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Open Kickin’ it Kanto Style (DISCUSSION)

Hey all! If you don’t remember me, or know who I am, but people call me Yellow. I haven’t done a role play in a very long time, and I remember finding so much joy in doing them, so I’ve decided to get the creative cogs turning in my brain so that I can enjoy that feeling once more! I think it would be fun to interact creatively with you all and make new friends in the process! So if you’re interested in something like that, please read on!

This role play will take place in Kanto, hence the title “Kickin’ it Kanto Style”. However, if you have a better idea for a title, I’d definitely be open to ideas! The plot line is relative, and highly based upon what your characters interests or goals decide to be. Throughout the role play, we will guide the storyline to accommodate what you would like to do! But keep in mind, every character is important and deserves a shot in the spot light!

If you’re interested in joining the role play, you can leave a character biography in the replies! In the past I’ve let nearly anybody join my role plays, but I’m going to be a small bit stricter about the characters I let join. For examples, if you post on the main thread without leaving a biography and getting accepted, the chances of me letting you join are low. If your character presents itself to be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, I will advise you to change them before I allow you to join. If you have extremely poor grammar, or don’t follow any of the role play rules already placed on the moderator forums, you will not be accepted. But those are really my only concerns.

Your character biography can be written up however you please, in whatever order you please. Do make sure to include important information, such as the name of your character, appearance, personality, etc. If I still have any inquiries to your character, I will address them in a reply.

If the role play comes to a halt or pause, the person who posted the last reply should be advised to visit this thread and tag said person they are awaiting a reply from. Filler messages to help carry the story forward are also appreciated, but make sure they are an appropriate length and don’t majorly distract from the current situation.

Those are all of my rules! If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them!

The character I will be using for the role play is listed below.

Name: Amelia

Gender: Female

Age: (Recently turned) 10

Appearance: Amelia has honey blonde hair that she keeps in a high ponytail. She has hazel eyes, and a few small freckles dotting her cheeks. She’s white, but a tad bit tan. She wears a very basic red and white baseball tee, with blue jeans on. Her shoes are a mix of high tops, one blue and one red. She sports a regularly shaped backpack with the design of a pokeball.

Personality: Amelia is usually very cheery and overexcited, grinning at the littlest things. She’s often giddy and very determined. She tends to make rash decisions, often leading to a poor outcome with a bruise or two. However, her determination can come in handy when morale is low, or when she or a friends fails to do something.

Reason for Travel: Amelia has always loved Pokemon, so her ultimate goal is to travel to world and catch every Pokemon. She plans to fill her Pokédex, and battle people here and there to help evolve her Pokemon. She’s determined to catch them all, no matter the cost.

Hometown: Amelia was originally born in Unova, but moved to Kanto right after she was born. She now lives in a small house with her dad, who owns a large amount of land. Her yard stretches out for quite a few square miles, all surrounded but a wooden barn fence. Her father is quite rich, and he grows a lot of food, but chooses to save the money and live quietly instead. Her home is about a thirty minute drive to Pallet Town, where she occasionally visits with her dad to sell crops. Her dad will drop her off here to get a Pokemon from Professor Oak and leave to be on her journey.

Im hoping to post an actual role play thread once I have at the very least one other participant. That is all! I hope you are interested in joining, and I’ll be glad to get this started with you all!

The role play thread is here!
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Seems like this could prove to be interesting, but I have a couple of questions before I go about making my bio, might bring back one nearly forgotten.

1: When making our character's bio, can we include what Pokemon they have with them?

2: Kinda dumb, but thought I'd ask regardless, will we be able to start with a Pokemon that isn't a starter.

3: I know the title says it all with Kanto and all, but will we get Pokemon from all regions or will it be as the title says and we only have Gen 1 Pokemon?
I’ll be happy to answer your questions!

1) Yes, of course you can include the Pokemon your character has! Anything you feel important to add, go and add it!

2) Yes, you can start with any different Pokemon you’d like, within reason of course. For example, if your character is a beginner trainer, give them an unevolved Pokemon. It could be a more rare Pokemon, but I’d advise against it.

3) Technically, you can use/obtain Pokemon from other regions, but I’d prefer not to. But that’s only my preference so it’s pretty void. If you do choose to have a Pokemon from another region, please obtain it realistically. Whether it was a gift from another region, something you brought from the region as your partner, or an egg gifted from that region, it is fine. I do not, however, want you to just randomly find a Torchic in the grass, as Pokemon from a different region are just that; from a different region, and not native to Kanto.

I hope that answers your questions! Any other questions/follow up questions?


