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House of NIght RP OCC

(Hey guys sorry about all of the RP discussions i keep posting im just getting a lot of goo ideas that i think we could use.)

Those of us who know about the House of Night know the story. Basically a teenager names Zoey becomes a fledgling (changing vampyre) through a chemical change that occurs in their bodies these teens now have to be near Adult vampyres or their bodies will reject the change and they will die, even some who are around adult vamps die because of this. Fledglings are marked by a tracker when discovered they will become fledglings this mark is a saphire blue outlie of a crescent moon place directly in the middle of their forehead if the fledgling makes it through the change their mark fills in and expands down to their jawline or to their cheekbone depending on the nature of the mark, this mark usualy shows a trait of that person such as Dragon Lankford having dragons that seem to breath fire at the crescent. At the House of Night the students are catagorized by form third former is a freshman, fourth former is a sophomore, fifth former is a junior, and sixth former is a senior, it is also worth noting that vampyres live in a matriarichal society meaning that women have control rather than men. Vampyres worship a goddess, Nyx, they beleive in five elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. The elements are listed in this way because they represent a direction on a compass Air being East where you would start casting a circle, Fire to the south, water to the west, earth to the north and then spirit is the center. Some fledglings are granted affinities with one or more of these elements though its not so common in males who mainly get affinities for the physical realm like swordsmanship or reflexes or speed or in one case never to miss what one is aiming at, (please note now that vampyres do not have fangs and dont explode in the sunlight and garlic is just fine for them to eat).

As far as plot goes what i thought was we were all atending a House of Night in a city somewhere in the world ill let you guys agree on that just make it a somewhat major city, and Kalona (really bad fallen consort/warrior to Nyx) has fled Tulsa and is now ensnaring the fledglings and vampyres at our House of Night so our job as the few who resist him (probably 10-15) is to fight him off as well as his demonic raven human hybrid children born from Kalona raping cherokee women these creatures are known as Raven Mockers the most famous of whom is Rephiam who has fallen in love with Stevie Rae (really long story go read the books to find out) we may also bring in some characters from the main series such as Zoey or Stark or maybe even the whole "Nerd Herd" (haha love that) but thats up to you guys.

As far as characters heres a format you can use or you can use your own.

Form/Vampyre: (what former are you or if your a vampyre or not)
Affinity (if any no more than one elemental affinity guys we cant all be Zoey here)
History: (completely optional)
Original name: (fledglings are legaly emancipated and can freely change their name after entering a house of night)
MArk: (if your a vampyre describe your mark dont be afraid to throw in detail on it too.)

My character will be.

Name: Takuya Decade
Gender: Male
Form/Vampyre: Vampyre
Affinity: Swordsmanship, agility, and Fire
History: Takuya (Tyler) was originaly from Yelm Washington a small little town where theres barely anything really, he grew up in a house that made him feel like a failure and the day he was marked everything changed he tried as hard as he could in all his classes and when he finally changed he was given a position as the Swordsmaster and professor at a new house of night. Takuya is loyal and trustworthy and will only use his sword when it is absolutely nessacary.
Original Name: Tyler Sorensen
Mark: My mark is that of two Wolves one on each side of my face that look as if they are jumping at the crescent while grape vines entangle them and circle the moon this mark goes down to my jawline.