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Open Heart Cross Village (DS)

Winter is fast aproaching and mistletoe are on the rise. Your a trainer that has been traveling across the land with your Pokemon, and you have come across a village on an island called Heart Cross Village. South of Johto, there is a little island named Heart Cross Island, hence where the town got its name. For years, People and Pokemon have come to this island to find there life long lover.

This years Festival of Lights will be one of the many events hosted here, but this Festival is like no other! A special plant grows for a short time during the week of the festival called the Zeal Flower. This has the special ability to grow a strong bond to whoever smells it, but beware, if the other person or Pokemon does not feel positive emotions to the user, then their hate will grow stronger and their spirit will be forgotten. Most people know what they are doing when they use it.

SAILOR: "Take the local S.S. Anne to Heart Cross Island today with a 10% discount on all tickets going at a price of 90€ (PokeDollars), and that is already a pretty low price! A normal S.S. Anne ticket is like... 2000€ a person. Hey you there... what's ya name?"

Character Bio:
Name: (First and Last)

Pokemon: (Only 1, sorry... No legendarys or mythicals)
Moveset: (4)
Appearence: (Shinys are allowed)

My Bio:
Name: Lucas Friller
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a outgoing person with a strong heart to battle. He can be a little clumsy but serious when he knows what going on.
Appearance: Same as Profile Picture
Bio: He left his house at the age of 10 with his starter being a Trapinch. He traveled the land with him and only used Trapinch as they beleved in their strength.

Pokemon: Flygon
Nickname: N/A
Moveset: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Defog, Fly
Personality: Protects Lucas at all costs. He can tell if somebody is good but if somebody is bad, he does not bother them unless if they do something bad in front of him.
Appearance: N/A
Bio: Was caught by Lucas when Lucas was 9, so they had a strong bond before they started their adventure. He was born in the wild but was quickly separated due to a Salamance attack.
Character Bio:
Name: Kay Fawcett
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Proud and stubborn, would rather struggle to death than accept help or fail. Loyal to his friends and cold to strangers, can carry a grudge for ages. Takes a while to open up and closes up in the blink of an eye. Believes that hard work is just as important and hates people who don't try their best because they think that they are too good at something.
Appearence: A tall (183 cm or 6 ft) teen with clear muscle definition, fair skin, blue eyes and a short black mohawk. Wears a sleeveless vest and a pair of jeans along with a pair of black sneakers.
Bio: Kay is a kid from the streets and is not afraid to stand up for himself, this has gotten him into a few fights that never escalated much further than some bruises. He left his home when he got his partner and visits his home atleast once each year.
Other: N/A

Pokemon: Braviary
Gender: Male
Nickname: Altair
Moveset: Brave Bird, Return, Superpower, U-Turn
Personality: Possibly even more stubborn than Kay, Altair loves to fight and refuses to back down no matter the situation. He can't handle a loss though and becomes rather unmotivated after losing, although that never lasts long. Kay frequentally has to stop Altair from overexerting himself during training.
Appearence: A regular Braviary, covered in scars except for its back. Nothing special.
Bio: Altair attacked a kid as a Rufflet after being attacked by it first. Kay soon came to the Eaglet Pokemon's help and forced the attacker away. Disappointed from the lack of a target, he attacked Kay. Something about this eager eaglet caught Kay's attention and decided to raise it before being allowed to keep it as a partner.
Other: Altair gets easily angered by loud noises, getting touched from the back and getting touched by anyone except for Kay, usually lashing out in retaliation. He has yet to accept someone else than Kay.
Alright, makes sense. Then I would like to join

Rhianna Miller
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Rhianna is a girl who can befriend someone quickly, but it takes a while for her to actually open up and she's can be quite mischievous from time to time, but she wont do anything that would seriously harm anyone. Otherwise she's a gal who tries to see the light up the world around her.
Appearance: Rhianna is 5.6 feet (or 171 cm) tall and has a slim body, but has a hidden strength in her. She has dark brown eyes, light brown hair with bangs that reaches her eyebrows that is quite straight, but messy and she wears it often in a braid that reaches her shoulders. She often wears a white t-shirt with many different colored stripes, a black hoodie and jeans with a camouflage like pattern
in Bio: Rhianna comes from a farm in Johto, where she learned to handle different pokemons and different uses to pokemons and met her partner pokemon there. She started her journey at the age of 12, but after roughly one and a half year later she had to return to her family and help the farm, so she never finished her journey, but continued training her pokemon.
Other: N/A

