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Ask to Join Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum Day 1:

As the sun rose and the stands on the main street of Jubilife began to open up, the new members of the latest Galaxy Corps teams were heading to the location they had been instructed to. The day before the newbies had received their new starter Pokemon and were given a day to get used to their new partners. Although many in the village disagreed, it was a must to be able to survive outside of it.

Kawa, a member of the famous Pearl clan arrived quietly to the assigned location. It was pretty simple, just in front of the GC headquarters. He was standing in an alleyway, his new Eevee sitting next to him and looking up as Ka munched on a dumpling. He had made sure his Eevee ate before leaving, so he didn't feel the need to share with the little creature. As people began to show up though, he tossed what was left of his snack to the furry brown Pokemon and pulled his mask up. The Eevee chirped joyful as she started munching on the tasty treat.

The HQ doors opened and out stepped Zisu, the expert in Pokemon battles and moves, although it seemed she was the expert fighter. The woman stood in the middle of the street, her arms crossed over her chest as she scanned the area. Her eyes fell on Kawa and she greeted him with a smile and a nod. "Alright newbies gather around!" The woman's loud voice caught the attention of the people around the area, "Last one to arrive is doing twenty push-ups!".

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

The first lights of dawn had yet to brighten Jubilife village, but within a single-room abode, a single Wurmple was wide awake. Her name was Myrtle and she lived in the area humans called the Obsidian Fieldland; or at least, she had prior to her capture by the Galactic Survey Corp. She had gotten a bit too curious and then...

Well, it wasn’t that bad. The human many-nests were spacey, and they had all sorts of curious bobbles to play with. But more curious still were the humans themselves and amongst all the humans she’d seen, her human was particularly curious. He paced circles around the room and muttered to himself as he did.

“Did I hit my head? Am I tired of living? How could I have possibly joined the Survey Corps?

“Can I resign? They won't throw me out of the village for resigning...right?

"Sigh, it can't be helped, the survey corp is strapped for young talent, how could they let go of gem like me?

“Still, they told us to gather in front of HQ today and in uniform but...they couldn’t possibly be planning to go...outside...could they?

“Better to be prepared, it would be a humanity's tragedy if I lost my little life!

"At least they gave us a uniform and supplies, something in there should be able to guarantee my safety

Ehhhh, what in great Hisui is this!? How is this supposed to protect me from the terrifying Pokémon outside?

“This won’t do, I’ll have to create some armor!

“A few extra layers of clothes as padding

“I can stuff it with some sheets

“Myrtle, help me tie on this pot

“HAHA! My brilliance is without equal! With this, not even a Luxray could harm me!

“Time to head to HQ


Aiiiee, I’m stuck!?”

Myrtle gazed at her human, now a small, clothen Snorlax. He really was a curious one...to put it nicely. Luckily Myrtle was clever enough for two, but even if she were more clever, one Wurmple could only do so much. The silkworm pokémon wiggled in exasperation and inched off toward Galactic HQ; she would need some help.​
Yua Yamamoto

Day 0 -> Day 1
Location: Floaro Gardens -> Galaxy Hall entrance, Jubilife Village, Hisui
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20

Interactions: Kawa Ko (Hecotoro), Myrtle the Wurmple (kyuukestu), Zisu

"Alright, we snuck our way into this tree, Tanta. Let's sit back and watch." The rambunctious sound of a girl whisper-talking came from within a tree in the Floaro Gardens. It was late at night, having left her home to do some research. She would have gone earlier, but her parents were making sure she was ready for the meeting for tomorrow morning. She didn't really care about going, but she was going to show up. She promised after all!

Her Oshawott sighed, not exactly liking this idea, but humoring her anyway. It wasn't like her new trainer had any idea how to understand her, so she was sadly forced to go along with this human's shenanigans. Thankfully, her sigh and the crossing of her stubby white arms had the girl realizing her Pokémon didn't seem very happy with this. She just waved her hand nonchalantly, her eyes glued on a grouping of Dustox. "Don't worry, Tanta. It won't go that bad."

Tanta grumbled, staring at the group of Dustox. With the way they danced in the moonlight, their green wings with red ovals fluttering so peacefully as the purple bugs communicated and flew about looking for food, it all just seemed so peaceful... So... So soothing...


A panicked chirp from an Oshawott awoke the girl, who woke up with a start and looked up to see...

"Oh, damn it." She groaned. The group of Dustox from before were now before them, with a group of Beautifly to boot. While she wanted to see how the two Pokémon were like together during dawn, she didn't want herself to be their spectacle. "Okay, Tanta. Let's get out of here."

The Oshawott agreed with more gusto than Yua ever heard her give before and the two hopped out of the tree, sliding down the trunk and launching off the bark as a cloud of spores fluttered over the spot they were just at. Yua groaned as her Oshawott ran beside her, absolutely troubled with her luck. There were even a group of Drifloon that stubbornly didn't go away, even as the sun was up. Her face fell. "Are you kidding me? They followed me here?"

She looked back to see a gust of cutting wind heading towards her. She dove out of the way, avoiding the winds just barely. She looked back to see her Oshawott having taken the hit instead. "Tanta!" She yelled, scrambling up to hold her Oshawott, but the Water-Type batted her arms away and yelled angrily at the Beautifly, holding out her scalchop in her anger. "Tanta, we have to get back. There's a meeting I promised I would be at."

The Oshawott shook her head, only to suddenly realize there were multiple Beautifly. Tanta growled, her scalchop becoming cloaked in dark energy. The Beautifly targeted the Oshawott with a flurry of cutting winds, so Yua dove right in the way, her arms out. She braced for impact, the wind cutting into her skin and cutting through her Galaxy Survey Corps uniform. Even bits of her hair were cut. She growled, her lip curling. "That's one botched haircut." She commented, her Oshawott yelling at her for being stupid. Yua pointed at the group of Drifloon. "Use your Night Slash there, Tanta. We have to get out of here."

The Oshawott sighed, shaking her head but seeing Yua's strategy was sound this time. She ran back, making the path available as she used her Night Slash to fight off the Drifloon, getting them to back up. Yua looked back to see the Beautifly about to flap their wings again, so she ran back, not wanting to get hit by the strong winds again. She scooped up Tanta in her arm as she ran through the group of Drifloon, the ghostly balloons having flew a bit out of the way to avoid the Oshawott. The Water-Type sighed in relief, only to squeak and point above Yua, who didn't listen to her.

"Don't worry, bud. We're almost to Aspiration Hill. Once we get there, we can- huh?" She felt strings holding her arms and she suddenly felt herself float off the ground. "WHAT!" She looked up to see three Drifloon, their normally blank faces filled with a sadistic glee, lifting her up. "No no no no NO this CANNOT be happening!" Yua struggled, trying to get their strings unwound, but they were just cutting more into her arm. "Oowww, Tanta, Night Slash!" She cried, what would be fear surged as anger through her body, but it caused her eyes to tear up. Ugh, this was embarrassing.

