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Ask to Join Kamen Rider Rp

Discussion Thread-https://pokecharms.com/threads/kamen-rider-rp-discussion.21503/#post-799337
In the city of Wasureru the whole city uses renewable energy the city is leading in science and engineering, the homeless rate is 0.01% Everyone lives happily in the city the government takes good care of the people. The city has a powerful military making them a mine country. But decades ago when the pollination in the city made it unlivable it began to mutate humans and animals alike these mutants used to live in the city but when the government figured out how to eradicate pollution when took back the city the mutants were kicked out and many of them killed. they live on the outskirts of town biding their time for revenge sometimes they will even attack the city.

Kurruta was in his lab looking at a newspaper were he had to buy an advertisement as due to the increase of Mutant attacks Kurruta hadn't been able to fight them all himself. He kept tinkering on what looked like a sword but there was no blade at the bottom of the hilt there was a hole were he could insert a vial which would form the blade. "This babies gonna pack a punch." Kurruta muttered to him self. Attaching his new weapon to his belt.
Ajax sat alone in the quiet emptiness of his workshop. A molecular sequencer humming gently as the last layers of protective coating settled on the device inside, the Mutant Driver. Once finished a Miley monotone computerized voice came over the intercom breaking Ajax from his momentary day dream.
“The modifications you requested have been completed sir, shall I begin diagnostic simulations?”
“Start with the two vials we’ve already obtained, you can focus on the determining the compatibility of any others as the find them”
“Very well sir, beginning simulations for Striking Rhino and Charging Scorpion forms”


“Both simulations have come back favorable, and not a moment to soon. Military chatter seems to indicate that there is significant mutant activity in Sector 31 subsection D. “
“Understood, feed me more details as you can” yelled Ajax already having grabbed his driver and jumped a top his motorbike and rode off.

