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Open High School RP

Because, you know, that's how my mind works. It thinks of some random idea that totally isn't cliche or overused, and converts that into an RP.
So anywayš, you're a student at a high school which is currently named Lakewood Academy because REASONS(JK JK I got it from a random school name generator.) Hopefully, this name isn't totally overused.
RP rules:
1. No excessive swearing! I mean, a little swearing is okay, in reasonable situations. But don't go like **************************************** for the entire post.
2. Try to be realistic! Don't go all Ayano Aishi and start dropping dumbells from the school roof onto other students. Also, try not to murder anyone unless they give you their consent, I guess????
3. NO MARY SUES PLEASE. Sorry, but I'm the type of person who might devote her entire future to anti-sue/stu campaigns. So please, please don't create overly narcissistic characters.
And everything else from the roleplay rules that can be found here:
School rules:
School rules are rules that should be obeyed in the school, though if your character is feeling particularly rebellious, you may break them. Keep in mind that if teachers catch you breaking any rules, you may have to follow this format of punishment:
- If you break a rule for the first or second time, you will get a scolding from the teacher who witnessed you breaking it and get lunch detentions for a week
- If you break a rule three times, you will either get another month of daily detentions or get suspended for a day, depending on the teacher's impression of your character
- The fourth time you break a rule, you will get suspended for a week
- The fifth time, you will get suspended for a month
- The sixth time, you will be expelled unless you can explain your motive very clearly.
- The seventh time, you will be expelled not matter what
Rule no. 1: Do not make a mess in the halls. The janitors have a hard enough time already.
Rule no. 2: Since Lakewood is a boarding school, clean up your own dorms. The janitors will not go into your rooms. No exceptions.
Rule no. 3: If you cause a gigantic spectacle or racket during class (not like shout-out-the-answers-out-loud kind, but the screaming-your-head-off-and-throwing-things-around kind), you will be punished accordingly
Rule no. 4: Students will not go into the dorms of other students unless given clear permission to
Rule no. 5: Stealing from fellow students will result in automatic expulsion
Rule no. 6: Purposely harming another student, mentally or physically, will result in a one-week suspension
And, um, if you find a loophole, please contact me ASAP.
Here is the discussion board: http://pokecharms.com/threads/high-school-rp-discussion.15025/
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(Since nobody is posting, I'll start. The RP starts on the first day of school when you first arrive at the Academy)
Noelle glanced at the school in front of her. Her parents had mentioned that Lakewood was quite big, but she hadn't realized that it would be, well, this huge. She felt slightly nauseous at the fact that she would be spending the rest of the year in this posh, gigantic school. Her family wasn't exactly super rich, so why had they sent her here instead if letting her stay at her old school? She had thought that she had overpacked, but compared to the other students' trunks, her suitcase was nothing. Then again, she didn't really bring anything. Just the study materials she as required to bring, a few (okay, maybe more than a few) books to read when she was bored, a navy blue thick, lined notebook which doubled as a sketchbook for her, stationary, and some clothing that she would need. She hoped that there wouldn't be any jerks in the school this year.
Fred Bloggs arrive on the gates of Lakewood Academy. "Oh yea! A new school!" he said to himself "This will be awesome"
Fred was the top of his class at his old school, and couldn't wait for everyone else to experience his genius.