Tanta leapt from Yua's hold, slashing the three Drifloon. They let go, only for Yua to look down upon grabbing her Oshawott and realizing they were already above a tree. Yelping, she held onto her Pokémon as they fell into the tree's branches, the bark scraping up her uniform and her skin. She landed with her back on the grassy floor below, groaning as she rolled over, gritting her teeth from the pain.

"Damn it..." She grunted, getting up with her Oshawott in her arms. Her Oshawott wasn't barely damaged, but she was. And that set the Water-Type into a rage. The starter jumped out of her arms, pointing her stubby little hand at her and squeaking before running off. "Wait, Tanta!" Yua ran after her Oshawott, with the Water-Type leading her away from the Obsidian Fieldlands and back to the entrance of Galaxy Hall.

Yua, uniform and hair cut, skin bruising and bleeding from scrapes and cuts, was earlier than she thought she'd be. There was a boy with a mask over his face and an Eevee next to him, and some Wurmple heading their way. But in front of her was the one person she didn't want to see. "Oh no..." She sighed.

"YUA!" Zisu yelled, concern all over her face but Yua only saw disappointment. "What were you doing out in the Obsidian Fieldlands? You shouldn't have been out there! No one informed me you left."

"Well, no, I left last night-"

The stern glare from Zisu - arms crossing - had Yua shrinking back. "No excuses. You could have gotten yourself killed, and you were supposed to be resting for this meeting. Twenty-five pushups. Now."

Yua groaned, holding out her arms to show the battle wounds she received. "Come on, I just got attacked by a bunch of Beauti-... Er, I nearly got taken away by a bunch of Drifloo-..." She didn't finish the rest of her comments. Getting attacked by something as cute as these two Pokémon must be shameful, to which Zisu shook her head. There was no sympathy it seemed. She'll just have to see a medic after. Yua looked at her Oshawott, who crossed her arms and looked away, miffed at her trainer.

Yua didn't need Zisu to tell her twice, Yua got on the ground and began doing pushups, her muscles stinging from the dust being kicked up from the ground and clinging to her wounds, as well as the exhaustion from having been attacked and the aftereffects of adrenaline making her far more sore than normal. She looked up at the guy with the Eevee, glaring at him to make sure he wouldn't try to make her situation worse by laughing at her. Her head went back to the ground before spying the Wurmple at the corner of her eye. She looked over and paused in her pushups, confused. "What are you doing here, little guy?"

Zisu snapped her fingers. "Pushups." Yua groaned and went back to it, getting to ten easily.
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Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Jublilife Village - Day 0 -> 1

It had been a whole night since Etsuko had joined the ranks of team Galaxy, and even got a pokemon of her own out of all things. She was a bit disappointed that she wasn't assigned to work in the medical ranks like Pestelle, her older sister, but commands were commands right? But she got to technically work as a part of the Medical corp... just being out in the field helping Survey corps and Security corps in case of a severe emergency that needed immediate attention.

Something she didn't really expect at all was to be gifted a pokemon. A Happiny to be specific. She turned out to be.. quite a bundle of energy, pretending to care for the oval shaped rock she was carrying in her pouch. It was quite cute to see and she seemed very interested in the medical equipment and more than eager to examine them. Etsuko didn't let her though, but it took some time to figure out how to return Chamomile back into her pokeball, and in the meantime had to try and down talk the pink blob not to take anything in case it would break.

It was the next day and Etsuko made her way out of the Joy residence, carrying Chamomille the happiny as she had managed to figure out how to exit her own pokeball. So much for an item that can contain pokemon. She seemed content being carried through, so Etsuko couldn't really complain. She had put on the Survey corp uniform along with the Medical team badge and the headscarf with it. She was really doing this, huh..

The young pink haired girl was quickly brought back into the then and there as Zisu yelled for them to come. Etsuko picked up her pace to a jog. Then she heard Zisu yell a name she recognized and one that was usually yelled in the village quite often. Yua, who was another girl from Jubilife that had joined the Survey corps recently as well, but looks like she was eager to start exploring on her own already - Coming into view was Zisu, an injured Yua, her pokemon and a.. Wurmple? She couldn't stop and think for too long as Chamomile suddenly started to squirm in her arms, trying to get herself loose from her trainer's grasp.

"Happpiii!" the pink pokemon exclaimed and Etsuko didn't have another choice but to put her on the ground, and the Happiny immediately bolted towards Zisu and Yua, "Pi pi pi pii~" could be heard with each step as if Chamomile squeaked as she ran over with the pink haired girl running after with her hair flailing behind her, "No wait-"

The Happiny went up to Yua, making sounds of comforting 'Pi's, or tried to at least. Millie dug around in her pouch to try and see if she had anything she could help the poor girl with, but her hands came out empty. She looked back to see her trainer come up to the group that was forming in front of the Galaxy hall and waddled over and tugged at Etsuko's pants and pointed at Yua, "Pi! Pi!"

The pink haired new recruit gasped, now seeing all the cuts and bruises on the other girl and her brows immediately bent with worry, "Yua, what happened to you? Did you go outside the village again?"
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Galaxy Corps Team Platinum Day 1:

Kawa just looked on at the show being displayed before him and his Eevee. Although Ka had no reaction to the situation, Kague the Eevee giggled on as the girl called Yua was made to do push-ups and the Happiny that arrived helplessly tried to help her with nothing, it was silly. Ka on the other hand was trying to figure out what to do. His father had always told him that being part of a team meant working together and taking punishments together, singling one person out was the first step to the team falling apart. "Tsk".

Ka looked back at Yua, regretting his position, but going through with it anyways. He got on the floor and started doing push-ups, "One, Two, Three..." He said loudly, trying to give the same message to the other who would be arriving as well.

Zisu gave the young ninja a confused look for a second, but quickly turned into a smile, nodding in approval before focusing her attention on the others. "Who's Wurmple is this?" She called out, looking around for the owner.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

Kei ran around Jubilife Village, or rather jogged backwards as she was followed by a Hippopotas who looked like she would rather be anywhere else. "Come on Mochi, this is only our 20th lap! After this, we can go to the Galaxy Corps headquarters!" The girl said, getting met by a yawn from the Hippo Pokémon who decided that the middle of the road would do just fine for a nap. Letting out a sigh, Kei placed a hand on her hip. "Oh come on, lazybones! Off the ground!"

Mochi did not listen, letting out a deep breath much to the chagrin of her trainer. Kei hated wasting time, and Mochi never did anything in a hurry. How did she end up with this lazy sack of bones? Still, Kei was not stupid, contrary to popular belief. Pulling out a half-eaten rice ball, she whistled to her Hippopotas who immediately reared her big head the moment she smelled food. "If you make it to the HQ, I'll give you fo~od!" She cooed, having more success this way.

