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Ask to Join Interstellar - A Pokémon Story

Hazel - Jubilife City, Sinnoh. February 17th.

Hazel marched through the busy streets of the small city of Jubilife, beaming with joy as he was freshly stocked up on pokeballs - sold to him by a local street vendor. They cost him a bit more than they would at the pokemart, but the upcharge was well worth avoiding that wretched company and the horrible music they play in their establishments. Patting his satchel, the Trainer was pleased to feel the rattle of the red and white orbs. The day was young, not even noon yet as the youth got an early jump on his daily routine - which consisted of feeding himself and his trusty sidekick before making as much headway towards Oreburgh as possible within the day.

"You hungry, buddy?" The young man asked his partner Pokémon, a Froakie, which sat perched upon his shoulder. The creature let out a croaked reply, cheery in tone to signify a yes. Leaping from its trainers shoulder, the 'mon pounded against the pavement and hopped about excitedly, keeping pace with Hazel as they paraded towards a food vendor.
"Alright, alright! Wait up!" he shouted, jogging in tow as the subtle breeze of cool air licked at his cheeks. The weather had been humid lately, moreso than usual for the nutoriouslt rainy region. Nonetheless, this wasn't an issue! Food was the current focus!

Approaching the wheeled stand set up across from the Pokémon center, run by a gruff looking man who had probably seen the better end of a few brawls, Hazel took in a hefty breath of air before exhaling through his mouth.
"Excuse me sir," he chimed politely. "Two orders of noodles, and an order of sardines if you have 'em!"

The grumpy looking male behind the cart stared unamused with the trainers enthusiasm for a moment before shoving his hand into the carts warming compartment to serve up two bowls of piping hot udon, shaking his head. Packing a small, separate baggie with sardines from a container on the side of the cart, the merchant placed it all together neatly. Holding out his hand before handing over the goods, he stared expectantly as Hazel dug through his backpack to rummage up the exact change of the meal. Paying up with a quick "Thanks!", the teen took the delicious udon and made his way to a nearby bench where his Froakie sat happily.

"Order up, pal!" Hazel chuckled as he placed a bowl of udon in front of the little, blue bubble-mon and topped it off with sardines. Together, the two dug into their meal and ate as a nearby radio played a broadcast.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..." the voice trailed off as Hazel became lost in his meal.

(Discussion Post: https://forums.pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-interstellar-discussion-thread.30269/#post-943206 (Open - Pokémon: Interstellar - Discussion Thread) )
Brooke Waterson - Lilycove City, Hoenn. February 17th.

A girl with a blue shirt and skirt stood observing a large panting. She was in Lilycove Museum, an art gallery that had stood the test of time, featuring pieces from across Hoenn. The girl, who was more than likely old enough to be a young lady was gazing over what appeared to be the scene of a great battle or catastrophe. The sky was dark with black thunderous clouds at the very top of the painting, with the great swirling water of the sea painted across the entire bottom and middle of the canvas. The sea cut off around the middle right of the image as a large amount of red and dry land was displayed, with the earth appearing to crack with a great amount of heat coming from it. A large red beast stood in the distance upon the dry land, apparently the cause of the earth shattering, whilst an emerald snake could be faintly seen, only to those with good eyes, amongst the thunderous clouds at the top of the canvas. What drew the young woman's attention was the large azure whale or fish thing that was clearly in the foreground of the bottom left of the piece.

She gazed at it for what seemed like an hour, appearing to make notes about it. She was on her own for quite a while, until a group of people surrounded her and she felt out of place. She was suddenly pushed out of the way by a group of young men. The men wore black jackets with jeans that were very clearly cut in various places, bearing colourful punk hair and mohawks. "Hey, get out of the way, girl!" One of them exclaimed as he pushed her to the side.

"Huh? Excuse me?!" The young lady turned to the punk boys.

"I said, get out the way!" He yelled. "You've been here for over an hour. You're hogging up the space. Don't you think it's time you left?"

"What?!" She couldn't believe it.

Another one of the thugs turned to her and joined in. "Other people want to see this painting, since it's of great significance, so get out I say!"

"Can't we all enjoy it?" She asked.

"Not with an attitude like that! You're hogging the best spot!" One of them said. "What's ya name?" He put his fists up to her.

"Let's get her out. I'm sure the others wouldn't mind!" The first punk teen announced, as the others nodded with a creepy smile. They quickly raised their fists with some even reaching for the red and white Poke Balls on their belt.

But before they could even act, the young woman had opened her bag and grabbed a Poke Ball of her own. "I'm Brooke." She finally responded. "And I would appreciate it if you didn't try to mug me...OR kick me out of this gallery with force..."

In an instant, a red crayfish-lobster Pokemon had appeared in front of her. It was hers.
Leona Stark - Dappled Grove, Galar. February 17th.

"Phew! All done Victoria." Leona set the brush down and wiped the sweat from her forehead with her right arm, her Galarian Ponyta whinnying happily now that her mane and tail were free of tangles. "Sierra, you're next!" The Midday Lycanroc obediently padded over to her trainer, ready to be groomed. It had been a long couple of weeks for Leona and her team so they were taking a much needed break.
As Leona brushed the wolf Pokemon she thought back on the past few weeks with a sigh. It was odd how many poachers were popping up in the Wild Area recently. One had cages full of Eevees, another one had Dratinis, one even captured Larvitars. There were plenty more with their own specialties, but Leona was able to bust them with a little help from the local law enforcement while different Nurse Joys helped the various Pokemon before releasing them back into the wild. While none of the poachers were related to each other as far as organizations go, it almost felt like one of the apparently decommissioned evil teams had come back and decided to move into the Galar Region.
Leona was so caught up in her thoughts that by the time she realized it, she had already finished brushing Sierra's fur. The Rock type licked her cheek before curling up next to Victoria. Leona smiled a bit and whistled for her last partner, a Rufflet named Zeus. The small bird Pokemon promptly flew down and perched on Leona's outstretched mechanical arm. "Atta boy Zeus." As she praised him, Leona gently stroked the feathers on his breast with the back of her fingers. Leaning against a tree behind her, Leona figured she would take a nap and enjoy the calm atmosphere with her Pokemon, the three of which positioned themselves against their trainer in some fashion. It took little time for the four of them to fall asleep, their collective body heat keeping them warm.

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel Kizuto (H47E)

Ugh... So stifling...

Draven hated cities. So why was he in Jubilife, the huge hub of entertainment?

Well, it was to make it to Sandgem Town first. He had to have his plane land in Jubilife City, his Hoothoot staying in her Pokeball to keep her own jetlag-induced behavior from bothering Draven, who was just as bothered by the time change.

He just really wanted to take a nap...

He looked down at his Pokeball, wishing he could just be in one of those contraptions right now and have somebody else ferry him around...

Nah, best not think on it. What if he got stuck in there and the person ferrying him forgot about him?

He really should stop thinking about it.

But, he was also hungry, and he was sure that himself and his Pokemon would appreciate a meal. He decided to try out the local cuisine, finding the udon bowl fascinating as he neared the stand. He saw a young kid order one and walk off with a blue frog. From what he recalled, it was a Froakie.

I want one now...

He approached the vendor once it was his turn. He noticed the glum, rather tired look of the man. Either he was out here for too long, or he was starting to think this was a thankless job. Either way, he gave him a bill that was extra than the amount he paid for an udon bowl and fried rice bowl, then took the two bowls with him. As the man grumbled about the change, Draven shook his head.

"Keep the change. It's fine." He gave the man a soft nod to depart, and found himself sitting on a separate bench, away from the kid with the Froakie. As he released his Hoothoot and gave her the fried rice bowl, his attention shifted to the radio. While Ma'a the Hoothoot pecked at her food, trilled, and dug in, Draven felt compelled to listen.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..."

Racketeering? Wonder what kind of business they had to be able to smuggle Pokemon.

Wait, how were Pokemon illegal to begin with? Did they have to be unsuitable for use by trainers, or was there something else to it?

Either way, he ate his food slowly, using the chopsticks rather poorly and deadpanning that he couldn't get a single noodle with them. After a few minutes, he finally figured out how to eat it, slowly slurping on his meal as his attention lingered on the radio.

Team Rocket... Wonder what those goons were up to... Maybe I should find out.

Sinnoh having record rainfall? Damn, but at least it was better than gross sun all day. I would just have to invest in an umbrella.

As for the Unova League Championship... Ugh, he was so glad to be gone... He was sure the place was filled with potential fake friends who would either leave to go off on an adventure on their rich-goody parents' silver spooned money, or end up forgetting about him if they were only there for the sun it brought.

Damn, now he was just upset.

He looked at his bowl, his Hoothoot staring up at him with bits of rice stuck in the feathers of her face. She cooed worryingly, seeing the glum glare that tried piercing a hole in his udon bowl.

He wasn't feeling hungry anymore... Especially with these stupid chopsticks...

Why didn't I bring a fork?
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Gertrude~Fortree City, Hoenn. February 17th

A young lady with honey blond hair wearing a sun hat sat on the wooden platform as her gaze looked through a book on healing berries and herbs that could benefit her when it came to a point where she actually needed to help Pokémon and humans a like if they ever got hurt badly in any way. A Treecko with a flower in her mouth along with a flower crown resting on her head that was resting on her shoulders, watched how her trainer read the book she was reading as she often turned the page for her due to how interested she was about the book as she only became more curious. A Deerling with a vibrant green pattern indicating her summer form with a goldish-yellow flower resting on her head was laying next to her as her hand relaxed on top of her head as she slept.

She occasionally lifted her hand off the Deerlings head to turn the page of the book she was reading before placing the same hand back on her head again. A breeze of wind picked up as it lifted her long hair only slightly before it fell back down. The call of her name was heard as this caused her to raise her gaze behind her. Her twin brother Lykos stood out from the wooden door of the tree house, who had called her name.

"Yes, Lykos?" She responded.
"Come look at this....?" He said before disappearing back inside.

She stood up, which had awoke her Deerling named Monstera as she made her way inside Monstera following right behind her. She followed to where her brother went to the TV he was looking at. Lykos pointed his hand towards the TV screen as Gertrude's gaze looked to the TV screen as the news was on. She listened to the reporter who had spoken, giving the message.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..." The voice trailed off before the report had the chance to finish.

"Those poor innocent Pokemon....I'm relieved they arrested the people responsible for those Pokémon smugglings... hopefully those Pokémon are alright....oh how much I want to help them if I could...." she stated sadly.

"It was handled by the police Gertrude, I'm positive they are in the right hands and are receiving the help they need, so don't worry.....man... we look the same but different in our own ways...the heart to help others is a special trait that u have..." he only smiled at his sister only to receive one back from her.

"As for the rainfall, well....it's not like we are used to it already since...it mostly rains in Fortree...." he chuckled softly as a super sized Pumpkaboo suddenly appeared hovering next to him.

"Like how....it is right now..." she added looking outside seeing the rain suddenly coming down. "Oh...hello there Maple" she said to the big Pumpkaboo with smile.

"Yes.....like right now..." he chuckled as Maple gave its cry to Gertrude with a smile herself.

"Well, I like the rain, it's pretty like it washes away all your worries which is why I love watching it so much"

"Of course...."

Gertrude went over to the window as she leaned herself on the window frame watching as the rain fell hard hearing the loud hit noises, waiting for the rain to pass.

(I might have her twin brother go on this journey with her but I'll see)
Hazel - Jubilife City, Sinnoh. February 17th.
Mentions: Draven (@Merciless Medic)

Hazel slurped down the last of his meal with a hearty pat on his belly, grinning ear to ear at his partner, who sat across from him on the bench enjoying the last bits of his own bowl of udon. Froth, the Froakie in question, gulped down the final sardine his trainer so graciously had ordered for him before letting out a wave of foamy bubbles from its maw - an indication of pleasure.
"Must'a been good, huh!" the teenager chortled, snorting from laughing so hard at the frog-mon's antics. Calming from his laughter, he glanced around to catch another boy approach the udon stand. He looked almost... gloomy? Pink streaks in his hair fluttered gently against the breeze as he tipped the man behind the cart and ventured to a nearby bench. Hazel averted his gaze quickly, trying his best not to look like a creep staring at his next stalking target.

"Shhhh!" the youth hushed his Pokémon as it hastily snapped into shape, foam dribbling onto the bench from the sudden jerk to attention. The pair waited a moment in silence before glimpsing back to the fellow trainer in unison. This time, Hazel took note of the Psychic-Flying type pecking away alongside the glum looking lad. No issue coming to blows with that thing with Froakie's moveset, but regardless a dangerous foe.
"Interesting..." he mumbled to himself.

Off to the wayside, an elderly man passing by stopped to crank up the volume on the radio broadcast in the square. Noise peaking his interest, Hazel drew his attention away from the other trainer and to the news updates being delivered by the broadcaster.

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."


Previously Airslashz
Luke Ledger
Lumiose City, Kalos Region

A black-haired, some-what tall teen looked around at his surroundings while sitting at an outdoor café table, noticeably admiring the Lumiose scenery around him. The tall skyscrapers, the distant Prism Tower, it was beautiful.

The teen had recently came back from a long stay in Alola, and while the beautiful beaches and nature of Alola was amazing, he loved the architectural sights of Lumiose, as well as the liveliness of the town, despite being somewhat of an introvert himself.

He took a sip of orange juice as he noticed a headline on the news. Something involving... Team Rocket? He paid attention to what was on the news, genuinely curious of what was happening in the world today.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..."

Luke seemed completely confused. Team Rocket? He had heard about them a few times and how they disbanded, but he didn't anticipate that they'd make such a sudden return. He continued to listen in, but he didn't seem too worried about the situation.

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."

Wait... low ranking grunts? So there's leaders?

Ah, I believe the champions should be able to take care of them. I mean, what's the worst they could do? Attempt to destroy the world? They failed for a reason.

He shrugged this off as he continued to eat a fruity Kalosian pastry. After he finished, he took out his partner Pokemon, Rockruff, smiling as he pet the dog Pokemon. The dog Pokemon sat and let his trainer pet him.

"Are you ready for our new journey, buddy?"

Rockruff nodded and smiled, wagging his tail slightly as Luke smiled.
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Amada Acosta, Student on Foreign Exchange, Lumiose City, Kalos, February 17th.

A young Woman had just gotten off the plane that her School paid the ticket for. Her outfit was not a school Uniform, however as she looked down at her hip to see four Pokéballs. She plucked one off and opened it to reveal a Sprigatito. The Grass Cat Pokémon hopped onto Amada's Shoulder.

"Sprigatito, we're in Kalos," The young woman whispered to her Pokémon.

The Sprigatito meowed as she got off the plane. As such, she looked at her notebook, where she took some notes. She was reading her notes from the flight, seeing various Pokémon, from Dratini to Snubbull to even a Mudbray? She was wondering how a Mudbray fit on the plane. As Amada Unboarded, her Sprigatito ran off.


Amada got a hold of her Luggage and made haste after her very Rash Pokémon. When she got into the City Proper, she couldn't see a thing. However, she did have a Pokémon that could.

"Murkrow, eyes in the Skies!"

A Murkrow popped above Amada's head and Cawed.

"We need to find Sprigatito, Murkrow."

"Mur!" The Dark and Flying Type responded.

Murkrow took to the skies as Amada took ground search.

Meanwhile, the Grass Cat Pokémon had been running, and saw a strange looking dog Pokémon. He then approached the dog and a human.


The Paldean Grass Type sat at Attention, seeing the dog Pokémon being Petted, but very confused as to what's going.


Previously Airslashz
Luke Ledger
Lumiose City, Kalos Region

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Sprigatito)

Luke continued to pet Rockruff a little before Rockruff noticed a peculiar Grass Cat Pokemon. It ran out and immediately barked loudly at the cat, not seeming intimidated at the fact that the Pokemon in front of him was a grass-type, something that would have an advantage in a battle.

Rockruff growled, staring the cat Pokemon down. The Puppy Pokemon was about ready to attack if the Grass Cat didn't want to leave.

