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Haruto: a series of short Genetic Memory stories

(Ok, so maybe some context is needed, but Sato Haruto is a character I made for the Genetic Memory RP and I got some ideas for stories to put him in before the events of the RP, so here goes! - oh, also just to clarify 'Sato' is his family name and 'Haruto' is his given name, I just refer to him as Haruto because Sato is a very generic Japanese surname)

Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia - 4 years prior - Age 11

Haruto looked at the picturesque scene in front of him. A beautiful, golden sunset over a perfect, blue sea. He was sitting at the end of the pier off the marina with a lemonade in hand. Haruto looked down at his reflection, seeing his dangling feet hover mere inches above the ocean water. It had been a long day of enjoying the family vacation to the Great Barrier Reef. He took a sip of his lemonade. A nice, refreshing drink could always come in handy during these sizzling summer days. When he yawned, he suddenly heard the rapid sound of footsteps heading towards him. "Haruto! Haruto!" a voiced called. He turned around and saw his little brother Yasunari running down the pier. His face indicated that he was in distress, prompting Haruto to get up from his resting position. Yasunari stopped in front of him, short of breath.

"What's wrong?" Haruto looked rightfully concerned.

Once he caught his breath, the 9-year-old began to speak, "Mommy said that-"

"I told you to start calling her 'mom'..."

"R-right... mom said that gaisobo (grandma) isn't feeling well, and she wants to move back to Japan so we can take care of her..."

Haruto's face went pale. Whenever their mother said she 'wanted' to do something, it usually meant that the thing will happen, she's a very headstrong individual. Moreover he had only gone to Japan twice in his life so far, and he wasn't very receptive when it came down to learning the language. Haruto didn't like how crammed and busy everything was, it made him feel uncomfortable and under-confident. But how could he be opposed to it? His grandma often came to visit them, so they should return the favor. Plus, their mother didn't have any other siblings to help out. He soon regained his composure, setting the lemonade down near his foot. "Well, that sounds like it'll be fun! We haven't seen gaisobo for a couple of months after all..." he put on a smile, and Yasunari smiled in return. "Last one to the beach is a rotten egg!" Haruto said, starting to take off. "No fair! You got a head start!" protested Yasunari as he scrambled to catch up.