Mochi got up from the ground and waddled as fast as her little legs could carry her towards Kei, who was happy to continue her way towards her destination. To keep the glutton paying attention, she threw small chunks of rice on the floor for Mochi to follow. After the unscheduled stop, Kei arrived at the Galaxy Corps Headquarters and saw two people doing push-ups. Eager to keep her training going, especially after seeing a Pearl Clan member was one of them. Throwing the remaining riceball towards Mochi, who eagerly caught it before napping in the sun, Kei got down and began doing push-ups. "One! Two! Three!"


Previously Gamingfan2
Benkyo Taipu - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

Benkyo yawned as he made his way through Jubilife's streets. He knew staying all night to study his new starter, Hi, was probably a bad idea, but despite the Cyndaquil's low-energy he still conducted a "few" tests to see how it would react. Good news, his home didn't burn down. Bad news, there was hardly a big breakthrough. Other than small things such as Hi, despite his indifference to much, seemed against staying in a pokeball. His struggling to get out of his own was the only time Benkyo saw him try at anything so far.
Which is why he was now in a cloth bag, slung over Benkyo's shoulder, so stock still one could reasonably assume Hi was just a plushie.
Benkyo made it to the HQ, as well as the sight of a few members doing push-ups, with one loudly announcing it, as if proving a point. What it was, Benkyo hardly considered as he straightened up in an attempt to look awake, dropping Hi's bag in the process. The fire starter landed with a squeak, but was otherwise unbothered, even looking content to remain lying on his new cloth blanket.
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Phoenix Joy - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

Encounters - Yua and Etsuko

Phoenix was not the most punctual person as he made it into the village proper. He also was not the most accepting of the uniform that they had given him to wear. He would much rather wear the tunic that he made from the silk of a silcoon. It was much softer and a lot less scratchy on the skin. Looking to his shoulder, Phoenix spotted his new friend, Kit the eevee. She was the one thing about this job that he liked. He was given a way for him to keep his best friend with him. "So, Kit you ready to see the others for the first time?" Kit responded with an excited cry of her own. It seemed that she wanted to explore as well. "Well let's get to the galaxy center to meet up with the head boss lady then."

When Phoenix made it to everyone else, it seemed that he missed what was going on, as there were three people doing pushups, and one was injured. With a small humph, Phoenix pulled out some of the salve he had made as well as some sticky leaves as approached another person with a healer's badge. "Well, it looks like I will not be the only one trained to heal this lot. Phoenix Joy by the way. Here let me. I have some training healing people as well as pokemon." Turning to Yua, Phoenix spoke in a soft yet kind voice. "Here let me help you with those cuts. Though some of the deeper ones might scar." With that, Phoenix started to apply the salves to the cuts even as Yua did her required pushups. "Now this might sting a little as it is applied, but it works." Phoenix then started to place the self-sticking leaves on some of the deeper cuts. "Now leave those on you for at least until sundown as they need time to heal. They should stop the bleeding and not let infection set in."
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ

Mochi raised her head as she heard a bag drop. Food? Getting up from the ground, she waddled over towards the bag with the Cyndaquil and sniffed it. The contents were warm, so it was probably fresh. Opening her large mouth to take a bite, Mochi heard her trainer call out her name.

"Mochi! Bad!" Kei shouted, not wanting to have Mochi take a bite out of a Pokémon. Contuining her push-ups with one arm, she used her free hand to recall her Hippopotas. "Sorry for that, she has an endless appetite." Kei apologized to Benkyo, who she saw drop the bag before continuing her push-ups with two arms.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

Human language was an ugly thing, it was loud and inconsistent, filled with unseemly rasps, clicks, and other noises that were simply far inferior to her simple, elegant, worm warbles. Myrtle had been long disatisfied with hume-speak but humans usually didn't talk to her long enough for her to teach them how to speak properly.
Last night, she had tried to teach her human the superior tongue, but it seemed he was, to put it nicely, a bit slow and if she wasn't mincing words, he was quite dumb and had some sort of crippling speech impediment. They had gotten to the point of him making warbles, but they'd been so mishapped and disformed that Myrtle could only describe them as disgusting.
Myrtle didn’t have much hope for these other humans, even if there were clever enough to pick up worm warbling and weren't burdened with the same speech impediments as her human, she didn’t really have the time to teach them. Perhaps she would enlighten them another day, but for now she needed some simpler means to communicate.
Ever clever and ever resourceful, Myrtle had come prepared. As soon as she’d caught their attention, she began to wriggle, performing an interpretive dance she was sure even their feeble minds could comprehend.
Galaxy Corps Team Platinum Day 1:

Kawa finished up his push-ups, trying not to notice the girl who was doing them with one hand like it was nothing and trying to focus on his own. His Eevee however, her jaw was dropped as she was amazed by the strength of the human girl. What caught the ninja's attention though was the Wurmple. Now, Ka wasn't a professional when it came to reading Pokemon, but none of them would go around wondering unless they were completely lost or belonged to someone. People still feared Pokemon and seeing one on it's on may scare people into attacking it. Attacking the bug Pokemon was probably a bad idea also, since it might send the wrong message to his Eevee and his new teammates, therefore, Kawa walked over to the small bug and picked her up.

Not wanting to make people think he cared, he held the bug away from him, stretching out his arms, as if holding a baby who had just soiled itself. What caught the Pearl Clan member's attention, was that the Wurmple seemed to be trying to guide the human somewhere.

"You should listen to that Wurmple." Zisu said as her eyes set on Kawa, "Might be trying to get back home."

Kawa nodded, understanding his mission and off he went, carrying the Wurmple under his arm like a package that needed to be delivered. With the help of Kague and the wiggles of the wiggle lord Myrtle, they made it to what was a sad scene.

"Is this normal for you?" Kawa's first words escaped his mouth when he saw a boy wrapped in bundles of clothes and paddings.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

“Is this normal for you?’

Shiroi stopped squirming when he heard the voice of a new arrival, he was a bit stuck at the moment, and that meant his gaze was fixed on the man’s upper body. It only took a moment for Shiroi to discern this was a rando citizen Myrtle had led here.

“Normal? Of course, it is! I’m a member of the esteemed Survey Corp and this is my prototype MK I armor, soon it’ll be standard issue among all Survey Corp members! Listen kid, I don’t wanna brag, but meeting me was your good fortune! Once I’m famous you can brag to your friend that you knew the Survey Corp’s number one explorer before he got big! So...errr, why don’t you help me down first?”​


Previously Gamingfan2
Benkyo Taipu - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

Hi was comfortably nuzzling into his cloth paradise, before the feeling of a pokemon's breath brought him out of it. From one squinting eye, Hi stared the void as it attempted to enclose over the fire mouse. Yet Hi made no motion save for a slight huff, as if accepting his fate.
Luckily, both Kei and Benkyo noticed, with the former calling the void-which was in fact a Hippopotas-away, and Benkyo dragging the cloth, and Hi by extension, outside Mochi's would-be bite radius. Hi looked at his Trainer, almost as if offended at the jostling.
"Yeesh, but getting eaten didn't spark anything?" he asked his pokemon. A pointless question, as Hi couldn't, or rather wouldn't, respond. Hi simply went back to relaxing, causing Benkyo to sigh.
Oh well, he was still grateful that Mochi's Trainer kept Hi from being a meal. Might as well try at conversation.
"It's quite all right, at least she has some life in her." Benkyo replied, before noticing Kei was still doing push-ups, rather cheerily at that.
"So...what did you do?" he asked, aware of Zisu's disciplinary methods.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ

"Don't let her fool you, she only gets active when food is involved. I had to lure her here with a riceball, or else Mochi would still be asleep in the middle of the road. I'm trying to stop her from biting into everything she sees, but I have yet to make any progress." Kei said, looking at Benkyo.

