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Open Heavens Arena: The Road to Glory! DISC

(haha third try at a Hunter x Hunter RP)

Welcome to Heavens Arena! This is a place where people far and wide fight for wealth and fame. Starting from the first floor, you will fight with others to win and therefore move up to the next floors depending on your performance. Once you reach the 200s, you will no longer be fighting for money like the lower levels, but you will be fighting for glory. Emerge victorious 10 times, and you earn the right to challenge a Floor Master, 21 fighters who have proved their worth many times over in combat, for their position. Floor Masters earn the right to participate in a biennial tournament known as Battle Olympia. The victor of Battle Olympia will be allowed to live on the 251st floor of Heaven's Arena in an exclusive, luxurious penthouse.

- Basic Pokecharms RPing rules apply (Read them here)
- No Godmodding. This means, you cannot have mastered your Nen ability at the damn age of 9, and other broken stuff like that.
- Add "air bending slice" to your template so I can confirm you've read the rules.
- Romance is allowed, but please try to keep it at a PG level, limited to things like kissing and such.
- Violence is allowed as well; there will also be some killing, but I'd like to caution restraint on that category.
- GRAMMAR. PLEASE. I will be checking some of your previous RPs to make sure that you passed 1st grade English.
- Instead of "air bending slice", put "cactus juice" in your template so I can confirm you've read ALL of the rules.
- As always, have fun!

Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen):
Nen Category
(Conjurer, Enhancer, Emitter, Transmuter, Specialist, Manipulator; will be discovered later in the RP via Water Divination, but you can decide here):
Nen Power (Pretty much something like a Quirk (BNHA), i.e. Hisoka's Bungee Gum or Gon's Jajanken, it must have limits; after all, you are a high school kid):
- Restriction and Covenant (Certain conditions that make your Nen Power stronger, but you must uphold them, or you risk losing your ability to harness Nen, or even your life (though not usually as extreme, depending on one's attitude toward it, i.e. Kurapika's Nen Power, which could only be made stronger if used only on the Phantom Troupe; using it on anyone else would result in his death. Of course, you can use your power freely, but only when you aim to amplify its strength does a Restriction and Covenant become necessary):
Personality (Should generally match your Nen category):
Weapons (will be used only in the 200s and higher):
Backstory (Optional):

Name: Kenji Miura
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Kenji has short, spiky, silver hair and a slightly pale skin tone. His eyes take on a forest green color with flecks of bright emerald. Standing at 5'8, Kenji has a slim but muscular build. His normal attire will usually consist of a black tank top and navy jeans, paired with black sneakers.
Nen Category: TBD
Nen Power: TBD
- Restriction and Covenant: TBD
Personality: Kenji is very outgoing and friendly. He likes to befriend anyone no matter what their personality. However, he can be extremely serious when needed, so pushing his buttons so freely may not be the wisest thing to do.
Strengths: Kenji is agile and quick on his feet, so he can unleash many blows at once.
Weaknesses: Despite his speed, Kenji is a bit lacking in strength, so he uses a flurry of attacks to compensate.
Weapons: A Nagamaki blade with a long handle and a silver blade.
Other: drink cactus juice; i t ' l l q u e n c h y a

Name: Norou Zoldyck
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Appearance: Norou has jet black hair roughly brushed to the right and icy blue eyes that match his cold attitude. Standing at 5'9, he has a slim but muscular physique and weighs in at 156 lbs. He usually wears a silver tunic, black trousers, and black boots, even outside of the arena.
Nen Category: Transmuter
Nen Power: Lightning Curse; Having fused his aura with electricity, Norou is able to enhance all of his stats, such as strength, speed, defense, etc.
- Restriction and Covenant: Doing so for a long period of time puts a large physical strain on his body afterward.
Personality: Cold and ruthless would be the only to words to describe him. One of the more silent Zoldyck descendants, Norou only expresses any emotion when finding someone worthy of fighting or teaching (He usually scouts out potential students in Heavens Arena, though he has no intention of partaking in such combat himself).
Strengths: Norou is highly trained in the art of assassination, already making him quite deadly even without Nen.
Weaknesses: Because of his personality, he has a hard time making friends and trusting others, which is why he is usually found alone.
Weapons: None
Other: drink cactus juice; i t ' l l q u e n c h y a
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Heyo, stranger I’ve neverrrr spoken to.

