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Private/Closed Johto Travels Discussion~

Hi! I'm Cloudswift, and I'd like to welcome you to this RP! It's been something I've been thinking about posting, but I've been kind of wary on making a "journey through region" type of roleplay since those tend to attract people who don't know what they're doing half the time and haven't read any of the rules. BUT here I am, posting the thread! Your character is going on a journey through the Johto region, be it to fight Gyms and be the very best or to enter Showcases(yes, those are going to be a thing). Will there be danger? Mystery? Comedy? Who knows?

  • I'm hoping for this to be a quality RP. You may get turned away because I might not think your roleplaying abilities are up to par. Don't get upset if you're rejected, and for Arceus' sake, don't spread rumors about me. We're not toddlers, please act like it.
  • If you read the rules, please put the word over in your extras section somewhere.
  • The PRP rules apply. Please read them if you haven't already. https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-role-play-rules.9451/
  • Try to make diverse teams. If someone else has a Sharpedo, please refrain from having a Sharpedo as well.
  • Please have your character stick to one objective throughout the RP. If your character wants to be a Breeder, don't switch to a Performer. You can, however, have your character be indecisive and then decide on a goal later on.
  • All posts should be at a minimum of 3-4 sentences each. And I'm just gonna say it because I feel the unfounded need to, no one-liners. Kapeesh?

Sample Writing(so I can see how well your write/RP. Just 3-4 sentences, not an entire written work please~):

There is a five RPer limit to this RP(myself included). Slots are listed below.
1. @Cloudswift, Me(Jaelyn Miles, Cobalt Jaynes)
2. @Jack Carson (Jack)
3. @Ry_Burst (Terrance Willows)
4. @DragonFlye (Adrian Summers)
5. @Wandering Soul (Olivia Miles)

Name: Jaelyn Miles
Age: 15
Gender: F
Appearance: Jaelyn has copper hair that she wears down, reaching just below her shoulders. Her eyes are bright blue and she has a band of freckles running across her face. She wears a pink short-sleeved jacket over a light blue button-down shirt, also short-sleeved. Jaelyn also wears jean shorts, knee-high orange socks, and a pair of brown boots. She never goes anywhere without her worn orange backpack, and her head is topped with a light blue beanie. She also has several scars and permanently raw-looking skin along her torso area, where acid burned through her shirt during one of her father's violent episodes.
Goal: To be the Champion of Johto
Team: Cyndaquil(Alyx, F) and Houndour(Devan, M)

Name: Cobalt Jaynes
Age: 17
Gender: M
Appearance: Cobalt has steel-colored eyes and short dark blue hair. He wears an orange-and-gray baseball hat backwards, a black tee-shirt under an orange long-sleeved button-down shirt(with the two top buttons undone, revealing his tee-shirt), a gray vest, brown cargo pants, and brown hiking boots. Cobalt has a backpack too, but his is brown instead of orange.
Goal: To be a memorable Pokemon Performer.
Team: Eevee(Tad, M), Dwebble(M, Kyle), and Kricketot(Melody, F)
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Previously JC499
Name: Jack

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown Hair, Green eyes, Green shirt

Goal: Pokemon Champion

Team: Meowth, Butterfree, Venusaur, Mantine, Wobbufett, Flareon

Sample Writing: As Jack walked out of his house in Pallet Town (I know we are in Johto but I just want to start in Pallet Town for this sample) he noticed something cream colored lying limp about 100 yards from his house. He walked over to it and noticed it was a very hurt Meowth. He picked it up and ran it to the Proffesor's lab. There the professor healed it. Jack asked if he could still get a starter Pokemon, the Professor said yes. This was an easy choice for Jack since he knew he liked grass starters the best, so he chose Bulbasaur.
Alright! I'm pretty sure this goes without saying, but you won't be able to have all of those Pokemon in the beginning of the RP.
I think I’ll join.

Name: Masked Kid

Age: 11, but they swear they’re 15.

Gender: ???

Appearance: They sport a Kamen Rider Mask, which has 2 red beetlelike eyes and a large V on the forehead. Besides that, they have on a silk scarf along with a leather jacket and jet black slacks. They carry their pokeballs in a satchel usually present with them as well.

Goal: To escape boredom, or be the best like no one ever was, as they call it.

Team: Heracross (Gatack, M) Wooper (Diend, F) Porygon (Gaim, Genderless) Pidgey (Den‑O, M)

Sample Writing: Masked Kid stood atop a tall hill, standing over a small town. They were eyeing a lab. “Soon, my quest will begin. I will encounter action, romance, and fierce battles- -“ Their monologue came to a halt when Den‑O began violently pecking their head. “Let’s go down.” They slid down the hill, followed by their team of pokemon. A large bump began to form atop their head.
Um, I think I'm going to decline this one. I'm really not looking for that kind of character. I don't know how to explain it without sounding rude, but I just want this to be a journey RP, sort of like the Pokemon anime(minus SM).
Sort of, yeah. I guess kind of like XY/XYZ(the best season[s?] in my opinion). Everyone's got their goals, and they're travelling the region while trying to reach said goals. Hopefully this has less explosion shenanigans though. :p
@Cloudswift, buddy pal. Could you reserve me a spot until I get my sheet up. (Then you can accept/decline or whatever). It's late for me and any sample post or character sheet will be sub par on my part.
Hi! I have a form, but also a couple of questions. First, are all of the characters gonna start off at the same point? As in, just starting out at around level 5, with only one Pokémon, for example? Also, seeing as Cobalt is male, I'm assuming the female-only rule for Pokémon Showcases is out, but are there any other differences between the RP and the anime (regarding Showcases)?