"Hey, hey, Rockruff, easy there!" Luke yelled as he pulled Rockruff away, carrying and restraining the puppy in his arms and preventing an attack. Rockruff seemed pissed and continued to bark straight at the Grass Cat.

He was wondering why this peculiar Pokemon was right in front of him, and while he wanted to pull out his PokePhone to identify it, he was a little too busy with holding the Puppy Pokemon back from attacking.
Amada's Sprigatito, Lumiose City, Kalos, February 17th.

Sprigatito started meowing after the strange dog started barking at him and was ready to attack him. However, the human picked up the strange dog to prevent it from attacking him. As the Grass Cat Pokémon looked at the Strange Dog, he spoke.

"Tito! Sprigatito!"

A Murkrow flew up above and Cawed, flying back in the direction the Murkrow came from.

Amada Acosta, Exchange Student, February 17th, in Lumiose City, Kalos. (Mentions: @~Aura~Slashz~ )

As Amada was running towards a nearby shop, her Murkrow returned from finding her Sprigatito. The bird Cawed and pointed a wing in the direction the Darkness Pokémon came from. The Dark and Flying type cawed again as Amada followed her Pokémon. There was news playing that six men were arrested for Smuggling, and were caught with a ton of Psychic types, along side Similar amounts of Cash. She wondered if any Malamar were amongst those that were smuggled. As she ran with her Murkrow, she then saw a boy about her Age holding back what seemed to be a Rockruff from attacking her Sprigatito.

"Oh, there you are Sprigatito," Amada called out to her Pokémon, "Is everything alright?"

The Grass Cat Pokémon hopped onto Amada's Shoulder after she bent down to pet her Pokémon.

"Sorry about my Sprigatito, he tends to make Rash Decisions." Amada explained.


Previously Airslashz
Luke Ledger
Lumiose City, Kalos Region

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Amada Acosta + Sprigatito)

Luke noticed that the Sprigatito had a trainer, a who walked up and had the grass cat Pokemon go right onto her shoulder. He decided to let go of Rockruff, and while Rockruff wanted to go tackle the cat Pokemon, it showed restraint as the puppy didn't want to attack a human. The puppy Pokemon exhibited some aggressive behavior by growling and barking, leading Luke to sigh quietly as he decided to return the Pokemon back to its Poke Ball, at least for the time being.

"Oh, hey, no worries. Pokemon do that all of the time, I understand," Luke nodded as he stared at Rockruff's Poke Ball, remembering the times where Rockruff decided to run off back when he was in Alola. Raising Rockruff had been quite a pain, but actually kind of fun regardless.

"What kind of Pokemon is that? I don't think I've seen that one before," Luke looked at the Grass Cat Pokemon, looking at its features. He assumed that the Pokemon was a grass-type, considering its colors and the leaf-like patterns on its face.

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel Kizuto (H47E)

Draven couldn't help the lingering feeling of eyes being upon him. He wondered if it was that kid from earlier. After having been found by trainers in Hoenn, who would look expectantly at him as he walked near them - hoping for a battle - he was acutely aware he was being sized up. The disappointment in not being able to eat the noodles needing a distraction, so the kid became one. He merely glanced over in his direction, only for his eyes to shift to the radio.

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."

Draven hummed, his expression becoming intense. It had been a very long time since anything regarding the major teams had come up, hadn't it? From reading history texts, he sometimes forgot that the real world didn't see their fair share of evil organizations. So, they were illegally getting Pokemon to abuse and traffic them elsewhere.

He'd never stoop as low as those hooligans. Who could abuse a Pokemon?

His eyebrows furrowed, then he looked down at his bowl. He suddenly felt very hungry, the disappointment from earlier melting. Disregarding who might take offense to his actions (he wasn't exactly accustomed to Sinnohan customs), he put the bowl to his lips and he drank the broth and ate the noodles that way. His Hoothoot ticked her head left and right, her confusion only imminent by the coo she gave.

Psychic-Types? Now that was reason for alarm. He set down his now empty bowl, wiped his mouth, and began to fish the rice out of his partner's feathers with his finger tip. His voice was a mumble, barely audible to Hazel. "You and I both know why they'd go after Psychic-Types, don't you, Ma'a?" The Hoothoot trilled. "And they had a crap ton of money. They were probably using the Psychic powers to trick people and get money, hm..." He hummed to himself, finishing up cleaning his Pokemon's face and noticed that she had pretty much finished her bowl.

Thankful these bowls were disposable, he finally looked over at the kid from earlier. His Hoothoot hopped between her feet, one disappearing as she hopped on the other as she hopped off the bench, following her trainer as he got up and dumped the bowls. He then looked over at him, his expression rather dull. "Which way to Sandgem Town?"
Amada Acosta, Exchange Student in Lumiose City, Kalos, February 17th. Interactions: Luke Ledger (@~Aura~Slashz~)

The young man returned his Pokémon, which was a seemingly aggressive Rockruff as Sprigatito ran onto her shoulder. The Grass Cat Pokémon purred once he stood on Amada's Shoulder. He looked as if he was completely unfazed by all the aggressive attention from the Rockruff. He's used to a Houndoom Barking like that. He then nestled into the side of Amada's Shoulder.

"He's a Sprigatito, one of the three starters in the Paldea Region," Amada responded, "He's a Grass Type now, but from what I've seen of the Paldean Pokedex, he gains a Second typing upon Final Evolution. You had a Rockruff, if I was correct, they live in Paldea as well. Amada Acosta, Foreign Exchange Student from Paldea, sorry about Sprigatito."


Previously Airslashz
Luke Ledger
Lumiose City, Kalos Region

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Amada Acosta)

Huh, Paldea. I should visit there one day. I don't think I've seen much Paldean Pokemon yet, except for maybe that one electric bird and that bread thing.

Luke looked at the Sprigatito, seeming a little confused as to why the grass cat Pokemon didn't surrender despite the aggressiveness of his Rockruff. That seemed like something Rockruff would do, as the puppy Pokemon never got intimidated so easily. From what Luke heard, that was a result of the puppy's ability that prevented it from being intimidated.

He decided not to question how the Sprigatito didn't flinch at all, as such questions he deemed unnecessary to ask at the moment.

"Pleasure to meet you, Amada, the name's Luke. Luke Ledger. I'm from here, but I also live in Alola from time to time. And no worries about the Sprigatito," he extended his right hand forward for a handshake. It was clear he had a good impression of the girl despite the earlier chaos that occurred.
Hazel - Jubilife City, Sinnoh. February 17th.
Mentions: Draven (@Merciless Medic)

"How despicable. Those Rocket guys are a rotten bunch, man." Shaking his head, Hazel huffed at the radio broadcast as it came to a close. He couldn't believe someone was capable of something like that, let alone on a large scale.
'That broadcaster mentioned something or other about those crooks being grunts, implying there were higher ranking folks pulling the strings... How vile...' the trainer pondered as he gazed at his Froakie. The water-type crooked its head to the side with a confused expression, not quite comprehending what was happening.

"Which way to Sandgem Town?"
A voice ripped him from his thoughts, Hazel's expression turning upwards at breakneck pace to meet the source of the inquiry. It was the boy with the Hoothoot, the bird Pokémon hopping between its limbs as its trainer stood there awaiting a reply. Hazel got to his feet and tossed the two bowls sitting on the bench into a nearby trashcan, Froth hopping onto his left shoulder as the teenager turned to face the stranger.
"That way," Hazel answered as he pointed South. "Just head down Route 202, stick to the path and you'll find it." He continued, adjusting the satchel that hung over his torso. Taking a few steps in the direction he just pointed, he spun around to walk backwards before speaking up again.

"I'm actually heading that way myself to document the behavioral patterns of the local Starly for the professor back in Kalos. Tag along if you want, it can be a lonely walk." he offered, turning back around and continuing his march towards Route 202.


Team Interstellar - Underground Bunker, Unknown Location, Kalos. February 17th.

"What do you mean, a bit behind schedule?" a blue haired male with a grim expression sprawled across his chiseled features spat as he leaned over a long, metal table. The dim lights that protruded from the jagged, rocky walls hardly gave illumination to the other three figures that sat with him, the focus of his questioning being the redhead woman directly across from him in seating arrangement.

"Calm yourself, Cryo." the figure next to the agitated man spoke up, his appearance obscured by a crudely painted mask of half black and half white, long pale locks of hair cascading around either side. Cryo shot him a glare before sitting back in his seat.

"It's alright, Z. He's right to be angry. It was out mistake in Kanto that caused this holdup in our plans." the red haired one spoke calmly, hands folded on the cool surface in front of her.

"You're damn right. The rest of us were able to hold up our end of the deal, yet you've managed to let the authorities abscond with precious resources. Worse yet, those captured goons could expose our entire operation." Cryo snapped in response. A tense silence set in, lingering for only a few moments.

"Tch," the woman subject to beratement smacked her teeth. "My men are loyal to a fault. They won't crack." She assured her cohorts, her tone serious and low.

"Oh come on, cut the girl some slack." the final figure at the table finally spoke up, her voice seemingly younger than the rest, and much more upbeat. "Giavanna and her guys have been doing like, all the heavy lifting while the rest of us have mostly been sitting in the background, tinkering with gadgets and gizmos." the blonde continued, adjusting her white sunhat (which matched her white, flowing sundress) as she shot a wink to the redhead next to her. The others responded with silence, an unspoken agreement that she may have had a point.

"When will we be ready to proceed with the first phase, then?" Cryo proceeded with a slight sigh, his question posed to the entire table.

"We estimate approximately three weeks. Z and his team have already recieved their shipment of the Psy-Gauntlets in Unova, as have Team Flare in Kalos. With the recent batch of Pokémon confiscated by police, we won't be able to finish production in Kanto until at least the 25th but we are trying to expedite things." Giavanna replied, glancing to the lass next to her. "How are things on your end, Lilian?"

"Fantastic! We should be ready to mobilize and start our transformation of Prism Tower whenever you're ready." the bubbly blondie gleamed, clasping her hands together by her face.

"Very well then," the Galactic leader grunted as he stood from his seat. "We shall move forward with our plans as soon as Giavanna is ready. Our Weather Reactor has been operational for months, awaiting this moment. Meeting dismissed." Cryo turned on his heels and marched for the exit, the others getting up from their seats, following suit; sparing each other a few silent glances on the way out.
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Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel Kizuto (H47E)

As he waited for Hazel to respond, Draven thought back to how vocal Hazel was about the Team Rocket thugs. He didn't know why, but he guessed it was best to hold on to this information. He figured that as he traveled through Sinnoh, he'll meet this kid more and more.

As Team Rocket was becoming a thing now, and likely were organized as they found those grunts, that would mean that some of the other teams might come out, would they? It was too early to tell, but he wouldn't be surprised if one other team popped up.

He noticed the kid seemed like he was ready to leave as well, and he narrowed his eyes as he watched him ready himself to get going. Was he going to guide him there? And what's with the Starly talk? He didn't ask.

Oh, hell no.

"Hold on, I-" He paused, recalling that the kid was just walking that way anyway. Sighing in defeat, he scratched the back of his head before walking along with him, his Hoothoot trilling as she hopped along in a zigzag, happy her trainer was making friends.

So, this kid was a researcher aide. Cool. Draven looked behind Hazel, wondering if he'll end up hitting anything. He sure as hell wasn't going to tell him if he did, but he turned back around before the possibility presented itself.

Draven finally spoke up, rolling his eyes once he caught up to him with a faster pace. "Fine. But I don't need a guide. If anything, it'd be to humor your need for company, since you sounded so lonely." It sounded almost like a jab, but he had the faintest of amused smirks. "Might as well know each others' names now that we're walking together. I'm sure you wouldn't be fine if I kept calling you kid. Name's Draven."

Though, now that he thought about it, Starly were an interesting Pokemon. Staraptor were known to be rather fierce birds of prey, something he wouldn't mind having. However, he felt like an addition of that kind to his team would only make his team rather weak. He needed an answer to Rock-, Ice-, and Electric-Types. He had half a mind to ask the kid if there were any other Pokemon on Route 202, but he almost didn't want to ask.

He'll wait. For now, he kept his eyes down the road they walked on.
Hazel - Jubilife City, Sinnoh. February 17th.
Mentions: Draven (@Merciless Medic)

The younger of the duo laughed at his newfound companies snark about 'only tagging along to humor him', the two trainers footsteps thumping on the sidewalk as they meandered down the Jubilife streets together towards the entrance to Route 202.

"Hazel, and for the record, you don't look much older than me. Especially with that pink in your hair." he jokingly shot back with a cheesy grin.
"You from Sinnoh, or did you and that Hoothoot come from somewhere else? Froth and I are from Kalos." he asked, motioning to the Froakie perched upon his shoulder as he spoke. The water-type creature croaked as if in agreement with its trainer, carefully maneuvering to the other shoulder to get a better look at the other Pokémon.

A sudden leap from Hazel's shoulder landed Froth on the pavement a few feet away from the Hoothoot, who up until this point had been hopping around excitedly. A few blinks came from the blue frogs odd gaze in greeting before it hopped around a few times, hoping the other 'mon would indulge in the invitation to play.

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel Kizuto (H47E)

Well, at least his tease was taken well. Draven certainly didn't expect that. Seemingly against his wishes, he felt more and more comfortable walking beside this guy. And hey, he even returned the snark, the smirk growing wider. "There's a story with that." A slightly sad one, but he hoped he'll be able to find one of the friends he made in Undella Town, despite his reservations against it.

As Hazel asked, Draven felt comfortable enough to let loose and talk a bit about himself, his hands in his pockets and shoulders relaxed. "Ma'a and I come from Undella Town, Unova. Graduated high school pretty recently, and so I chose Sinnoh to start off my adventure." That was a bit of a lie, but he wasn't about to tell him he went to Hoenn to do practically fuck-all. It was less of an adventure and more of contingency planning, something he didn't think Hazel would like to hear. There was just this wholesome goody two-shoes thing about him that made the eighteen-year-old hesitate wanting to even broach the subject that caused the planning in the first place.

Granted, they just met, and Draven figured it'd be a long time, if this kid even managed it, before he'd spill those can of beans.

But he could at least talk about the pink hair. "Used to have many people come and go in Undella Town, being a resort and all. Some of the rich guys will come in with their kids and I was the cool local they got to hang with. Up until they had to leave." His lip curled in disdain, but it was gone in a flash. What ended up changing was his tone becoming somber. "They'd all promised to contact me, but they never did. I don't know if they just got busy or forgot, but I prefer to think it's the former." Otherwise, it just hurt too much to think they just forgot about me.

"The only one who didn't make such a false promise was this girl, around my age. I was about fourteen, so four years ago." He had a soft smile then, his reminiscing turning his tone a touch wistful. "She ended up dying a few strands of my bangs pink, telling me she had a hard time remembering people's faces so she went by colors instead. A couple days go by and she told me she was going to college in Kalos and likely won't be able to contact me. But she did tell me what college and job she was hoping to get into, and what her family's name was so that if I ever do get out and about in the world, I'd be able to find her easier. So, in the event that we do find each other, I kept dying the same strands pink so she'd be able to recognize it's me."

Realizing he just gushed about a girl he liked, he chuckled sheepishly and quickly changed the subject so the kid would move on. "Ah, forget about it... So, what other things has the professor had you work on?" His tone still sounded nervous, as he predicted the boy would pester him now about the girl. Especially since this kid came from Kalos - Arceus forbid he tried to squeeze information about what she looked like.

The Hoothoot cooed questioningly as the Froakie landed beside her, her tiny wings flapping to increase the distance of her one-legged hops. Understanding with a sweet trill, she hopped after the Froakie, now gliding and twisting to and fro to catch Froth in their game of chase. Having battled recently and her form taking on darker hues of brown due to her encroaching evolution, she moved about far better than some clumsy run-of-the-mill Hoothoot.
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Xero - February 17th, Goldenrod Game Corner

Frrllllip Frrrrrlip

The cards quickly flipped between the young man’s hands, shuffling wildly to the amazement of his patrons. One by one, a few cards found themselves at everyone’s spot, the game could finally begin.

