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Private/Closed Hoenn Trainer Academy

Winter gazed out of the train window, it was quite a long journey from Slateport. She already missed Johto, but was excited for her new journey. Her Sylveon sat on the seat beside her, Sylveon was just as excited as Winter was. Winter looked around, wondering if any of the trainers on board were going to the Hoenn Trainer Academy. She couldn't wait, she was super excited about Performance class. She would get to show other trainers her routines!

"Syl! Sylveon!" Sylveon exclaimed.

Winter rushed to the window and saw LilyCove City approaching rapidly, The train began to slow down. Winter grabbed her backpack and Sylveon wrapped her ribbon around Winters hand. Together they stepped off of the train and grinned, this was just the beginning.
Cleo saw the girl step out of the train excitedly he to was going to the hoenn academy he stepped out with de by his side he smiled at it at walked past the girl before looking back over his shoulder, waving, then turning around again
Felix yawned as his train pulled into Lilycove station, and he nudged his Vulpix awake. Fae opened her eyes blearily, before stretching and hopping from the seat. The boy smiled at her and gathered his bag, and together they exited the train. The farther Felix walked from the station, the more excited he became. He was finally getting to go to the academy of his dreams, and the long trip from Johto was completely worth it. Fae yipped at his feet, and he already knew what that meant. "Alright, alright," he chuckled as he scooped up the Vulpix in his arms and carried her, which she seemed pleased about.

The city was bustling, with everything from open-air markets selling delicious smelling food and other goods to people simply milling around, walking with and without destinations. Felix stopped by a food stall and bought himself and Fae each a Razz Berry Poffin, smiling as he bit into the sweet. He looked around, wondering which way the academy was exactly, as he had forgotten to pick up a map at the train station.
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Winter smiled and waved back at the boy, then she ran off to explore LilyCove. There seemed to be some sort of festival going on, as there were many markets and stalls. Winter bought Sylveon and herself a pokepuff. She brought out her map and found the academy, Winter ran as fast as she could towards it.

Winter could see the points of a huge castle like building in the distance. She reached the top of the hill and gasped as she saw the academy. It was a huge beautiful stone castle! There was a huge lake and a forest near it. Winter walked towards the academy nervously, she was so excited but very anxious at the same time. The grand castle doors were open.

Winter walked inside and was immediately greeted by an old man in an orange jumpsuit. "I'm Professor Cedar, and you are?" He asked. "Uh... I'm Winter Wallow" Winter replied nervously. Professor Cedar pulled out a clipboard and scanned it with his eyes, he found her name and ticked it off. "Welcome to Hoenn Trainer Academy!" He exclaimed, Professor Cedar handed Winter a key and a sheet of paper. "This is your schedule and your room key" He said. Winter looked down at the key, room 9. Professor Cedar studied her for a moment and then scribbled something down on his clipboard, "You are in the Chari Team, rooms are down the corridor and to the right." Professor Cedar said, "If you need me, I'll be in my office, just up those stairs"

Winter anxiously walked down The corridor then turned right, she found herself looking at the door of room 9. She twisted her key into the lock, and opened the door.
Cleo followed behind winter who looked like she knew where she was going. He arrived at the academy am and smiled at the man I'm "cleo... cleo forest" he stammered quitely he waited for a replie
"Ah yes! Cleo Forest." Professor Cedar said, he handed him a room key and a schedule. "Boys dorms are down the corridor and to the left" Professor Cedar said, "Oh and you're in Chari"

Winter began to set up her room, she put a basket on the ground and put pillow and blankets in it for Sylveon. She put her books and her backpack on her desk and then sat down on the bed, she looked across the room and saw another bed. That meant she might have a roomate. She quickly moved her stuff to her side of the room and then started to unpack her suitcase. There were a bunch of things she needed, one of them being her performance costumes. She entered a small wardrobe room, she took one side of the racks and started to hang her outfits on them. There was a white tutu like dress draped in blue silk and a gold dress with silver lace. She hung up all of her other clothes and then looked at her schedule, classes started tomorrow. She grinned as she saw a Pokemon performance class.
"Oh cool" he smiled he walked Down the hall and saw the girl walk into her dorm he smiled as he fiddled with his keys and attempted to unlock the door. His first 4 try's failed but he finally did it on his fifthhe entered his room and saw everything in pairs "oh cool I have a roommate" he said unpacking his stuff
Felix decided to ask one of the people nearby for directions. "Excuse me," he asked a woman in line to buy fresh fish. "Could you tell me where I can find the Trainer's Academy?"

The school must have been a pride of the city, because the woman's eyes lit with comprehension and she began to give him directions. He thanked her when she finished and headed off in that direction. Pretty soon, he began to see a large stone castle on the horizon. He grinned at the find and began trekking up the hill, marveling at the architecture as he stepped through the doors. He noticed that there was already a boy there talking to an older man, who was peering at a clipboard. A professor, perhaps? When the two finished, Felix stepped up to the man and said, "my name is Felix Summers."

