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Private/Closed Legends Arceus: Diamond and Pearl

Rick [HP: 12/20]
Day 2 - Jubilife Village

"Ponyta Express! Transport of personnel, mailing, scouting, courier service, and you don't even have to pay for it!" Rick announced, as he stoped the wagon in front of Jubilife's school, with Iris neighing. "Though we could probably make some profit out of it, now that I'm thinking about..." He muttered, rubbing his chin. "Anyways! I was told to pick up the weird girl."

"Yuki? Too late, she already left." Said the security. Rick raised an eyebrow. "Already? Damn, I wish my classes ended this soon." He said, sighing, before heading to the gates. "Ponyta Express! Transport of personnel, yada yada... where's Yuki?" He asked the guards. "The weird girl? She came here asking for an escort team to the Fieldlands because of some Fletchling." They told him. Rick rubbed his eyes and sighed. "Ugh, another boycott to my work... well, at least now I have an excuse to go out of the village." He said.

The guard sighed, with a palm in his face. "We really need to start recruiting more people into the Security Corps if we need to send these mane escort teams." When the guard looked again, Rick was already past the gate. "Who said I was asking for an escort team? You'll only slow me down." Rick told them. The guard simply looked on, scratching his hat as the wagon went off.

Rick [HP: 13/20]
Day 3 - Pastures, Jubilife Village

The next day, Rick was back at the work in the pastures. Bo somehow survived that torturing chamber and was still alive, so Rick still had his help. Plus the help of the other girl Sapphire who, for whatever reason, was moved from Kawa's group to his. But he would gladly take another pair of hands. Especialy considering they still had no wood to finish the work, and they probably wouldn't get it until the next day since the resource gathering group wouldn't come back soon. Rick did brought some in while he was out, but choping trees via ponyta kicking wasn't as effective as he expected. At least it strengthened her legs, maybe. Still, it was enough to get the feeders done.

The rest of the day would be spent cleaning the stables. However, one stall in particular was proving to be difficult. And not for the reasons one would expect. "We told you already. You can't go in this stall." Said one of two guards in front of a larger gate.

"Wow! Boycotting our work for the third time, really?" Rick complained. The guard crossed his arms. "We have express orders to not let anyone into this stall. For safety reasons." He told him. Rick sighed. "Very well then... just out of curiosity, how long have you been standing in front of that gate?" He asked.

The guards rubbed their chins before turning at each other. "Err... I lost track honestly, how long has it been Para?" Asked one guard to his partner. "I don't know, Dox. For sure more than 24 hours." He answered. Rick's eyes widened. "Wow! You must need a break then. Since I'm already done with the stalls, I don't mind guarding that gate while you two go get a drink or something." Rick suggested, covering his mouth while smirking. The two guards gasped. "Really? We would very much appreciate it! But you know the drill! No one gets in!" They told him, before they darted off to beni's. Rick waved at them, grinning. "You can count on me..." He muttered.

Now with free pass, Rick turned and opened the gate. "Room Service!" He shouted as he opened it. Upon seeing what was inside, Rick quickly understood why no one was supposed to go in there and confirmed it was for safety reasons. A wild Tauros turned to him, and after pawing a couple times, charged at him. "Oh shit!" Rick gasped and immediately closed the gates, leaning his back on them. Unfortunately, he forgot to drop the drawbar. So the bull had no trouble butting the gates open. At least Rick wasn't the one getting rammed at, though now he was litteraly holding the bull by the horns. The Tauros started bucking and shaking his head, trying to dislodge its rider while Rick desperately tried to hold on.

In its blind rage, the Tauros charged back inside its stall and rammed at the wall, which gave Rick enough time to get out and close the gate properly while the creature was stunned. The two guards eventualy came in, visibly happy after their break. Rick in contrast was panting and sweating profusely after an episode that only lasted a couple of seconds. "Hey, thanks for guarding that gate for us! How did it go?" Asked one of them. Rick swallowed dry, wiping his brow. "You do not let anyone in there!" He exclaimed, before staggering out.

