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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia turned to Finn and waved.

“Yeah, I remember you! You’re Finn!” She said, continuing to walk towards the mountain.

She noticed Hito eating the apple he had pulled out of her backpack previously, happy with its delicious taste and ripe color. She smiled, before turning to face Finn while still walking.

“This is Hito. He’s like, super awesome and he helped me win my gym badge! And I think that maybe I’m his trainer now, but also I don’t know so maybe but also maybe not but hopefully,” she rambled.

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Finn and his pokemon finally caught up and they quickly stopped and took a breath. Finn looked at the pokemon she was talking about and waved at it.

"Nice to meet you little fella, This is Char and Chu. I can't wait till we reach Mount moon this is gonna be so much fun." Finn said as he smiled widely.

He then looked towards a patch of bushes and saw a little purple creature peeping through the grass, Finn walked towards it and the Pokemon walked back a little bit, he reached into his backpack and grabbed a Oran berry, he set the berry on the ground and smiled before catching up with Amelia. The pokemon looked at the berry and started eating and watched Finn walk away, it's tail began to wag and it began to follow him in the tall grass.
After leaving Pewter's Gym, Rick and Iris made their way to Route 3 and towards Mount Moon, as initialy planned. While normaly it would've been a quick trip, the battle against Brock had taken its toll on Iris. The fact that Route 3 was somewhat hilly compared to the previous ones didn't help either. Rick looked back at Iris, who was trudging behind him. "You must be tired." Rick said to Iris. Normaly she's the one that needs to wait out for her trainer, but now she was the one setting the pace. "I'm sorry. I was so focused on getting that ID Card that I didn't realize we should've stopped by the Pokémon Center for you to rest properly." He said, petting her neck.

Rick then felt some raindrops falling on his arms. "Oh great, now it's raining!" He exclaimed, looking up at the sky as the rainclouds formed. Being from Sinnoh, Rick and his pokémon were used to various types of weather and environments, though at this time, rain was unwelcome. Iris absorbs sunlight to convert into energy to keep herself healthy, but that didn't work in these conditions. "Well... on the bright side, I won't need to give you a shower anymore." Rick said, grinning while patting Iris on the neck. The mare gave the trainer a nudge, before the two continued the road. Rick then spoted a fenced path of grass with a signpost with directions a few meters ahead. "Alright, Mount Moon, to the North. We should be almost there, I guess." Rick muttered, reading the signpost.

Iris took the opportunity to nibble on some grass. Knowing they were heading into a cave system, this was probably the last one they would come across for a while. "Welp! We'll stay here for a bit. In the meantime, try to get some strength back. I'd like you to be as close to your fullest as possible before venturing into a cave we know nothing about." He told Iris, before lying down right next to her, frowning slightly as the soft rain fell on his face. "Oh, and don't step on me, please!" He warned. The grass was tall enough to pretty much cover the trainer.
Amelia reached the entrance to Mount Moon, a looming cave that was very dark on the inside. She turned to see the little purple Pokémon following Finn and smiled at it.

“Finn, you’ve got a little buddy!” She said, cooing at the little Pokémon.

Hito grabbed onto Amelia’s shoulders as she bounced up and down.

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Finn looked confused and looked behind him to see a Nidoran, behind him, looking up at him.

"Oh, I didn't see you there little guy what are you doing here?" Finn crouched down and held his hand out, as soon as he did the Nidoran's tail began to wag as it began to run around him happily.
While Rick was trying to take a nap as best as the weather conditions would allow, he felt some rustle on his beltpocket. At first, he didn't really care enough to take a look at it. Chances were that Iris was the culprit anyways, since if it was a real thief she would've instantly thrash them. "No, there are no treats in there. You ate the last one, remember?" He said. Except Iris was turned the other way around and not really paying attention to much else other than the grass.

Since the rustling didn't stop, Rick opened an eye to peek at the beltpocket, and saw the curled purple tail of a Rattata sticking out of it. "Yo!" He called. The rodent took its body out of the pouch, looked at the trainer for a second, then scurried... but not without taking the trainer's map with it. "Why you little! You know how long it took me to draw that?" Rick yelled, quickly getting up and chasing after the rodent. The small size of the creature didn't really play in the trainer's favor, as the tall grass hid it completely. "Iris! Help me catch this thief?" He called. Iris raised her head above the grass, and her eyes followed the trainer for a few seconds... then she droped her head again to continue grazing.

The wet soil eventualy caused Rick to stumble, allowing the Ratatta to escape. After the chase was over, Iris casually walked up to Rick, pulling him up by the shirt's collar back to his feet. Rick wasn't properly appeased though. "Are you really that tired that you can't even go after a mouse?" He asked. "You didn't even need to run, just... roast it or something." He added. Soon after, he heard a familiar voice. "Well, who do we have here?". He looked towards the voice's sound to see the police officer approaching with an umbrella. "Officer... just in time witness a robbery. Care to investigate this one, too?" He said, with arms crossed. The officer huffed before replying. "I'm afraid we don't deal with that kind."