Name: Tsero (“Zero”) Andilello
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: A shorter girl, Tsero has a slim figure and long, dark brown hair usually drawn up into a ponytail. Her face beats a pair of piercingly judgemental dark green eyes. Her skin is fair, on the paler side of the spectrum.
Nen Category: Unaware of t at the moment, to be discovered as an Enhancer.
Nen Power: As an Enhancer, she can give herself powerful bursts of speed. They aren’t anything from The Flash, but she does become more agile and runs with incredible speed. In anger/any extreme emotion, she can seemingly use it longer, although her power is extremely limited.
- Restriction and Covenant: When she pushes herself too much, using up too much of her power, she becomes extremely fatigued, potentially to the point of passing out. Sort of like- 25% more speed for five minutes, afterwards -50% for an hour.
Personality: Silent, the kind to dismiss people to play it safe. Incredibly untrusting at first encounter, and for the next hundred or so. An “eternal” soloist (we all know that’s gonna change). Secretly a total softie shhhh.
Strengths: Because she is a loner who’s generally unforgiving, she rarely hesitates in combat. Her lithe frame provides a surprising amount of speed and she has more than mediocre accuracy.
Weaknesses: Not very strong in up-close combat, when caught off guard (although rarely), it stumps her so hard that she literally blanks out for a moment.
Weapons: A simple, brown leather belt holding 4 throwing daggers (why is this my go-to weapon)
Backstory (Optional): To be written when I’m feeling more inspired and probably at the same time I write all the other things I don’t understand ! ;0
Other: she really likes cactus juice
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okay okay i edited the post, there's a new template to fill out; so sorry ;~;

also, you're gonna be on crunchy roll for a while lol, hxh is a pretty long anime
Name: Poitoxi "Poito" Drikog Darastrix
Gender: Male
Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen): 15
Appearance: His hair comes down to the middle of the neck and is pulled back in a short ponytail. His hair is a dirty blonde. His eyes are hazel, and his skin is a little pale. He's got a few scars on his body from dealing with bugs and chemicals. His musculature is quite toned and he looks slim if it weren't for them abs he loves so much. XD He is 6'4" (1.93 m) and weighs 200 lbs (90.72 kg).