Rick [HP: 14/20]
Day 4 - Pastures, Jubilife Village

Compared to the previous days, things actualy went calm this time. They had wood to spare, and were finaly able to finish the fences. "Alright, girl. Lets test it out!" Rick said, closing Iris at the pasture. "I'll be back in a minute!" He told her, patting her head before walking off. The ponyta casualy hoped over the fence and trotted after him. Rick peered over his shoulder and stoped, then pointed back at the fences. Iris trotted back, hoped back to the pasture, and looked on to Rick as if nothing happened. "Lets... just assume the pokémon will want to be in those pastures." He muttered, scratching his hair.

Rick [HP: 15/20]
Day 5 - Galaxy Corps HQ, Jubilife Village

Next morning, Rick received a letter for a general meeting for the afternoon. He was already aware of the two Hisui clans being at the village, and ever since they arrived, things have been quite tense. Up to this day, he had been ignoring the event for the most part to focus on his assigned task. But now that said task was over, he started taking notice of the change in atmosphere, with the Galaxy Corps higher ups barely talking, and the Pearl and Diamond clan leaders arguing with each other constantly, though that one was supposedly a normal thing.

He arrived at the meeting point, where a crowd was already gathered and there was still more to come. Kawa was standing next to Zisu. Neither of them looked fine. Rick frowned at the way Kawa addressed to his teammates and Zisu before starting to walk away towards the gates, without even saying goodbye or any sort of explanation. Everything was fine until those clan committee arrived at Jubilife. What did those clan leaders do?
Day 2
Tatsu turned to the sound of Etsuko's voice and smiled. "Thank you. I'm sure Merlin can't wait to get cleaned up." Tatsu had already placed the bucket in the sink and under the faucet, turning on the water and waiting for it to fill up with warm water. Thankfully, said task did not take long as Tatsu made his way to the entrance with a bucket full of water, Avani carrying an assortment of grooming tools and Etsuko holding the door open for them. The group walked to the back of the building, reasoning it was better than doing on a dirt road, and got to work.
-Ten Minutes Later-
In the grass stood Merlin, thoroughly cleaned, dried and groomed. Tatsu tossed the water from the bucket into the grass opposite the Stantler. "Thanks for the help Etsuko."
When all was said and done, Tatsu made sure to return what he borrowed before getting food at Beni's place and turning in for the night.

Day 3
Tatsu had gone back to the Obsidian Fieldlands with Kawa. According to their leader, they would be studying Bidoof for the time being. Most likely because of yesterday's incident with the Ponyta, not that he could blame him. Kawa somehow came out of that mess worse than he or Sapphire. On the other hand, Tatsu unintentionally made a small group of Bidoof 'dance' with his ocarina. Overall, it was an uneventful yet mildly entertaining day.

Day 4
This time they had gone back to studying the Ponyta... Without incurring their wrath. Well, technically Kawa and Sapphire studied and took notes on the equines, Tatsu just had make sure there was plenty of food ready for the crew whenever they got hungry. He even collected some medicinal leeks, five of them.

Day 5
Tatsu made his way to the Galaxy Corps. Not sure what to expect, he walked inside and greeted everyone in the building. "Morning everyone, what's going on?"
Yua Yamamoto

Day 5
Location: Galaxy Hall, Jubilife Village
Trainer HP: 16/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

This time, Yua was far more prepared to hear Kawa close himself off to her. This was his clan he was talking about, and she didn't let her emotions get in the way of this this time. She sighed as he tried to let her down softly at first, but as Zisu asked for Kawa to explain the situation, he told them he basically didn't care about them anymore and walked off. At least he told her to take care.

Ignoring Rick and Tatsu's entrance for the time being, Yua ran up to Kawa, taking the mask off from around her neck. She then grabbed his shoulder with a firm grip, her other hand trying to be sneaky and slipping the mask into his lower back's bag, zipping it up carefully. She didn't want him to be without it as it did smell like her. "Good luck, Kawa. I'll miss you, and I hope we see each other again. Take care."