"Whatever. Last I checked, I still have plenty fo time to get that ID Card, if that's what you're here for." Rick told her. "I'm well aware of that... in fact, don't rush. This might be your lucky day." She said, looking over her shoulder as another figure approached. "Hey Rick! What are you doing here with a weather like this?" He heard. Rick tilted to look behind the officer, and saw Pewter's gym leader running towards them. "Brock?" Rick muttered. "I thought you had went to the Pokémon Center next to Mount Moon, since you didn't stop by Pewter's." Brock said.

Rick went silent while processing the information, especialy the last bit. "There's a Pokémon Center in this route?" He asked. Brock nodded, pointing the direction. Rick hoped on Iris' back just to pull himself up a small ledge to gain some height, and from there Rick could indeed see the Center just a few meters ahead. "Damn... I'm dumb!" He said, before jumping down. "Well, thanks for the info!" He said, before running towards the Center, with Iris following.
“Awww, he’s so cute!” Amelia giggled, suddenly abandoning her mission of going into the cave.

She bent down to get a closer look at him, and Hito peered at the Pokémon over her shoulder. Amelia reached her hand out to the Nidoran, hoping to pet him.

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
The Nidoran looked at Amelia and began to wag it's tail as it pushed it's head into her head happily, making happy chattering noises as a result.
Noticing the interaction between Amelia and the Nidoran, Roxanne smiled and gave a light warning. "Careful you don't get pricked by his horn Amelia, he's a Poison type after all."
Amelia took this into consideration and moved her hand around its horn, rubbing its head and scratching it behind the ears. She gushed at it in absolute adoration.

“Oh my gosh, he’s so cute! I can’t bear it, I just wanna squeeze his little cheeks!” She said while rubbing his head.
"Instead of squeezing his cheeks, how about you try scratching under his chin?" Roxanne then explained. "I have an uncle who owns a Nidoking and he told me that Nidoran love a good chin scratch. But, then again, no two Pokemon are the same in terms of likes and dislikes."
Amelia moved her hand to scratch under the Nidoran’s chin, and gushed at how cute the small purple Pokémon was. Hito saw this and grew slightly jealous, looking at the Pokémon in question and frowning slightly. Hito, in a desperate attempt for affection, used his hand to grab Amelia’s head, and she struggled to see.

“Hito-” she struggled for a minute to regain her sight, but fell to the ground when he refused to let go.

“Char, char!” The fire type complained, pawing at Amelia’s cheeks, as if asking her why he wasn’t good enough.

Although Amelia didn’t realize it, this Pokémon she had obtained had quite a bit of emotional baggage from his last owner. He seemed desperate for appraisal and attention, simply wanting to be loved by any means possible.

Amelia kind of gave up and slumped to the dirt, squeezing Hito’s cheeks half-heartedly. Then she chuckled at him, simply taking his complaining and begging as a want to play.
Approaching the Center's entrance, Rick made an abrupt stop, his feet skiding through the wet soil a little. "Wait wait wait, wait!" He shouted. "Onto your ball, please! I don't wanna give them a reason to complain about you making too much mess inside." He said to Iris, while holding up her ball in hand. The mare gave the trainer a look of disapproval, before shacking the water off her body and consequently wetting Rick more than he already was and making him flinch. "That's exactly what I was talking about!" He exclaimed. "And guess what, it changes nothing!" He added, bumping the ball on her head and sucking her inside.

Rick walked towards the bench upon entering the building, putting Iris' ball on the desk. "Please, give that girl everything she deserves. Namely health check, coat brush, hoof care, horn polishing... you can skip the last three!" He asked to the nurse. "We'll sure do!" The nurse said giggling, as she took the Luxury Ball with her to the medical room. After a while, Brock and the police officer walked into the Center. While normaly Rick would just pretend he didn't notice them, he also felt the need to find why they were there. "May I ask why you two are here? I'm hoping it has nothing to do with me." He asked.

Brock smiled. "Don't worry. I come here often in my spare times searching for fossils. Since a certain trainer caused some major damage to my gym, I'll have to wait for them to repair it, so that's a good excuse for me." Brock explained. "That being said, I did hope to catch up to you before you left the city. I asked to drop all charges against you. Meaning you are no longer suspect of belonging to Team Rocket!" Brock stated. Rick widened his eyes in surprise. "Wow! that came out of nowhere..." He said, before being interrupted shortly after. "That being said, we still ask you to get your ID Card as soon as possible. You'll run into the same issue without it." Brock adviced. Rick nodded before replying. "Yeah, that's what I was doing already before this trial thing came up."

