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Private/Closed Johto: The New Gym Leaders


A blonde trainer sat on a cliff of route 45 with his gligar as the sun slowly rose, “Well, good morning,” Flynn said, he got up and grabbed his white jacket next to the campfire they had used that night. “We should get heading to cherrygrove, I want to challenge the Violet city gym soon” he added walking back to the cliff.

He looked at his gligar, next to him was an unknown bagon, “Argh,” he shrieked, the bagon looked at him and was scared as well, losing it`s balance, it fell off the edge, “Gligar, catch it,” he said quickly reacting, gligar jumped down and held it`s claw on the top part of the bagons head, spreading it`s wings out to glide, “Baag,” the bagon sighed in relief, it then looked around amazed, they where flying, it was his dream. “I`m coming down,” Flynn yelled looking down the cliff, he grabbed his bag and climbed down slowly.

Eventually they all reached the ground, “Good job gligar,” Flynn said giving him and oran berry, “Take this,” he said holding one to the bagon for it to take it. “Ok bye,” he said waving to the bagon as he ran to route 46 and route 29 with his gligar gliding next to him, the bagon waved back to him while eating the berry, after looking around, the bagon started following behind, unknown to them.
Scythe was playing with his Zorua in the Violet City. A Young trainer was heading to the Violet City Gym leader, Folkner. "Okay Zorua, today we will finally beat that guy in fair battle" then he reminded that he lost to him yesterday. He really wanted to win today then he saw murcrow on the Gym roof. "that will be our training Zorua, let's catch it" then he yelled "Use scratch on him" and the Battle started.


Previously m1h4jl0
Kyle was watching streets of Violet City and he was amased.
'I will be better than him,I promise'Kyle thought while he was walking down the street.
Kyle finnaly made it to Gym and stayed there for a while.
'So this is that Gym,ha?'
Scythe battled hard and when he saw that murcrow was weakened, he throw a pokeball on it and he sucesfully catched him. "Alright, with him and you Zorua we will be great team, he should get a reward becouse that was hard to catch him" Scythe said to Zorua and he started thinking on the name for murcrow. "Oh I know" he said and then Scythe sended murcrow from pokeball. "For now on, your name is Boss, nice to meet you" Scythe made big smile to murcrow and then they went to the Gym of Violet City. Scythe was turning his plastic scythe on his hand.


Previously m1h4jl0
Kyle entered Violet Gym and at midle of it,he saw Falkner playing with his bird Pokemons.
"I am Kyle,Bug Type Trainer from Slateport City and I am here to challange you."
"Okay,battle begin. Go,Pidgey."
"Go Scyter"
"Pidgey,use Air Cutter"
Attack barely touched Scyter
"Now Scyter use Vacuum Wave"
It almost fainted Pidgey
"Pidgey use Tackle"
"Scyter Quick Attack"
Before Pidgey could do his attack Scyter already fainted him.
"Hmm,OK. Go,Pidgeotto"
"Scyter,use Pursuit"
Scyter attacked and took half of Pidgeottos health.
"Pidgeotto,use Gust"
Pidgeotto attacked and Scyter left only third part of his full health
"Scyter,use False Swipe"
Scyter attacked and now both Pokemons were on same health
"Use Quick Attack"both trainers said and their Pokemons rushed on each other.
After a bit they both were really low and then Pidgeotto fell on ground.
"Good match,here is your badge"said Falkner and gave Kyle Zephyr Badge
"Thanks and Bye"said Kyle leaving Gym
Flynn and his gligar had gotten to Violet city after a long walk. As they walked into the pokemon center up in a tree the bagon from earlier watched them enter. Flynn gave his gligar to the nurse and went to sit down to wait for him to be healed, as the bagon waited outside, looking through the window, making sure it wasn`t seen.
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Previously m1h4jl0
Kyle left Gym and went in Pokemon Center,when on window he saw a Bagon loking at something.
'What a weird Bagon'thought Kyle
Than he entered PokeCenter and gave his Scyter to the Nurse. Few meters away. Another trainer was sitting waiting for his Pokemon to be healed.
"Hi,I am Kyle. Can I sit here?"asked Kyle when he came closer to trainer
"Hi, sure," Flynn replied cheerfully, "I`m waiting on my pokemon to be healed," he added smiling, "I`m training to be a gym leader, are you a trainer too?" he asked before looking out the window, he thought he saw something but just assumed that it was nothing or just some butterfree or a pineco.