"The name's Kei Fudo, Diamond Clan. And you are....Benkyo, no?" She asked, keeping up the pace. After all, she could combine training and keep up social contacts at once, so why wouldn't she? Time was precious, after all.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Galaxy Hall entrance, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Zisu, Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Etsuko Joy and Chamomile the Happiny (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Benkyo Taipu (Gamingfan), Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT)
Mentions: Myrtle the Wurmple (kyuukestu), Kawa Ko (Hecotoro)

As Yua was getting to her fifteenth push-up, a Happiny had screamed and there was now a pink blob in her face. As she was doing push-ups, she watched with some confused interest as the Happiny tried searching for something beside her wrapped up... Egg? Rock? It was wrapped in bandages, so she couldn't tell. When the owner - a pink-haired girl Yua remembered all too well - came up and asked her, Yua let out a chuckle.

"Yeaah... Something like that." She looked back to the ground, continuing to her twentieth push-up. Oh god, her arms were so sore.

She looked over back at Kawa to see if there were anymore giggles coming out of that Eevee of his and - to her surprise - he joined her in doing push-ups. She hadn't even noticed his loud numbers as she was too focused on the Happiny for now. What was he trying to do? Suffer with her? She just rolled her eyes, too busy trying to power through to that twenty-fifth push-up, arms straining.

Then, a rather buff girl came over with a... Big brown thing on four legs and began doing push-ups right next to her. Now three people were doing push-ups! Why??? The fact that a Diamond clan member and a Pearl clan member were doing the same activity at the same time had her smirking. Oh wait... They were going to be put on the same team???

Oh lord...

Somebody else from the Diamond clan then arrived, his bag dropping and something squeaking. Having reached her twenty-fifth push-up, she sighed and sat there, holding her biceps as they ached. She watched as the Hippopotas waddled over and tried to eat whatever was in the bag, only for the one still doing push-ups to return it and the other to pull the bag away.

Someone else arrived during the Hippopotas's little adventure to eat the mysterious squeaky toy, and it was another pink-haired individual. Though, he looked a lot manlier. Weren't all Joys female? Or was that just a misconception?

The pink-haired guy came up with his Eevee, and Yua gave him a glare as he went to patch up her wounds. Considering Zisu was right there, she didn't want to cause anymore of a scene than she already had, so she let it happen, huffing out an agitated sigh. Even as Phoenix said something would sting, Yua didn't really flinch much at all. She looked back at the guy, shrugging. "Thanks, I guess... Though, next time, you'll have to catch me if you want to heal me. I'm only letting you off the hook because-..." She trailed off as she looked at Zisu, who seemingly tasked Kawa with finding whoever this dancing Wurmple's owner was - or its home - and walked away with the Wurmple in tow. How he held the Wurmple like some stinky baby was kind of funny.

She looked up as the two Diamond clan members talked, the two introducing each other. At least she knew who these two were. Yua sighed, taking Benkyo's unanswered question and raising a hand a bit ashamedly. "Nah, it was me. She just came here to join me in push-ups. I wasn't supposed to be out in the Floaro Gardens by myself last night and I left without telling anyone, so when I came back here just now, Zisu told me to do twenty-five push-ups."

"And you better not do that again." Zisu's stern tone came, and Yua just clicked her tongue and looked away, fed up with this treatment. She stood up, looking back to see her Oshawott grinning at her, as if the punishment of being healed and doing push-ups were enough.

"Yeah, yeah, don't look so smug, Tanta." Yua rolled her eyes and looked away. "Nice to see you again, Etsuko." She then looked at the three still around them. "My name's Yua, by the way. And that's my partner, Tanta." She gestured her head over to her Oshawott, who puffed out her chest proudly and chirped. "You've probably heard my name being yelled up and down this village though." She chuckled, scratching the back of her head.

She looked back to where Kawa had walked off to, but found it a bit difficult to see what he was doing as it was a bit far. She wanted to know if the guy found that sweet little Wurmple's home or not. Plus, considering there were two Diamond clan members with them, it made her wonder if Kawa would feel even more alone. It was to return the favor for doing push-ups with her and not trying to single her out, even if she did find it a little weird. Totally not for any other reason.

Still, she didn't leave anywhere, looking at Phoenix. "I don't think I recognize you. What's your name?"

Phoenix Joy -​

@Merciless Medic
"Noted though if I have to, I will find ways to find ways to keep you alive. Zisu would not have brought me into this if I was a pushover on people's safety." Phoenix liked the girl's spirit as her tone suggested that he would have a good bit of fun trying to keep her alive. Kit gave the girl a smile and joyous cry of hello. "You, said you know most of the people here, well I am not really from here. My name is Phoenix Joy, and I am glad to see that you would allow me to start with my healing of others right off the bat. I am sure we will joy the chase as much as you will enjoy the run, right Kit?" Phoenix turned towards his partner, and she gave an excited cry in way that would indicate that she was ready for the new challenge.

Standing up, Phoenix walked to Zisu and held out his hand. "It is good to meet you again Madam. It has been a couple of years since our last meeting." Zisu had a rare smile for Phoenix as she shook Phoenix's hand with a firm handshake. "It is good to see you again. I also see you have met one of our most reckless members. I hope that you can keep her in good health along with the rest of the team. It is also nice to see you actually in uniform for once." Phoenix nodded his head and walked back to the rest of the group to wait for the last of their ranks. Phoenix pulled Kit off of his shoulder and held her close to his chest. He hoped it would not be a long wait as he wanted to get out the blasted uniform and into the clothes that he had stashed into his bag, and as soon as he spotted a bush or something that could hide him, he would be in them faster them a mightyena goes after a bone.
Galaxy Corps Team Platinum Day 1:

Kawa didn't make any expression, but his Eevee did by rolling her eyes and sighing loudly. The Pearl Clan ninja wasn't about to do push-ups again though and without a warning, he walked towards Shiroi and picked him up over his shoulders, feeling the weight made Ka flinch a bit, but he bit his lip to tough it out. The young man walked out of the apartment, making sure Eevee brought the Wurmple along as they slowly made their way back to the gathering point.

If it weren't have been for Zisu's loud laughter, nobody would have noticed the two arrive. Ka dropped Shiroi on his back and rolled him over on his belly so he could get up. Eevee snickered while puffing her chest out proudly. "Don't be late again." Kawa said as he sat on the ground to catch his breath.