—Sector 31 Subsection D—

“Reports indicate that the mutant is lupine in appearance and was last seen about 150 meters due West of you.”
“Very well” Ajax slung his leg off of the bike and lifted his driver from the storage compartment. In one slick movement he had stuck the belt to his hips and raised a gently glowing vial in each hand before inserting them into opposing side of driver the one after the other.
“Striking Scorpion! Charging Rhino!... MUTATION!... Charging Scorpion!” The device called out as the spectral Scorpion and Rhino either side of Ajax merged into a single projection. A heavily armored scorpion with much stronger looking limbs and a series of spikes running down its back
“Henshin!” Ajax brought the side of his closed fist down on the activation button atop his driver as the mutated projection leapt into the air behind Ajax before melding itself onto him to form an armored suit
“Kamen Rider Mutant: Charging Scorpion Form!” The driver called out once more as the excess energy converged in front of the rider to manifest his deadly spear like weapon
"Beep, Beep." Kurrutas computer began to go off he walked over and checked it showed him were there was mutant activity was as it searched for spikes of pollution in the area.
"SubSection D That's a first." Kurruta thought to himself. He stood up and got onto his motorbike and began to drive to subsection eventually he arrived and saw the wolf mutant wreaking havoc. "Hey you scum leave innocent's alone go pick on someone your on size!" Kurruta shouted grabbing a black box from his trench coat. He pulled out a card and scanned it ont the box causing the box to open into his belt but with no strap. He put onto his waist and it wrapped around. He put the fox vial into the belt causing liquid to fill up the side vial.
"Henshin!" Kurruta shouted. causing a gas to begin to surround him for 5 seconds when a voice could b heard coming from the belt.
"Kamen Rider Rensa!" The voice boomed.
Ajax saw the other rider transform and was simply unimpressed by their existence ‘just great on top of dealing with all the mutants I have to deal with a civilian thinking they can do my job better.’ He thought rolling his eyes and firing an energy blast toward the wild Wolf mutant
“Walk away normie, you’ve got no reason or authority to even be in this sector. Leave now or I will take you down too” he yelled as he leapt between Kurruta and the mutant readying his spear to attack the mutant while keeping an eye on the civilian rider
"I've done this before buddy." Kamen Rider Rensa told the rider. "How about we work together and beat the mutant." Kamen Rider Rensa advised the other Rider. Kamen Rider Rensa ran up to the mutant, "Fox claws." A voice boomed form the belt as his fingers glowed orange and he struck the mutant causing it to stumble back. The mutant got back up and howled causing a sound wave making Kamen Rider Rensa to stumble back.
“I don’t need the help of a third-fate rider with a fourth rate driver! You wouldn’t stand a chance against me Rensa” Ajax snarled at Rensa bracing himself for the shockwave so as to ensure he wasn’t pushed back by the blast. Before racing forward spear in hand to strike at the Wolf Mutant with an increased fury, his suits automated stinger hovering behind his head facing toward Rensa waiting to strike him down if he had the audacity to try and intervene again
"Jeez, since your not going to co operate I'm going to have to tack evasive measures." Kamen Rider Rensa told the other Rider. He grabbed his vial and inserted it into the bottom of the rider weapon causing a speaker in his weapon to go.
"Fox blade." The voice boomed. A blade which looked like a fox tail grew out of the rider's weapon. Kamen Rider Rensa pressed a button on the weapon causing the blade to begin to start moving, and growing in size. Kamen Rider Rensa hit away the other Riders tail and charged at the mutant slashing it causing it to collapse. Kamen Rider Rensa took out a vial and sucked up the mutant.
"Here a peace treaty." Kamen RIder Rensa told the hostile Rider throwing him the wolf Vial. "Do what you will with it." Kamen Rider Rensa told him before riding off.
“You stole my kill, now I guess I’ll be claiming you as the next one!” Ajax screamed as he tore the Rhino vial from his belt and replaced it with the newly created Wolf vial. Immediately his armour plates were jettisoned away from his body and a furry hide jacket appeared around him while his spear morphed into a sickening scythe.
Ajax without hesitation mounted his bike and ride after Rensa, conjuring an astral projection of a wolf while slashing wildly at Rensa’s tyres. “I’ll kill you for this Rensa! A peace offering would have been to walk away, now you’ve started a war with me. And there’s no chance I’m losing!”
Kamen Rider Rensa fell of his bike due to the attacks. I guess were doing this then." Kamen Rider Rensa sighed grabbing a purple beast vial and pressed a button his driver causing the fox vial to pop out Kamen Rider Rensa grabbed the vial and out it into a pouch. Kamen Rider Rensa inserted the vial "Urchin!" a speaker on his dirver announced. He suit turned slick and purple then when Kamen Rider Rensa snapped his fingers many spikes shot out from his suit.
Ajax made a large sweeping slash with his scythe knocking most of the spikes away before charging at Rensa and slashing wildly toward the other Rider’s chest
“I told you to walk away, you’ve given me no choice but to ensure you won’t get in my away again!”
Kamen rider Rensa fell back taking damage from the attack. A large group of soldiers surrounded the 2 riders and pointed their guns at the riders. "Put your hands up!" Te leader of the soldiers shouted. Kamen Rider Rensa stood up and put his hands in the air and backed up towards the motorcycle and quickly inserted the fox vial into the sword and knocked guns out of a couple of the soldiers hand and then quickly rode of he eventually got his ware house/lab and pressed a button the driver causing the suit to disappear.
Ajax didn’t even flinch when the soldiers aimed their weapons at him, instead he spun rapidly casting a huge slash across the soldiers guns, shearing them in half and sending the group stumbling backward, he turned finally and summoned his bike before riding off toward his own workshop. Annoyed that Rensa had escaped but curious regarding the new Wolf Vial he had obtained
‘This won’t be the first time we fight Rensa, I will find you and I will kill you”
Next Day
"Hello I'm Sarah Tomphson reporting on what happened yesterday with the tow masked heroes fighting the mutants the government has denied any involvement with the individuals and have told the public if they know anything about these masked heroes to tell the police immediately as there armed and dangerous." The new reporter explained standing at the scene of the battle the happened the previous day.
"Ha the government's trying to arrest us as they don't want to take responsibility for the mutants." Kurruta thought laughing as he tinkered away at a gun were he could insert a beast vial. a beeping could be heard on his computer monitor hr walked over to check it out "two mutant readings near the radio tower what the hell is going on." Kurruta muttered he inserted the gorilla vial into his rider and transformed he then got on his bike and rode off.