Previously m1h4jl0
"Yes,I am coming from Hoenn to be Bug Gym Leader. Like my brother. Only he is water gym leader. You maybe know him. His name is Mickey,gym leader from Pallet Town"said Kyle excited
"Oh, I have, I`m from Sinnoh, Canalave city, I knew the steel type gym leader of kanto`s powerplant before he went on his journey, Christopher was his name if you know of him," Flynn replied, when he looked away from the window bagon`s head came up, only to see Kyle and duck his head back down again.


Previously m1h4jl0
"I know Chistopher. He is my brothers friend. He haid a good Pokemons. They batteled together once. They make good team I think. After I get all badges I was thinking about having battle with Mickey. You can do same with Christopher"said Kyle
Scythe finally reached the Gym, he entered and saw Falkner who was healing his pokemons and giving them berrys.
"Hi there, You know why I'm here" Scythe smiled and he hid his toy scythe.
"You came here to fight again" said Falkner "Why do you think that this time you will win Young trainer"
"Becouse I have the most cute face in the World" then he smiled again "and a new pokemon"
" Then show me your new strength Scythe" Folkner shouted and he sended his pidgey.
"Yeah that would be cool," Flynn replied, "Could Flynn come to the counter to collect his pokemon," called the nurse, "I`ll be a second," Flynn said getting up and walking to the counter. Bagon`s head popped up at the window, once again dropping down immediately, Flynn took his gligar and let it out of it`s pokeball as he walked back to Kyle, "I should get heading for the gym," he said.
Scythe's murcrow quickly beat Falkner Pidgey.
"You are sure that you healed him properly" Scythe asked
"Yes, your murcrow is really strong" Falkner told Scythe and gived him a smile.
"Okay Go Pidgeotto, let's Teach him a lesson" said Falkner and he sended his pokemon.
"Well, hopefully I`ll see ya later," Flynn said walking to the door as his gligar jumped from table to table to table gliding, making sure not to land on tables in use, bagon moved from the window and followed Flynn as he left the pokemon center and walked to the Violet city gym. When he entered he saw Scythe challenging the gym leader and so sat down in one of the viewing chairs, bagon sat in the chair behind them, making sure it wasn`t seen.
"Boss use wing attack" Scythe yelled.
"Pidgeotto, you also use wing attack" said Falkner. Pokemon's collided but murcrow fainted.
"murcrow return, you fought bravely. Now it's your turn Zorua, use fury swipes" and Zorua quickly attacked Pidgeotto, Falkner didn't reacted and Pidgeotto fainted.
"You really are stronger" said Falkner to Scythe. "You will be great Dark type trainer, this is your badge" and he handed it to Scythe who was happy from his win.
Flynn walked down to the battlefield with his gligar next t him after Scythe was given his badge, "Now I want to challenge you," he said, "I`ll be a few minutes, I need to heal my pokemon," Falkner replied to him. "Ok that`s fine," Flynn replied and walked back to the viewing chairs to wait.
Scythe saw Flynn and was interested to greet him in (his) special way. He grabed his toy scythe and he really fast put it on his neck.
"Hi there, mortal. The name Scythe and I will be the strongest dark type trainer without using a so called Z moves or mega evolutions" He shouted
"I will be the one of this Dark type trainers who's remembered by everyone. You won't forget, will you" he asked Flynn waiting to saw his face.
"Umm, no?" Flynn replied confused, "I guess won`t forget?" he added, still confused and slightly intimidated. "I should probably get to getting the badge," he added trying to get them to stop, Flynn stared at the large scythe, "That`s a big-g-g scythe," he said, still very intimidated.
"don't it" Scythe smiled then he put it down. "Sorry if I scared you too much I got this scythe from my step-brother, he thought that this should be funny becouse I had Scythe in name" then he tried to cut off his hand. "Don't worry it is a plastic toy, I wish luck to you in battle" he smiled and he took a chair next to Flynn.
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"Ok, thanks," Flynn replied relieved, he walked to the battlefield, "Ok I`m ready," Falkner said, "Go pidgey!" he said throwing a pokeball, "Go gligar!" Flynn said pointing, gesturing for gligar to go forward.