"Well good job fetching your missing teammate!" Zisu placed her hands on her hips and looked down at Shiroi, "What are you supposed to be? A Cascoon?"


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Benkyo Taipu - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

"Hmmm..." was Benkyo's input to Yua's reveal. Seemed like they had a troublemaker in the group.
Now that he looked at Kei closer, he recognized her. The Diamond Clan clothes made it obvious he had seen her somewhere, but the energy she exuded cleared up the specifics. He never tried to talk to her, but he knew her as the clan musclehead that tends to cause a ruckus, help people, and cause a ruckus while helping people.
Wary of the strength difference, however, Benkyo's sass stayed on the inside.
"Yep, that's me. Hello, Kei." he greeted with a tired, ever so slightly forced, grin. "I suppose it's good we're in the same team. Actually, what are you doing here? I didn't take you as the studious type."
Well, most of the sass. He should've slept more.
"Erm, no offense." Benkyo added sheepishly.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ - Day 1

"What, a girl can't explore her boundaries and discover new things? I thought you were so big on the learning?" Kei asked, almost done with her set of push-ups. After reaching 50 push-ups, she jumped up to her full height and looked down onto Benkyo.

"I am here to explore the wonderful region of Hisui, grow as a person, help people where I can and learn more about the Pokémon and the weather. You remember the Hippowdon creating sandstorms, no? I want to know what other weather Pokémon can create and how we can use them for our benefit. Imagine how much food we'd have if we could control the rain!" Kei exclaimed, her energy not having dwindled a bit. In fact, she was so preoccupied with Benkyo, she didn't even see the newcomer to the group.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Jublilife Village - Day 1

Etsuko looked up to see a boy, looking to be a bit older than her, introduce himself as Phoenix Joy. She wasn't aware that any other Joy's were in Hisui, but this was a pleasant surprise as her family tends to treat other Joy's as close family. She had no time to really say anything though. There was so much already happening around her. More people began to do push ups, the worm-pokemon was dancing- Wait where did her Happiny go?

Chamomile on the other hand was happy that Phoenix managed to patch up the reckless Yua and with her job done she had gone off on her own. Luckily, she hadn't had time to go too far away. The round pink pokemon had decided to check on the.. limp.. looking fire mouse pokemon. Noticing this, Etsuko darted over to pick up her Happiny, who was about to poke the Cyndaquil.

"Ack- Millie no!" the pink haired girl said and put her pink pokemon back on the ground beside her, "S-sorry. Um, Chamomile here is a bit eager here to help," she said tugging at her uniform sleeve as she looked at the ground apologetically. These two people looked to be from the Diamond clan, and she didn't want to cause any trouble to them. One of them did grab her attention though. The Diamond clan girl who just finished doing 50 pushups. Well, judging from her physique she seemed strong, but still. It was quite impressive.


Previously Gamingfan2
Benkyo Taipu - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

Benkyo shrinked back as Kei stood over him. She wasn't that much taller than him, but she was a hell of a lot stronger. Luckily she hardly seemed angry, just passionate.
"Ah...is that so? Rather noble, I suppose." Benkyo replied awkwardly. He averted his eyes, just in time to see another pokemon approach Hi. A Happiny attempted to go through what he assumed was a check-up, only their trainer to cut them short.
He waved off her apology. "It's all right. As far as I'm aware, Hi's perfectly healthy. He's just...unmotivated."
Hi's response was to roll over, choosing to relax belly-up now.
Welp. Another teammate, another introduction.
"I'm Benkyo." he said, though he wasn't sure if it was heard, given the Happiny's Trainer seemed focused on Kei.
Day 1 - Galaxy Corps HQ, Jubilife Village

The last day, Rick, like any other new Galaxy recruit, had been entrusted with a single pokémon to take care of. This would be their partner in their expeditions (and probably even outside of them), provided they were able to cooperate. In fact, Rick remembered them telling him that this would be his first assignment. The morning rises, and Rick already starts understanding why.

"Get in the ball!"

After waking up and looking at his desk, he found that the pokeball that contained the ponyta that was given to him the other day, was open. So now he had the hard task of catching a creature that could run faster than him. Sometimes she little filly would slow down to give this human a false hope of catching up... just speed up again as he got close. One could tell she was really enjoying this game. No one in the Galaxy Team even told Rick that pokeballs could fire a beam to recall the pokémon, either. So he kept throwing it at the filly, hoping for a lucky hit... It never came.

"I'm not playing! It's the first day meeting, and we're getting late!" He shouted at the ponyta, panting. The filly stared back at him with one eye and head raised high, before running off again. "Why you little..." Rick muttered. This time, rather than trying to give chase, Rick just hid behind a big rock. When the ponyta turned, she didn't see the human anymore. She walked back, looking all around as she got closer to the rock Rick was hiding. He was about to lunge at the filly... until he stopped to realize that trying to grab a horse on fire might not be the best idea. She just darted forward as soon as she spotted him. Rick sighed with exasperation. Fortunately for him, she went back to the village.

Rick continued to chase the ponyta, and eventualy he managed to corner her into a dead end. It seemed like Rick's presistence finaly payed off. "Aha! Game over! I win! Now get in the ball and lets get going, come one!" Rick told her, smirking. The ponyta turned her back, with one eye fixated on Rick, daring him to throw the ball. "Alright! You asked for it!" He said, before tossing the ball at the ponyta... who kicked the ball back to its sender. The hard capsule smacked into Rick's forehead, knocking him on his back. The ponyta let out a short, happy whinny while doing little hops. She then approached Rick, who was seemingly unconscious, and put a hoof on his chest. She started licking his face until he finaly perked up.

"You know what? I quit!" He said. The ponyta steped away, allowing Rick to get up. "I'll be going to the meeting point. Come on over if you feel like it." He told her, dusting off his uniform. The ponyta stared at the human as he walked away. She went thoughtful for a few moments, then grabbed the pokeball with her mouth and went after Rick.

As he ran towards the Headquarters, he noticed quite a few people were already gathered there. He wasn't sure how many recruits were supposed to be there, but he wouldn't be surprised if he was the last one arriving, given the troubled morning he just had. "I'm here! I'm here!" He shouted with a raised up arm. "Sorry I'm late, master. There were a few..." He appologized to Zisu, pausing to look at his ponyta coming in, before finishing his sentence "...mishaps."
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ - Day 1

Kei turned to Etsuko, smiling brightly at the girl. "A helpful Pokémon, isn't that just incredible? Wouldn't it be wonderful if all Pokémon were so helpful?" She asked, glaring at her Poké Ball with Mochi in it. "The name is Kei Fudo, Diamond Clan member. Nice to meet you." She said, extending a hand for Etsuko to shake.

Etsuko seemed very nice, though she didn't look like a clan member. Was she a civillian? Impressive, most people feared Pokémon. Then again, her Happiny was far from the most threatening Pokémon out there. It was in fact quite cute, and fit her quite nicely.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Jublilife Village - Day 1
Etsuko gave a small smile to both Kei and Benkyo, "Nice to meet you two," and gave them a small bow. She heard that there was some talk about having both Pearl and Diamond clan members join and help out the Survey Corps. After all they were more familiar with the land of Hisui.