He looked up at the school in front of him, so this was where he was staying? Seemed a bit... Old fashioned for him, but it was big. He saw Noelle standing near him but decided not to talk to her, soon enough he would have all the friends anywyas
Natasha walked up to the entrance of Lakewood high school and admired it "wow its so beautiful i cant believe i get to stay here all year this is going to be so much fun!" Natasha said, she was so exited to finally be at her dream school she couldn't wait to get to her dorm and start making new friends. Natasha looked around at the people walking into the high school and there bags "well i guess i did over pack" Natasha aid to her self turning to look at her two suit cases and backpack full of stuff "oh well i guess the quicker i get to my dorm the quicker i can dump my bags" Natasha was so exited that she started to run into the school not looking where she was going and ran into Fred "ohh so sorry about that" Natasha said "i guess i should look where i'm going"
(@SMRPG64 Shoot. I wrote Kayenne on the form, but I guess she'll just be Noelle for now.)
Noelle checked her phone as she walked through the entrance of the school. Okay. Dorm 132. She hoped she got a nice dorm mate, but she didn't really mind much. If they were mean, she would just avoid the dorm as much as she could and hang something up the middle of the room to separate their areas. If they were nice, woohoo. She stopped right outside her dorm's door and opened it. It was a really cool room, with two sections separated by a lilac curtain and a bathroom. Noelle decided to claim the area farther from the door, as that was the side where the window was located. There was also a dresser and reading desk on each side, which she wasn't really used to. She dumped her suitcase at the foot of her bed and walked back outside, determined to explore the entire school before dinner.
Natasha shrugged "i guess hes not a friendly person then" she said walking into the school "now what dorm am i in again" she asked herself taking out her phone "here it is dorm 132, that's just down the hall if i'm not mistaken" Natasha said running down the corridor to the dorm "i wonder who my room mates are?" Natasha said excitedly before she stopped there was a girl standing out the front of her dorm Natasha approached her "Hello is this your dorm?" Natasha asked with a smile "if so nice to meet you i'm Natasha your room mate!" She said with an exited tone.
A boy was walking down the corridor lined with several doors; Rostov Ivanov. He kept looking down on a slip of paper and looking back up at the dorm numbers that stood above the doors. Sighing, he kept looking down on the paper. "Dorm 193... 193..." Rostov kept looking around, still looking for his dorm room. Looking for his dorm wasn't his only worry, Rostov was also a bit worried on not knowing who his room mate will be.
After about fifteen more minutes of walking and looking up, Rostov have finally found his dorm room. "Ah! Finally!" He said relieved. "About time too..." Rostov thought, now digging though his pocket for his key. Pulling his key out, he started to unlock the door.
Kathleen stood looking at the school. She has to pull some strings to get her here and now she was! She pulled her bags behind her. Her eyes shown excitement as she walking in. Kathleen was young for being in 9th grade. Her age group matched the 8th grades, so all Kathleen could assume that she might not be best fit for being friends with the other 9th graders.

Kathleen past though the dorm rooms. Her dorm was 130. She didnt even know who her roommate was or even if she had one. Kathleen noticed another girl go into the dorm acrost from her, dorm 132. She didnt think much of it as she entered her dorm. It has two split sections identical to each other. They both had a bed, a dresser, and a desk on each side.

Kathleen choose the bed to the left of the dorm woth the window. She set her stuff on her bed to claim it and started unpacking. 'May as well do it now then later.' She thought as she put her clothes away and put some sheets on the bed.
Josh walked up to the rusty gate. He never saw a place like this before. His old school was a big dump, all because of Bobby santinez, and his gang. They always messed the place up. Well, time to go in, Josh thought. He would make new friends, and hopefully not lose any like he did in his last school. Trevor Brand, his used to be best friend, left him after they lost the big football game. Josh was afraid he just lost his best friend, and he did. He lost all his other friends, like Walter Streak, Marcus Vetiolne, and Marie Fisher. Now, it would probably be the same. "Hello," Said a kid Josh's age. Josh did'nt answer. Suddenly, a big kid pushed Josh down on the ground!
Olivia was a an anxious mess. She had never been to a brick and mortar school before, she was always home schooled by her overbearing parents. She was just about to touch the door handle to her first classroom when she sulked down against the door. "Breathe. You can't do this on your first day." She ended up finally opening up the door to her Home Room (History), and tried to hide her face as she went to the back of the class to sit.
Rostov opened the door and stepped inside; his room mate hasn't arrived yet. He sighed in relief, now knowing he was the first one to arrive to his room. Closing the door behind him, he set his bag down beside the bed on the right of the room and looked around. "... Hm. I suppose these rooms are better then the ones over in mother Russia..." Rostov murmured. He opened his bag, setting his school supplies off to the side and took his bedsheets out, proceeding to make his bed.