Name: Adrian Summers
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has medium-length, wavy blonde hair and warm green eyes, with a youthful face that gives the impression of innocence. He is lean (some would even say "in a feminine way") and on the tall side of average. He wears a long-sleeved, unmarked, black V-neck shirt and fitting dark blue jeans. He also wears a pair of simple stud earrings. His appearance makes him appear somewhat androgynous, though he doesn't mind most of the time, unless someone makes fun of him for it. He carries most of his things around in a faded, black canvas messenger bag.
Goal: To bond with his Pokémon and become a successful Performer.
Team (current): Vulpix (Kindle, F)
Future: Togepi (July, M), Swablu (Lyric, F)
Extra: "Over" (I think this is it? A little hard to tell)
Sample Writing:
Adrian lay splayed out on his stomach in the grass. The leaves of the Elm tree above his head filtered out some of the sunlight, but the air was still warm and pleasant, and he was determined to enjoy it. He tapped his pen against his jaw and read over the page in his small notebook once more, scanning ideas for possible move combinations that might be aesthetically pleasing. Beside him, Kindle had fallen asleep, but Adrian could still feel the familiar heat that radiated from the Vulpix's body at his side, giving him a sense of safety and security that only a close friend could.
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Accepted! And yes, we would be starting off with only one or two(only in certain instances though; for example, Jaelyn found both of her Pokemon rummaging through the trash). Things will closely follow the anime's rules, except for--like you stated--the male-only Showcase rule. Gym battles are the same, as are Pokemon League battles. And I'm thinking that I may add in towns and stuff along the way, to kind of keep the RP going longer. Not sure, though.
Name: Terrance Willows
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Terrance has soft brown hair, that is about three inches long. He has bangs that cover his forehead, and he keeps swept to the left side of his head. His eyes are a dark hazel and his nose is a bit small. His skin is a light peachy tan color, and he stands at 5’8” making him a decent height. He wears a light grey t-shirt, with a brown open jacket over it. The seams of the jacket are a dark orange color. He wears dark blue pants, and ratty white sneakers. Across his back is a large backpack, packed with a good variety of supplies.
Goal: Terrance is currently undecided and will participate in Gym Battles and as a Performer for the first bit of the journey. However he’ll soon learn that he is cruddy at performing and decides to settle with challenging the League.
Team: Darv (Aipom. Male. Pickup. Hasty Nature.)
Extra: Terrance has a good amount of skill in the kitchen cooking. He can make great sandwiches and soups on the fly. His mother was a chef at a restaurant and he spent many years working for her to raise pocket money for his trip, and along the way learned to cook quite well.

RP Sample: Goldenrod City was Johto’s biggest and most well known cities. It had a variety of attracts to draw people in with many shops, a gym, the radio tower, and so much more. It was astounding how many people always seemed to be crowing the city. Terrance Willows, was one of the many Goldenrod Natives, the ones who were born and raised in this bustling city. Terrance’s mother actually owned a restaurant on the northern end of time. But today the boy wasn’t heading to his mother’s restaurant. Today he was heading south out of the city. It was the day his journey would begin.

He had checked his Pokegear’s map to learn that there was a Professor by the name of Elm, who lived in a small town called New Bark Town. Terrance quickly made the descion to visit this Professor and meet him. So he made his way out of the city, ready to conquer the world. Despite not knowing his real plans.
@Cloudswift. Quick note on tagging people, which I don’t think you noticed, but when you have the ( sign after the end of the name, to doesn’t recognize it, as it thinks the ( is part of the name.
Name: Olivia Miles

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Olivia is a short, pale girl, with messy black hair, and a fringe which covers most of the upper part of her face. She wears a comically large medical eyepatch, under which pinkish, scarred skin is somewhat visible. She wears a high-collared, black blouse, with long, frilly sleeves, and a greyish pannier skirt. She also wears thigh-high black stockings, and platformed Mary-Janes, the soles of which are dark blue.

Goal: To become Johto Queen, and to be adored throughout the region, despite her scarred, acid-burned face.

Team: Amiche (Cherrim)

Extra: Her face is covered with scars, as a result of an acid attack when she was younger, and she cannot see out of her left eye. She covers as many of her scars up as she can, and vows that when she becomes Johto Queen she will finally show her face to the world, and her scars.

RP Sample:

Goldenrod City.

It was exactly like Olivia had seen on TV. A bustling, lively city, where dreams were either reached, or broken. A city where journeys began, and ended. And, as of now, it was the city where her career as a performer could either begin in glory, or in shame.

Olivia had decided long ago, that she was to be somewhat of an enigma in the world of performing. She would go about her performances in a mask, never revealing her face, or her identity. Not until she was Johto Queen. Then, and only then, would she take her mask off.

She inhaled sharply, entering the showcase hall. This was where it all began...
Alright. Also, I just noticed that your OC has the same last name as mine. I'm okay with this, and maybe they could be relatives?
Depends. If they were sisters, then that would likely mean that Jaelyn was also a victim of the acid attack Olivia was involved with (Her father threw it at her and her mother during a particularly violent fight)
I'd have to edit her appearance(because she'd have scars as well), but that sounds like it'd fit Jaelyn's backstory well enough with some tweaking. She lives with her father after he divorced her mother and won custody.
Aah, I hope mine doesn't seem too rushed ^^; It was written past midnight for me, so hopefully I don't read it over when I'm lucid and wonder what I've done XD

Oh! I've also edited Adrian's character sheet a bit to show his current Pokémon (only Vulpix for now) and update it as we go along, if that's alright.