The man hummed and looked at his clipboard. "Ah, Summers. Looks like you're in Chari, as well. My name is Professor Cedar, and I'll be your research teacher," he said. With that, he handed Felix a schedule and room key, directing the boy in the direction of the boy's dorms. When he arrived, he noticed that the boy from before was also there. "Hi," he said as he stood in the doorway. "Are you, by any chance, my roommate?"
Winter put on a scarf and a beanie, Sylveon wrapped her ribbon around Winters arm and they began to explore. They wandered through the corridors, peaking into classrooms. She stepped outside into the cold Autumn air. The lake was half frozen and the grass was frosty. Winter quickly hurried back into the warm building. She found a huge library and pulled out a book on Hoenn. She sat down on a comfy couch and began to read.
Cammy wasn’t pleased with the way things had turned out. Staring out of the car’s window she thought about how she actually wanted to travel by train for once, but her parents wouldn’t allow her. All she wanted was to stand on her own two feet, but here she was, being guided towards her destination like always. Not a single say in the matter. It was frustrating to say the least.

“Why couldn’t I go by train? It’s just one train directly to Lilycove City, I wouldn’t be able to get lost even if I wanted to!” Cammy was voicing her irritation, but it fell to deaf ears.

Her parents never listened to her. Frustrated she dug around in her bag to find the Love Ball containing her companion on this trip. The Love Ball wasn’t as clean as she wanted it to be so to distract herself from the seemingly endless trip she took out a handkerchief to rub it until it nearly sparkled in the sunlight. “There we go, nice and shiny.” Cammy seemed very pleased with the result of her cleaning, but even more so with the fact that the car had stopped.

Stepping out into the sunlight she didn’t bother waving her parents goodbye and simply rushed off into the bustling city. There was a market of sorts and Cammy couldn’t help but be absolutely captivated by the pretty sights and smiling people. Everybody was having such a great time! She couldn't help but get distracted by it and started wandering around the market, seemingly forgetting she was on her way to the Academy.
"Felix," he replied. "Nice to meet you." He dragged his heavy backpack into the room and set it down on the bed closest to the door. It had deep purple bedcovers with a gold, horizontal stripe down the middle, matching the Chari house colors. Fae hopped from his arms and onto the bouncy material, probably already deciding which side was hers. There were two nightstands in between the beds, one for each student, each with its own reading lamp. Across the room were also two oak desks with matching chairs. He breathed in deeply and smelled clean linen.

"So, Cleo. Do you know what you wanna focus on at the Academy?" He asked, making small talk. He opened his bag and frowned at the little clothing that he had brought. Each side of the room had a separate closet, so he walked over to the one Cleo wasn't occupying and hung up what little he had, including a slightly worn tuxedo. He needed to remember to buy a new one for his performance class.
Cleo smiled at Felix "well Pokémon performance is something I'm looking forward to.... not that I'd be any good" he smiled as he looked though his schedule "if I was pair with that girl it would be awesome" he thought "but Pokémon care is what I think I'll succeed in" he said smiling
Winter closed the book, it was pretty confusing about some old teams called Magma and Aqua. Whatever it was she didn't need to know about it now. Winter walked down the corridor with Sylveon, she heard people talking. She peeked round the corner and saw the boy that had waved at her before.
Felix looked back at him with a grin. "Pokèmon Care is what I'm looking forward to," he said. "But don't sell yourself short. If Performance is what you're excited about, I'm sure you're gonna do great!"

"Vul! Vul!" Fae yipped suddenly. Felix looked back through the open doorway and saw a girl there, with a Sylveon standing beside her. "Hey," he greeted, putting the last hanger on the rod.
"Hi" Winter said, then she spotted the cute little Vulpix. She rushed over to it and knelt down. "It's so cute! Is it yours?" She exclaimed. Winter then blushed, "Sorry... I'm Winter and this is Sylveon" She said. She loved cute Pokemon, that was why Sylveon was such a good match for her.
Eric walked into school. "We are finally here! Oh my! It looks amazing" Lucie The Riolu started to jump around, and bumped into Fae. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry about Lucie, my Riolu!"
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Professor Cedar was about to go checkup on Felix and Cleo when he saw Eric. "Hi there!" Professor Cedar said, "I'm Professor Cedar and you are?"
"Oh I am Eric, and this is my partner, Lucie The Riolu" Eric stated. Sorry if I am late, I come all the way from Sinnoh
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"Yeah, this is Fae," Felix chuckled, also kneeling down to pet Sylveon excitedly. "Don't let her fool you, though. She's kind of a brat. I'm Felix, by the way. The quiet one's Cleo." Fae glared up at her trainer with indignation at being called a 'brat.'
Professor Cedar ticked Eric's name off of the list. "Well Eric, You're in the Chari House." Professor Cedar said, "Here's your schedule and your room key"
Professor Cedar handed Eric a sheet of paper and a small silver key. He then walked off, whistling to himself.