Pokemon: Ampharos
Gender: Female
Nickname: Sparks
Moveset: Electroball, Dragon Pulse, Thunder and Discharge
Personality: Sparks is quite protective towards Rhianna and tries to keep her out of trouble as best as she can. Otherwise Sparks is rather competitive (thanks to her being raised in a farm where there were at least 50 other Mareeps), but can be a bit clumsy sometimes
Appearence: Looks like a normal Ampharos
Bio: Like i said Sparks was raised in the same farm as Rhianna. Sparks caught Rhianna's attention when she started to playfully headbutt the young girl when she was taking care of the other mareeps with one of her older siblings, which resulted them playing shortly after and they continued bonding after.
Other: N/A
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Name: (First and Last) Andy Richter
Age: 20
Gender: male
Personality: Andy is eager to observe the world around him and somewhat inquisitive. That inquisitiveness has made him very bright in terms of knowledge of nature but has also led to an unhealthy sense of danger because of it. Due to still being young, he is still a little naive, which results in him falling for pranks, such as April Fools pranks. However, when this does happen, he will see it as a learning experience and, in fact occasionally going along with it knowing full well that it’s a prank for the sake of humor. One example of this comes from Ratattas or other prankster pokémon hiding his items all over Mahogany Town, the pokémon themselves belonging to other trainers. The scavenger hunts don't bother him as he sees the pokémon as being playful or silly. Andy has high morals and won't allow anything to happen to his friends, going out of his way to try and settle disputes between other locals, even though it's clearly none of his business, telling the truth whenever he does something wrong, or just being around for people that have had bad days. This does lead to him getting into some sticky situations, however, such as people ignoring Andy during a dispute, at which point he will leave them alone.

Andy will start out shy to any person or pokèmon but will gradually warm up to them as time goes on and strive above most things to keep his friends happy, beware he will run away from anyone that lashes out at him. Battle-wise Andy favors being more on the defensive side, envisioning pokémon battles to be more like chess matches rather than matches of power preferring to pick his opponents apart with strategy instead.

Appearance: Long Khaki pants that have quite a few pockets, with the leg sections going down to the sneakers, a light blue polo long sleeve shirt black sneakers with a Pikachu tail thunderbolt design. Andy also packed a pair of blue jeans, a thick sweater that's mainly gray with red sleeves and tan leather boots for Tundra-like areas. As long as the clothes are clean, Andy isn't one for fashion though he could resemble a walking kaleidoscope to some. Aside from that, he will always strive to look presentable. His hair is black of medium length done in a buzz cut.

Bio:Born into a quaint, moderately sized house in Mahogany Town Andy was an introvert at the start of his childhood, clinging mainly to his parents, Bob and Martha Richter for protection due to extreme shyness. This led to him being homeschooled and learning basic reading, writing, and math from them. The parents wanted him to make some friends with any other kids at their favorite spot, which also happens to be where the parents met, Corsola Cove, around Mt Mortar, dubbed that due to the abundance of Corsola present. However, if they tried to help him he would run away without saying a word with a very scared expression on his face, thus leading the local kids in Mahogany to label him an oddball.

This continued until age 6 during one routine day at Andy's now favorite area. He was busy making little designs in the sand, with his parents watching him while they were lounging around. That is until a Water Ball pokémon popped its head out of the water. The Azurill, as identified by Mr. and Mrs. Richter who still carried pokèdexes just in case, merrily bounced up to the trio with a squeak. This was Andy's first encounter with a pokémon so initially, he recoiled away from it. The Aqua Mouse Pokémon just waved its bouncy tail at him, smiled and squeaked once more which made Andy more cautious now more than afraid as he reached out to pet the Marill of which it took full comfort in. Bob and Martha saw this occur and became overjoyed that their bundle of nerves seemed to have taken a shine to a pokémon and potential new friend. After a whole day of play by Andy and his new found poké-friend, Azurill, the Richters got ready to return to Mahogany Town. Before they left, she squeaked again, waved using that tail of hers and walked back into the lake.