Previously 'Candle'
Kanto seems so underrated, and I haven’t been in an Kanto roleplay since maybe September of last year.

But I also have a question,

(1) Is there a specific age or age we should stop at? Or is more along the lines of beginning at around 10 like normal trainers?

Other than that I’ll (try) have a character up before tomorrow!
I'm happy with my answers.

Zander Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Appearance: Zander stands at 4'7" with relatively Pale skin and Sapphire blue eyes, he has somewhat messy and short dull Brown hair, his body build shows him to be relatively fit thanks to a lot of walking. His attire consists of a Purple shirt with Black baggy pants tucked into Brown boots, above all this is an ankle long hooded White coat with Purple flame designs along the edges, he always has his hood up.
Personality: Zander is mainly seen as a calm, blunt and rude person at first glance, however this doesn't mean he isn't open to making friends depending on how they treat him and if there's something he doesn't like, he usually has a habit of dismissing it by saying "I don't care." Thanks to his family having been Pokemon trainers, he grew up to immediately love Pokemon and training with them. He can be very aggressive when angered.
Reason for Travel: Given how his family were also Pokemon trainers, Zander felt it was only natural to follow in their footsteps.
Hometown: Lavender Town
Backstory: Born in Lavender Town to a relatively poor family, Zander's parents did their best to raise Zander as best they could for a happy life. On weekends, Zander and his mother used to pay their respects to the departed spirits of those in the Pokemon tower, Zander learned how some people are the reasons for some of these Pokemon's unfortunate demise and was immediately disgusted by the abuse people caused on such wonderful beings. Zander wanted to go out and become a Pokemon trainer like his parents only to learn that his father was too busy "settling debts" to allow him, his mother on the other hand predicted this outcome due to the fire they once had seen in their son's eyes and gifted him his first ever Pokemon: Gastly. Now Zander travels the region in order to train and get strong like his family members before him.
Starting Pokemon: Gastly

Already have an idea for his endgame team along with how he may get some of those Pokemon, all Kantonian of course (apart from a special case very late in the RP.)
@Shamaniac231 theres nothing specifically for what you have to put, you can really put anything you deem necessary to your character! But if you want, you can use the biography with the same style as mine or Gallade’s.

@Red Gallade This character is pretty good! I do have one question though. It’s a very unimportant question, I’m really just curious. Your character wears a white cloak? With purple flame designs, signifying a ghost type trainer?
Name: Elliot Yosbane

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Elliot has a bush of browned hair hereditary of his mother, with a pair of black eyes, his shirt, bedazzled with plastic gems, which he believes to be a techno type DJ shirt, he has red draggy jeans over yellow honeybee shoes, his nose is small and curved, oppositical of his arms, which along with muscles have more meat on their bones.
Personality: Elliot acts more immature, since he's still trying to figure out life for him, his voice sounds deep but he's able to make it sound high pitched whenever he wants to, he represents himself as a arrogant type of person, more as a celebrity, but when the time comes, he'll, in a one out of five chance will care about his friends priorities first.

Reason for Travel: Elliot found Pokemon as a second thing to him, like a ally that'll be at your side no matter what, so he came to Kanto in order to do the one thing he wanted ever since he discovered Pokemon, find the one Pokemon that'll be his true ally, and friend.

Hometown: Elliot always lived the high and busy city life, probably because he came from Castelia City, one of the biggest cities in the Unova region, he did many things there, learn more about Pokemon, eat Casteliacones, and sometimes if he felt risky, explore the sewers, there he found Spike, after encountering a Riolu losing to a Zubat, Elliot defended the Riolu since it seemed a bit injured, he had taken it home, having his mother give it a Poison Recovery Potion, idk what its called, bear with me and after a bit of decision making, decided to catch the Riolu as its own.

Starting Pokemon
Alternate Name: Spike
Level: 14
Moveset: Quick Attack, Work Up, Counter, Metal Claw.
@Red Gallade This character is pretty good! I do have one question though. It’s a very unimportant question, I’m really just curious. Your character wears a white cloak? With purple flame designs, signifying a ghost type trainer?

I just liked the design, Ghost type trainer is a likely thing he'll become in the future, but the Pokemon I plan for him to have in the RP won't be Ghost types apart from the special case I mentioned.
Those both look really good! I have no objection to either of those characters. However, Shamaniac, next time you don’t know something, don’t say “I don’t know” pretend you do and we’ll correct you if it’s wrong, or just look up what it actually is. I’m going to create the role play thread soon, please avoid using parenthesis for added notes. If you have a note or comment, address it here.