The pink haired girl threw a glance down to Chamomile just to make sure she was still before carefully grabbing Kei's hand and shaking it as well, "Um, my name is Etsuko Joy. Here from Jubilife village," she introduced herself. Her Happiny greeted the two as well with a few happy 'Pi's and a wave with her small stubby arm.

"Are you here to help out the Survey Corps or?" Etsuko then asked figuring it would be better to try and hold a conversation than to let an awkward silence settle in.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ - Day 1

"Nice to meet you, Etsuko!" Kei said, giving a firm handshake and grinning at the gir. Looking at her Happiny, she waved back at the Pokémon. "You're a little cutie, aren't you?" She asked the Happiny before turning to Etsuko. "Sure are! From the Crimson Mirelands to your front door, Diamond Clan will help you score!" The Diamond Clan member grinned, pointing a thumb at herself.

"Are you also a member of the Survey Corps? It's always nice to see people bond with Pokémon. I see you have a Happiny, and she looks quite happy to be with you. You might have some natural talent when it comes to Pokémon!" The girl said, flashing another grin.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

‘What are you supposed to be? A Cascoon?’

“No, even better. Safe!” The smugness and self-satisfaction in Shiroi’s voice were evident, unphased by his position, flat on his back, and still very much stuck. He had been thrown on his back and couldn’t move his arms enough to get up but speaking of that kid.

“Good work kid, you can call me big brother in the future; I’ll look after you.”

Since he couldn’t really get up Shiroi craned his neck to look around. A couple of people were, foolishly, doing push-ups—didn’t they know they needed to save their energy for running away? He shook his head and moved on to—“SWEET MERCIFUL HISUI!” His expression changed violently as saw one girl, spotted with blood and who looked like she’d been punished by a thousand cuts.

“This...this is immoral, inhumane! How could you possibly do this...this...” His eyes widened, all confidence vanishing and replaced by newfound fear as he came to an epiphany, “this is a torture camp!”

With what mobility he had he grabbed onto Kawa's leg.

“Quick kid, pick me up! We’ve gotta run!”

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Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Galaxy Hall entrance, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Kawa Ko (Hecotoro), Shiroi Chisanakiyo (kyuukestu), Rick (Ridge)
Mentions: Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Benkyo Taipu (Gamingfan), Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Zisu

Yua raised an eyebrow at Phoenix's apparent promise to keep her safe and healthy and all she did was smirk wide. A challenge. Perfect. "Well, I definitely won't make it easy on you. A pleasure to meet you, Phoenix." She chuckled darkly, clearly ready to start showing off her acrobatic abilities. When Phoenix went to talk to Zisu, she looked over to see Kawa had just came back with a large blob of a human, and Benkyo, Kei, and Etsuko were embroiled in a conversation, with Etsuko trying to keep her Happiny from being too aggressively caring.

The new guy - who she realized was the Wurmple's trainer - had her very confused. Why wrapped up so much? How was that going to achieve anything?

Another newcomer came by, a Ponyta trailing behind. He seemed like he'd been having a rough time getting here. His clothes were a bit dirty. She gave Rick a little wave, then nonchalantly waved him off. "Don't worry, bud, I'm the one in the most trouble here." She said with some air of pride, as if she liked getting into trouble.

It was what the Wurmple's trainer said that had her blood boiling. This place? A torture camp? She scowled, stomping up to the downed trainer and gripping him by the front of his puffy shirt. "What do you mean a torture camp??? I left last night to watch some Pokemon and they did this to me because there were too many of them! If humans did this to me, I wouldn't be here! Do you think of me as a martyr?!" Well, she definitely didn't mind getting hurt.

Her Oshawott grumbled something behind her, but Yua thankfully ignored her. Then, Yua began poking at his padded armor. "And besides, this thing makes you look like a ball to push around. You can't run away quickly in this, or even dive out of the way. The Pokemon will rend this to shreds and you'll be unable to get away. How is this going to help? You're better off not having it." She let go of him, straightening up and sighing, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Ugh, people..." She then turned to the masked boy, who had yet to introduce himself at all. So, she leaned into his space, looking between Kawa and Shiroi when talking to both, but mostly just talking to Kawa.

"And what's both of your names? I ain't leaving your bubbles until I at least get a name I can call you."
Kawa looked down at the human ball that had gripped his foot, but he just casually shook it off and offered his hand to help him up. What he wasn't expecting was that Yua would jump in to the conversation. Ka kept his mouth shut, but his Eevee let out a hearty laugh as they both listened to the scolding Shiroi got. However, he was pulled into the conversation, Yua asking for his name.

Presenting himself properly to his team was a good idea. He needed to be heard clearly, so he reached for his mask to pull it down when suddenly,

"Hey you with the Ponyta chasing after you, yeah you, push ups, 30. Everyone listen up!" Zisu called out, standing strong and firm with her hands on her hips.

Kawa turned his attention to their instructor, ignoring completely Yua and Shiroi.

"Welcome to your first day on the corps. I expect everyone has brought their kit with them. As you might know, we're to help the professor study the Pokemon that live in Hisui. Going outside the village is dangerous, but with a Pokemon by your side, you should be just fine. Your partners and team are key to surviving and growing out there. You might have noticed we have some members from the local clans helping us, they have a bit more experience, but that doesn't make them professionals, so protect each other like if your were siblings."

Kawa shot a quick glance at the Diamond Clan members, while his Eevee stuck her tongue out at them.

"If we humans can work together, then maybe we can also work alongside Pokemon." Zisu revealed a big wooden crate behind her. "In here is what we call a Pokemon Encyclopedia, the professor calls it a Pokedex, silly name if you ask me. Anyways, in these books you will record all the information possible about the Pokemon you encounter in the wild. Remember, avoid conflict with the creatures as much as possible. We have a camp set up outside the village, if needed you can rest there and get an escort back here. If there aren't anymore questions, I expect to see you all back here in 24 hours, since some Pokemon only appear at night, so we do need you to scout some out. Understood?"


Previously Gamingfan2
Benkyo Taipu - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Day 1

Not much of a conversationalist, Benkyo let Kei do most of the talking, only nodding with a hum towards Etsuko's question, and rolling his eyes at Kei's slogan. Almighty Sinnoh, he hoped that wouldn't catch on.
Zisu finally decided to get things started, so Benkyo turned from the conversation, pretending he didn't catch a glance of an eevee sticking their tongue out for some reason. Instead, he put his focus on Zisu and the Pokemon Encyclopedias. The sight excited him, a reminder that he was well and truly on his way to knowledge. He nodded again, showing his understanding and readiness.
Hi sighed, aware his days of relaxation were soon coming to an end.
Rick [HP: 20/20]
Day 1 - Galaxy Corps HQ, Jubilife Village

One of the recruits waved at Rick as he arrived, telling him how she was having an even worse day. Rick glanced at her from top to bottom. Indeed, this girl was worse for wear. "Oof... yeah, I can see that..." He commented. Until his attention was diverted by Zisu, who ordered him to do push-ups.