His clothing choice looks Japanese, and follows the ninja trend when out and about, eavesdropping and sneaking around. When hanging about super casually, he'll have a male's kimono on. It's dark purple with green sashes on the waist and on the seams for the V-neck collar, which extends down to the waist, and looks a lot like a robe. It also extends up to the wrist with large sleeves. The bottom extends to the very ankles, concealing his legs. He also wears white socks with sandals that have little wooden raises that give him an extra inch in height. When not relaxing, he has on all black. His ninja clothes cover his entire body except for his eyes and hands, and he could pull back the head piece and let it dangle on the back if he wanted people to see his face. His boots have a zipper for easy wear, and he has on black socks with a gap in between the big toe and the small toe, making climbing easier. His shirt is actually a one piece where the gloves can go over the sleeves, and the boots can go over the.... Leg sleeves. He also has a dark purple, thick sash tied on the front with a neat bow on the front. His head gear also has a cover for his mouth and nose. On his back, he has two katanas, long and short. Even though they aren't very practical nowadays, he's too quiet to be heard for distance to matter. Otherwise, he'd use one of the various poisonous gas bombs or just a simple smoke bomb to conceal his presence when seen.
Nen Category: Doesn't know his Nen category yet, but it will be Conjurer.
Nen Power: Doesn't know his Nen Power yet, but it will be Acid Conjuration. He can only create and control 5000 mL (5 L) of acid at a time. Anymore and he'll faint.
- Restriction and Covenant: If he powers his Nen up in the future (once he figures it out), he'll be able to create and control a huge wave of acid and cloak himself in acid to protect himself. This acid can highly corrode matter and metals. Of course, he has to absorb (as in, drink or let soak in skin) at least 10 L of strong acid in a matter of 5 minutes for this to happen, like Sulfuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Battery Acid, or Hydrochloric Acid. If he tries to control more than 5 L of acid, he will lose his ability to control it for a time being and become extremely susceptible to chemical burns by acid, which could mean if he is in contact with weak acids it could hurt him as bad as strong acids, and even more so when in contact with strong acids. Also, he gets stomach pains from his own stomach acid.
Personality: He is very secretive and hides his emotions and his thoughts constantly, always on edge on who could betray him. Despite his paranoia, he's quite nice and extremely polite. He's also very loyal to his friends and family. He's a very justified person, so if something bad happens on his watch, he'll make sure it doesn't happen again... Or at least less often.
Strengths: Stealth, Dexterity, Speed
Weaknesses: Power, Paranoia (which could potentially cause him to act alone in a team effort and potentially screw something up), Doesn't trust people, Curiosity, Bases (the opposite of acids; water is okay though).
Weapons: Twin ninja swords and ten ninja stars.
Backstory (Optional): Due to the Darastrix family living near such an academy, the parents always wondered what abilities their children would have. Although, after losing one of their daughters when Catrina entered the academy at the age of 15, they've been at a loss, and didn't know which one of their children will be next. Regardless, this didn't stop the rest of the children, and it definitely didn't stop Poito. Poito was determined to find his oldest sister and bring about justice, as well as bring her back home safe. He didn't know what kind of Nen he'll have, but his sister, who is still enrolled in the academy, senses that his Nen is getting stronger and stronger as the days pass. Hopefully, he'll figure it out before it was too late. In the meantime, he'll just have to practice his ninja skills.
Other: He doesn't like cactus juice as much as Catrina does.
Name: Catrina "Cat" Darastrix
Gender: Female
Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen): 16
Appearance: Her hair is brown and it's really long (goes down to her mid-back). Also, her eyes are an emerald green. She has freckles that dot her face and her body is quite dark in comparison to Poito's. She has a good muscle build, and yet she's a bit on the chubby side. This chubbiness isn't unhealthy, and it disguises her muscles, but people still feel the need to comment on her muffin top. She usually wears a short skirt that is green with a light brownish-red rose on the sides. She also has a darker green blouse that has droopy sleeves and shows a bit of her cleavage. She also likes to wear some kind of open-toed sandals, especially Greek or Roman-like sandals for some reason. Maybe for comfortable reasons? She is 5'05" (1.65 m) and weighs 140 lbs (63.5 kg).
Nen Category: Manipulator
Nen Power: Nature Manipulation, as in controlling animals and trees and grass (can only either control animals or the plants, not both at the same time). Because of this, she has an innate understanding on how animals and plants work, and can communicate with them, but nothing too complicated.
- Restriction and Covenant: If an animal has died under her control, she will feel the pain of the animal. When this happens, her Nen goes on a rampage and to avenge the animal, she will cause the plants around her to bloom, and then become sickly, as they immediately use their roots and branches and vines to entangle a large group of people. Animals around her act strangely and will attack anything that moves near them. This could also include Catrina if she weren't stuck in one spot, and her friends. After this, she will faint from exhaustion, the animals regain their behavior and run off, while the plants used to attack will die if they're small enough or petrify. She can't do this if a plant she controls dies.
Personality: She is very serene and calm, in love with nature and the beauties it gives to the world. She is a little like a hippie, but she doesn't worship it. She can be stern at times, and her stubbornness can sometimes butt heads with her siblings or any individuals who are like-minded. She is very leader-like and won't stand to follow anyone's orders, unless they earn her respect. She can be a little dense at times, but most of the time, she has a good head on her shoulders. Just don't get her angry. If she's goofy, she can get a little flirtatious, especially with other females. She's also very artistic and creative.
Strengths: Kind, Loving, Social, Great with pets and animals alike.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Argumentative, Can be slightly snobby, Fire and Cold.
Weapons: Long chain with spiky ball on the end.
Backstory (Optional): Due to the Darastrix family living near such an academy, the parents always wondered what abilities their children would have. Although, after losing one of their daughters when Catrina entered the academy at the age of 15, they've been at a loss, and didn't know which one of their children will be next. Regardless, this didn't stop the rest of the children, and it definitely didn't stop Catrina. Catrina was determined to find her oldest sister. While she was enrolled and gained the ability to sense the power of other Nen around her, she sensed that her youngest sibling was starting to grow in power. Hopefully, he'll figure it out before it was too late. In the meantime, she'll just have to practice her powers and even maybe tend to her garden and many assortment of strange pets.
Other: She likes cactus juice.

There, made something XD

Here's the family tree:
Lyria - Mother
Daskar - Father
Pyros - Oldest sibling (Quadruplet #1)
Miel - 2nd oldest sibling (Quadruplet #2)
Stror - 3rd oldest sibling (Quadruplet #3)
Shadara "Shade" - 4th oldest sibling (Quadruplet #4)
Catrina - 5th oldest sibling (Twin #1)
Lorenza - 6th oldest sibling (Twin #2)
Poito - Youngest sibling

Shade will be the one missing, but I kind of want her to be tied to a villain of yours or something.

Aaaaand basically posted my character from the other RP into this one.
the 200th floor

EDIT: maybe that was a bit vague LOL

as you win fights starting from the first floor, you move up a certain amount of floors depending on your performance. once you get to the 200s, you may use weapons of your choice