Previously 'Candle'
Name: Reynard Riley Joseph The Third

Nickname: Rey, Reynard The Fox, Reynie (specifically the first and last one)

Gender: Non-Binary (They/Them)

Sexuality: Aromantic

Age: 12

D.O.B: August 3rd (Leo)

Appearance: Reynard stands at 5’5. They have blue eyes spotted lightly with gold and green, however the flecks go unnoticed most of the time. Their hair is black and swept lightly to the left, not in any effort of being super super super good but still good enough for them. In the back it’s smooth and they sport a small low ponytail. A small black cowlick stands up and points towards the right. They wear rounded black glasses. Rey has medium tan skin.

For usual clothing, Rey sports a button down shirt with a black sweater over. They also wears black trousers with grey shoes spotted with white foam and no shoe-laces seeing as they are slip on shoes. They have a leather messenger bag filled with supplies.

Personality: Reynard is the kind of serious person with no sense of adventure. They can be a bit humorous and prefer to stay out of any dangerous situations or anything that may lead to getting messy. However, this kid, can be rather untrustworthy and quiet. Once again they can be humorous and cherry despite acting emotionless at one time.

Reason For Travel: As emotionless as Rey is, they love photography and would love to try and have a photo of every Pokémon.

Hometown: Born in Goldenrod City in the Johto region. They were forced to move to Kanto as a three year old child due to unforeseen circumstances and events that led to their home’s destruction. Years later as Reynard reached the age of 10, their parents moved back to their own home city leaving Rey to fend for themself as a so called “Pokémon Trainers”. After they turned 12, they were sent a Pokémon egg as a regional and family gift.

Species Name: Cyndaquil
Nickname: Fondu (French for Molten)

Moves: Quick Attack, Ember, Sunny Day, Smoke Screen


Held Item: Choice Scarf


Fondu sports a black top-hat with a white band.

Other info:
Song that fits them: Lemon Boy by Cavetown
Accent: Brazilian
Other language: None, just English and a bit of simple Portuguese

**EDIT 1** Fixed some grammar mistakes/autocorrect

**EDIT 2** Fixed Fondu’s moves
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@Red Gallade That’s alright! We’ll move the role play along without you, unless you’re highly important to a specific situation or unless you state otherwise.

@|Bread| I have a few questions and problems with your OC I’d like to address, starting with the questions! Firstly, do you mind if I ask why your character is sometimes called “Reynard the Fox”? I’m simply curious as that kind of stands out as odd to me. Also, I do like that a song that describes them is “Lemon Boy”, I personally love that song, but I don’t understand it’s significance to the role play itself? If it’s just a fun little piece of information that’s fine, but if it’s highly important I’m just curious what for.

Now I do have a problem with the move set for your character’s Cyndaquil. Firstly, all the moves your Cyndaquil is equipped with are insanely powerful. For example, Extrasensory can only be learned at level thirty-nine, Eruption at level sixty-four, and can’t learn Hidden Power Grass whatsoever. I can kind of see the Cyndaquil knowing Fire Blast solely because it’s a TM move, but even that is highly unrealistic considering the power and slight rarity of the move. Having these overpowered moves doesn’t make much sense at all, especially because Reynard received the Pokemon this year exactly, at the age of twelve. Hell, I’d be shocked if a trainer had a Cyndaquil for two years that knew these moves, even if they trained every day. So I do have quite the problem with the move set as it’s very overpowered and unrealistic.
Hey @Shamaniac231 , when you’re presenting text from certain characters, please use formal writing etiquette. For example, put speech in quotes like normal, and just imply who is speaking. For example,

“Hey Elliot, who’s your dumb blonde friend?” Elliot’s mom asked, referring to the girl who just showed up out of nowhere.

“Mom, it’s Eli now!” Elliot replied.

Things like that. However, the format you used is fine when signifying things such as text messages.
Heads up, two more experienced trainers, particularly on their 4th region.

Name: Jason Seth Argentston

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Status: Engaged to be Married

Appearance: Short Black hair with green eyes on an athletic 5'10" frame, he wears a red Dress shirt, with a black t-shirt under it, dark jeans and hiking boots, all this is under a grey cloak that has a green inside. He wears a necklace with a pokeball on it.

Appearance Notes: The Necklace has a Pokéball that contains a Metagross, his starter from Hoenn, the professor ran out of starters and had to improvise, he had three starters prepared for eight children leaving that day. The Cloak was left to him by his father.

