Personality: Cynthia is a shy individual, very observant, and is going to be like a voice of reason, logical and realistic, but can come up with a realistic plan to counter whatever the Gryffindors decide to do.
Appearance: Cynthia is 5'2 (7)" on a larger than average frame, she has her hair dyed brown, it will grow red. Her eyes have partial Heterochromia, of blue green. She commonly wears a deep purple sweater.
Background(optional): Cynthia has confidence issues. X3
Desired House: Ravenclaw or Gryffindor
Wand: 15" Sakura wood, Thunderbird tail feather (wand was brought in from Washington DC), characteristic unyielding, rigid flexibility.
Fun facts(optional) : Her wand was brought in after thirty mismatches.
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Previously Lily May
Wouldn’t be surprised if these two became friends:

Name: Astrid Fernsby
Blood Status: Pureblood
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Personality: Astrid is extremely smart and cunning. She knows how to get what she wants. She’s actually quite friendly and doesn’t mind having friends. As long as they don’t ruin her fun. Most stuff in Hogwarts is easy for her. She gets bored easily so she’s usually causing mischief.
Appearance: Her hair is long, jet black, and often in a ponytail. Her eyes are brown and she has a mole under her mouth, to the left side of her face. She’s quite pale and has an average build. She stands at 4’10” and weighs around 70 lbs. She also wears red oval glasses.
Background: She was never spoiled as a child, but her parents were quite fond of her. They were equally fair with both her and her sister. Astrid likes her family, but she always wants more. She doesn’t want power, she just wants magic. She wants to be able to do magic whenever she wants. She was able to cast several spells with her mother’s wand when she was 8.
Desired House: Ravenclaw or Slytherin
Wand: (wood), dragon heartstring, 11 inches, slightly springy.
Fun facts:
Most of her family have been Ravenclaws or Slytherins.
She doesn’t care about blood status.

Name: Luca Adams
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Personality: He is extremely lazy and would rather have everything served to him on a silver plater. At least…that’s what he thinks. He actually just wants freedom. He wants to work when he wants, take breaks when he wants, and just overall be the one in charge of his life. He gets annoyed easily and will snap at anyone who annoys him. He just wants peace but some random kid will try making fun of him or is just being stupid. He’s actually a very caring person. He just hasn’t found someone to actually care about. He doesn’t care about his parents because they just want him to be a perfect little boy and do whatever they want. He kinda gets emotional easily too. He is also a quick-learner.
Appearance: Luca has dark brown curly hair, green eyes, and a bored expression on his face. His skin is light and is rather skinny. He’s tall for his age, being 5’5” and weighs 87 lbs.
Background: His parents were actually quite glad that he was going to Hogwarts. They consider him to be a failure and want him to actually do something productive. They’re also quite tired of him. He was extremely lazy all throughout his life. He never did any homework and would get in trouble for playing hooky quite often. He didn’t have many friends because he just didn’t bother to make any. A few other kids his age would try to make friends with him, but they’d leave him not too long after. He actually became very lonely.
Desired House: Anything but Ravenclaw
Wand: (wood), dragon heartstring, 8 1/2 inches, unyielding.
Fun facts:
He knows how to play the piano, he just doesn’t really like to.
When he was first told he was a wizard he just stood there for a few seconds and the first thing he said was “what?”