“Hey, Adrien! There’s a call waiting for you on line one, let me take over this game for you” the manager of the establishment said.

“Right, thanks.” The young man said, stepping away from the table.

The young man slipped into the back office, and picked up the phone.

“You’ve reached Goldenrod Game Corner, this is Adrien speaking how can I help you?” The young man said.

“Xero, It’s your supervisor. The mission has been terminated successfully. You may now relinquish any temporary undercover activities and return to headquarters for further instructions.” The voice on the other end said.

“Sir… listen, I think I might have found more relating to the case, just give me-“

“The Kanto branch handled it with the help of local police. Now, as I said, return to headquarters ASAP.” The voice in the other end said firmly.

“Right. Understood.”

Xero put the phone down and looked over at the safe he had been trying to crack for the last 4 months of this awful job..

“Mmmmmphh okay one last try and then I’ll really get out of here.” Xero said to himself.

As he put his ear up to the sad and began attempting the first two numbers which he had memorized by heart, 053, 112, and finally, the guess that could make or break his first ever real field case. He slowly turned the knob when suddenly, a little click came from the safe.

“Interesting, 150 was the last number.” Xero whispered to himself.

He quickly open the safe to find a plain Manila folder, but as he reached into the safe the manager of the began walking into the room. Within second Xero grabbed the folder and lept out of the window in the office, and quickly pulled out a pokeball.

“Quick Gliscor, behind that building!”

The light blue scorpion Pokémon jumped out of its pokeball and quickly grabbed its trainers arm, slowing their decent landing directly on a motorcycle that has been conveniently parked there just in case Xero needed an emergency exist, and now was one of those times.

“Thank you gliscor, now quick, return, we need to get out of here!”

Just as soon as it was out it was back in the pokeball, and Xero was speeding away as fast as the motorcycle could take him. As he sped away, he flicked the radio on.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..."

“Tch… that should’ve been my case!” Xero said enviously, “whatever, when I crack open this folder I’ll find something even bigger!”

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."
Brooke Waterson - Lilycove City, Hoenn. February 17th.

"Ah!" One of the thugs shrieked as the red crayfish Pokemon rushed forward with it's lobster-sized claws, hitting the air. The thug immediately began to flee the scene, running out of the art museum.

Two of the punks attempted to swing well-timed punches at Brooke. She ducked, dodging the attacks with her much shorter figure, then yelled "Corphish, use bubblebeam!" Immediately, the crab-lobster thing opened it's hands to reveal a wave of bubbles. The line of spherical blue things were launched towards one thug, knocking him out. The Corphish then pointed towards the two that had attempted to attack Brooke. Their faces turned to one of pure terror as they attempted to avoid the line of bubbles at high speed coming towards them. They managed to barely flee, leaving the gallery.

More of them took several steps back. Many of them clearly weren't prepared for this and looked ready to run. However, the taller and more muscular thug in the middle who appeared to be their leader snapped commands at the remaining members not to back down. He commanded his inferior grunts to attack with the little Pokemon they had. Poke Balls were thrown out, and soon Brooke and her little Corphish found themselves surrounded. "Go, Poochyena!" He yelled. "Show them what we're made of! Bite that Corphish's head off!" He pointed to the crimson crayfish as a small black and grey dog pokemon appeared. It drooled horrible saliva onto the floor as it looked like it was about to eat dinner. It pounced towards Corphish.

"Out of the way!" Brooke yelled as Corphish managed to dodge the attack.

"Bite him again!" The thug boss commanded. The Poochyena, who had hit the floor, got up and turned around and ran towards Corphish and bit deep into the lobster's hard shell without flinching. Corphish cried out in great pain, which caused noticable discomfort, shown in Brooke's facial expressions. The young man cackled as his goal of causing Brooke great discomfort had been achieved.

Next to the leader stood another punk thug. He wore a black jacket and torn jeans like the others, but there was a little bit more to this one, with slightly more flamoyant colours on his shirt, which seemed more wooly and stripped crimson and beige in colour. "Boss, let me get rid of this one! You're wasted too much time on this princess!" He folded his arms, nudging the boss and laughed as Brooke took offense to the last term he used. However, she was spending too much time trying to come up with a clever and witty comeback such that she didn't notice the small yellow camel that had crept up to Corphish, next to the big painting behind him.

"Numel, Ember." The other thug muttered. He was clearly trying to impress his boss by taking out Corphish on his own and that he almost did, as the yellow camel launched a burst of flames towards Corphish, setting the water type on fire. However, despite this typing, the flames grew bigger and bigger on the little lobster's back. It tried to fan them out with it's claws, but was unable to.

"Corphish! Quick, bubblebeam!" Brooke exclaimed. She couldn't believe this. Corphish continued to struggle to fan the flames out, dancing around in circles, letting out bursts of bubbles, but was unable to get those bubbles to remove much of the fires, with only a few managing to diminish the fire. Seeing this problem, Brooke concluded that she wasn't going to get Corphish to fix this problem, as now more Pokemon descended upon him, with Poochyena and Numel leading the charge. She produced two more other Poke Balls: her other Pokemon.

Out came a blue Clam Pokemon and an Azure pond skater with four tiny stick legs. "Clamperl and Surskit! Help Corphish! Use water gun, both of you!" Out of both of them came some kind of tiny blue beam of water. The water from both Pokemon was made more intense as they covered the crayfish in a sea of blue. Quickly the fires were out, as Surksit danced around Corphish and fired another water gun at Numel, significantly weakening it. Clamperl was also ordered another water gun, which brought down the Poochyena's health. The three Pokemon looked at each other, nodded and proceeded to take down many of the Pokemon in the next few minutes.

The man who had clearly been the boss's second-in-command looked horrified. "Numel, return!" He looked around. "I haven't got time for this crap! The cops are gonna be on us!" He yelled. "We should scramble." The boss looked at him as if he was insane. Then, in a flash, the goon started running, faster than any of the previous thugs had been. He was wiser than the others.

"Riku, where are you going?!" The boss cried as he returned his almost fainted Poochyena.

"Leaving, before this gets messy!" He exclaimed. "Sucks to be you! I'm never gonna be doing crime again!" He looked at Brooke as he fled out the door. "But you haven't seen the last of me!"

Brooke looked at the punk boss. His Poochyena had been returned back to its Poke Ball and her trio of water types had barely managed to take down most of the gang's Pokemon. But more descended upon her. The boss almost produced a smile but a few minutes later, sirens went off, locals who had been taken hostage screamed and then a bunch of thugs started running for the door. They were greeted by heavily armed police officers, who tackled them to the ground relatively quickly with the help of their own Pokemon. They then surrounded the remaining thugs, arresting them, with their leader grasping the thug boss and putting handcuffs over his arms. "What is this...you can't..." He was excerbated by the voice of the police chief. He was covered in badges and wore a helmet and high-tech armour like the other cops. He was beefy and muscular, akin to robocop as the visor of his motorcyclist-like helmet went down.

"Mark Shadow, i'm arresting you under International Hoenn Law for destruction of human property, trafficing, drug loitering, intent to harm, intent to murder..." The list went on and on as Brooke looked the other way as the list got longer. She tried to leave but was grabbed by two heavily armed policemen.

"Hey..." She struggled. "I wasn't in-"

"Brooke, oh Brooke!" She heard a female voice coming from the door as an old but beautiful woman in a long dark blue dress and a light blue hat with a feather on the top ran towards her. The police officers immediately dropped her and she hugged Brooke. "We were looking for you everywhere, and where have you ran to, an art gallery?!"

"Mother, please forgive me..." She started.

"Miss Brooke Lake Mira Waterson, come here you!" A middle-aged man's voice boomed the walls of the museum. A tall and dapper looking man with a brown moustache and flat, greasy hair plodded into the room. He was covered head to toe in a dark blue wet suit, strapped with a diving outfit. A grey metal tank was attached to his back, as was a strange fin, with the colours on his back giving the personification of a Sharpedo. He waddled over in his large flippers just next to Brooke then stomped around near her, grabbing her by the scruff of her shirt as the officers dropped her.

"WHAT are you doing here?!" He exclaimed, there was fury in his voice. "Daddy is VERY angry with you!" He yelled. "First, you were supposed to be at home studying to go to university, second, you decide to go here WITHOUT your wallet?! Third, you pick a fight with random strangers? What's gotten into you?! And then you decide for the love of Arceus to DESTROY the paintings and art sculptures without provocation! I was supposed to be having a nice time exploring the diving spots to the East of Lilycove and instead i've had to trundle over here just to get you to comply?! You're damn lucky young lady they're only pressing minor charges on you. Because if we didn't have all this wealth, you would have been in SERIOUS trouble! This is the last time you decide to rebel against US! I will dish out a punishment myself if I have to, because you can't walk around everywhere like you own the place! The world is not your Cloyster! These officers, will desperse." He waved his hand, as the police chief and the others began to leave, tugging the thugs on the floor with them. Brooke's father had clearly shown that his money spoke to the officers. "Hopefully if i'm able to fork out a bit more, we can make sure this doesn't make international news...but the locals will know EVERYTHING. Everything I tell you!"

"Please, daddy, it wasn't my fault! They attacked me! I was the victim!"

"Victim?! I don't wanna hear it when there are PRICELESS painting and sculptures broken today!" He roared, louder than a Pyroar "You've been living an endulgent life under your millionaire parents for too long! And quite frankly i'm sick of the people of Lilycove spreading rumours and lies about US! You need a rest from this madness, you need a new home! I will send you for your punishment all the way to LITTLEROOT town, where you will bother noone, because it is so isolated there! Your Pokemon shall all stay WITH US!" At this point, it was clear that Brooke's dad enjoyed dishing out punishments and harsh lectures to his children.

Brooke looked at her three companion Pokemon, who were startled by the sudden punishment. "No..." She began crying, as tears hit the floor. The three Pokemon in front of her stared at her, and upon working out what the news was began to sulk into a deep depression as she was doing. Brooke's father took the trio and returned them to their Poke Balls after swiping them off of his daughter. She squealed as he yanked the Poke Balls off of her, causing her to fall to the floor. She looked at her parents.

"That's it, young lady! Go back to the house, to your room immediately! We'll have a private plane prepared for tomorrow morning!"

Brooke screamed, tears coming from her face onto the floor of the art museum. She sprinted towards the door and out into Lilycove's sunshine. She spotted the police chief and several officers detaining more thugs and interviewing them.

"There are more of them out there." She pointed towards the vast and open streets of Lilycove city. They nodded. "Sir, I didn't mean to cause all the damage! I didn't mean to start a fight in the middle of a public space! Please...sir...." She continued to run in a mad, confused state, back to her house, which was practically a mansion next to the coastline.

When she got home, the TV was on and Brooke noticed the International News report about goings on around the world was playing. Something about Kanto gang activity and smuggling, it was detailing, but she didn't care.
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Amada Acosta, Exchange Student, February 17th, Lumiose City, Kalos, Interactions: Luke Ledger (@~Aura~Slashz~ )

Amada shook Luke's as he introduced himself. She heard he's a Local, alongside Alola.

"Alola, I've got to visit there sometime," Amada responded, "I've also got a Few other pokemon on me, I bonded with these ones at home as my parents are Breeders."

All of a sudden, a Pokéball on her Belt opened up unexpectedly, revealing a Houndour. Amada returned her Sprigatito as Houndour sat down next to Amada, not caring much about Luke. The Dark and Fire Type was sitting, keeping with her trainer as she took in the Surroundings of Lumiose City.

"Where in Lumiose City are we right now?"
Hazel - Jubilife City + Route 202, Sinnoh. February 17th.
Mentions: Draven (@Merciless Medic)

Hazel listened intently to the other trainers story, being sure to pay attention so he didn't miss any details. He had quite the habit of tuning out of conversation. Draven detailed a bit about his history with so-called friends coming and going, how he ended up in sinnoh, and even explained his pink strands of hair, revealing he had a bit of a long lost crush in the process.

"Graduated, huh?" the younger of the pair scoffed. Admittedly, he was a bit jealous, never having been great in school without even a diploma to show for the years spent. His talent always managed to show itself through the art of battle.
"I didn't really pick Sinnoh, it's more like I got assigned here." Hazel spoke as his gaze trained itself on Froth, who was gleefully leaping back and forth with the other trainers bird. "I got Froth from Sycamore about a year ago. In return, he wants me to completely update the Kalos regional Pokédex's Sinnoh section. Apparently these guys had some new species of Pokémon move into the region in recent years." Looking back up to Draven, he smiled. "Kinda bogus, right?"

The two trainers reached the entrance to Route 202 without much issue, Hazel opening the door to the tunnel-esque passageway that connects Jubilife to the rugged path to the South and holding it for his new friend and their Pokémon.
"So uh, that girl you mentioned," the youth paused to clear his throat before continuing. "Do you know what college she went to? I'm local to Kalos, I could maybe help you out. Y'know, find her and stuff." He offered, his voice wavering a bit at the end. He wasn't sure if he was overstepping any boundaries, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Continuing forward as he awaited a response, Hazel caught up to his Froakie, who was hopping anxiously in front of the exit. Pressing through the doorway on the opposite side and stepping out onto Route 202, dirt crunched under his feet as he traipsed onto the path.


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Luke Ledger
Lumiose City, Kalos

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Amada Acosta)

Luke observed the Houndour, wondering if the Pokémon was going to attack or do anything of the sort.

It didn’t.

Luke became slightly jealous; his Rockruff, although loyal, has attacked or attempted to attack any Pokémon in its sight. There were a couple of incidents that occurred in Alola, one where another, yet wild Rockruff had to be sent to the Pokémon Center because of Luke’s Rockruff. Luke hasn’t had much luck with training Rockruff, either, as when a wild Pokémon shows up, Rockruff immediately gets distracted and chases after it.

Luke’s train of thought about the current state of his Pokémon’s training came to a halt as Amada asked where they were in Lumiose, and he froze for a second.

He barely knew where they were himself.


“So if Prism Tower is there, and the battle arena is there….” Luke seemed puzzled entirely as he thought for a while. He wasn’t used to Kalos yet. After all, he just arrived back two days ago.

“Oh wait.” Luke facepalmed and slightly blushed in embarrassment, realizing all along he could just use the Map app on his PokePhone.

He opened up the PokePhone, tapping on the Maps app before zooming out the screen.

“It appears we’re in the Northeastern part of Kalos. Do… do you need to know where you’re going?” Luke scratched his head, seeming a little less confident in his navigational skills that he thought he had down.
Amada Acosta, Foreign Exchange Student, February 17th, Lumiose City, Kalos. Interactions: Luke (@~Aura~Slashz~ )

Amada picked up her Houndour, making sure she didn't do anything as her Dark and Fire Type watched Luke. As she was thinking about what her time in Kalos would be like, Luke had an Answer.

"Northeast Kalos." Amada responded, "Thank you, Luke, I'm from Porto Marinada in Paldea, so this place is very new to me, and The only reason I ended up in this part of town is my Sprigatito ran off, and had to have my Murkrow find him or else that was going to be a much longer day."

As she petted her Houndour, she looked over at Luke. Seeing that he was scratching his head she checked on him.

"It seems that we both need some sort of direction right now, since I'm on my Treasure Hunt, where we get to go out of school and learn things one would never learn in a classroom." Amada responded, "Maybe learning my way around is part of my treasure hunt."


Previously Airslashz
Luke Ledger
Lumiose City, Kalos

Mentions: @Cmeriwether (Amada Acosta)

"Heh, yeah. I guess I really need to fix my navigation skills," Luke smiled, regaining his composure. He put his PokePhone away back in his pocket.

"Paldea, huh? How's it like over there?" he asked, continuing on the conversation. He seemingly glanced at a little at Amada's Houndour a few times, curious as to why the Dark Pokemon was watching him.