Backstory: Jason was the oldest of four Children born in Hoenn, his father would occasionally end up having meetings in Kanto, as he was a powerful trainer. He went through Hoenn with his starter, a Beldum, and a motley crew of Hoenn pokemon, Beldum went through everything with him, evolving into a Metang shortly before the League, and evolving into Metagross after the Third Gym in Unova, meeting A Scraggy that looked odd, Scraggy would evolve with the help of some of the other Unova Catches, like Sawsbuck, and Braviary, at the Eighth Gym, he and Alyssa went to Sinnoh, met Empoleon as a Piplup shortly before he proposed to his girlfriend, Piplup evolved at the sixth Gym there, then again at the league, giving him the win in the semifinals. He would get swept by a Charizard in the Finals, despite the Aerodactyl he went and got back for this specific Pokémon. After he got home, Jason had heard of the Region from James, and knew something he was looking for had lived there.

Reason for Travel: Jason was advised to go to Kanto by James who had just been there and caught a Nidoqueen there. Jason tried looking for Poliwags in Hoenn and Unova, even Undella town produced no results. So he figured he'd take James's advice and head to Kanto.


Species: Metagross
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Quiet
Moves: Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball, Psycho Cut, Hammer Arm

Species: Empoleon
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Brave
Moves: Aqua Jet, Drill Peck, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon

Species: Scrafty
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Foul Play, Drain Punch, Dig, Dragon Dance

He will Catch a Poliwag, Pidgey and Paras through the RP.

Name: Alyssa Aranza Seaboard

Age: 18

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: Engaged

Appearance: Long tied back red hair, it reaches around her midsection, orange eyes on a feminine but athletic frame of 5'6". She commonly wears a blue light coat, with a red shirt under, and jeans with hiking boots. She has a ring on her left ring finger.

Backstory: Alyssa was born to Bart Seaboard (dad) and an unknown woman who died not long after her birth to a mysterious illness. Her dad had frequent Hospital visits, due to needing a Donor Kidney in his youth. Her dad had her explore the world, looking particularly people who he knew from childhood, Ariana and Lana Montgomery, as he received his kidney from their brother. When she arrived in Hoenn, she got in a scuffle with a Salamence, and immediately stumbled into Jason's travel group, with a Tepig and a Dratini. As she traveled with the group, she and her Pokémon got stronger. Eventually Tepig evolved into Pignite fighting Flannery, and Dratini evolved into a Dragonair during The battle with Winona, Pignite evolved into Emboar during the league, which was immediately knocked out. They went to Unova, while she was there she caught a Pidove. The Pidove would Fully evolve before Dragonair would evolve, which Dragonair evolved right around the Unova League. After that was Sinnoh, where Jason proposed, a month before the current events in Kanto, she caught a Shinx around the Same time as Jason caught Empoleon. The Shinx evolved Vs Candice and is currently close to Evolving.

Reason for Travel: She had never seen most of the Pokémon of Kanto and when Jason heard from James about the region, she knew it would be a good place for their next region.


Species: Dragonair
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Aqua Tail, Fly

Species: Emboar
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Head Smash, Blast Burn, Thunder Punch, Magnitude (recently discovered that Emboar had Magnitude)

Species: Unfezant
Ability: Super Luck
Nature: Rash
Moves: Brave Bird, Work Up, Substitute, Roost

Species: Luxio
Ability: Rivalry
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Roar

Notes: Dragonite Taught Scrafty Dragon Dance, and may have to Devolve the Psuedolegendaries.
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Okay, cool. I hope you don’t mind, but is it possible for you to make the Scrafty normal instead of shiny? Also, I don’t believe there are any restrictions to Pseudo Legendaries, but for the sake of the role play, and a few of the characters being inexperienced kids, would you be okay with devolving your Dragonite? I’d be fine with making it evolvable later within the role play.


Previously 'Candle'
@Imperfect World Alright, I’ve fixed Fondu’s moves. I’m completely sorry for for the inconvenience, the move chart I was looking at when I first did Rey’s character didn’t have any levels, once again sorry.

Second, They are called Reynard The Fox at times because of Dutch, German, French, and English fables that he read as a smaller child. It’s a literary cycle, the first dating back to around the 12th century. So it’s just a small thing that seemed like a good idea.

Third, the song isn’t of high significance just some fun info that I would like to add.
(Edit: Sorry for such a late reply! I almost responded before I was called back to work)

Original Message:

Also, thanks for the update on your Pokemon @Cmeriwether ! I really like the idea of your characters! I do have another question. How long have they been training their Pokémon for? I assumed 6-8 years, but I wanted confirmation from you.