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Ask to Join Journey through Johto!

<Yeah....just exhausted from fighting that Pidgeotto.> Bulbasaur replied to Sonny as they all walked out of the gym.

Victoria smiled at Dante, who climbed up to her shoulder as they walked out, and then immediately turned her attention towards the egg Jake pulled out. She watched as an Eevee hatched out of the egg. Instantly she was mesmerized by the Eevee's adorableness. "Wow, an Eevee!" She said, "So cute and precious~!"

<Wow!> Bulbasaur said as he watched the newborn hatch out of the egg.
Rick walked inside the Pokemon Center. He gave his Scyther in his pokeball to the nurse. He waited on the waiting area while he also waited for Jake and Victoria, who were staring at the egg. After some time, he went inside and the nurse gave him Scyther back. "Thanks, hope to see you again," the nurse said.

"Thanks, see ya," he said as he waited for Victoria to heal her pokemon.
Jake smiled as he stood, looked at Victoria, and followed the others into the pokemon center, as he clutched the eevee close.

<So, ya got a name kid?> Dante asked the Eevee from atop Victoria's shoulder.

<...he was just born, how is he supposed to have a name.> Sonny rolled his eyes.

<Agreed...quite impossible, as a matter of fact.>

Sonny and Dante blinked and stared at the Eevee.

<...something an issue?> the eevee blinked.

<You uh...speak pretty good for being five minutes old...> Dante said with a raised eyebrow.

<I do? Hm...interesting...>

The eevee said in thought, and shifted his ears.

<...I wonder if you'll keep that little galarian accent you have or if you'll get a Johto one.>

Dante thought curiously.

<...you know, you're right. I'm curious too.> Sonny realized with a hum.

<Hm...I wish to find out as well.> Eevee said curiously.
Victoria continued to admire the newly hatched Eevee for a bit longer before entering the Center. Once they entered, she walked up to the front along with Rick. She picked up her Bulbasaur and placed him and Hoothoot's Pokéball on the counter, both of which were then taken by Nurse Joy for healing.

After a bit, Nurse Joy came back and placed Bulbasaur and Hoothoot's Pokéball on the counter. "You'll be happy to hear that your Pokémon are completely fighting fit," she said with a smile, "We hope to see you again!"

"Thank you very much!" Victoria replied with a smile of her own and picked up Hoothoot's Pokéball. She then turned to Rick, who got his Scyther healed. "All set," she said and went back to Jake.

Bulbasaur hopped off of the counter and followed Victoria. <Ahh, much better!> He said, feeling energized.

"So, shall we get going?" Victoria asked.
"Yup, ready to head out whenever you are," Jake nodded and smiled, as he carefully held the eevee close.

<Anyway, name's Dante. That's Sonny.> the aipom introduced, as he swished his tail

Sonny waved a bit.

<Now then, kid...let me tell you about the Pidgey and the Combee->

Sonny shouted quickly, and glared at the monkey.

Dante rolled his eyes and huffed, <Fine.>

Eevee blinked.
Rick smiled at the nurse and then turned to Victoria after she said if they were ready. "I'm ready," he said as well. Rick walked alongside Victoria and Jake as they left the pokemon center. Rick held Scyther's pokeball in his hands, feeling he needed to expand his team no matter what or else he wouldn't be able to win the next gym. He, however, was still confident and full of energy.
<NO!> Bulbasaur quickly shouted along with Sonny. He used to his Vine Whips to cover the young Eevee's ear to prevent him from hearing anything impure that Dante had to say. <I will not let you shatter the boy's innocence!> He said as he too glared at the normal-type. When Dante said that he wouldn't, Bulbasaur sighed in relief and removed his vines from Eevee's ear. He then turned to the newborn. <You can just call me Bulbasaur.> He said with a smile.

As they left the Center, Victoria turned to the boys with a smile. "So, where do we need to go first to reach Azalea Town?" She asked.
"Straight ahead," Jake smiled and motioned towards the route ahead, as he walked.

Sonny sighed in relief, as he relaxed.

Eevee raised an eyebrow, but looked over at Bulbasaur and nodded.

<Nice to meet you.>
Rick followed Jake and Victoria. He saw the pokemon having fun. "I see Bulbasaur gets along with pretty much everyone. I heard they are natural guardians and protectors," Rick said looking at Bulbasaur, "Hi," he waved at it. While he liked Bulbasaur and knew people who owned Bulbasaurs, he wasn't interested in having one himself.
Victoria turned to Rick as they walked. "Indeed," she said with a smile, "He cares deeply for the Pokémon he's friends with. He does have a tendency to act as if he's in charge, but that just shows how much he cares."

Bulbasaur look at Rick as he waved at the grass-type. "Bulba?" He said as he tilted his head a bit before waving back with a Vine Whip.
Rick began to walk onwards, happy to have met wonderful people. He hadn't met anyone like Victoria and Jake, that was for sure. They soon arrived at Route 32. He looked at both of them and smiled, sending out his Scyther. "Smell the air, is so good in this area," he told his Scyther, which imitated him.
<...where...are we?> Eevee asked curiously, as he looked around.

<Johto.> Sonny answered boredly while he stretched, and walked.

>Mm...alright.> Eevee nodded in understanding.

<....and if you have any questions ask me or Bulbasaur. Just...anyone but him.> Sonny said as he motioned to Dante.

<Yeah, ask anyone but hi- hey!> The aipom said indignantly as he glared.