The pidgey appeared from a flash of red light and gligar glided onto the field, "Tackle!" Falkner commanded, "Poison sting!" Flynn commanded, pidgey flew towards gligar, it quickly jumped out of the way and stabbed it`s stinger into the pidgey, bagon watched the battle, cheering on gligar. "Use poison sting again!" Flynn commanded, gligar stabbed it`s stinger into the pidgey again, making it faint. "Return," Falkner said returning the pidgey to it`s pokeball.

"Go pidgeotto!" Falkner said throwing a pokeball, there was a flash of light and pidgeotto appeared, "Gust," Falkner commanded, "Hold your stinger into the ground," Flynn said, pidgeotto created a gust of wind with it`s wings but gligar slammed it`s stinger into the ground, stopping it from being sent flying back. "Quick attack," Falkner commanded, pidgeotto quickly flew towards gligar, with nowhere to go it was hit and fainted on the ground, "Return," Flynn said, "We`ll do better next time," he said looking at the pokeball.

Quickly bagon jumped over Scythe and ran onto the battlefield to fight, "It`s the bagon from before," Flynn thought, "You wanna help me?" he asked, "Baaagg!" they replied, the pidgeotto was in front of the bagon close to the ground. The bagon used headbutt on pidgeotto, slamming it`s head onto it`s chest, using it`s strength the pidgeotto flew up, bagon then created a small ember in it`s mouth, the flame flew from it`s mouth after growing larger, it slammed into the pidgeotto and it fell to the ground fainted.

"Good job," Falkner said returning pidgeotto, he walked over and gave Flynn his badge and a tm, "This is roost, it let`s flying pokemon heal," they said, "So bagon, do you wanna join the team?" Flynn asked, "Baaaggg!" they replied, Flynn pulled out a pokeball and bagon tapped it`s hand onto it, 1, 2, 3, CLICK the bagon was caught. Flynn walked back to Scythe, "So, where are you going next?" Flynn asked.
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"I think that I want to beat that vile leader Whitney but first I want to tell my step-bro about my win" Scythe said "He is waiting for me in Azalea Town, you know. My dream is to become Dark type Gym leader who's pokemons will be strong enough to handle Mega evolution or Z moves of their opponents without using them. Oh, I forgot to ask you for your name" Scythe said to Flynn, he was looking at him with his culprit's face still remembered what he did to him.
"I`m Flynn," he replied, "Me and gligar have been friends for a long time, that and, well the pun in my name has made it my goal to be a flying trainer," he added. "I`m gonna get going, I want to hopefully get to challenge the Azalea gym today or atleast get to Azalea town by the end of the day," he said as he began to walk to the door.
Scythe fast crossed his way to the door "So we can go together, don't we" Scythe told to Flynn. "Come on, I don't have many friends, you know" Scythe said to him and tried to use his own Baby-doll eyes move.
"Sure," Flynn replied walking out the door, "I mean, the more the merrier right? Oh right, I should quickly go to the pokemon center," he added, he walked into the pokemon center and gave his pokemon to the nurse who told him to wait a few minutes for them to be healed.
Scythe was sitting on sofa in pokemon center and he was playing with his scythe. He looked at Flynn when he was giving his pokemon to nurse. "My Brother will be so proud of me, I'm sure" he thought "maybe I should heal my pokemons too" and he came to nurse after Flynn.
Flynn went and sat down at a seat as Scythe went to the nurse, he opened his badge case and put the Zephyr in it, "One down, only seven more to go," he said to himself. He thought back to what Kyle had said earlier, about how one day they where going to battle Mickey, and how Flynn should battle Christopher.
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Scythe came to Flynn after his pokemons was healed. "Okay, I will wait for you in the entrence to route 31" He told Flynn and then he ran to the entrence. He started to hiting the tree with his scythe. "Okay, Zorua we will tell them about how Amazing we are" he thought and he was dreaming about his own Gym, in the same time he hited tree with powerfull blow.
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It was only about two minutes until Flynn was called back up,
"Flynn to the front counter to collect his pokemon," said the nurse, Flynn walked to the counter and took his pokemon and began to walk out of the pokemon center.