Liliana Harper
Viridian City, Kanto

Liliana took a moment to absorb her surroundings, sitting on a bench next to a Pokémon Center in Viridian City. She couldn't believe this was finally happening - she was embarking on a journey, a dream she had cherished since childhood.

Yet, somehow, it didn't quite feel right.

Her journey had officially begun yesterday when she managed to capture her first companion, an Eevee. That very Eevee now rested on Liliana's lap as she meticulously and gently brushed its fur with a hairbrush, ensuring its coat remained soft. The young Evolution Pokémon seemed to enjoy its trainer's company, perhaps a little too much. Liliana was excessively spoiling her Eevee, a habit she shared with her siblings.

Her bond with her siblings ran deep, and this journey marked the first time in what felt like a decade that she had been separated from them for more than a day. After her parents' divorce and her mother's work-related challenges and injuries, Liliana had become their primary caretaker. She did everything for them, from taking them to school to handling chores, until they eventually moved to Kanto to live with her uncle and aunt. This move provided Liliana with the relative peace she needed to embark on her journey.

Leaving her siblings behind didn't sit quite right with her, but she knew they were in capable hands.

Liliana's contemplations were interrupted by a familiar, soft voice. It was the city's local Nurse Joy.

"Liliana, your egg is about to hatch!"

Her eyes lit up with excitement. She gently lifted Eevee onto her shoulder, recalling the egg her mother had once given her, which was now on the verge of hatching. She remembered her mother sending her the egg just before she moved to Kanto, and it finally was about to hatch!

She went inside, dashing inside the Pokemon Center, some stares centered on her as she went inside the incubator room of the Pokemon Center. She watched as Nurse Joy and a Chansey looked over Liliana's pink egg as cracks appeared quickly. Eevee watched intently, wondering what the egg contained. Of course, Liliana knew what was inside, since her mother told her when she received it.

It was a Happiny!

Happiny hatched from a egg!


"Congrats, it's a Happiny!" Nurse Joy exclaimed as Liliana walked up to egg containing the Happiny. The Happiny opened its eyes and seemed a little frightened, but immediately got over it after a second, as the Pokemon sensed the trainer wasn't going to harm her.
International Police Headquarters, Undesdlosed Location

“Man I’m tired” Xero yawned as he walked up the stairs.

After finally arriving back at headquarters, he had finally been debriefed on his new assignment, however the exhaustion from the trip quickly caught up to him. He made his was into his personal room, it’s the first honor you get once you become a fully fledged officer, although it wasn’t very big.

“Fuecoco, Gliscor, come on out.” Xero said groggily.

The two Pokémon, slightly more energetic, made their way over to the automatic feeder at the wall next to the door, as Xero dropped himself onto the somewhat hard bed. Just then he had remembered, the Manila folder! He quickly sat at the desk across from his bed and placed the folder down, slowly opening it up. What was in it was… financial records?

“Another bust.” Xero rolled his eyes, but upon closer examination there was something… off.

“ X Shipment Sinnoh : 150K
X Shipment Kalos : 250k
X Shipment Unova : Pending
X Shipment Kanto : Pending”

All of these different shipments, with different dates going to different regions, what could a casino in Johto have been shipping to Kalos? Xero spent at least an hour memorizing every shipment, trying to find some sort of correlation. But he couldn’t find one. What he could determine however, was that the casino was nothing more than a middle man in whatever was happening in the background. In his short time there, there was rarely ever a time he could actually investigate anything, but finally he had proof.

“They called me crazy” Xero said as his teeth clenched tightly, “First team rocket is suddenly reviving, and now this… something’s gotta be going on here. Something big.”
Alexander Tempest - Route 202, Sinnoh. February 17th.

"Come on girls, let's take a break." Alexander called out to his two Pokemon while echolocating a good place to sit down and rest. Upon finding a boulder, Alexander sat down, his Kirlia and Riolu taking a spot on either side of their trainer as he pulled out his ocarina and played Saria's Song from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. As he played, various wild Pokemon slowly came out of hiding, giving the human a curious look before some of them started dancing happily to the tune. As always, Alex was oblivious to his surroundings while he played so he failed to notice the audience that had gathered around him and his own Pokemon, who also enjoyed the music as they decided to join the dance that was happening.
Riku Kasai - Lilycove City, Hoenn. February 17th.

A lone punk thug wandered the streets of Lilycove, desperately trying for a way out. Every street, every road, every house he came across almost felt like there was a heavily armed police officer guarding it. The goon pushed down his wavy spiked hair as he peeked past a brick wall of one set of houses to see a police officer arresting three of the thug's comrades. The officer seemed to be able to get them into the arresting position with great ease and no real resistance, which shocked the man watching from the shadows. The punk heard movement and looked to see a tiny yellow camel that had nudged him in the right leg. "Numel, didn't see you there." He whispered. "You're out of your poke ball? Keep quiet, these idiots are being arrested. Where's Mark?" He was very confused. "He's not here. Where are they putting him?"
In an instant, the officer got up, as another joined him and they escorted the trio of criminals out of the area. This was not the first time the onlooker had seen this. It was not a rare event after such an occassion. When the robot-like men in blue had left the scene, the lone thug and his Numel looked around. "The coast is clear." He said, raising his voice. "They're not gonna find you Numel, I'll tell you that, so long as you stay with Riku Kasai." This was met with a friendly nudge from the yellow camel Pokemon once again.

"Hey!" Riku shrieked, closing his mouth with one hand to stop anyone in the area from hearing him. He observed Numel for a second and then noticed something. Numel was hobbling around, struggling to move much. Riku instantly examined his legs. "Damn, you're injured quite a bit in the stumps!" He exclaimed. "You might not be able to walk...we'll get you to a Pokemon Centre for examination...but what if the nurse recognises me? Surely my name would be out by now?"

Riku then realised something. "That...Brooke was her name? The girl from the museum, she heard my name. If she's with the police, she'll have told them about me. I might have to change my name..."

He grabbed Numel and started walking down one of the dark backstreets. The pair arrived on a cobblestone road with few vehicles parked up. A large crowd of civilians had gathered around a TV store, looking at the screens inside and were focused on a news channel that was broadcasting details of the raid on the Lilycove Art Museum. Everybody was extremely silent. Oddly enough, Riku, in taking in all the details on the street, could not find ANY police officers. They had all been banished!

Riku stood behind the crowd, not wanting to be noticed and observed the woman on the screen of the TV. "We're here, breaking news about the Lilycove City Art Museum thug attack. An unidentified young lady was assaulted by a group of thugs. The thugs were commanded by none other than the wanted vigalante, Mark Shadow. Mark, in his late to mid 20s, alongside countless thugs, were successfully arrested by armoured police officers, who successfully arrested ALL of the criminals! A handful of members from the gang, which were operating for years now, escaped, but i'm receiving news that they were ALL apprehended and have been sent to a Hoenn county jail near Dewford! None of the names of the other gang members are known."

With this, the crowd rejoiced in a loud cheer. It was then that Riku realised that Brooke may have not disclosed his name, yet alone remembered it. It seemed like he was almost in the clear. He needed to get rid of his gang outfit. But before he had time to decide which clothing store to go into, some members of the crowd spotted him, staring him directly in the eyes. He took a step backl. Then some members of the crowd grabbed them as the TV exploded into an amount of noise. More news stories broke, this time, an international one, as the Hoenn news was taken off air:

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..."

The report continued:

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."

The crowd gasped, with an old man crying "It's a sign of the end times!"

Riku was stunned as he took in the news report with facination. Team Rocket was...back, after so much time? The crowd were still focused on the TVs by the end of the report as the international news continued. He saw it as a time to get out of there whilst they were still distracted. Riku took one look at a sign that pointed in the direction of the exit to Lilycove City and darted. In his mind, he thought about the news report and what it could mean.

Brooke Waterson - Lilycove City, Hoenn. February 17th.

Brooke sulked in her room, he legs spread across a large and regal looking bed, expensive to most other people. She was in her room and had been in the house for about an hour, waiting for her parents, who hadn't returned yet. She had various gigantic-sized but also tiny plush dolls of various water type Pokemon across the room. She was bored, so decided to play with them, at the grand age of 19. She lined up a massive sized Mudkip doll onto a red rug below her bed.

"Teatime with Mr Muddy!" She exclaimed, like a spoilt child. Brooke laid out some precious china cups and mugs on top of tiny plates. If a single one broke, she'd get into further trouble, but she didn't care. She made some tea and poured it into four cups from a large teapot. She grabbed various dolls, which included Surskit and Clamperl dolls respectively. "I hope everyone is enjoying their tea!" She attempted to best a smile at all the dolls but broke mid-character, as if she was pretending to be happy. She screamed and started crying again.

"It's no use!" She yelled to herself, before making a swipe that causing the dolls to fall over and tea to go all over the floor of her bedroom. She made a jump onto the bed that would have made any high jumper envious. She sulked again, looking at the bookcases to the sides of her extravigant room. She spotted a big, old, dusty-looking book that was sticking out. Brooke had read through it thousands of times, but she was still facinated by it. She tugged it out and took another look at it on the bed.


She quickly turned a page she had bookmarked on the left page. ARCHIE, LEADER OF TEAM AQUA

But her facination was more with the woman on the right page. SHELLY, SECOND IN COMMAND

She pointed her finger to a paragraph that mentioned how Shelly may be related to the esteemed Waterson family. "You had a group of friends, a place of refuge even when the world was against you...why can't I have that?" She sighed. "I need to form a cu-"

Suddenly, she heard a noise. She marched downstairs and saw the TV on again. She jumped when she saw movement. Then she saw the kind smile of her mother. She was holding three Poke Balls in her hands and put them into a bag next to the sofa. She said nothing but seemed extremely warm, like she always was. Brooke's mother put a finger to her lips, as if she was telling her to be quiet, then made a zip sign, pointing to herself. Brooke worked out that her mother would keep her secret that she was not in her room.

Then Brooke's mother pointed to the TV, which Brooke had ignored all afternoon. On the TV, footage of Mark Shadow and the other thugs was being shown. "Looks like the situation resolved itself." Brooke's mother stated. "They caught all the thugs."

"But what about-"

In a flash, the TV's broadcast was interrupted by more international news:

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."

Brooke focused this time on the news broadcast. What could this mean for Hoenn? Could there be more groups from the past about to revive? If so, this gave Brooke hope. She had idolised Team Aqua for a while now. Could the pirate posse be back? Brooke looked to her mother to see what she made of the headlines but the lady just had her mouth open wide.

"Do you know what this means?" The concerned mother asked.

"No..." Brooke muttered.

"A storm's coming. It's the beginning of the end. This world will be washed clean by the oncoming tsunami of waves."
Azure Cendria
Abandoned Thrifty Megamart, Ula’ula Island, Alola Region
Creaking floorboards and rustling of bugs had been the common soundfront for the abandoned Thrifty Megamart, sited near the also long-abandoned Tapu Village. A box near the exit door moved, seemingly all on its own, but this was no surprise to the young trainer sitting on the counter fidgeting with an old electronic device. You see, he was well aware of the building’s state, and was using it to his advantage. Azure had long learned to coexist with the ghost Pokémon inside, as he had been here many times before. To him, the abandoned store was a place to relax and mess with some electronics, something his mom would severely condemn if she found out about it. Another bonus of the location was the relative silence compared to the hustle-and-bustle tourist attraction that was his hometown of Malie.

“Mana, can you leave the screws alone please?” Azure spoke, directed at his partner Pokémon. The Pokémon in question was a small Grubbin, which was indeed pushing around a small box. It turned around and pushed it towards him, to then find a new object to hold. Azure whipped out a brand new screw and with a loose wrist and a screwdriver, he secured the bottom panel of the device has holding. The device seemed to be a radio, and a pretty old one at that. It was just one of many small objects Azure had found or brought to this location, knowing that nobody comes here anymore anyways. Not since the totem Pokémon decided to move. “And now, it’s time for the big test.” He clicked a button and out of the radio came an extremely loud buzzing sound, startling absolutely everyone and everything in the store, including Azure himself. “Aaaah, I forgot to check the volume first!” He turned a button on the side and the noise shrunk.This static, however, was not what Azure was looking for. He started turning a button on the other side. “I wonder if people of my age these days even know the difference between AM and FM...” he mumbled to himself. As he turned the knob, the static was occasionally replaced with music, or talking. “Yes! It works!” Azure kept turning the knob until a certain piece of news caught his ear.

“This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..."

“What on earth? Team Rocket? You would’ve thought they were fully gone for years and years now, much like Team Skull... yet here we are... Let’s listen a bit closer then.” he thought, and moved the radio closer to himself to listen.

"... heavy traffic as participants gather at the Pokémon League in Unova over the next two days for the championships. Updates on the Team Rocket scandal in Kanto, history books tell us the organisation has been extinct for generations. Recent events say otherwise, as six men are now in custody in a case of Pokémon trafficking, racketeering, and abuse. Local authorities say the criminals they captured are low ranking grunts, and upwards of 90% of the smuggled Pokémon recovered were of the Psychic typing, alongside them a massive amount of cash. More on this as it develops, this has been your Route to the News, see you next time."

“Pokémon trafficking, disgusting, you would think that a return of Team Rocket would warrant a refreshed mentality but all they did was lose members in the end. Better not tell ma about this because she’ll go on the whole rant about how the world is a dangerous place where bad guys take advantage of unprepared people, then naming me as an example. I want to prepare my team in other regions, not here!”
but before he had even finished thinking this, his phone rang. It was his mother. Uh oh.
“Alo ma” Azure opened with the classic pun he always used whenever either of his parents called him, knowing full well that neither of them paid any attention to it anymore.
“Azure, where are you, you can’t be outside for this long, even people like us can easily get sunburns, you know?” his mother answered.
“Ma, there is a lot of shadow on this island, don't go around thinking I'm burning up in the sun all day. But yeah, I’ll come back if you want me to. I’ll see you in a bit then. Anything I have to pick up on the way back?" Azure responded.
"No honey, I just went shopping and was hoping you would be home to help me unpack the groceries, but oh well, I'll see you later then." "Okay, no problem, bye ma!" Azure hung up.

He turned the radio off and put it in a cabinet below the counter. He could always come back here later. He looked through the window to see if anyone was there, and snuck out of the front entry, heading for Malie City.
"Team Rocket..." he found himself constantly repeating to himself, wondering why it felt so important to him.
Amada Acosta, Lumiose City, Kalos, February 17th. Interactions: Luke Ledger (@~Aura~Slashz~ )

"Porto Marinada is a bustling place, auctions all over the town square. My parents are Breeders that live near there, so I've heard auctions. While I lived there when not at school or on a Treasure Hunt, my mom and dad bred some mons that they own, and I bonded with three, like the Houndour you see here."

As Amada set her Houndour down, she then turned to Luke.

"Do you Mind helping me get around this city since you have some idea of this city unlike myself?"

Houndour kept next to Amada as a Pokéball opened. A Pawniard stood next to her.

"Pawniard?" Amada asked her Pokémon.

Pawniard looked at Luke confusedly.

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Route 202, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel Kizuto (H47E)

Draven raised an eyebrow as the kid scoffed. Was Hazel jealous he didn't get an education like he did? You didn't need to have any kind of diploma to get anywhere, honestly. It all seemed that if you could cut yourself a bit of ground in the fame of being a trainer with all this battling and contest shenanigans, you'd get money from winning bets in battle and sponsorships. Well...

That was always the issue, wasn't it? Doing that in the first place was already difficult as is.

To be an excavator of ruins and finder of fossils, to be a professor of history... He'd have to have a diploma to get into college... But to get there, he had to be stronger. Only a fool would focus on education and not their Pokemon's strength.

