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If you were of the opposite gender ...

I was having this conversation with some friends today ... we all came up with pretty different answers, some strange, and, well ... some boring. :V

Well, if I were a boy I would sing Beyonce I would buy a whole load of suits, ties, shirts and waistcoats and wear the hell out of them. (pretty much the only thing I don't like about being a girl is that guys pull off suits, ties, shirts and waistcoats waaaaay better than (straight) girls. Well, most of the time. >> I'd never dare wear that combo, but boy, some people (go look at OK Go/Damian Kulash) really do :U)
If I were a girl, I'd grow my hair out to my waist because I could get away with it. I'd also wear really crazy earrings because I love crazy earrings.

Basically I'd just wear all the clothes I think would be fun to wear, but are girl clothes. Purses seem really useful and fun, so I'd get one of those and load it up with all sorts of junk. Then I'd run around with my long hair and my earrings and my purse and I'd shove my boobs in everyone's face because I'd have them. Productice day.

Shiny Pyxis

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if I were a boy, nothing would really change. Okay, that's a lie; my hair would be shorter, my closet would have clothes that looked more sporty, and I would play basketball on the weekend with my dad and my friends when I had time. Besides that, due to my family background/culture, I would still be the nerdy person that I am, studying for tests, reading manga/watching anime, playing video games sometimes, etc.

I would love being a guy, though, because they don't have to worry too much about curling/straightening their hair, and I wouldn't have my mom nagging over my posture as much or whatever. Plus, I would be able to play sports with friends and not seem like a weirdo for doing so (because I love basketball and tennis and table tennis with a passion, but none of my friends do D:)
Okay. I actually have been thinking about this. If I were a girl, I would definitely grow my hair longer. I like my hair long, but my mom is always all "IMMA CUT YOUR HAIR, IT'S TOO LONG" and if I were a girl, I could grow it as long as I want and not hear her complain about it. Score one.
Plus, I'd wear all sorts of jewelry and shiny things because I effing LOVE shiny things. And I could wear the brightest of purples and not have anyone complain. Score two.
I've always wondered what it's like to wear a dress. Or a skirt. IIWAG (if I Were A Girl) I would know. But I probably wouldn't wear them. I'm more of a jeans person. >.> And then I could join a sports team and tell the guys "So what if I'm a girl, I'm just as good as you" then I'd hit them with a bat, put lipstick on them and run away. Score three.
But other than that, my personality would be the same, really. Smart, funny, insane, and loving books with a passion. I guess I'd have all the same friends, because most of them are girls, but I'll have guys friends too. Plus, no one would make fun of me for the way I act. Trust me, this is a great thing, and you'd be happy if you were me. Score four.
I forgot something: I'd still be the best in the school when it comes to archery. They ain't got nothin' on me! (Excuse my poor grammar; I'd still be, what's the term, a Grammar Nazi if I were a girl.)
I wonder, being a guy could have my life to be more enjoyable, in truth. I'd definitely have a different look at others' point of view.
Due to culture, we have to act all proper and stuff for 'marriage and other terms for life.'
I could slack anytime I wanted, I could actually get motivated and play sports more often- being a girl for me means that sports aren't cut out for me.
I believe them, cause well, too little too late.
In this case I mean, I've been taught all this stuff since I was little, that it was customary and that I should follow the custom.

Although, I'd stay the same other than that. Book/Anime/Manga/Manhwa lover, mature and more of the friendly kind of person (unless there is someone who I detest to NO end; and that is rare.)

Life is awfully sweet and has its' own beauty. Too bad the more beautiful things wither faster...

StellarWind Elsydeon

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The only difference would be physiological. I would be armblading n00bs left and right regardless of my chromosome composition. That's just how I roll.
I'd still be a pokemon nerd, and I'd still be a kick-ass black belt, and I'd still be ridiculously smart/lazy.

I'd just have breasts like my sister and a girly voice ;)
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Kerauno said:
I've always wondered what it's like to wear a dress. Or a skirt. IIWAG (if I Were A Girl) I would know.

Same here, I've always wondered how that feels. Sometimes I feel like I was born the wrong gender, but then I consider the pros and cons for both sides. It usually ends up with me being all confused D:

But I guess I wouldn't change too much. Personality-wise at least. I'd probably be wearing more girly clothes and do more girly stuff, just because I can :)

StellarWind Elsydeon said:
The only difference would be physiological. I would be armblading n00bs left and right regardless of my chromosome composition. That's just how I roll.

Hell yeah.


Hero of Pizza
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Well, I was a huge tomboy when I was younger so I probably wouldn't be much different hobby-wise. Mentally and physically however... I have no idea. Males and females are different in various ways, so it'd be unrealistic to assume we'd be the exact same emotionally as we are now. Parts of my personality are very female-oriented, so ... huh.

