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In-Game Team Discussion Thread

Since the only team discussion threads I can find here are for competitive battles, I wanted to make this thread for anyone who wanted to talk about their in-game teams. You share your teams from any of the pokémon games, ask for feedback on any in-game teams you're working on right now, etc.

Feel free to share if you're interested.


Previously RaptorPack21
i havent played sword or shield yet, but i can talk about my most recent team, which was in ultra sun. i just replayed it for the second time, and this was my team:
a Decidueye named Hawkeye
an Alolan Raichu named Sparky
a Lycanroc named Obsidian
a Swampert named Clay
an Infernape named Inferno
and an Alolan Muk named, well, Muk