She then let go, and walked back to the group, her eyes - not sad, but determined - staring up at Zisu, then the others who were there.

Man, this really sucked.
Day 5
Itachi "Weasel" Nakamura
Galaxy Hall, Jubilife Village
HP: 20/20
Pokemon: TBD the Aipom

Itachi, otherwise known more commonly as "Weasel", idly strode into the Galaxy Team HQ building with his hands in his pockets and his eyes half lidded as he did, and looked around.

They had all gotten the call to come in for some important announcement. And or be told about something that happened.

Itachi had not been near anything major lately, having been assigned to mostly work on helping out with the seasonal tasks that came with this time of year, with several others watching him.

They tried to not make it obvious, but he noticed.

He shook his head a bit to clear it as he walked. For a split second, he thought about how he had been here for a year and a half now, give or take.

His mind briefly drifted back to stormy clouds, pouring rain, clapping thunder and striking lightning, before he forced himself to snap out of it, and looked towards the bag attached to his person, and thinking about the "poke ball" that sat inside, which held a monkey like pokemon called "Aipom".

Itachi had never seen or heard of the purple monkey until it sat in front of him, and was presented as his partner.

That was five days ago.

Itachi admittedly was still a little "hesitant" to be around the pokemon, given their species' relationship.

As a result, he had not brought it out of its pokeball as much as he probably could have. Besides, the village people might get freaked out at it's sudden appearance.

From what he had seen of the creature so far though, it sort of reminded him of what a human toddler might be like to have around.

If that toddler was purple, had an almost constant smile, giant ears, and a hand for a tail. Oh, and, you know, was literally a monkey.

Itachi just sighed and shook his head to clear it again as he found himself entering the room that Kawa, Yua, Zisu, and anyone else who may have been in the room were currently inside.

He paused, and instinctively took a small step backward, feeling like he may have already made a mistake by coming in at this moment in time, not daring to say anything yet either, given Kawa and Zisu being in the room, at least.
Zisu, Galaxy Corps Hall. Day 5

She watched as Kawa left the room after giving Yua a small nod and a hateful glare at Itachi. She had high hopes for that boy, for everyone actually. Watching them leave before even getting to see their potential was heartbreaking. But, she had to keep things moving, couldn't let the team's moral fall too far after having a very successful last four days.

"Okay everyone listen up!" Zisu's worried face was replaced by her usual determined expression. "Things have changed a bit, I know you've noticed the tension going on around the village. For the time being, we are no longer working with the Diamond or Pearl Clans. The reason cannot be discussed at the moment. For now, let's focus on our mission. There's a report lately of some bandits spotted around the village, we know there are three and they seem to have their own Pokemon. For now, I will require help from some of you keeping guard during the night."

Zisu was using an actual rumor to her advantage. Yes, there were bandits out in the wilds, but she and the commander knew that the clans would attempt to sneak in to try and steal the egg. It was the perfect excuse to keep the village guarded without causing panic or letting the truth be known.

"Two teams, one near the front gate and one near the back. The third team, will be kept as backup. After this, I will ask you all go and get some rest, maybe a nap or two, before the long guard tonight. I will be in my training grounds today, if anybody would like to do some training before tonight. I know it's not what we usually do, but until these bandits are dealt with, we can't risk sending more people out." She hid the fact that they feared one of the clans would attack any scout group in order to lower their numbers or take them hostage.

Zisu cleared her throat as she prepared to call out the teams. "Front Gate, Yua, Etsuko, Tatsu and Itachi. Back of the village, Rick, Shiroi and Fuijiki. On standby I need Yuki, Sapphire and Bo. The back of the village is the most unlikely to get any action, due to the mountain range and the ocean being an obstacle for anyone. So that's why I added the extra to the front gate. I will be on alert also, if anything happens, send a signal to let us know what you spotted and who it was." Zisu sighed a bit, "They might be wearing the symbols of the clans, but that's probably them trying to fool you. Do not let anyone, even if they look familiar, in after we close the village down. Any questions?"