"Oh, come on!" He whined. But if he knew better, he probably wouldn't be complaining about being asked to do only 30.

"Fine! Let's make it 40, shall we?" Zisu chastised.

Sighing and rolling his eyes, Rick just droped on all fours and started with his punishment. Rather end it soon. The ponyta decided he was doing them too well, so she added a few extra pounds by putting two hooves on his back. "Don't make this harder than it already is, please." Rick told her.

While he was at it, Zisu started to explain what members of the Survey Corp were tasked to do, as well as revealing a crate with a bunch of small books for each recruit to take with them. When he was done with the push-ups, Rick went to pick one of the 'Pokedex', as they called it. He turned it sideways and leafed through all the empty pages, before closing it and puting it away on the satchel. "Welp... guess we're started. But first, I gotta get rid of these... robes." He muttered, walking back to his house, with the ponyta in tow.

After spending a few minutes changing outfit, Rick walked towards the village's gates. The ponyta was lying outside, under a tree. Rick glanced at her for a few moments, before approaching her. At least this time she didn't seem interested in running away. He sit beside her, leaning back on the tree's trunk, and sighed. "We didn't have the best start, did we?" He speaked. The filly sighed. "You don't have to go on that ball anymore. But promise you don't stray too far away." He asked. Hearing that, the ponyta got up on her feet, giving a faint smile, which Rick returned in the same way. "You might not think much of humans. But there's something in your eyes... that tells me we can still be good friends in the end."
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Jublilife Village - Day 1
Etsuko was a bit taken aback by Kei's firm handshake, but kept up her smile. Looked like Kei was the one doing most of the talking with Benkyo nodding along. Chamomile puffed out herself proudly when the diamond clan girl complimented her.

"I just joined.. This is my first assignment as a Survey Corp. Or, first mission besides accepting Chamomile here," Etsuko explained but then turned her attention to Zisu as she essentially started what they were gathered here for. The young Joy looked behind the captain of the Security Corps to try and get a peek at the crate behind her. This was really happening, huh.

Etsuko picked up her Happiny again to make sure she wouldn't run off again as she went to get her book and supplies, readying herself for the day. At least she had some supplies, but it was still quite nerve-racking to think that they were going to be outside a whole day.

Phoenix Joy - Team Platinum - Jublilife Village - Day 1​

@kyuukestu @Ridge @Hecotoro
Phoenix was glad to be out of the meeting it seemed to him to drag on as they waited for everyone to show up. He was also glad to not have to worry about the pushups that others had to have done. With that said, Phoenix walked calmly by the boy that Kawa had shook off of his foot and picked up the supplies and pokemon encyclopedia. To Phoenix the boy was very high strung and had too vivid of an imagination. What sealed the boy's fate in Phoenix's mind was when the boy thought the village was a torture camp, he would have loved to see the boy last one day out in the wild, where the real danger was stationed.

Since Phoenix did not have a home nearby, he walked quietly into Galaxy Hall, and found an empty room to change into his usual clothing. It seemed that he would rather deal with the looks of Zisu than wear the outfit any longer than he had to. Out of the depressing clothing and into his out of choice, a purple tunic and black leggings with midcalf boot in black leather, Phoenix walked out of Galaxy Hall and into the village proper.

It was a short trip to the outskirts of the village, and Phoenix was hoping he was not paired with someone who would interfere with his plans on getting new ingredients to make medicines that would help pokemon from many different things. Phoenix noticed the boy from before with the ponyta had also changed into something less uniform but did not approach the man as he waited for the others to come into the clearing.
Kei Fudo - Team Platinum - Jubilife Village - Galaxy Corps HQ - Day 1

Kei straightened her posture as Zisu spoke up, putting her hands behind her back as her feet and shoulders were in one line. Smiling to herself, she grabbed a Pokémon Encyclopedia and stored it away safely. She could already imagine it being filled to the brim with information.

Turning to Etsuko, she walked up alongside her. "Have you ever been outside the village before? If not, it might be good to stick together with a clan member. Although the Pearl Clan has some crooked ideas about Almighty Sinnoh, they are atleast capable enough to keep themselves alive." The Diamond Clan member said to the pink haired girl.

Galaxy Corps Team Platinum
Day 1

Shiroi bit back a reflexive response, the thousand-cuts girl seemed awfully prone to violence and Shiroi was a devout pacifist! It was clear to him that she was...how would one say, a special case; and his instincts told him that if he wanted to live a long and fruitful life, he should stay as far away from her as possible!

People like here were called crazy and who knew what catastrophes they would bring!

Luckily, he didn’t have to respond as their leader...? instructor...? Whatever, the woman who kept making everyone do push-ups had spoken up and they’d been. given task. It seemed that they were headed outside the village, so it was rather fortunate that he’d already prepared sturdy armor! As for the crazy girl’s earlier words—Bah, it was hardly worth considering!

Go near a pokémon that could rend iron in twain? What a joke! Why would he do something like that? He wasn’t suicidal!

The drill mistress had the right idea; avoid conflict as much as possible!

Since he had the prudence to prepare the night before, Shiroi simply waddled to the village gates. It appeared that the initiates were forming groups, a sound course of action. Groups were much safer than going it alone. That said, he’d have to choose his partner carefully, or more accurately, he needed to ensure he wasn’t chosen by the thousand-cuts girl at any cost!

Anyone in a party with her was courting death!
Yua Yamamoto

Day 1
Location: Galaxy Hall entrance, Jubilife Village
Pokémon: Tanta the Oshawott
Trainer HP: 17/20 (bandaged)

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Benkyo Taipu (Gamingfan), Kei Fudo (DarkHydraT), Phoenix Joy (EmoKitty21), Rick (Ridge), Shiroi Chisanakiyo (kyuukestu), Zisu

It seemed this Pearl member's Eevee just had the wonderful case of schadenfreude, Yua now not feeling as singled out if that Eevee would be doing that. However, what got her pissed was Zisu interrupting Kawa from introducing his damned name. The ball of a man didn't give her his name either, but she didn't really need it. He was absolutely delusional.

Yua just crossed her arms, unsure if this whole group thing would go as smoothly as she thought it would. Looking down at Tanta, the Oshawott was giving her a pointed glare. Why? What did she do wrong? She looked around, noticing how everyone was paying attention to what Zisu was saying. Yeah, yeah, she brought her starter kit, barely even touched it last night or this morning. She was ready to go back outside basically. So what was the Oshawott glaring at her for?