While Draven's eyes were following the road they were traveling upon, he listened just as intently to Hazel's story. Got assigned here by one of the late Sycamore's great-grandkids or something like that and was given a starter earlier. Wait, there's Starly in Kalos? He looked at him with some confusion, but it was explained that there were some migrations and movement to other regions. He just shrugged. "Not really. Makes a lot of sense, actually." And he didn't elaborate, not caring to dive into the specifics of Pokemon's change of habitats. Pokemon were, surprisingly, very similar to humans in their emotions and wants. His Hoothoot even showed a similar desire for adventure, not wanting to back down from an exploration's obstacles and taking them as a good challenge.

Once they reached the gate and Hazel opened the door for him, he was then asked about this girl. He deadpanned, sighed, and continued walking. "I don't remember. I just know she went to a college. She was still confused as to what major she'd get into, her parents wanting her to think about it early so she could curate her classes in high school towards her goal." He looked at the boy, eyes narrowing as he scrutinized him through his glasses. Sighing as he only saw good intentions - and seeing as he didn't bombard him with billions of questions and seemed nervous just asking one - he pulled out a picture of them as kids from his wallet. Four years ago, they had their photo taken - one of the rare times Draven genuinely smiled back then. The girl beside him had strawberry-blonde hair up in a ponytail, eyes shone like sapphires, and her fair skin already burning under the radiant sun on Undella's sands, but she held a carefree nature that matched the still bellowing of her green sundress from the wind. She didn't care that her shoulders were turning a shade of apple red, she just cared about having fun and dealt with the consequences later and likely with a smile. She also had the hugest smile and was a head taller than Draven at the time. Draven's bangs looked freshly dyed.

"That's what she looks like." He said, not keen on letting Hazel touch the photo. Once Hazel got a good look at it, he put it back in his wallet. "Only because you're trying to help and weren't being too overbearing about it." That was more of an admittance of a condition. If Hazel wanted to continue getting Draven to open up, he should continue what he just did. Draven was at least self aware in that regard.

Then, he opened the door to Route 202 and held it open for Hazel, as courtesy for doing it earlier.
Hazel - Route 202, Sinnoh. February 17th.
Mentions: Draven (@Merciless Medic)

Catching the useless bit of information about the girls preparation for college and a quick glance of the photo before it was swiftly tucked away in Draven's wallet, there wasn't much to go on in terms of locating this lost friendship (or perhaps lover?). Regardless, Hazel didn't intend to dash the other trainers hopes of finding her again one day, and if he could help he was sure to do so.

"I guess that leaves two choices, really. You can go college to college in Kalos until you find her name in a student directory, or you could just contact her family. I'm sure if you explained, they'd at least say where she goes to school, right?" He spoke inquisitivly, wondering if the other lad had even ventured to think of that idea for himself. What Hazel may have lacked in book smarts that could be taught in school, he made up for in practicality and wit. "You could probably look them up online or something. If anything, you seem determined to find her. I don't have a doubt in my mind you'll do it, man."

The duo continued onto Route 202, continuing their conversation and making a left, then a right around a bend as their Pokémon gleefully bounded around each other in playful manner up ahead.

"Froth, c'mon back. It's time to focus up." The younger spoke out, his Froakie responding by nodding politely to Ma'a before pouncing back towards his trainers side and falling into step. A few more yards and Hazel came to a slow stop before a large area of tall grass, turning to Draven and offering a hand to shake.

"Sandgem shouldn't be too much farther, just around another bend or two and you're there. Of course, be careful of the grass." the boy warned his new friend, grinning from ear to ear. "I should probably get to work on that research for Sycamore, but take my number down. I can take calls on my Pokètch." he remarked, pointing to the device on his wrist. Pulling a scrap of paper from his bag, Hazel scribbled his contact information down and handed it over. After saying the rest of their goodbyes, Hazel parted ways with the other trainer, heading back the direction they came and past the transitional building between the Route and Jubilife with Froth close behind. The little blue frog had given a cheery wave accompanied by a croak to the Hoothoot before the group disbanded, but now exhibited a demeanor of pure focus, having switched gears entirely to match his trainer. Together, the two approached a section of brush secluded at the end of Route 202.

As Hazel crept closer to the grass, he crouched down low, noticing a slight rustle in the foliage. Something was in there! Froth bounced forwards in front of the human and readied himself for battle, remaining steady until given the signal to attack. In a low whisper, Hazel counted down.

"Three... two... one..." he trailed off and in an instant, Froth was in the air and darting downwards towards his target. Suddenly slamming downwards with a Quick Attack, the water-type found itself colliding with a small, gray bird Pokémon. The blur of blue sent the unprepared Starly reeling back, tumbling over its feet. Letting out an angered tweet, the opponent got to its feet and spread it's wings wide, boasting the white circle on its chest; Growl.

Froth faultered for a moment at the enemies move, Hazel responding with quick thinking by shouting a command. "Water Pulse, Froth!" the trainer demanded, his partner retraining it's focus on the battle and preparing a mass of water in its maw. Releasing the liquid in a ring shaped blast, the impact of the attack tossed the Starly backwards into a roll. Landing on its back, the regional bird of Sinnoh barely hung onto consciousness. Reaching into his bag, Hazel grabbed a Pokéball and tossed it at the normal-flying 'mon, resulting in the creature being coated in a red light before disappearing with a 'shhhwip' into the red and white ball. With three rolls and a click, the Pokémon was caught. Walking over and retrieving the ball, it remained in the trainers gaze for nearly a minute before being hung on his belt.

"Weird, I expected it to be tougher than that. Maybe it just needs to be raised right." Hazel concluded aloud, looking to Froth and exchanging pleased expressions over their success.
"Whatever, there will be plenty of time to find out since we're gonna raise and study 'em! We better go heal this guy up, huh?"

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Route 202, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel Kizuto (H47E)

Why was he helping so much? Well, no bother, he was trying to be sweet at least. Draven shrugged. "I could. Rather not stalk her though other sources, but if it comes down to it and I have to, oh well. And I don't remember her parents, so that might not work. I also don't think they'll remember me either and I don't want them to think I'm a creep for trying to find their daughter. If she ends up not remembering me, I can just start over our friendship." That would be the correct thing to do, wouldn't it?

It hurt his heart just admitting to that though.

Online would be the proper choice, especially since her family were pretty well off and rich. Something about being Performers and Contest Champions from an era before, but for some reason their daughter didn't want to perform. She wanted to go to college, and the fact he couldn't remember for what had him irritated.

Yeah, he might end up finding her. But would she remember him?

He decided to change subjects and talk about other things, as the thought depressed him further. Hearing the trainer was going to head off, he looked at Hazel's offered hand with some confusion before shaking it as he explained how far Sandgem was. He chuckled, shaking his head at Hazel's caution.

"My Hoothoot is nearing evolution. I don't think I need to worry about some mice and birds." He was sure he was wrong in that massive generalization. He heard of Shinx being here, as well as Bidoof, but he didn't care to correct it right now. He raised an eyebrow as the boy wanted to share his number with him. He took the scrap piece of paper, and decided to put it into his XTransceiver on his wrist. "Sure, thanks. I'll probably call you later, so you know my phone number from that."

That is, if he remembered.

Getting their goodbyes in and actually saying a "thank you", he left for Sandgem. He saw Shinx trying to intimidate him for getting onto their turf, only for a Confusion to scare them off. Starly were annoying. Bidoof were a bit too lax for his liking. With his Hoothoot on a vigilant watch to keep them safe, he found himself in Sandgem Town rather quickly. The sand encroached upon the path through the grass, making him squint.

He hated how it reminded him of Undella Town. He bet the only reason no one forgot Sandgem existing was for the Professor's lab.

In some ways, with how quiet this place was, this place was better.

It angered him.

Wanting out of here, he walked up to the Professor's lab's doors, stared at them, then sighed. Returning his Hoothoot, he knocked, then tried opening it. In Nuvema Town, Professor Juniper's lab had strangers walking in all the time. Maybe this was the same?

He looked more Unovan than he did any other region, so maybe they'd see he wasn't a local and cut him some slack if that weren't the case.
Eric Reagan - Unova Pokemon League, Unova, February 17th

"LET THE UNOVA LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS BEGIN!!!" That was the announcement that trainer Eric Reagan, as well as countless other trainers heard inside a large stadium flocked with large stone towers and pillars, not to mention the like of a castle. The stadium was as filled as much as it could be for such early round preliminaries. Only a few lucky trainers would actually face the Elite Four and Champion should they beat the others, who were considered with exclusion to the top five as the best trainers in Unova.

Eric Reagan considered himself to be one of these elite trainers. He believed he had the potential to become Champion. It was in his blood, he thought, as the descendants of the Reagan family claimed to related to the ancient Kings of Unova. His family, a wealthy one, had often bragged about this, but many claimed it was untrue. Eric went round with the title 'Baron' attached to his name even though it did little for him, though it had caused a cult of supporters to flock to his feet.

In the foyers, Eric waited, preparing his Pokemon. On a wooden bench, he was joined by one large shaggy dog Pokemon: a Stoutland. The Stoutland rubbed his face in Eric's body. The young baron pushed the normal type a little. "Hush. It's almost time to begin our ascendance." Eric stated.

A young woman ran up to Eric. She had flat black hair, was short and had freckles all around her face. Wearing a Black T-shirt and a ginger skirt, she put her hands on her hips and looked at him sternly. The young lady was probably only in her late teens. "There you are, Eric!" She cackled.

"Blair?! I thought I lost you at Opelucid City!" Eric snarled as he recognised the girl.

"Well you didn't! I've managed to get all eight badges in that time and worked on my team and I WILL defeat you this time! I will beat my rival!" She exclaimed.

The sight of her annoyed Eric. He had never really enjoyed her company. She seemed to follow him for some reason though, wherever he went. "You've been following me for a few years now. When are you going to stop?"

"Until you admit you're a fraud! Your family AREN'T related to the Kings of Unova! I went to Dragonspiral Tower and did my research. You're nothing but a grifter trying to get money from people!"

"Why you little...you dare challenge my blood lineage? I'll defeat you in battle right here! What a brat! You've always had an agenda against me! I have the battling ability! I got here on my own!"

"No you didn't! You bribed the gym leaders to give you badges and you SUCK at battling! I'll beat you once and for all in the stadium. I'll expose you to the others!" She exclaimed, raising her voice to the point where it was like an oven in there.

"You'll get knocked out before you reach me anyway. Some weakling will get you and-"

Suddenly, Eric looked up at a large TV screen which showed a mini tournament bracket with the remaining trainers. Eric's face suddenly appeared, the first named trainer of the tourmament. When he was announced, the crowd burst into an uproar, before swiftly dying down.

"Today, Eric Reagan will be facing against Blair Wildheart in the first match of the tournament! Please take your stations for the first battle!" An announcer proclaimed.

"Great..." Eric sighed. Blair glared at him. It looked like they would face each other on the field of battle after all.

There was a great applause as Eric marched out one end of the stadium. He was covered in a black and blue robe that gave him the appearance of a self-proclaimed King. The robe drooped down and touched the ground, creating some noise. A fake sword was attached to his belt as he gave the appearance of a historical reinactor. He repositioned his greasy flat brown hair, which had blonde highlights, spiking it up, giving him a less noble appearance. The lights on the other end came on as Blair Wildheart, who was hyped up to be Eric's rival, came out. She sported a Moon Ball in her hands. "So here we are." She said. She believed she could genuinely beat him. "This man is a fraud! He is no descendant of the nobility of Unova! He did not come to this position fairly! He cannot battle, I will show you!" She shouted as the crowd began to make hissing sounds.

"Hush! You are lying! I will prove it by defeating you!" Eric roared, readying a Luxury Ball.

Blair tossed her Moon Ball onto the floor and out came a large candle Pokemon hovering in air. It had five blue flames coming out from it's head and what could only be described as it's arms. "Go Chandelure!" Blair exclaimed.

"Go, Golurk!" Eric muttered as he tossed his Luxury Ball onto the floor. In a flash of black, a blue and green ancient-looking goliath appeared on the floor, towering over the Chandelure and most people in the stadium. It was colossal and would give the battle an intimidating start, that's for sure! The pair of angry trainers looked furiously into their eyes. The Unova League Championships had truely begun.
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Gertrude and Lykos Tempest~Fortree City, Hoenn. February 17th

After the news had came to a close, Gertrude and Lykos ate their breakfast, helped clean up before preparing for the journey ahead. "Ball Capsules...Ribbon Case....and....wait...where are my..." Gertrude's gaze looked around only to see Serenity and Holly holding them out to her. "Oh...that's where they are" she chuckled softly. "Thanks girls" she grabbed the sticker case to place them inside before placed on her bag. "Eevee!" "Treecko!" they responded back to her afterwards. She left her room as Serenity and Holly went on to both her shoulders before she made her way to her brothers room. "Lykos, how is everything here? She asked. "Just about ready sis, so is Maple" he added looking at the super sized Pumpkaboo floating next to him. "Pum!" She smiled.

They both heading back down stairs once ready as they made their way to mom and dad saying goodbye before they left. After going through the wooden bridge and ladder to the grass ground, they started to head to Lilycove City which was a bit of a travel. "Lilycove does have a contest hall, maybe we can check it out, what do u think Lykos?" "Doesn't sound like a bad idea?" With their destination set, the Tempest siblings heading to Lilycove City.

Aria Sinclair~ Undelle Town, Unova. February 17th

In the town of Undelle, a young girl sat outside in the sand with a Girafarig sitting just behind her enough for her to lean on. A Natu perched on her shoulder as the sound of the waves caught her ears. She couldn't use her eyes to see them since they were covered by a white bandage but her long wavy like bangs cover the front entirely. She could only feel and hear where she sits and touches. A calm Gust of wind blew through her now white long hair which use to be a light Pastel blue color hue. It had suddenly turned this color out of the blue but, left a shade of her original color at the ends of her bangs.

The Girafarig's head rested on her legs which was folded under her as her hand was placed on top of her to let her know where she was. "Rina....." she called as her eyes opened to look up at her. "I wish I could see.....you...and the ocean I'm hearing but....I'm relieved your here to guide me and Aiko...." she said. "Gir..." "Tu...." they both said. She shook her head though as she wasn't going to be negative about it. A voice from her father called her over to eat as she stood up, Rina followed after her as she guided Aria inside.

"Father...?" She called out reaching her hand out to him. "I'm right here darling" he said as he reached his own hand out to grab hers, leading her to the table to sit down. "Thank u father....for the meal..." she said as she took a bite allowing herself to taste what he made. "Waffles..?" "It's your favorite" he added. She nodded before eating the rest of her meal. She put her fork down as she sensed an male Indeedee approach her with a cup of juice. "Lufian...thank you" she said taking the cup from him, patting his head before taking a drink.

"Aria....." he paused feeling worried which she sensed. "Your worried father...because of what I said about leaving....to become a Coordinator despite me....being blind...temporary...." "Yes.....are u sure u want to do this....?" He asked her. "Yes father....I want to do this....despite my disadvantage of sight....I want to show people through Coordinating that any dream is possible.....Rina, Aiko, and Lufian will be there with me...so please don't worry...Kealoha, Valentina, and Yue'Lao will also be there for me as well...so please father....allow me to do this" she asked again.

He only sighed softly. "Alright....your 21 years old so I have no right to stop u......if u made this decision on your own....but....I wish I found the cause of u going blind....that's what my research is mostly about.....curing your blindness....but....I have no leads..." he said. "I know....I know your trying your very best to find a cure for eyes....but....I want to explore the world beyond my home town....".

The conversation grew quiet for the moment before Aria stood up slowly, walking towards her father and hugged him from behind. "I thank u for always being there for me.......when mom....passed on and took care of me when my sight gave up on me.....that will always be in my heart and memories...." Her father held her arm back only to get emotional with tears. She sensed this of course holding him until he calmed down. She made her way up stairs afterwards to prepare her bag for the journey. Her bag was already prepared with everything she needed including the extra bandages for her eyes, Ribbon case and stickers along with the ball capsules. She made her way out of her room to her father.

"Father.....did u prepare my bag....?" She asked. "Yes sweetie I did...." "Thank you...." she added as she gave a soft smile. Her conversation was interrupted by the news popping up on the TV.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..." The voice trailed off before the report had the chance to finish.