[me=Linkachu]tries not to SCIENCE! this question but can't help it. ;_;[/me]

So, der, yeah. Let's just say I'd still be a gamer and leave it at that. :p

(However, Tun had the right idea. Nothing suits you like a suit.)
Personally, I'd love to be a female for pretty much the same reasons as Virgil and for the exact reverse reasons as Tun, which is ttly not the same thing :p . As a male, I feel that there's not a lot variation in fashion for a guy- You're basically stuck to pants/jeans, T-shirts, jackets and waistcoats with the added bonus of shawls and hats, but even those two look better on girls.

So, yeah, if I had the choice to go back in time and be born as a hot girl, it would be what I had chosen because I'd be able to wear things like skirts, bodywarmers without people calling you fat, those long shirts that cover the upper part of your lower legs (Shirtskirts?), loads of jewelry and make-up 'n stuff.

The same with hair- I have long hair for a boy, reaching slightly past the base of my neck and covering most of my face when not hairflipped away (Gogo Gadget ttly real noun :''D) but really long hair looks odd on a male person, while a girl can let it grow to the bottom of her back for all she cares.

Hee, aren't we a lovely bunch of genderbenders<3

Picnicker Virgil said:
I'd shove my boobs in everyone's face because I'd have them.

Well, I have thought about this before when I am bored. Since males commonly have greater strength than females, I would run around doing all sorts of sporting events (pushup contests, basketball, sparring, etc.) and do at least slightly better due to my increased strength. My wardrobe would be a bit less feminine in cut (since around age thirteen, boys clothes got too big, and I preferred boy's clothes), but still have a similar design. My hair would probably be a bit long for a male's, as the male haircuts I like are late-Beatles' shags.

On to other things. If I were male, I wouldn't have sexist comments thrown at me when I participate in more 'male-oriented' activities. One time in sophomore year, I helped some larger males empty the dumpster into the garbage truck. I got the comment of "Hey, I didn't know you guys needed a cheerleader."

On the health issue, prostate exams sound even less fun than pap smears. Urgh. At least being sterilized is much cheaper and easier.
My sister and I discussed something like this one.

Honestly, I'd be like Stel, I wouldn't be that diffferent. I would even still be interested in girls. I don't care if I would be a girl, I've been one and been around guys too long to ever think they're attractive e_e No offense, you make the best friends on earth, but I wouldn't be interested in you.

As for anything else, I would probably get away with a lot more stuff. I know, it seems sexist, but around here women are given a lot more courtesy. Plus, I guess I'd were a skirt, just to see what all the hubub was about. I don't need to try on an actual dress though, and I'm not telling why 8I But no, I do not care if my gal pals want to go shopping, I will not do that.

Sadly, I'd turn my body into a barbie doll, just modeling what my body would look like in jeans. I'd probably take better care of myself too, so I can look good in 'em.

Picnicker Virgil said:
Basically I'd just wear all the clothes I think would be fun to wear, but are girl clothes. Purses seem really useful and fun, so I'd get one of those and load it up with all sorts of junk. Then I'd run around with my long hair and my earrings and my purse and I'd shove my boobs in everyone's face because I'd have them. Productice day.

XD Virgil, that just made my day! As for a purse....sure, I'd hide a brick in there just to hit people with :I

Omg, I just thought of somethingelse. Sure, I'd still be a lesbian, but I's probably go out with a guy or two, then really freak them out by saying in a very manly voice.... I USED TO BE A GUY. THen watch as they scream and cry and begin wondering what sexual orientation they belong to XD
Why did I see this thread first? >_>

I'm often mistaken for girl, due to my long hair. While other people with long hair I know never seem to get mistaken, its a conspiracy when it comes to me. Ironically, if I were to do the same stuff now, except if I was a girl, I'd be considered a tomboy :x

But to the point, I agree. Girls always seem to have much more choice when it comes to clothes/fashion. I find all my clothes can be grouped into generic groups: jeans, shirts, t-shirts, other pants, winter stuff, autumn stuff and going out stuff.
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I would be totally gay (first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title) and probably pretty much the same. I think my name might've been Graham, had I been a boy >.>

In fact my wardrobe would probably be worse as a guy than it is now, what with my natural perchance to skinniness - though being a dapper gay man I could get away with ladies' jeans. And a top hat. I really want a top hat. I think my MMO characters would still be female as they just look better (the models tend to have more care put into them than the male ones) and my OC/RP characters would still be predominatly male. I'd rock the half-arsed approach.

Oh, and my hair would be short.

Psycho Monkey

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Linkachu said:
[me=Linkachu]tries not to SCIENCE! this question but can't help it. ;_;[/me]

I know, as a scientist it's so hard not to try to rationalize what affects hormone level changes would have.