From then on, Andy slowly became more outgoing. By age 10 thanks to repeated visits to see Azurill, he was at least being more vocal with the Mahogany Town locals, unless it was the first time meeting a person, in that case, he would start out timid but warm up to him or her after a few minutes of conversation. Andy's homeschooling was going well too, he was learning Middle School levels of reading, writing, and math. Though he was homeschooling well, he wasn't as interested as much. His love of nature though never really diminished still wanting to go to places along Johto such as Corsola Cove, Ecruteak City, and Olivine City, as well as keeping an eye on his neighbor's potted plants.

During the year before his 16th birthday, Andy’s adventurous side started showing up. He would sneak out during the night to explore the areas around Mahogany; not going too much farther than that because he didn't want to worry his mom and dad, he was very respectful of them after all. He yearned to head to rest of the Johto region learning about the many cultures and pokémon present throughout with his own pokémon, little did he know they both were planning quite a surprise for him. On his 18th birthday, the parents let him have a chance at his own adventure, before all that though, was the usual happy birthday Andy followed by the birthday cake and presents which included a backpack, a shell bell, a flashlight as well as a very special, secret surprise that Andy's parents decided to keep secret from him, a certain blue mouse. The soon-to-be breeder was very excited about all the goodies until he remembered he still needed a pokémon . Suddenly, he heard a familiar sounding squeak. He lit up like a Blitzle charging up a Thunder attack. He picked up the Aqua Mouse and paraded around the house and hugged it followed by the parents for getting his first real friend. Andy became ecstatic, he now had everything he needed to start his adventure; with that, he bolted out the door with all the gifts and Aquamarine, an affectionate name for his first pokémon, in tow after one last goodbye hug from his parents.

To think this all started upon meeting a tiny, little blue mouse. The next two years were spent being the normal trainer at least in terms of training her to eventually have her evolve to an Azumarill, the two still together to the day. With this festival coming up and the promise of a stronger bond with Aqua, both set off for Heart Cross Island.

Other: Andy has a phobia of poison types, poisoning other pokemon(as a result poison moves won't even be used by any pokemon that's with him) and his own pokemon being poisoned, even for beneficial abilities like Guts or Toxic Boost. To him, its nothing short of a slow, torturous death for the affected pokemon,

Pokemon: (Only 1, sorry... No legendary or mythical) Azumarill
Gender: Female
Moveset: (4) Play Rough, Encore, Liquidation, Sing
Personality: This pudgy bunny is Andy's first pokemon and first real friend that wasn't his parents. The pokemon being full of energy to experience the region with him since being an Azurill. Where Andy lets things happen with other people he meets, she will rush up to most pokemon and introduce herself, excited at making new poke-friends. Usually seen walking along on either side of Andy, being a golden-hearted bunny.

That is unless the pokemon is of the poison typing, in which she is deathly scared of them, not just the weakness factor either. During a trip through Route 42 when both had just begun their journey together, they ran into probably the worst pokemon one could encounter on that route, a Golbat. While he knew after a scan of the pokemon that they didn't have a chance, the bat saw her as more of a snack, able to bite into her with its poisonous fangs. Thankfully Bob and Martha were able to help out with an Arcanine and a Ninetales between them. Needless to say, it was off to the pokemon center to heal her back up. The bunny never quite got over that phobia, partially thanks to Andy harboring the same fear. She shudders at the sight of poisons in general, other types don't bother her at all unless they show poison moves in battle, then its back to treating them as if they are a poison type pokemon.

Appearance: (Shinys are allowed) your normal Azumarill
Bio: (see Andy's bio as they are told together)
Other: N/A