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knight with the spade (shovel knight RP)

(Please ask to join)

Name : hunter knight
Alignment (the order of no quarter or shovel knight): order of no quarter
Personality : friendly and merciful
Wepon : crossbow
Hunter knight was assigned to hunt down a knight by the enchantress as an initiation challenge in order to join the order of no quarter, "I won't fail you my empress!" He said from behind a bronze mask, with his green hood and Cape fluttering in the wind he left and headed to the forest, crossbow loaded with silver tipped gold arrows, "in shall slay that knight, meaning that shovel knight shall lose an ally ".
Name: Miner Knight
Alignment: Shovel Knight
Personality: Always wants to protect the ones he loves, or a friend, but kinda dumb
Weapon: Pickaxe and a horn Shovel knight gave him.

Miner Knight wandered the forest, wondering
"Hmm, apparently, one of the enchantresses Knights are here, according to shovel knight, my mentor, this should be easy."He then heard some rustling in the bushes nearby, he pulled out his pickaxe and horn, ready for battle...it was just A BUNNY RABBIT!!
Danger Knight
Alignment: order of no quarter
Personality: Dangerous and mean, Lethal

Weapon: Bombs

Danger Knight hung down from the tree, ready to attack. He used one of his bombs to make a hole for a trap, and he was waiting. Suddenly, something came and fell into the trap! Danger Knight grabbed him by the shirt. "Sto.. St... Stop know..." He disclaimed. "You want me to stop?
Ha!" Danger Knight joked before throwing the man into the hole and putting a net on him.
After a while, Miner Knight heard a boom, he followed the noise, he quickly turned a corner, nearly falling down a pit, he saw Knight, who he had never seen before, so he assumed that he was part of the order of no quarter, he got ready for battle, and charged,
"Halt, fellow Knight, I challenge you to a duel!For Shovel Knight!"He shouted.