The officer then speaked. "I hope you know what you're doing, mister Brock. The few Rockets we've caught so far all had the Earth Badge, so he wouldn't be a first." She stated. "That's something you'll have to clarify with Giovanni once he gets back, officer. How other gym leaders award their badges is none of my business. Besides, this has nothing to do with the badge. I would've asked you to drop the accusations even if Rick had lost, just for the way he battled." Brock explained. The officer shrugged. "I'll trust your judgement for now. Hopefully we won't regret it."

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
The Nidoran smiled and wagged it's tail while getting it's chin scratched and it began running around Amelia before turning back to Finn and snatching a pokeball from his belt and pushing it to his leg.

"So wanna join me little guy, sure why not!" Finn picked up the pokeball and presses it against it's forehead and instantly making a ding sound."Alright, now I got a new friend this is great!" Finn said well smiling happily. "Now I'm gonna run over to mount moon!" Finn said as he rushed towards the mountain.
"Whoa, Finn! Slow down!" Knowing how treacherous mountain paths could be, hopped on Storm's back and quickly cut him off. "Finn, I know I'm not one to point this out, but even if you have Pokemon with you, it's still better to travel with at least one other person to keep out of trouble."
Sliding off her Luxray's back, Roxanne gestured behind as she continued. "Besides, from what I saw, it looked like you were running straight for a cliff."
Amelia laughed and picked up the Charmander, standing and putting him back on her shoulder. She waved her travel buddies over toward the mouth of the cave.

“Through here!” She motioned, dashing through the cave opening.

It was quite dark inside, but Hito’s tail helped light up the darkness. If Amelia looked close enough, she could see some Zubat hiding in corners, and some boulders moving around in specific locations.
Moments after the talk, a bell sound came out of the medical room, with the nurse coming out with Rick's pokémon on a tray. "We've restored your pokémon to full health!" The nurse called. Rick rushed in and grabed the ball. "Thank you very much! You did it in record time, too!" He thanked, grasping the ball with both hands. The nurse grinned before walking back inside.

The three individuals left the building, with Iris jumping out of her ball as soon as Rick steped outside. "Feeling good?" He asked with a smile. The mare let out a loud whinny as she reared. "Taking that as a yes." He said. "There is one more thing left pending." Said the officer,
pulling out a small box and opened it in front of Rick, with an Old Amber inside. "This is the fossil you brought to Pewter's Museum. Take it to Cinnabar's Research Lab. That's where the reviving machine is." She told him.

Rick stared at the fossil for a bit, not really showing any excitement after what they had told him before. "And what good would that do? They said it can't be revived." Said Rick with a frowned expression. "I know. That was a lie." She said. Rick raised an eyebrow. "If you realy were from Team Rocket we couldn't risk letting you have an Aerodactyl. But since Brock is putting so much trust in you, we're giving you the benefit of doubt and let you proceed with your goal." She explained. "In any case, a single Rocket grunt can't possibly tame an Aerodactyl anyways." She added with a smirk.

Rick took the fossil from the box, looking at it for a bit. "Well... I wish the part where they don't revive fossils in Pewter was also a lie. But given the situation, I guess I should be happy." He said, putting the fossil back into his beltpocket. The officer nodded. "Now stay out of trouble, and I hope to never see you again. Not for a situation like this, at least." She said with a faint smile. The two shook hands, before Brock walked up to them. "Well then, I think we're all set! Take good care of your pokémon, and I wish you luck on your endeavors." Brock said, reaching out a hand for a shake. "It's what I always do! Thanks for all the help, Brock." Rick said, returning the shake.

Demonic Bunny

Previously Moxxie the ultimate imp
Finn looked at Roxanne and gave a nervous chuckle, while scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense I prefer not to be alone anyway, since I can't really understand a word my pokemon say." Finn said as he laughed.
"As long as you understand." Roxanne sighed. "Come on, looks like everyone else is already heading into the mountain."
Mounting Storm once more, Roxanne offered a hand to Finn. "Come on, we don't want to be left behind!"
Amelia chuckled as she saw all the Pokémon hiding around. She was quick to run around and find dead ends, carefully squeezing herself through cracks and openings in walls, finding shiny, shimmery rocks and stones, a few of which she collected. Not because they were evolution stones, because they weren’t. They were just glittery, pretty rocks. One was a shiny gold, and the other one a misty silver color.

Amelia got lost a few times, Hito simply following her lead. She eventually found a ladder sitting near the end of the cave. At least, the end of the first level of the cave.

She quickly grabbed a ring of it, lowering herself deeper into the cave, and landing on the ground below with a thud.