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If you could make a Pokemon gym (or similar), what would it be?


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Gyms have always seemed really interesting as a concept to me, and I've often thought about what gym I would make if I was a Pokemon developer. I bet some of you have developed your own ideas as well, so I figured why not share them? Your gym can stick with the video-game rules or something only possible in the anime or manga, or maybe something else entirely! It doesn't have to have a type as much as it does some sort of cohesive theme - sound, weather, space, or anything else you might have thought of. The gym might take place in an existing region, in one of your own creation, or maybe a gym without a region. This doesn't have to be a gym, either! If you have an idea for the battle frontiers or something similar, or even just a trainer that could be a gym leader, I'd love to hear about it!

Whoops, forgot about trials for Sun/Moon! Those are really interesting too, and I'd love to see it if anyone had ideas for something like that!
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My gym-like area would be an Electric-type gym with a futuristic theme. You would go through a maze of teleporters and battle trainers as you go. Eventually, you'll reach the Gym Leader, Daniel, and his god-arse-level team.

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My gym would probably be a combination of stone & simple gardens. So maybe some indoor trees & hedges with skylights & cobblestone walkways, or something like that. Basically a park in a building.