Aria remained quiet for the moment after the report faded out. Imaging Psychic Pokemon in the mix of the smugglings broke her heart but, on the other hand was relieved that the people responsible for the illegal smuggling were arrested and Pokemon were safe in the police's hands. "Those Pokémon must have been....so scared...." she said breaking her silence. "Yes...I'm sure they were Aria...but they are now in the polices hands so no need to worry about it...but rain....make sure u take your umbrella with u just in case..." I will father...."

Aria grabbed the remote and changed the channel on the TV to the Unova Pokemon League. She listened to the reporter speaking since she couldn't see it mentioning the battle between Eric Reagon and Blair WildHeart in the first match. The battle started the moment their first Pokemon was let out. She wanted to stay and listen more but had to leave for her journey. "Alright Father....I must be on my way....before dark..." "Alright...please be careful and give me a call when u get there safe..." "I will"

She hugged her father one more time before she reached her Heal ball to return Lufian to his Pokeball. She gave one last wave to him before leaving, Rina following right beside her. She wasn't sure where she wanted to travel next so followed the path to wherever it would take her. She sat on Rina's back as it would be a long journey ahead.

JC Valentine~ Montenevera Town, Paldea. February 17th

In the town of Montenevera Town, in the Paldea region, lived a former champion who lived in her prime 8 years ago. She had returned home due the inactivity spend time with her family. 8 years had flew by so fast for the former champion that she was no longer that title. She only now mentors young trainers who started their journey with her wisdom. She was not as powerful as she was when she was in her prime including her partner and her Pokemon with her. Her facial features where visible but she was at home since only her family knew what she looked like under the mask she wore when she battled. She was in the kitchen cooking with an apron covering her clothes, on her shoulder sat an Umbreon of a different coloration than it's original form. She had blue rings and gold eyes with a black and blue flower on her right ear and a black ribbon tied into a bow around her neck. A white streak showed on her cheek to identify her age of wisdom. Her name was Blue. She watched her partner cook waiting for her to finish.

She was focused on the food she was cooking but, her focus was interrupted by the news reporter who had spoke on the TV screen. She lowered the flame before listening in.

"This just in, Kanto police report six persons in custody on racketeering and illegal Pokémon smuggling charges. Authorities claim the men are affiliating themselves with the long defunct group, Team Rocket. More on this as the story develops. In other news, Sinnoh reports record rainfall across the region this year and the Pokémon league championships approach in Unova! Stay tuned for..." The voice trailed off before the report had the chance to finish.

"That's something u don't get everyday...but so suddenly" her brother Shadow responded. "Honestly, that's not right at all..." he added.

Her light blue gaze looked to her first eldest brother who had jet black hair that was slightly long in the back with his heterochromic gold-blue eyes with the blue coloration covered by his bang. Blue's sister Sparkx who was a Jolteon, trotted over to stand next to him. "Well, it's an organization leading the wrong path, they don't honestly care how illegal it is if they can make profit out of it....even though I agree with u brother" she responded. "I won't deny you there...well...with that being said...is breakfast ready...?" He asked with a smile.

Her gaze widened a bit only to close them and chuckle as she shook her head. "Of course u ask that of me...." she answered. "Yes, breakfast is ready..." she added making her way back to the kitchen and serve her family. Her mother cleaned up after breakfast as she made her way to her room where she grew up in. She leaned against her desk, arms crossed over her chest. The report on the news seemed to have caught her attention. She left the spotlight 8 years ago causing her power to deteriorate severely which Blue and girls suffered as well. That report showing now 8 years after her prime was a sign that something big and dangerous is about to unfold.

Blue's cry suddenly interrupted her thoughts. "Umbre...("What's on your mind JC?" "Was it about the news report on the arrest of the illegally smuggled Pokemon") she asked her knowing her already. "Blue.....you see right through me don't u...well, it's not a surprise, you have been with me ever since the start of my prime days" she said turning to face her as her hand rested on her head gently petting it. "Umbre....("I read u like a book")" Blue responded. "You guessed correctly Blue, that news report has caught my attention, I believe it may be a sign that something big and dangerous is about to be revealed"

Blue only nodded to her response. "Blue....I believe it's time for us to step out from hiding and into the spotlight, are u ready to encounter this difficult path with me again...partner" she asked her as Blue only smiled happily. "Umbre!("I was always ready to be partner!")" She said wagging her tail back and forth excitedly. "Unfortunately though, we will only be mentoring I'm afraid, we are in no condition to battle anyone with the power we have now....I'm sure u understand..." she mentioned. "Umbre....("I know....I have mentored many of starter trainer pokemon you know so I must give wisdom to them...") she answered.

She nodded to Blue knowing she would understand the situation. She heard the sound of her door opening seeing it was her brothers Shadow and Apollo along with her mother Sherri. "Shadow...Apollo....Mom.....you heard what I decided haven't u...." she asked. "You can't hide anything from us JC, we know how your mind works" Shadow responded first. "Is it....that time again...." Apollo asked. "Yes Apollo....it is" "Just...be careful than on your journey...." he added. "JC....I will always support the decisions u make and come back alive....your mother will be on with your brothers here....so if that's what u came to than fulfill it..." Sherri said with a smile.

"Thank u guys....mother....it is....time for me to step into the spotlight....once more...I don't know when I'll return but this will be a long journey ahead of me......" she decided. They all gave a sad smile to her but understood she would return. They left the room as she closed her door. She turned her gaze to the wooden closet close to the window as she went over to it. She opened the two doors than reached the top shelf, grabbing a black box before placing it on the desk. Blue sat just next to it as she watched her open it. It revealed the mask she had wore during her prime days, a white wolf mask with blue streaks painted at its side. She carefully took it out of the box before sliding it on her face again to cover her facial appearance as she did in her prime. She closed the box before putting it back in her closet.

She shut the two doors before facing Blue. "It's time Blue" "Umbre!("Of course!")" "But first..." she pulled out the five of six Luxury balls from her hip belt letting the girls out. What appeared was a Meowscarada, an Absol with a rose on her blade which was close to her head, a Ceruledge, a Galarian Rapidash, and lastly, a Dusk Lycanroc. "Greetings girls....it's been a long while hasn't it..." The girls gave agreeable cries to her. "It's time for us to step back into the spotlight again but...as mentors...I sense a dangerous journey ahead...are you girls willing to take this journey with me again?" She asked. They all cried out to her in agreement. "("Always!")". She returned the girls before she grabbed her bag and hooded black cape. She left her room as Blue followed right after her. She made her way downstairs where her brothers and mother waited.

"I must take my leave wish me a safe journey"

"Be safe sis, call when u get where u are safe"


"Safe trip sweetie"

She gave one last hug to them while Blue said goodbye to her 4 sisters. She left afterwards as in her mind, she called a specific name in her head. "-Bell-" In a quick instant, a Lucario appeared as the sound of the bells tied to a red silk ribbon that was around her ear rang as she moved. "It's time....we are moving forward again to the spotlight..." she explained. Bell raised her paw to her chest only to bow her head to her. "-Where u lead I go-" she responded. She nodded back at her before moving forward. She placed her black hooded cape on before raising it up to hide her hair as only her mask was visible. From than on, the former champion that was in her prime 8 years ago, must once more appear in the spotlight, her name was JC Valentine.

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Riku Kasai - Lilycove City, Hoenn. February 17th.

Lilycove City turned out to be a labyrinth of houses, at least in Riku's eyes. He kept getting lost, having to turn back despite following the signs. He was sure that they were wrong. Immediately, he turned to the right when one broken wooden sign pointed to the West and he soon found himself into a thick maze of streets and shops. Eventually, he darted onto another long cobblestone road which led him to a block of skyscrapers. It was like Tartarus and he was unable to escape. He suddenly heard something different: the scream of Wingull in the sky. Riku ran forward and saw hundreds of large houses, some of them massive mansions that could have only have been purchased by the elite and wealthy in his eyes. He jumped over the fence of one, ran through a grass front garden and starred at the sight behind the building. He was standing on a cliff edge overlooking a large beach facing the sea. He sighed as he looked up at the mansion next to him, which now had several Wingull flying above, engaged in their own gang fight. He stared at the beauty of the mansion, noting it's huge garden with various roses and flowers, as well as ancient stone pillars and titanic statues which appeared to represent different fully-evolved water type Pokemon, with a statue of a Kingdra right behind him and a massive one of a Millotic depicted on the front of the house. He crept up to examine each of the statues, realising that by now, he had gone the wrong way and was actually to the far East of Lilycove. Despite the disappointment he initially had, he started to formulate a new plan in his mind: he would use this mansion to hide himself from the authorities for a day or two. And so, he started looking for an enterence without alerting the owners of the household. Suddenly, he heard the door swing open and he darted to the right behind an emerald bush. He spotted a well-to-do lady in a blue dress and hat exit the building. When the coast was clear, he crept around to the back and discovered an open window. He attempted to yank it open. However, the window managed to somehow force itself the other way. With that, Riku cursed under his breath and began to look for a new way in. After some time though, Riku gave up, as each one of his attempts failed and he knew he was only going to attract attention to himself.

Brooke Waterson - Lilycove City, Hoenn. February 17th.

Brooke's mother pulled a Poke Ball out of the bag and presented it to her daughter. "Listen, your dad is too harsh. You can have this...but don't tell him! He's visiting the local buisnesses in the area, trying to make sure they're okay after the gang incident."

Brooke swiped the Poke Ball from the lady and threw it to the ground revealing Corphish. "Corrrr!!!" Corphish smiled at Brooke as it recognised her once again. The girl immediately returned the red crayfish Pokemon. "I'll keep him in hiding. What about the others?"

"I'll give you those later...but I must go now. He will wonder where I am. I will make sure he has calmed down. Young lady, you should go back to your room. Bye!" Brooke's mother waved as she left the mansion. Brooke also waved.

Brooke hurried up to her bedroom. Minutes later, she could hear rustling and banging noises from outside. She went into the kitchen and peered outside. Nothing. She went to the conservatory where the large garden was. A closed window. That's odd, she thought. Wasn't it supposed to be open? She thought that she must be hearing thing again, making up stories in her mind. Brooke went up the stairs. She was about halfway up when she heard a loud CRASH!!! sound, with the sound of shattering particles. She almost screamed but instead collapsed onto the stairs. She got herself up and ran towards the back of the house, where the noise came from.

In the conservatory, where she had just been, was a massive hole, that went down, through the brick wall as well! Glass shards were scattered across the wooden floor, as cold air from outside came in. Standing in the centre of the hole was a man and a floating purple Pokemon with a menacing look and skull and cross bones on it. Brooke recognised the Pokemon to be a Koffing as it was breathing disgusting gas into the room. The man was tall and was wearing a punk outfit, which she recognised to be what the thugs were wearing in the Lilycove Museum. It was then that Brooke put her arm down to shield the light and gasped as she realised who he was.

They had met before.
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Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Route 202, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Walking inside, the research lab had a very modest and simplistic design that accentuated the tech that was here. After eighty years since the crime syndicates attempt at reigning, technology had either evolved past leaps and bounds or it stagnated due to how peaceful it all became.

Of course, research was still at a head and it was surprising that the man himself - a grandson or great grandson to the very aide of the esteemed Professor Rowan from that era - would be standing here. Draven approached the man and smiled slightly, the professor in casual formal attire turned to address him with a kind smile, yet stern eyes. "Ah, hello. The name's Professor Lucas, named after my grandfather. What would you like?"

"I'm Draven. Nice to meet you. I was wondering if it was possible for myself to get a starter Pokemon. I wasn't so sure on the rules regarding already having a Pokemon to start with though." Draven said with surprising amount of honesty, even for him.

"You already have a Pokemon?" Lucas asked with some confusion. Draven nodded.

"Yes, a Hoothoot."

Humming slightly, Lucas sighed contemplatively. "I'm sorry, but the Starter Pokemon are only for trainers just beginning on their journey. They'd have to not have a Pokemon already. If I could give you one, I could, but this is per League rules."

Blinking a bit in surprise, Draven hummed in thought. "Ah, my apologies. May I have an update to my Pokedex app, then?"

"Sure." Professor Lucas had Draven connect to the internet of the lab so he may get a patch update for his app.

Despite the disappointment, he gave the professor a smile and thanks before leaving, only stopping when he heard some racket behind him and monkey noises. One of the Pokemon had escaped from their confines and was making a ruckus. He might use that to his advantage later.

He needed a starter here, and the sudden need to be spiteful grew as he formulated a plan to grab it and how to get away from the cops when it ever did become too much. He walked towards Route 202, hoping he wouldn't see that kid from earlier and instead going into the treeline and hiding there. "Alright... Ma'a." The Pokeball flashed open and his owlet stood there with idle ticking of her head. "I'm going to need your help. You ready?"

With a determined, quiet trill, Ma'a agreed.

They just need to wait for nightfall.
Hazel - Route 203, Sinnoh. February 20th, 9:00am.

It had been three days since the young trainer had met Draven and caught the Starly on Route 202, which had promptly been named Starla and been given a proper trip to the Pokémon Center in Jubilife. With its injuries rather minor, no extreme treatments were necessary and the trio of Starla, Froth, and Hazel spent the following days bonding over snacks, people watching, and trying to scrape together enough money for a Quick Claw by offering to clean shoes with the help of the Froakie's bubbles. After buying the held item, the beginner trainer even had enough cash leftover for a pretty, pink ribbon to fashion around the little bird's neck.

Now heading out from Jubilife City after roughly a week of being in the city, Hazel's focus was set on making it to Oreburgh in order to challenge the first Gym in the challenge circuit. Waltzing onto Route 203, the youth was accompanied by his Pokémon, Froth hopping alongside the human as Starla perched herself atop the boys right shoulder. Adjusting his bag, he looked up to the sky with a smile. For the first time in months, not a single cloud could be seen in the rolling, blue sky.
"Finally a day without rain, right guys? Not even a breeze." A cheery tone floated through the crisp, still air as hues put themselves back on the path ahead. A few meters up, a section of tall grass rustled with movement, the cause of the commotion darting from left to right. Obscured by the brush, whatever the creature was must've been startled by Hazel's remarks about the weather. Stopping in his tracks, Hazel's Pokémon did the same and forced themselves to be frozen like statues. Silence settled in for only a moment before a Shinx darted from the brush and ran as fast as its legs could move away from the intruding triad. Sparing a glance before disappearing around a corner that led down an offshoot part of the route.

"Darn," Hazel smacked his teeth. "That would've been a nice addition to the team. You guys wanna follow it?" The trainer looked back and forth between his two partners, both 'mons affirming their willingness to take a slight detour with a cry. Nodding his head and clutching his fist, Hazel took off in a sprint after the electric type with Froth in tow, Starla taking flight beside them. "We're comin' for ya, little dude!"

With his attention solely focussed on capturing the wild Shinx, the Trainer didn't notice the looming storm cloud rolling in from the distance, the swirling plume of pitch cotton emanating from Mt.Coronet...

Team Interstellar - Multiple Locations (i.e. Celadon City, Kanto; Mount Coronet, Sinnoh; Pokémon League, Unova; Lumios City, Kalos). February 20th, 9:00am.

Early in the morning, just outside Celadon City, a posse of villains gathered on Route 16. Clad in pitch uniforms with a huge, crimson 'R' on the chest, the small militia numbered around roughly 50 as they stood around awaiting their orders. Talking amongst each other in excited whispers, there was plenty of chatter throughout the ranks of how this mission alone would spell out the events of the future. At the front of the group stood a red-headed woman whose outfit matched the others yet somehow seemed to be distinct in design, her uniform being a black dress with subtle shoulder spikes along with the iconic Rocket logo. Each member of the group of delinquents was also outfitted with a pair of metallic gloves with thin, purple tubes connecting the wrist and back of the hand, as well as a purple node about the size of a quarter on the palm.