"Oh! Before I forget, front gate, Yua, you're in charge. You have shown amazing improvement and I trust you can take care of things. Back gate, Rick, great determination and hard working. Standby, Sapphire, it's in your blood, so I trust leadership won't be an issue."

Kawa, Day 5

It was odd, but when Yua said that she would miss him, he almost replied with a "Me too." But he didn't he just nodded and walked away. As he made his way out of the village, he joined the other Pearl Clan members, those visible at least. He knew his father's eyes were directly on him. He hoped that he didn't notice Yua, otherwise there was going to be some scolding when they got home.

On the way back, Kawa was sent to scout the are like the other ninja in the group. Kague was more than thrilled to be scouting along him, keeping her ears and tail low how she was thought, hiding in the tall grass and let out a soft yip every now and then to announce she was okay and there was no danger. Kawa kept his distance from his father, which was easy since they were assigned opposite routes. It gave him time to interact with the Glameow, who only wanted to be fed and left alone to nap. Of course, Kawa would just go on without it, making the cat like Pokemon follow after him. By nightfall, Kawa sat down to eat a snack, reaching into his bag and noticing the mask there. That sneaky woman! He felt stupid for smiling for a second when he saw it.

"Why steal it and give it back?" Kawa asked nobody as he wrapped the mask around his hand.

After a quick bite and some water. He was at it again, the cold air hitting his face as the icy mountains were coming into view. They were to reach the edge of the mountain range by the end of the day and rest for the night. As he descended down the hill he was on, rejoining his group once more, who were setting up camp, Kawa noticed his father's gaze on the mask wrapped around his hand. "Anything I can help with?" He said.

Irida gave Kawa a wave, something she had done since they met back when she was a child learning the ways of the clan. "I have a new mission for you. We need you to go back."

Bo listened as Zisu began speaking of three teams. One on the front and one in the back and a back up team. Clearly they'd need Bo in the front with his clever sneakyness and prowess and cunning skills! Wait. Back up group?! Standby?! Bo stood there slack jawed. If his mouth was any more open, he could catch flies. This was the second time he had found himself on hold. Did he not contribute enough when they fought the luxray? Did the work he had done the past few days prove loyalty enough to be one the first two teams?

"Stand by, me? Okay..." Bo coughed out. he glanced around the room room a bit, then at Zisu, then at the people assigned to the first two teams.

Through sqinted eyes, he began looking for his own team and glanced over at Yuki. Then over towards Saphire. He unsquinted and gave a friendly wave.

"Hmph..." He cleared his throat. He scratched his head in confusion as he heard the hard work of the others mentioned and not his own...! Bo took a deep breath to keep composure. Bo had a few questions but reluctantly kept them to himself for now.

"So now what? We wait? Do nothing?" Bo asked, looking over at Saphire.
Yua Yamamoto

Day 5
Location: Galaxy Hall, Jubilife Village
Trainer HP: 16/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

With everything Zisu said, it only made Yua wonder more and more. With how aggressive those arguments were, she wondered if they were going to be against Pearl and Diamond, but Zisu said something about bandits. While Yua did hear about bandits, her eyes squinted in concentration and disbelief. It sounded like a cop out. To fake the real reason why they were told to stand guard.

Of course, it only made sense. Use those who know these people the most to stop them.

That is, if this whole bandit thing was just a story to hide the truth. She wouldn't even doubt it if the Diamond and Pearl clans have been trudging about their perimeters. She saw what she thought was Kawa's dad and another ninja vanish into the shadows. The one thing that tipped off Yua was something about how the bandits would use the clothes of those they knew from the two clans. No way.

While it would be really smart for the bandits to use a disguise like that to cause a distraction, it was also fairly risky. Everyone in Jubilife Village were still tense about the boil over of the two clans. Why would they choose the two clans who might end up getting attacked with less care and mercy? Thinking that the people of Jubilife will be merciful to those they were once friends and allies with?