Previously Shadow_Pup
Some possible characters for this
Name: Lux Solaris
Blood status: Pureblood
Gender: Male
age: 12
Personality: Lux is a laid-back guy who is well aware of his own attractiveness. He has a high opinion of himself, yet he also works really hard while practising magic. When he is not practising, he has a tendency to find methods to avoid accomplishing the responsibilities that are assigned to him. He is intelligent and gifted, with a natural aptitude for singing. He is strong-willed and can be a kind and gentle soul when he is in the right mood. He can become vicious and cruel when enraged or insulted.
Appearance: Lux is an incredibly good-looking guy, he stands at 5'11 and has a strong body type. He has blonde hair and yellow eyes. Lux often wears fancy trousers with a white shirt and black shoes that somehow seem to remain incredibly clean. Lux tends to wear his uniform in a neat fashion with a perfect tie and tucked in shirt.
Desired House: Slytherin
Wand: Elm wood with a phoenix feather core, 13" and hard flexibility
Fun facts(optional): He is particularly skilled at spells that involve light which includes his favourite spell that creates little fireworks from his wand.
Name: Thea Hale
Blood status: Halfblood
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Personality: Thea is a kind hearted sole with a deep desire to make friends. She is however very jumpy and shy due to her past. She loves to draw and sing and is very fond of sweet food. She has learned to hide her animagus abilities to avoid attention and intrigue but she still tends to accidentally transform when she is terrified or enraged.
Appearance: Thea is relatively pretty with a few scars as evidence of her fathers experiments and abuse, she stands at 4'9" and has a slim body type. She has grey hair and grey eyes. She often wears colourful dresses or skirts and colourful t-shirts. She wears her uniform in a scruffy kind of fashion with a crooked tie and untucked shirt. Her animagus form is that of a small snowy owl, with extremely large eyes. She is more grey than white and has a small scar across her beak.
Background: Thea's father was a mad man in almost every sense. He was a twisted individual who performed sick magical experiments on muggles and wizards alike, Thea was unlucky enough to become one of her fathers subjects after he became enraged at the departure of her mother who couldn't bare to keep her husbands secrets anymore but as a muggle she couldn't tell anyone cause they would never believe her. Thea was forced to undergo the arduous task of becoming an animagus at a young age, a feat she only accomplished due to potions and spells applied to her by her father. She completed the process at age 10 just 3 days before her father was arrested and his subjects freed. She was quickly taken to the ministry where she was registered and assigned a helper to assist in controlling her animagus abilities.
Desired House: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor
Wand: Dogwood wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½” and supple flexibility
I plan to have the characters sorted in the near future. Hopefully later today. I'm really sorry for the late commentary.


I imagine Cyrus being gryffindor due to more traits leaning towards bravery. I find this to be a funny and interesting option in my opinion. Funny cause Rowena ravenclaw, but interesting cause I see this as Cyrus being different from his ancestor. I'm assuming this isn't a well known fact. He'd be very famous if it was known amongst students.

Sorry for not commenting sooner. What do you think?

Cynthia would make for a nice ravenclaw addition. She almost makes me think of hermoine hence I could see her in gryffindor but I also see that as more reason to put her in ravenclaw since Hermoine would have done well in Ravenclaw as well.



Astrid being ambitious will help her go far. She would be a great example of why not all slytherin are necessarily evil.

Luca the hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is out of the question, and I don't quite see him in slytherin so it boils down to gryffindor and hufflepuff. Hufflepuff feels like a better match for him than gryffindor.

Sorry for the late reply. What do you think?

Lux is slytherin. Fits like a glove.

I can see gryffindor teaching Thea bravery. That would help her overcome her past. Though I like hufflepuff more. With hufflepuff being hard work and loyalty, I see her overcoming her past more interesting in this path more.

What do you think?

Anybody disagree with my analysis of their characters? I won't be offended. I'd like to have the characters the way you want them.


Previously Lily May
Astrid being ambitious will help her go far. She would be a great example of why not all slytherin are necessarily evil.

Luca the hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is out of the question, and I don't quite see him in slytherin so it boils down to gryffindor and hufflepuff. Hufflepuff feels like a better match for him than gryffindor.

Sorry for the late reply. What do you think?
Awesome, I like it.
I hadn't put much thought to famous characters. Assuming ravenclaw isn't written in his name anywhere and he doesn't talk about it, the students wouldn't have any reason to suspect he is.

I finally made the next episode. I included everyone's characters. I didn't include much dialogue since there are nine characters I included in my post, and I didn't want any one particular character getting more attention than others. Some characters aren't interacting. I didn't have everyone interact because I didn't wanna force interactions. In an Rp characters may potentially interact in this way, but as a written works, I wanted to make this a little more natural. In the future if I do continue this series, I will have people in different houses interact. Something I wish the main series did more of.


Previously Shadow_Pup
I decided to use Picrew to do some images of Lux and Thea
In uniform