"Ma'am, we've just recieved word that the other groups have arrived at Vermillion and Saffron City. We should be ready." a random grunt spoke out in a nervous tone as he approached his boss, puffing his chest out with respect. He was graced with a nod from his superior before being dismissed by a lazy wave of her hand.

"Giavanna, waiting on your go." a voice crackled over a handset radio, distorted slightly by static and interference. It belonged to a malevolently grinning Cryo, the Galactic Boss with a temper just as volatile as his methods. Atop Mount Coronet in Sinnoh, Galactic scientists and grunts alike hustled around in a frenzy, tending to a multitude of beeping and buzzing machines. The blue-haired leader stood in the center of the circular, makeshift laboratory as one of his cronies read off some statistics on a screen before shooting the boss a thumbs up. "We are ready to begin weather disruptions at your signal." Cryo muttered into his radio.

Meanwhile, in Unova, the Pokémon League tournament was underway with thousands flocking to the event to witness a series of jawdropping matches between the newest challenger to try and get past the Elite Four and the Unovan Champion, Balduor. A Gengar squared off with a Serperior in the center of the arena, launching a Shadow Ball with a heinous cackle. High up in the stands above the ongoing battle between the unimportant challenger and the first member of the E4, a mysterious man dawning a black and white mask spoke into a radio, peering down at the isolated seat on the far end of the battlefield where Baldour sat. Turning and glancing to another man, who was clad in fan gear in typical sports-fan fashion, the two exchanged a nod before dawning identical gloves to the Rockets in Kanto.
"They won't even know what hit 'em," the masked person sneered over the cheers of the crowd around him. "Plasma is go for operation. The champion will be ours by the time you finish in Kanto, Giavanna."

"You'd better hope so, or else you'll have to deal with the whole Elite Four!" an upbeat voice replied over the walkie, emanating from a bubbly lass atop Prism Tower in Kalos. Her white dress and sunhat were pristine as she traipsed along the windows, peering out over Lumiose with a sigh. Looking over her shoulder, a construction worker that appeared to be doing repairs on a nearby electrical box grabbed hold of a lever before giving a thumbs up to the blonde, hand clad in a metalic glove with purple tubes. Next to him, a Magneton floated around mindlessly as a blonde man with a black streak through his spiked hairdo struggled against the restrainst that bound him; the Lumiose Gym Leader. Rope burns wore through his denim jacket as he shouted obscenities through the cloth gag in his jaws, four Pokéballs on the floor in front of his face. "We're all set for takeover of Prism Tower~."

"So be it, let the future begin." Giavanna smiled as she let the words slip from her maw into the radio, the small army of grunts rallying behind her in a battlecry before storming their way into Celadon City.

Smashing through the doorways of the transition post, the gang of criminals invading Celadon easily swarmed and knocked the attending policeman unconscious without a struggle. Marching into the streets in force, some of the Rockets immediately got to work nabbing purses and pokeballs from unsuspecting victims. Citizens were thrown into a panic within moments, police responding in turn.

"You, stop right there!" An officer shouted as he rounded a corner with two of his cohorts to stop the incoming threat. Grabbing one of the red and white orbs on his belt, he tossed it to release his Pokémon. "Go, Growlithe!"

"Oh yeah?" A Rocket grunt retorted with a smirk, extending an arm and flexing his palm in the direction of the officers Pokéball. A loud hummmmm came from the gauntlet he dawned as the node lit up, stopping the sphere in mid-air. The spherical container struggled against the psychic forces that bound it closed, rattling before flying into the hands of the grunt with a thwiiip. "Oohh, yeah! Giavanna was right, these things rock!"

In Vermillion and Saffron, similar events were taking place. All the while, other regions were experiencing crises of their own. Atop Prism Tower, the droning of power being lost echoed through the unsettling darkness of the massive buildings interior. Elevators came to a hault and doors to the stairwell locked as the security system engaged itself, preventing tourists, employees, and authorities alike from entering or exiting. Luckily for the innocents caught in the mess that was Interstellars operation, it wasn't a peak day for business at the skyscraping attraction and thus the number of possible victims was few. Undercover grunts belonging to Flare awaited their cue inside the tower, gathering up the trapped civilians and herding them into a maintenance room three levels below the main observation deck of the tower. Majority of them offered no resistance, but the few that did had their will to fight back stripped from them by the hypnotic powers of the Psy-Gauntlet; knocked unconscious with a grab of the forehead as an example to other possible dissenters.

Thousands of miles away in Unova, the Pokémon League tournament found itself suddenly interrupted. As the match between the first member of the Elite Four,
Kandi, and the challenger Blair raged on with the finalists Serperior dodging it's opponents ghost-attacks with precision, the masked leader of the resurrected Team Plasma shifted through the crowd in the direction of the Champions throne with a posse of nine following in step, spread out between a few rows as to not draw too much attention. Creeping closer and closer to his target, taking a staircase to parade himself to the front row of the stands, the villain known as Z adjusted the gauntlets on his hands. Coming to a stop at the far end of the stadium, deadpan hues gazed through Baldour from a few feet above.

"A new era begins." obscured lips muttered between heavy, stifled breaths before Z leapt from the balcony of the stadium with his cloak waving behind him and landed aside the Unovan titleholder with a hefty thump. Startled, the dark-skinned champ recoiled with an expression of disgust before jumping to his feet. Members of the crowd began to notice the sudden commotion, many pointing it out to their friends or whoever may be sitting next to them.

"What in the world?! Who are-" is all the world renowned battler could speak before a cold, metal grip drained his consciousness away. The colosseum filled with gasps and screams of shock as the battle in the center arena came to a screeching halt. The cronies accompanying the villain followed his lead and descended upon the field from their place in the stands, prepared to take on any who posed a threat to their operation as the boss makes his escape. Their grim expressions communicated one thing; if they're going down, they're going down swinging.

As pandemonium occurred across the globe at the hands of Team Interstellar, the residents of Sinnoh would behold their own misfortune. A gloomy haze crept its way over the region, bringing with it a downpour the likes of which hasn't been seen since the days of Kyogre. The incoming anomaly brought with it the rational fear of flash floods and torrential rains that will devastate small towns like Sandgem and Twinleaf, larger cities swiftly making moves to get ahead with damage control and shelters to sustain the inevitably displaced. The brains of this disastrous scenario cackled to himself atop Mount Coronet, his spiky blue locks dancing in the intense winds that now blew past the cave opening.

"Cryo, sir! We should be ready to transmit your broadcast worldwide shortly. Are you sure it's wise to inform the entire world of our existence so soon?" a grunt called out to his leader, who turned to glare in response.

"As of today, they will already know. It's about making a statement." The bluenet replied coldly.
To Be Continued...

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 17
Location: Route 202, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Night came.

Draven worked with Ma'a, and by the end of their specialized training, Draven not only got what he wanted, but also a sizeable headache to boot.

He was able to work with suppressing memories, making his body language follow along with the truths of his statement of "I didn't do it" far better than if he were to lie. Which, he was lying, but to his own suppressed mental state, he wouldn't know what he did until Ma'a released her psychic pressure within his head by using Hypnosis again.

Not only that, but they were able to fine tune Draven's alter ego, giving him memories of coming to Sinnoh and being denied a Starter by the Professor, giving his alter ego access to portions of his memory to make it more believable. Now, Draven did know how dangerous this was. Not only could he lose his identity if this went too far, but he could also have this alter ego revolt against him because he still acted like a person.

But now, it was time to initiate Operation: Purrloin & Amnesia.

After taking some caffeinated migraine pills, he asked Ma'a to help him change persons.

He felt his mind drift towards some recess and something else take hold, his body shivering as this other presence took hold of the reins.

He opened his eyes.

"Avery Alberich"​

Date: February 17
Location: Route 202 -> Sandgem Town -> Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Opening their eyes, Avery looked up at the stars and sighed. The memories they had coming here flooded their mind, just as they did every time Avery woke up. It was something they got used to.

As they spoke, their voice was several octaves higher than Draven's, making them sound more like a woman. "Ma'a, wait for me out here, 'kay?" They smiled, petting the owlet on the head. They felt their head and their eyes widen as they felt patted their hair, gasping. "Why didn't you tell me my hair's atrocious??? Ohhh, nooooo, we can't have thaaaaat." They dove their hand into their backpack, rummaging through for a brush or a comb. Finding a brush, they went about brushing their hair to at least make it look somewhat better. Sighing as they smoothed over their hair, they pulled out a wig and grinned. "Alright, now to really make myself disappear."

Fixing a deep burgundy wig with a loose ponytail with hidden bobby pins over their head to hold it in place, they then put in orange, prescribed contact lenses over his eyes, wincing at how it made their eyes dry, before pocketing their glasses for safekeeping. They then got out of their clothes, wincing at how stupidly childish these were, and put on something a bit more their style: a grey, long-sleeved wrap shirt they bought recently upon landing in Sinnoh, dark grey sweatpants, a dark grey neck wrap that could cover his face, combat boots, and black gloves that went up their forearms. Setting the clothes and their phone in their backpack, they zipped it up and looked for a suitable, hidden spot within the trees. Putting the backpack up in a tree, their Hoothoot then flew along beside them as they made their way around the lab.

There were a few guards, some had their Pokemon out. One of them being a Luxio.

Avery scrunched up their face.

Sighing, they turned to Ma'a before giving a slight nod. Avery remembered the Pokemon inside the lab had made a ruckus, so they assumed that the guards were also to keep the Pokemon inside and from escaping. If that was a repeat offender, maybe they could help the thing escape.

They waited until they were sure the Professor left to go home, with only a couple researchers staying behind to work late into the night. Then, there was a shift change among the guards.


Avery didn't know how long it would take for the shift change, but they were ready. They crouched and jogged towards the establishment, their Hoothoot using Confusion to turn the camera somewhere else and away from a window before using their psychic powers to lift the latch. The Hoothoot then flew onto the roof to look like some vigilant wild Pokemon looking for things to eat, while Avery lifted the window quietly, deftly hopped inside, then closed it and locked it behind them. Looking around, they found themselves within a storage room. They quietly padded through the storage room, looking for any Pokeballs with Pokemon in them, but none were here.

Figures, that was probably a smart move on their part.

Then, the ruckus started again.

"Hey, Chimchar, it's okay, just go back in your Pokeb-AGH!" The words of a researcher trying to sound calm and reassuring reached Avery's ears, as well as a screech and what sounded like flames. A door opened, footsteps walking in, and Avery heard the yowl of a cat-like Pokemon - probably the Luxio - do some electrical attack. The Chimchar yelped, charged with a screech, then whimpered as it was blown back by something, then the sound of a Pokeball returning the Chimchar and the sound of a device moving and keys jingling.

"Thank you, sir. That would've been very bad."

The guard sighed, shaking his head. "This Chimchar is making everything pretty lively, isn't he?" There was a hint of wryness to his tone, as if he were smirking.

"Hah, you could say that again. At least he ate, so I won't feel bad for locking him in this display table."

"You sure he won't break through the glass?"

"Hah, you sure about that? The dome here sends jamming signals into the Pokeball, something we had to buy and utilize because this is I think the eighth time the Chimchar has tried leaving. We don't want to lose him in Jubilife City, nor do we want him to end up causing trouble, so in the jammer he goes."

"Huh... Well, just as long as he doesn't pop out again. Carry on." The guard's footsteps were heard as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Avery waited for a few more minutes before they heard footsteps approaching the storage room. They slunk towards the corner, watching as the door slid open and the researcher walked inside, unaware of Avery's position.

An arm wrapped around the man's throat, another hand placed over his mouth and plugging his nose, and the struggle ensued for several minutes as Avery managed to keep their hold and slowly suffocate him to unconsciousness. Letting the man rest on the floor, they grabbed his key and ID card, went to the display case, and found the Pokeball with a symbol of an ember emblazoned on the ball. Unlocking the case, the Pokeball immediately opened, the Chimchar appearing before them.

The two stared at each other, unsure of what to do now.

"You wanna be free?" Avery asked.

The Chimchar's eyes lit up, and he immediately bolted. Avery grabbed the Pokeball, only for a door to open right as Avery was about to go through the storage room.


Quickly bolting into the storage room, they pulled down shelving around them to make as much noise as possible. Another door opened and the man yelled at him. "Hey, go outside to this window, catch him!"

The Chimchar had already used the door the first guard opened to escape outside, while Avery unlocked the window, pushed it open, and jumped out. One guard was going running at them with a Geodude throwing rocks at them. Ducking under a thrown rock, Avery then used the windowsill to vault themselves up and onto the roof's edge, of which they grabbed and threw themselves over. Avery then ran over the rooftop, quickly putting Ma'a back in her Pokeball without the guards noticing for now, then paused and waited.

They heard one of the guards coming up from the spot they leapt from. Padding across the rooftop, they looked over and around the northern edge towards the tree line. The guards were circling the lab.

"You got the guy on camera?"

"Yeah, think so."

Avery found one of the antenna on the top of the building and moved it about. It creaked, but it was stuck to the top. They couldn't use it. They were starting to run out of options.

A guard finally crawled up to the rooftop, and his Luxio hopped up beside him. "You, stop!"

Avery paused, then sneered behind the mask they wore and held up their hands. "Oh~?" Their voice was much higher than Draven's. In fact, they were purposefully sounding more like a woman to throw them off. "And you think you're gonna stop an up-and-coming villain mistress like moi~?" One of their hands placed against their chest, their orange eyes glaring at the guard as if he were beneath them.

"Then you give me no choice. Luxio, Thunder Wave."

The Luxio's body glowed brightly before sending off largely harmless electrical waves at Avery. They dove behind the antenna they were bothering earlier, the lightning arced into it, proving to be a useful lightning rod. Avery then ran towards the northern side of the lab, jumping off the roof and reaching for a branch. Grabbing it successfully, they swung to the next branch, landed their foot on another, and began to carefully run through the treetops.

"Hey, stop!"

They heard the voices get quieter, they were really losing them! This was absolutely thrilling! Who knew being a criminal was so fun??

But now, it was time to vanish. Quietly padding through the treetops, they deftly moved through. The training they did in Hoenn was pretty nice, even if it was annoying. All they needed to do was to get their backpack, spray themselves down, and change out of their disguise and be in Jubilife City.

Easier said than done. They were now searching the tree line. Avery managed to find their backpack, and after carefully slipping it on, they then carefully made their way to Route 202. They ended up seeing some guards walking the route, and they mentally cursed. They continued North, toeing on the line between Route 202 and the vast forested wilderness.

They finally made it to the city limits, and there were no guards in sight. Were they finally free???

They ran into the city, hopping into an alleyway, made sure there were no cameras, and began pulling the bobby pins and the wig off, pulled out their contacts, setting them in their contacts tray, and changed into their normal clothes they woke up in including their glasses. Stuffing everything in they bag, they pulled out a masking spray and sprayed down their backpack, then splashed a bit of acetone inside the backpack after taking some things out. Stuffing some of their extra shirts on it, they then put their things back inside and pocketed the emblazoned Pokeball inside. The acetone was not only there to help get rid of the smell and/or mask it, but also to assault the noses of any nosy Pokemon trying to smell their stuff. The acetone was something they bought quite a while ago, but needed to stock up on because they were on a nail polishing spree, much to the chagrin of Draven unbeknownst to Avery.

Pulling out of the alleyway, they released their Hoothoot and traveled with her on their shoulder, trying to act normal as they walked aimlessly through the city streets.

Time to go to Oreburgh City~.

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 18
Location: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot

Mentions: Hazel (H47E)

The next morning, the news were all over the incident from last night. The cops had began to patrol more, and the Professor made a statement for whoever can find a red-head young woman who matched the appearance in the video footage. It was weird seeing his body type under baggy-ish clothes in that image, but he found it rather nice. Being a criminal no one knew about. How well could he get away with it?

Draven, right as he woke up, had Ma'a suppress his memories of the events last night and made sure the Pokeball that was stashed in his bag was covered in acetone, as well as a full corner side of his backpack, letting it get damp in one corner. That way, it looked like his bottle of acetone exploded or leaked out.