No. It didn't make sense.

Everyone was given teams, and even Yua was made captain - well, of her own team. Still, the position only felt hollow after Kawa had it. But she wasn't going to try to live up to the grumpy man's expectations. She would be even better. Maybe be as great as her father.

Hearing that they could use Zisu if they ever needed it, as well as train, Yua put her hand on her satchel.

If she were to be against Kawa again, she'd have to have Eevee evolve into something, if he was capable of it, of course.

Hearing she was going to get Tatsu, she had an idea for him. Itachi had been here for a while, so she was going to use him to the best of her abilities. Etsuko was their medic. She had to be protected at all costs.

Hearing that Bo had a problem with being on standby, Yua chuckled. Especially when Sapphire was made leader. She wanted to boost everyone's morale at least a little bit, and that she was going to make her rounds to everyone, showing that she did value their expertise in something at least. While she may not be captains of Rick's or Sapphire's teams, that didn't mean her word was any less valuable. She walked over to Bo and patted him on the shoulder. "Hey, bug-man. It's not bad being on standby. You get to go past curfew and keep an eye on the internals of the village from anything suspicious. You got three sneaky Bug-Types to help you cover ground and a Wurmple to be stationed somewhere. It's not uncommon to hear Bug-Types either, so you can have them send signals. But it would also be helpful if you could be a sort of helper to make sure we got plenty of food and water." She then looked over at Sapphire and Yuki when she was there, giving them both smiles. "I'm sure you two will have unexpected talents for this sort of thing, as well. Yuki's got her odd bond with her psychic thing, and Sapphire's got her natural exploratory mind to discern any weird going's on in the village, as well as a very jumpy Buneary."

She then turned to Rick, Shiroi, and Fujiki, that same smile on her face. "I bet you three will make a surprisingly good team. Shiroi with his paranoia would actually serve us well here, and you can't be too prepared for a moment like this. Rick's Ponyta can start whinnying and either helping you three back into the village or alert the others with how noisy she is. Fujiki, assuming you got your bird under control, you guys can use him as eyes in the sky. If you got any other Pokemon, an additional set of ears and eyes would definitely be helpful, especially around the mountainous and hilly areas in that area, and especially so if they can hide with ease." Yua had no idea of Fujiki's Geodude, but she was hoping they had another Pokemon to aid in hiding and watching.

Yua then turned to her teammates, smiling at the three of them. "Alright. Tatsu, your ears will definitely come in handy, and so will that ocarina. If we can get it to sound more like wind blowing through a reed, or using it when the wind is blowing, it can be disguised and we can use it as a way to make communication without actually talking. Before we take over the watch, we can start by figuring out what sound means what. A tune that means "there is someone here", a tune that means "they got through", and a tune that means "all clear" that would be used periodically so that if we don't hear from you for a while, we know you are compromised. Though, pretty sure you might end up yelling anyway." She chuckled. "Your Pokemon can be noisy alarms if anything happens to you too, but I want you to be hidden. Your blind, not deaf, but I'd rather not have someone silently take you down by throwing something at you you might not be able to hear and especially not see. It would be better if you didn't stay in one place too, and I'm sure your Pokemon can help with relocating you so your sound doesn't come from the same place twice."

She looked over at Itachi and smiled. "While your past may be a point of contention in the village, we're going to be putting it to good use. Scout out the front gate's area before it's our time to protect the gate and determine which spots need defensive reworking or a guard stationed there. You can use your monkey friend as a sort of guard, too. We can help train your Pokemon to make sure they stay loyal for tonight. You got the brains of a thief, but most of all - for infiltration and finding weak points. We'll be needing that expertise as well as another set of good ears to determine if that branch breaking was a Pokemon or a human. You will also be hidden as we might put you in a strategic spot to guard a position that we didn't rework on purpose, so we can pigeonhole them."

