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how do i access my old trainer cards and image posts?

i just came back from a year of not visiting, out of curiosity for the pokecharms site's status, and to my surprise it was updated! unfortunately, that also leaves me confused as to where my saved trainer cards from before have gone. unless they are in a place on my profile i haven't checked, i don't see them anywhere. this worries me, since i wanted to re-save them to my new hard drive since my old one - containing the saved cards - got destroyed in an incident involving a very big and very heavy figurine and my wonderfully stupid cat. i want to be able to have these again, but i can't find them for the life of me. please don't say they're gone forever, that would sadden me.

also, a similar situation would involve my original trainer sprites that i had posted on here. i can't find those, either. please someone inform me of where to get these because i would love to have them saved in a more secure manner. thanks.