He went to the store to get a new one, buying two bottles of nail polish remover. Once he did so, he was about to leave Jubilife for good before a cop stopped him in his tracks. The cop was behind him, and his Hoothoot was in his arms, holding her to his chest as she faced the world ahead. She looked up at him, Draven looked deep into her eyes, and her eyes shone blue for but a moment.

"Hey, kid."

Draven turned around, looking a bit surprised. "Yes, sir?"

"Have you seen this person?" He held up the picture. Draven couldn't shake the sense of familiarity, but couldn't piece together as to why. His face scrunched up, and then his brow furrowed.

"She looks familiar, but I don't think I've seen her anywhere recently. What happened, what did she do?" He looked up at the cop, who looked a bit amused and confused.

"You haven't heard? She stole a Pokeball from the lab and made a mess of the place. Not only that, but the Chimchar escaped. We don't know where he is either. If you see either of them, call us and let us know."

Draven nodded, giving him a soft smile before noticing the man sniffing the air. "What is it?"

"Two questions." The cop looked at him suspiciously, raising an eyebrow as he looked around him at his backpack. "Where were you last night? And what is that smell?"

"Oh, I was out on Route 202. Yesterday, I went to the professor's lab to get a Pokemon, but I didn't realize I couldn't get a Starter Pokemon. So, I got my Pokedex updated and went to Route 202 to see which kinds of Pokemon I'd like. After finding a few, I didn't want any of them, so I camped out nearby. You can ask this kid, uh..." He trailed off and looked around, but was unable to find him. He then shrugged. "Well, there's this kid with a Froakie. He's got reddish hair, blue eyes, looks like your typical journeying trainer with a hat. Comes from Kalos and name's Hazel. He took me to Route 202 and let me off to the lab myself. You can ask him if you're concerned. As for that smell." He gave the officer a sheepish smile. "One of my acetone bottles leaked all over my bag last night. So I just bought a couple more today."

The officer watched Draven curiously. He didn't seem to be lying. If he needed to, he could always ask this Hazel kid about Draven and the type of person he was. But it seemed like Draven was fine. "Well, if you find either the girl or that Chimchar, call us. Okay? You have a nice day now."

"Sorry I couldn't help you out anymore than that, sir. Hope the search goes well."

With that departure, Ma'a's eyes shone blue and the rock in his head lifted its pressure. He groaned, rubbing his forehead. "Man, the acetone must be getting to me, too. Thanks, Ma'a." He breathed a sigh of relief. He was home free. All he had to do was leave Jubilife and head to Oreburgh City.

Oreburgh City, here I come. And where's that Chimchar...

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 19
Location: Route 203, Sinnoh
Draven's Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot
Avery's Pokemon Team (Unofficial): Ajax the Chimchar

After a day of traveling through Route 203 and still not finding any Pokemon for himself to catch, Draven heard the familiar sounds of a screeching monkey. Rushing towards the sound, he found the Chimchar squaring off against a Ralts. The Psychic/Fairy-Type used Confusion, but the Chimchar rushed forward with a Thunder Punch. However, the attack backfired, causing the electricity to shock himself and stop himself in his tracks. The Confusion hit, causing the Chimchar to roll back and hit the tree. The Ralts then scurried off, not wanting to be found again.

That Pokemon might be good for Avery.

Draven leaned against a tree, looking at the beat up Chimchar. "Hey, you're the one who escaped the lab, hm?"

The Chimchar rose to his feet and got on the defensive, eyes glaring at the intruder. However, the boy's calm demeanor had him confused. He didn't look like he was gearing for a fight anyway. Draven set down his bag and sat away from it, smiling softly. "I was the one who saved you."

The Chimchar eased slightly, but looked at him confused.

"I should still smell the same as I did then, with a hint of chemicals. Here. Smell." He held out his hand. His usual scent came back after that spray down, as the spray only lasted for a day. The acetone was still on him, but it wasn't as bad anymore. The Chimchar cautiously came forward, sniffed his hand, then glared at him confused. Draven pulled out the burgundy wig and put it on, then opened the contacts case to show off the orange lenses.

These were definitely the same, and the Chimchar looked at the boy with curious eyes. Draven set his stuff away quickly, and leaned against the tree, looking tired. "Why were you so intent on leaving the lab? I heard you try and escape twice the times I was there."

The Chimchar huffed and crossed his arms, looking away as he didn't want to talk about it. Though, something then came over him and he pointed up at the mountain. Draven craned his neck to look at Mount Coronet with some confusion. "You want to go up there?" Chimchar nodded and whimpered. "I don't know why you want to go up there, but you'll definitely have to get stronger if you want to reach there right?" The Chimchar nodded again. "I also saw your Thunder Punch could use some work. I think I can help with that." He then smiled. "So, what say you? Want to join me?" The Chimchar tilted his head in confusion.

Draven pulled out the same Pokeball the Chimchar was held in, and the monkey hissed. Draven held out his hands. "Hey, it's okay. All I'm going to do is return you in this ball, release you from this ball so I can use a different Pokeball on you. Are you willing to be recaptured? I promise, I'll take you home, but you'll have to train with me and do what I say to get there, okay? Even if what we do can be a little criminal, but it's to get you strong and back to that mountain, okay?"

The Chimchar glared at him, then huffed, embers blowing out of his mouth as he hopped back. Draven chuckled, watching the Chimchar's stance get ready for a battle. "Alright, if it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get." He stood up, his Hoothoot flapping down from the treetops and hopped about on each foot alternatively. "Ma'a. Ready." The Hoothoot trilled, and the Chimchar hissed before clapping his hands, creating a flinch-causing shockwave. The Fake Out landed, and the Chimchar took this time to rush forward and - despite the failure earlier - the monkey's fist crackled with electricity and readied to punch the Hoothoot. This time, Thunder Punch didn't fail.

"Ma'a, Zen Headbutt." Wanting to show off her own strength, the Hoothoot's head glowed a bright blue and she headbutted the electrified fist. It hurt her, the Hoothoot crying out as the electricity arced into her body, but she won out and the Chimchar's fist couldn't stop the Hoothoot's head from going past it and hitting him in the stomach, sending him flopping towards the ground. Grunting, the Chimchar charged again, this time spraying a field of Embers at them.

"Ma'a, Air Slash." The Hoothoot's wings glowed a bright sky blue, and she flapped them to create a cutting wind blade, the cutting wind dissipating the Embers harmlessly and continued on towards the Chimchar, who rolled under it and came with glowing fingers as he went to Scratch her.

"Echoed Voice." Ma'a screeched out a shocking soundwave of energy, the Chimchar barreling through it despite the pain it caused and landing his attack. However, the Hoothoot recovered and used Echoed Voice for a second time, the stronger attack sending the Chimchar back and into the same tree.

Panting, the Chimchar glared at the Hoothoot, then at the human. He screeched, probably saying something to the effect of 'I'll never lose' to Draven. It lunged forward, only to collapse into the ground.

Smiling, Draven walked over and picked up the exhausted Chimchar. Taking him to a Pokemon Center was not a good idea. The Pokeball was still ID'd to the professor and they could probably track it if they see it's use somewhere else.

He didn't know how the whole Pokeball, ID, or releasing them if you weren't the trainer for them worked, but it wouldn't hurt to try. He returned the Chimchar, held the button on the ball, then released him, the energy coming out blue instead of red or white. The Chimchar was freed from the ball but likely was still registered as League's property.

Completely wiping down the ball, he gave the ball to his Hoothoot, who grabbed it with her talon claws only to avoid leaving an identifiable talon print on the ball, and flew towards Route 204 and the Ravaged Path to throw it somewhere before coming back to him. Now, it was time to nurse the Chimchar back to health, keeping a different spare Pokeball in case the Chimchar wanted to be owned by him.

But not yet. He couldn't yet. They had to wait for a long time before the Chimchar can become a part of his team officially in any capacity. Plus, Avery didn't have a Pokemon Trainer license, since they used Draven's license, so essentially Draven was half illegal and half a criminal. If he captured the Chimchar too quickly after the incident at the lab, they'd notice an odd discrepancy in his team including a Chimchar when he went to fight a Gym Leader and saw the Pokemon he had in his possession, if they did that at all.

But the Pokeball releasing the Chimchar from its hold? He was sure it pinged them to this location or wherever the Pokeball was.

After Ma'a came back, he returned her and carried the Chimchar into Oreburgh Gate, eventually hiding within the Gate for a whole day before coming back out to Oreburgh City the next.

Draven Davidson​

Date: February 20
Location: Oreburgh City -> Route 207 -> Mt. Coronet, Sinnoh
Draven's Pokemon Team: Ma'a the Hoothoot
Avery's Pokemon Team (unofficial): Ajax the Chimchar

It had been a few days since he left Jubilife City, he had helped heal the now wild Chimchar back to full health, trained with him when they had the time, and Draven was left pondering. How the hell was he supposed to let Avery capture any Pokemon without the Pokemon tying to his ID and his name???

He'd have to find some kind of ball or maybe just befriend Pokemon and have them nearby for when he need them as Avery. For right now, the Chimchar he nicknamed Ajax was resting against some boulders in the rocky cliff face, making sure he wasn't seen by the populace as per Draven's instructions. He also tried telling Ajax about how he managed to become "Avery", but he realized it only confused the poor monkey. So he had to explain it that he was "playing pretend" but believing he is Avery for that while. He managed to help the Chimchar understand, even if it wasn't how it really was.

As for today, he was going around collecting supplies, buying a few Potions and a couple Revives from the money he betted against a few miners on their breaks. Since most of them had Fighting-Types or had Geodudes with rather pitiful special defenses that couldn't handle several Confusions, they were pretty easy. Plus, the feathers were starting to darken, leading Draven to believe she was super close to evolving. She even stopped hopping between each talon due to the slight change in her hormones and behavior.

However, as the morning continued, the skies darkened and a flash flood of rain started almost immediately. Whipping his head around, he looked for the Chimchar before running North. The Chimchar had slipped off the now wet rocks, and was trying to avoid the mad rush of streams.

Figuring they'd be safer in the mountain's cave, Draven rushed forward and scooped up the Chimchar as he came jumping into Draven's arms to hide from the rain that bothered him. The flash flooding had caused a problem on Route 207, the Ponyta there whinnied loudly and tried to find some place to hide in the limited areas they could, steam rising from their manes and tails, while Geodude tried to find crevices to hide from the water. Kricketots tried to find crevices or the like, but found that nearly impossible.

There was a Stantler Draven caught sight of, braying as it tried to climb the cliff face that led to the rest of Route 207. He watched as it expertly dug its hooves into select areas and managed to make its way up top. Keeping the Chimchar clutching at his chest and stomach, he followed the Stantler's path, scrambling up the cliff face, startling the deer and sending it running off towards the North.

They were so close.

One hand hold.

His footing slipped, nearly crushing the Chimchar against the wet rock wall and pain shot through his body from his leg. The Chimchar screeched in panic, Draven grunting. "Hahh, sorry-, hey, wait!" The Chimchar had enough, jumping off of Draven and running towards the east. Now that he didn't have to crush the poor thing, he crawled up finally, grunting as he felt so sopping wet. He chased after the Chimchar, who was screeching and waving his arms at the young man as he took shelter within Mt. Coronet's cavern. Finally, Draven made it into the cavern, panting and shivering from the cold and wet of the rain.

"Sorry, Chimchar. I would have stayed in the city but I couldn't let anyone see you. It hasn't been long enough-fffffuuuck..." He looked down at his leg and saw a nice red cut, his pants bleeding through. "Damn it." He groaned, shaking his head. "Come on, let's get higher up."

There were little ponds in this part of the cavern, and some of the water was coming down from the set of caverns above them. He groaned. "Damn, my luck is just getting worse... I think I have an Escape Rope to help us get up there..." He looked in his backpack and found that everything was pretty soaked beyond measure. He groaned, leaning his back against the wall and resting his head against the cavern wall.

He thought about calling Hazel, but he still had Chimchar. The soaked monkey looked up at him, his fists clenching at his shirt and tried shaking him, yelling and screeching. Draven chuckled and patted his head, getting the Chimchar to pause, teeth gritting. "I'm not giving up. If that's what you were concerned about. I just need to rest. We can climb that after we rest some." He pointed towards the northeast of the room. "I would dry you off, but we don't really have anything dry right now. So, we rest for the time being, try and keep ourselves warm, and then once we've rested a little, we can try getting to higher ground in the cave. If we go too high though, we'll end up freezing our butts off because the higher up the mountain we go, the colder it'll get. I think it's snowing up there right now. Or hailing because of the downpour." He spoke, but he wasn't sure if the monkey heard him. He looked down at the thing, noticing it was shivering and clinging to him. Wrapping his arms around him and trying not to touch his flame, he sat there like that, hoping the rain would at least subside.
Gertrude and Lykos Tempest ~Route 121 to Lillycove, Hoenn. February 20th

Gertrude and Lykos were finally in Route 121 after checking out the Safari Zone. This journey took them about 3 days time including resting and eating. They started to go through the maze like route as Gertrude was in a book about berries and their healing qualities while Lykos was looking ahead making sure she didn't crash into anyone. A wind had suddenly picked up as she raised her hand to her sun hat to prevent it from flying off her head. She eventually, put away the book once she was done reading before looking at her brother. "This journey was quite long, even though Fortree is close but yet far from Lillycove we finally made it to the route" "I agree, taking us 3 days to get from Fortree to Lillycove was a great experience for us both and I'm sure Maple, Serenity, and Holly would agree, right girls?" He mentioned looking at the Pumpkaboo floating next to him as she smiled. "Pump! Pumpkaboo!" Holly and Serenity who were still on her shoulders agreed to this as well. "Tree!" "Eevee!". The siblings controversed with each other as they head towards Lillycove City.

Aria Sinclair~Undella Town ->Route 13 -> Lacunosa Town -> Opelucid City, Unova. February 20th

Aria had finally arrived in Opelucid Town after leaving Undella Town, passing through route 13, and crossing the Village bridge before arrive. This actually only took her 2 days due to Rina galloping almost of the way through the path before taking rest at route 11. This gave her time to train her team a bit before heading to Opelucid City. She wasn't able to see how the town look bit had listened to her father reading about the towns description in her books. She was aware that a gym had resided here the dragon type gym which lady Irradi resides but, is the last gym leader to face before the Pokémon League. Apparently, she is a proud and elegant gym leader who doesn't mind teaching teachers how to improve. She hopes that she may meet her on how to improve but, she didn't get her hopes up. Rina lead her to the other side of town by the fountain that had a bench in front of it close to the exit to enter route 9. She used her hands to grab her bag looking for Fresh Water but unfortunately, that was something her Father forgot to pack. "Oh dear.....he forgot to put that in for me....I need one...." she said as she pulled out one of the heal balls before it popped open revealing a Indeedee. "Lufian.....may u get some Fresh Water for me....please...." she asked him as she handed him pokemoney. Lufian nodded before he walked the path to find a Vending Machine to grab a Fresh Water for her. While she waited, she pulled out a book specifically made for her. The pages were blank but it had special writing for her to feel the words in the book. Rina laid down to rest just next to her as Aiko was perched on her shoulder but had popped down to her lap gently moving her hand as if helping her touch the page.

JC Valentine~Somewhere near the Pokémon League, Unova. February 20th

Former Champion JC was secretly hiding in the tree as she was investigating a lot of the areas of Unova to see anything that was suspicious. She was completely covered with her mask and black hooded cape while Blue was hidden very well inside her hood to prevent any wanted attention. She wanted to avoid being seen as much as possible in case she was easily recognized. She felt her resting on her shoulders as she would occasionally touch her to make sure she was still there. She sat patiently waiting, listening as she watched many of the wild Pokemon roaming through the forests and up in the sky. "-Nothing suspicious yet....but, all we can do is wait....-" she said in thought. Blue nudged her gently to agree as a wind picked up, blowing the back of her hood slightly.