She then looked over at Etsuko. "And you, my friend, are our medic. You'll be stationed with me at the front gate where we are visible. Technically, people go after the medics and leaders first, but that's what we want. For distraction or otherwise, we want to be the first things they see and want to handle first so Tatsu and Itachi can handle the ones trying to sneak past us. Don't worry, I got Dewott and Eevee. We should probably also train your Happiny, get her a bit stronger. She did well against Luxray with that strange move of hers." If it's that random move calling thing though, I hope luck doesn't get us killed. Not wanting to ruin the morale of her teammates, she opted not to say her thought aloud.

Feeling accomplished, she looked back at Zisu, a sort of competitive smile on her face. "I'm wanting to use the training grounds now for some training." As well as see if I can't help Zashi train her urges into something we can actually hone and use.

Bo looked over at Yua who gave a chuckle and a shoulder pat. He had his doubts on what she said but, he was feeling a little more optimistic than usual. He gave slight smile and cleared his throat.

"I guess your probably right. Did you hear that, Boa?" Bo said.

"Jask!" His ninjask, Boa chirped.

"Do you even know what a suspicious person looks like...?" Bo asked.


"..." Bo and Boa exchanged silent looks.

"... Jask!"

"I'm not sure if that's a yes or no but I'll take that as a yes, I guess" Bo commented.

"I'll need a brave little silk worm to stand guard at the west entran- Ow!" Bo paused.

"Don't bite me...! You can hide in a tree or on top of the gate. If you see anything bad, you can come back to town and give me a warning or signal Boa. Boa, can you help bring Squirmy to the western gate...?" Bo asked.

"Nin!" Boa chimed in. It crawled under Bo's hat. Squirmy wiggled around and let out a nervous cry as it pulled onto Bo's head not wanting to leave, but eventually gave in. Squirmy's little eyes lit up with pure joy as Boa began to fly. Squirmy kicked his little stubble legs around to confirm he was indeed off the ground. Letting out an excited little squeal as he looked at the patrollers. Boa was holding him, but he felt like he was flying. Eventually Boa flew out of the room with Squirmy making weird gurgling noises as he attempted to roar. Eventually someone opened the door leading outside so the two bugs could go to the western gate. For now, Toar was gonna stay with Bo for now. The shell of an insect watched as his brother left him. Toar didn't visually express it, but this was the first time it had been away from it's brother and did not like it.

Bo patted Toar on the back, slightly above the hole in his back to reassure the bug like Yua had done for him. For now Bo needed Toar with him. He wasn't sure what plans Saphire had, but Bo had some of his own plans too. If he was going to be on the first team next time, he'd need to take initiative and control the situation. Within his station at least. Zisu still chose to make Saphire the reserve leader and he'd need to remember that. Bo could only hope the eventual instructions wouldn't effect his own plans much. Not that he could protest even if they did. Bo looked back at Yua.

"I guess we have our missions then. Good luck then, and don't do anything I wouldn't do...!" Bo commented, putting on a brave face. Bo still doubted bandits would be able to get in, and if they did it most likely woulda came from the western wall. He doubted an attack from the south wall but wondered. He looked at Toar for a moment. The diamond and pearl clan had their growing tensions and now bandits threaten the borders and Kawa leaves. Bo didn't know much about the diamond or pearl clan. He wondered if there was something more to this mission, but had no reason to make connections that weren't there. It very well could just be a growing bandit problem. One of the pros of being on the standby team was he had time to stop and think of the big picture. Why were they really sending two teams out? What could be so bad that they'd need a backup team? Part of Bo hoped he was overthinking this and everything was gonna be fine, but a small part of him almost craved violence. If only so he could finally prove himself, but he couldn't be reckless about it again like last time. Frustration. For now he would need to focus on his task at hand which helped ease his mind.
After hearing everything that was said, Tatsu sighed. "And to think, I was just starting to get used to that guy's presence." Turning to Yua, he added. "Also, the ocarina isn't necessary, I can actually mimic multiple sounds with my own vocal cords."
Tatsu demonstrated his skill by imitating the howl of wind through the trees before transitioning to a more wolfish howl.
When he was done, Tatsu 'looked' at Yua hopefully. "Is that convincing enough? I can also do this." Tatsu whistled, imitating the chirping of crickets.
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Rick [HP: 15/20]
Day 5 - Galaxy Corps HQ, Jubilife Village