Personality wise I'd probably be a tomboy with an exactly similar traits as male Psycho Monkey. Despite that I would totally wear zettai ryouiki for no better reason than I have a zettai ryouiki fetish ::) Like many of my male turned female associates, I'd grow my hair because it would be so cute ♥ Just like male Psycho Monkey looks better with short spiky hair, female Psycho Monkey would look better with longer hair. I would have to see my female self to determine what range of length would be preferable and more comfortable.
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Some interesting answers XD

As a child I'd have been very much the same. I was a major tomboy, rolling in the mud and climbing every tree I came across. Ah, those were the days~

Hobby-wise I'd probably be pretty similar to what I am now. I'd still loves me some Pokemon. However, had I been a boy I think that my Dad would have totally pushed me into playing Rugby like he did. It's what's happened with my Brother, so I guess it'd have been me had I not been born a girl.

I also think if I'd be a very 'proper' kind of boy - you know, all that 'oh, sweet lady, would you care for a dance?'. As that's how romance starts in my mind, I assume that'd be how I'd have turned out :V

I'd love being able to have my hair really short. My hair annoys me so, especially on windy days D:<

I would probably be very different emotionally, and have different outlooks on things. To be fair, I've never been one for make-up and the like, so I think that side of me would be the same. Either love my face the way it is or not at all. I'd totally still think that as a guy~
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Yoshimitsu said:
I'd spend all day messing with my boobs. I'm not even kidding.

Dude, you have no idea how much I agree with you on this. I would just sit there and just mess with them too. XD

Over all, I'd just try out doing girl stuff that I could do while being a guy then I would sit down by the fire and sip some wine while I agree on the fact that being a boy is pretty much easier then being a girl in some ways while girls have it better in others.
Natsu Dragneel said:
the fact that being a boy is pretty much easier then being a girl in some ways while girls have it better in others.

Periods. If men had periods they would be banned.

On the plus side women have much better underwear.

Psycho Monkey

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Tatile said:
Periods. If men had periods they would be banned.

On the plus side women have much better underwear.

Men do to have periods, just not the way women do. Ours make us hornier than usual and increase aggression because we're getting boosts of testosterone. It just isn't as easy to identify, even for us. Learned that in Health class.

I do agree though, women do have a better selection of underwear. So many varieties and colors @_@


wow ,so many perverted, disturbing, mentely scarring, messed up, interesting answers...
If i would be a girl ,I would probly do the same thing im doing now ,playing World of warcraft ,playin pokemon ,shootin hoops ,etc but in long brown hair and a skirt.
If I were a boy, I'd also be pretty mcuh the same.

I'd still probably have the same friends, since most of them are tomboys and boys. I'd still be interested in sports, art, and music. Except I might've chosen the saxophone instead of the flute.

I would play more videogames, which would probably be completelt different than the ones I play now, but Pokemon would still be my favorite. I would also be closer to my brother, since our personalities would be more similar and we could see things the same way.

Pretty much the only differences are that my hair would be shorter, not short-short, shaggy short, and I would have different clothes.


If I were a boy I wouldn't be a girl XD

Edit: I SHALLENT LIE! If I were a boy... I'd be bad at aiming -hint hint-
To be perfectly honest, if I were a Boy, I don't think I'd change at all.
What's that?! Evidence you say? I'll give you evidence!

Here is my brother:
And here is me:

Identify the differences -.-
If I was a girl, I'd be a tom boy, I'm not a tom girl as being a boy but there's too many things I see myself unable to just not like, I'd clearly wouldn't be as much of a fanatic in the fields as I am now though.
I'm already girly anyway, well, when I say girly I mean not boyish. For example, I am no good at any sport, I can't run fast at all, I lack strength big time, I have a high-pitched laugh/singing voice, I scream high-pitched too (if I'm scared/in shock), one of my favourite colours is magenta (which is more or less pink), I act girly sometimes, I like girly things (like Hannah Montana and Chick Flicks) and if I suck my tummy in I could be mistaken for a short-haired girl.

So, if I was a girl it would be more acceptable to do what I do/act as I do. I would probably have a better sense of fashion, hopefully, and I would love to be good at art (which I am currently rubbish at -_-) and have good handwriting too, but I would also still like pokemon and the TV shows I still like. I might grow my hair long, but it might be a pain to sort it out every day. I would also love to have a handbag (or purse, for those of you in the US) to put anything and everything in. It would be great to be a girl, but the only things wrong with it are: periods and being pregnant. Those are the only bad things, but it would still be good to be a girl, nonetheless.

Oh yeah, I could put lipstick/make up etc. on for special occasions! Also, in general, I think are are really good for friends. One can say "you're really pretty!" and the other would say "thanks, so are you!" but as a boy you just can't so that without seeming gay. Also, girls can hug each other loads and stuff like that. So yeah, those are most of the things I'd do if I was a girl. I'd be straight. I may not be attracted to boys now, but I can easily be as a girl. Also, I'd be proud of my breasts, no matter what size they are.