"Sylveon can be pretty petty as well" Winter said. Sylveon scowled at her and then turned back to Fae, she had never seen a Vulpix before. Sylveon extended her ribbons and patted Fae. Winter stood up, "What subjects are you guys most interested in?" She asked. She looked over to Cleo, he was Definitley the boy who waved at her.
"Mind I stroke Vulpix? Also, do you want to pet Lucie, be careful, she can be a trickster, she has stolen many people's things." Eric asked. "Don't worry though, she always gives them back" Eric then whispered. "Riolu was hanging on a light. "Also, thanks for the key and schedule"

"My favourite subject is caring for Pokemon by the way" Eric stated.
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Cleo smiled and quietly said "well I'd like to do Pokémon preforming or something like that can't remember, but I think I'll be good a Pokémon care". De looked at all the Pokémon and whimpered
"I'm interested in Performing and Battling" Winter said, "Where are you guys from? I'm from Johto"

Sylveon gently lifted Fae into the air with her ribbons. Sylveon often did this to Pokemon as lots of them found it fun.
Cleo smiled before looking at de "hey what's up little guy" he asked picked up the deino of whom started to cry a little, cleo smiled at him and stroked his head "it's ok little guy"
Fae watched the ribbons with equal parts caution and interest, before they lifted her into the air. Her eyes widened and she kicked her little legs into the air. "I'm thinking about Pokémon Care," Felix said thoughtfully, amused at Fae's expense. He noticed a stranger in the doorway. "Sure, I bet she doesn't mind the attention," he replied to his question before smiling sardonically. "And it's not like I have much for your Riolu to steal. I left most of my stuff at home."
"Oh, I am from Sinnoh, Solaceon Town infact! It was sad to leave, I really liked it in Sinnoh...." Eric wiped a tear and Riolu is still on a light.
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Winter looked out the large window, the sun was beginning to slip out of view. They had a day full of lessons tomorrow. "I think I'm gonna go to bed" Winter said, yawning.

Sylveon twirled Fae around on the air and then gently put her down. Sylveon returned to her trainers side.
"Night," Felix called and yawned. "I think I'm gonna retire, too." Once the two trainers and their Pokémon had left, he fell back onto his bed and noticed the Deino in Cleo's arms. "Is he alright?" He asked, concerned. Fae, still wobbly from her impromptu ride, jumped onto the bed beside him. He looked at the clock on one of the nightstands, which read 7:30 with a blinking green light.
Cleo looked at de then Felix "this little guys just shy and misses unova" he said placing de on the bed next to him "how your vulpix going... being away from home and all" he inquired
Felix looked at his Pokémon. She seemed to be doing alright; she was curled up at his side grooming her fur, as it was still a little ruffled. "I think she's doing all right. We spent a lot of time hanging around Goldenrod, our home city, during the day instead of home, so I think she's pretty used to traveling. I'm not really sure though." Maybe when he learned more in his classes, he'd be able to read Pokemon's emotions better and tell what they were thinking? "I know I'm nervous, though."
Cleo looked up at the roof still stroking de hair "hey your not alone I'm terrified I always am" he smiled at de "at least you know how this place works I've alway seemed to be the odd one out" he said and he sighed "but hey if you never bother making friends what else would happen" he chuckled awkwardly
"Thanks," Felix murmured, and after a moment of thought, sat up on the bed, lotus-style. "But hey, we're in this together. You, me, Winter, and all the students and Pokemon here are in the same boat. So let's help each other out, yeah? Odd one out or not." He stood, trying to diffuse the awkwardness, and rummaged through the remainder of his bag before pulling out a toothbrush and a pair of pyjamas. He stepped into the tiny bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.
Fae paused as she was combing through one of her tails with her teeth. "Vul- pix," she hummed, before continuing her grooming.

Felix returned, fully dressed, and burrowed beneath his covers to escape the cold. He set the alarm on the nightstand for eight, since their first class began at nine, if he remembered right. "I think I'm gonna take an early night, since tomorrow's our first day of classes. 'Night," he said. "All three of you."
"Ugh, I'm so late!" Alex Coleman shouted as he entered the school. Arrow, his Fletchling partner, few by his side. He rushed past the gates and straight into a man in an orange jumpsuit.
"Someone's exicted," Professor Cedar said, standing back up, while rubbing his head. he stuck his hand out for Ray to grab and helped pull him to his feet.
"I'm Alex Coleman. I'm a little late," Alex said sheepishly.
Professor Cedar nodded and pointed down the hall. "You my boy belong to Fotia." Professor Cedar said, tossing Alex a key. "Well you better hit the hay." Alex nodded and rushed off into his room. The room was dark, and somebody was fast asleep. He tossed his stuff by the bed, and leapt onto it, falling asleep. Arrow did the same, but laying on the bedside table to sleep.
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Winter woke up at 8:30am the next morning. She picked up her schedule and gasped, her first class was in 30 minutes! She quickly pulled on her grey sweater and her galaxy leggings. She wore a scarf and a beanie as it was chilly. She looked at her schedule, she had Pokemon research first. Sylveon wrapped her ribbons around Winter's hand. They walked over to where the boys rooms were, "Are you guys up, you better be or you'll be late!" She called. Then Winter walked off in search of Pokemon nresearch classroom.