He walked to the entrance of route 31 and saw Scythe attacking a tree, "Hey, be careful, you don`t want to get attacked by anything," he yelled to him, in a more casual tone.
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Echo entered Violet City, taking in the amazing sights. Pushing his glasses back up his nose, he said to his partner, Honedge, “So this is it, huh. The first gym in Johto that I will challenge, and the first step towards me being an official Indigo League Gym Leader.
Echo saw a kid, probably a bug catcher, run out of the gym crying. “Stupid bug catcher. He should have done his research and known it was a flying gym. I should probably train up anyways at the Sprout Tower, since I hear the elder at the top gives stuff to people who beat him.” Honedge seemed to agree, although it had no mouth or head to signal its trainer. They had been together long enough to know what each other was thinking.
Echo ran off towards Sprout Tower, ready to train so that he could take on the first gym, thinking, ‘This is going to be fun...
"Don't worry Flynn, If something attack me I will beat it myself, even without pokemons, you see I catched my first pokemon Zorua by fighting with him myself" he smiled and pointed at scythe
"Maybe it is a (toy) but it still can hurt and make opponent tired, I really like to train myself my pokemons. My Dad told me that if strong trainer will train his pokemon by feeling how tired they get in training, and to feel how strong they become then he is a true trainer"
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After beating the sages of Sprout Tower handily, Echo proceeded to destroy the elder, and got TM Flash. While he was respectful and said thank you, he was really thinking, ‘What in the world is this trash TM! Why did I do this? They barely even helped me train because they were so weak. I should have just gone ahead and battle the gym leader.
With that, Echo ran impulsively off towards the Violet City gym, and burst through its doors, challenging the first trainer he saw and planning on challenging the leader himself.
"Well, sure," Flynn said, the two pokeball`s on his belt both opened and gligar and bagon both appeared, ready to trainer, "Sure," he said to them, they both ran off to different trees and started hitting them copying Scythe, "Guess they wanted to train too," he said, happy that his pokemon were having fun.
"Okay let's do this" and he sended his Zorua and Murcrow.
"I will show you how to do it properly" he said then he hited the tree with quick strike with enormous power. The tree was shaking for some time. "What do you think Flynn, that was something, wasn't it"
Bagon watched Scythe hit the tree with so much power, so it slammed it`s head into a tree, knocking the tree down, Flynn quickly ran over to the tree, "Come on," he thought, "Please nothing come out," when he got close a single caterpie moving out of the leaves onto the branch, "Phew," he said.
"Nice move, Bagon" Scythe said with big smile. "But next time you and me won't holding back, will we" then he looked on Flynn "Sorry if I worried you, We should go now before it will be night" he said "and maybe we will find interesting pokemons" then slowly walked to the route 31.
"Umm I think your going the wrong way," Flynn said, "I believe Azalea town is down route 32," he added, "So we need to go back into Violet city and then walk South to get to route 32, then Union Cave," he added pointing towards Violet city before beginning to walk that way.
After a couple shadow sneaks and shadow claws, both Falkner’s Pidgeot and Pidgeotto fell to the might of the sword, and Echo walked out of the gym having received his first badge, the zephyr badge. “One step closer, Honedge... Let’s get some rest. We have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow.”
Seeming to agree, Honedge followed its trainer on to the inn, where they stayed the night. They both fell asleep with dreams of the caves and slowpokes to come.