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League compeititors: Please update your battle lists


Hero of Pizza
Staff member
Multiple scores on the league table appear to be wrong at the moment. In order to get this fixed up ASAP, I'm asking that everyone updates their battle lists and checks over their scores on the table. Let us know if you find any errors with yours.

Try to keep your list updated on a regular basis, too. It's really difficult to keep track of everything when some of the lists are outdated.

Thanks in advance you guys.


Feathered Overseer
Staff member
Gone through my list, and I can say for certain that my results and scores are all correct now. I have two matches left to fight, and am currently on nine wins and four loses.

Sir Red

Charms' Caped Crusader
Checked, and my list is up to date and correct, and the battles table accurately reflects this. ^^