Looking around at the others yet again yielded no other answer. Zisu continued, talking about surviving and whatever, having everyone's backs, and then showing their blank Pokemon Encyclopedia leaflets. Apparently, Zisu wanted them all back in twenty-four hours. Mm, she wondered if they were going to not make it back in time. Benkyo seemed excited for this research day, Rick - after some grueling push-ups only made worse by his Ponyta - left to get changed and left to wait at the gate, Etsuko looked... Apprehensive? Was that the word? But she seemed to be sticking close to Kei as Kei wanted to stay with the nurse. Phoenix got his encyclopedia and left into the Galaxy Hall, only to come back out shortly after and go to the gate

She looked back down at her Oshawott, who stared at Kei and Etsuko intently, then looked back up at her trainer.

Did she want her Oshawott to join the two? Or did she want to start over with introducing herself to Kawa? The answer was made clear as Oshawott glanced at Kawa, with Yua sighing. "Fiine..." She grumbled, walking up to the box and getting two encyclopedias out, going back to Kawa and giving the second one to him. "Here. I haven't really given myself a good impression, huh? Well, you probably know my name - thanks to Zisu. So, what's your name? Otherwise, I'm calling you the 'Masked Mysterio'." She chuckled, smiling. Her Oshawott beamed with a proud smirk at her trainer, and then turned right up to the Eevee and waved, giving the Normal-Type her greetings with a raspy chirp.

Yua had noticed the pointed glare Kawa gave the two Diamond Clan members and the Eevee sticking her tongue out at the two when Zisu was giving them the debriefing. Yua knew the tensions between the clans were messy due to some religious schism made a long time ago, from what she could remember of one of the clan members drunkenly talking in the tavern when she sneaked inside. Then she decided to continue, chuckling. "Besides, I'm pretty sure I'd make the two Diamond clan members mad if I stick around them for too long. I tend to dilly-dally. But seeing you're the only Pearl clan member here, I don't want you to feel singled out because of those two. It's thanks for earlier." And she meant it, even though she gave Eevee an amused glance. "Even if your partner did find my suffering funny earlier." She wasn't unreasonable, and even smiled more.

Yeah, looking back at it now, it was pretty funny.
Tatsu - Galaxy Team HQ
Day 1

Tatsu finally arrived at the entrance to the Galaxy Team Headquarters with his Teddiursa when he heard just how late he was. Zisu was essentially telling everyone that it was time to get moving by the time he got there. "I'm sorry Zisu, I was lost."
Holding a round shield in his left hand, Tatsu fell to his knees exhausted while his Teddiursa, Avani, patted his back in an attempt to cheer up her blind trainer. As much as he appreciated the thought, Tatsu had a feeling that Zisu was not going to go easy on him just because of his lack of sight.
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Zisu shook her head and pointed in direction of the gates of the village. "20 push ups for being late and hurry to your group, can't have you falling behind!" She scolded Tatsu, but with a proud smile on her face to see him joining the Galaxy Corps.

Kawa took the Pokedex from Yua and gave her a suspicious look. Why was she being so nice? Was this the friendliness between comrades his father had told him about? If so, he might as well attempt to have fun also before the mission started, it was an important part of building trust between teammates.

"Masked Mysterio is my nickname." Nailed it, he had gained a new nickname, clear sign of friendship, he knew he had done the right thing when his Eevee burst into laughter. "This is Kague my partner Pokemon, nice to meet all of you. Do you know what sound Stunky make when they kiss?" Now he had to swoop in with a bit of comedy, "Ew, because they smell." Again, nailed it and the non stop laughing of his Eevee proved it." He needed to pause a bit to let his audience bask in his comedy skills before he continued on, "Jokes aside, my name is Kawa from the Pearl Clan. I was assigned here because our leader Iria believes the Diamon clan is trying to dig in their claws in this village." He stopped talking when he felt the glare from Zisu on him. "We have been assigned our mission, are you ready to go?" He asked Yua, without taking his eyes away from their instructor.
"Yes ma'am." With a sigh, Tatsu slung his shield onto his back and dropped to all fours and began his push-ups in silence. Avani on the other hand took it upon herself to count out loud for him, practically cheering.
"Ted! Di! Ur! Sa! Ted! Di! Ur! Sa! Ted! Di! Ur! Sa! Ted! Di! Ur! Sa! Ted! Di! Ur! SA!"
Hearing this, Tatsu knew he was finished and stood up. "I'll be heading out with the others then." With that done, Tatsu made his way to the village gates with Avani riding his shoulders and, for all intents and purposes, steering him in the right direction. Upon arrival, Tatsu could definitely hear the others and decided to make his presence known. "Hey, everyone!"
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Yuki, the Ralts Girl
Day 1, Galaxy Corps. HQ
20/20 HP

Yuki was new to the village, so at least she had that excuse. That and her understanding of the human world was... lacking. The day before, she was brought into the village and was given residence for as long as she worked for the Galaxy Corps. She was also given a red and tan wooden spherical object. They said it was for her sister. Well, their exact wording was "This is for your Pokemon." Pokemon meant Ralts and many other species, like Pachirisu and Crogunk. Tulip was a Ralts. Therefore, she was a Pokemon. Tulip was also her sister. Thus, they said that the Pokeball was for her sister. When she was given it, a knot formed in her stomach. No way was she going to put her sister into an object like that! It was wrong!

Yuki refocused. She wasn't too concerned about being punctual. She didn't really have a reason to, before. Humans were so caught up in their need to hurry. She couldn't understand it. Tulip walked beside her, the Ralts looking around, and trying to sense the emotions around her. Tulip got a general sense of distrust, so she teleported onto Yuki's shoulder for some comfort. Yuki noticed the sudden weight and tried to force a calmness to help her sister.

That was about when she finally made it to the Galaxy Corps. headquarters. She seemed unbothered by probably being the last one there. Someone was just standing back up. Did they trip? What were the things that everyone else seemed to be grabbing? Was it important? Did she need one? Did she need to introduce herself? She glanced around until she thought she saw some members of the settlement she was repeatably dropped off at. Di-o-mond Clan, was it? They were the closest human settlement for her mom to drop her off at, anyway. Hopefully, they didn't bring their hostile nature with them...
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Jublilife Village - Day 1
Etsuko looked up at Kei, a small smile curling up. The diamond clan girl seemed quite friendly and nice, so perhaps they could stick together for now. After all, there was safety in numbers. "I haven't really, no. This is my first time going outside of the village like this," the young Joy explained as she walked over to the gate of the village. Etsuko was aware of the different ideologies between the two clans of Hisui, of how the region came to be amongst other things and that it was a point of tension, but didn't know much more than that. At least Kei didn't seem to have too much animosity towards the Pearl clan.

The pink haired girl gave a nod, "Yes, that would be a smart idea. If you don't mind me sticking together with you of course," she said and then looked at her Happiny that she was carrying in her arms, who seemed to be content for now. Honestly Etsuko started to wonder if Chamomile was aware of what was happening or where they were going.

"I know a thing or two about herbal medicine and berries as well if we get the need to use them during this mission," Etsuko said and looked up at Kei. She said this just in case to let the Diamond Clan girl know that she had some use and in case she needed convincing to let her tag team together for the 24 hour outing in Obsidian Fieldlands.