Rick listened to Zisu's instructions. He kept a frowned expression all the time as she talked about bandits near the village and how she wanted him and his teammates to keep watch at night for the next few days. Yet, not a single word about what was trully happening behind the scenes.

Rick crossed his arms and tilted his head. It all seemed too convenient that they stoped working with the clans in a moment of tension, and suddenly they're worried about some random thieves totaly unrelated. But he also didn't feel like arguing with the captain and feed the tension even more. Rick was also appointed as team leader of his small watching group. Not something he felt very confident with, but given his record, it did make sense. As Rick started walking away, he stared at Fujiki and Shiroi, who would be working with him.

"I want you guys to spend some time at the training grounds for now. Even if you think you don't need it. I'll do the same, but I rather wait 'till there's fewer people there." He told them, walking outside and mounting Iris. "In the meantime, I'll do a quick reconning of the area we'll be guarding. We'll meet at the southern gate by eight o'clock. Preferably a bit earlier to discuss some things. Bellies full. Not too much in case you need to run." He added, before riding off.
Kawa, Day 6.

"That's our target."

Kawa sat at the top of a hill, looking at the village in the distance with Kague sitting attentively next to him. The sun was already rising, breaking its first few sunrays through the land while those night Pokemon faded away and the morning ones went about their routine. The sound of Kawa biting an apple could be heard by the bug Pokemon hiding on a nearby tree, even getting some Starly to flinch, as if noticing the ninja for the first time.

Kawa's job was to infiltrate and steal some sort of egg, he wasn't informed on the complete details, but it was the most important mission assigned to him. Failure was not an option, his father even threatening to disown him if he returned without it. Whatever it was, Kawa was about to return home a hero or not return at all.

"Alright Kague, we must practice that biting move you made earlier." Kawa tossed a slice of apple towards his Eevee, the Pokemon catching it with little effort. "Glameow, if you're to remain with us, I expect you to work as hard."

The cat like Pokemon stretched her back and dug her claws into the soft dirt. It didn't seem that interested, but the idea of getting better food than what it got out in the wild was tempting. She gave her owner a nod, for now, they would work together.

"Let's get to it then."

Jubilife Village
Day 5, Morning

‘No rest for the weary,’ Shiroi frowned as he was immediately assigned to another duty that was sure to take him several days. Was Zisu onto him? Did she know he planned to seek out the town’s alchemist and learn to brew potions? Did she suspect he’d immediately quit the corps once he had a safer, more reliable source of income? Wass that why she wanted to keep him busy?

The she-devil was formidable, but...the assignment itself wasn’t that bad. He’d been assigned to the back gate, a location far away from any action. After all, most of the fighting—if there was any—would go down at the front gate. Everyone would expect it to happen there... and the bandits were sure to meet heavy resistance... that’s why they would surely opt against the unexpected back gate... where the village largely relied on natural defenses...

Shiroi’s eyes snapped towards Zisu, epiphany was a “Conniving bitc—” Then crazy-girl—he didn’t remember her name, so it was a good thing the she-devil had mentioned it—Yua showed up and she started spouting nonsen—wait! A flying type to keep eyes on the sky? A fast and loud runner to rush back and alert the village? It was almost as if...almost as if... they expected to be attacked at the back. Crazy girl...she...she knew! The boy went paler than his namesake. He swiftly reached into his pockets and pulled out a handful of pocket salt. He dashed the purifying minerals in Yua’s direction as she departed and signed the cross across his chest—“Go back to the depths from whence you came, demon!”

His own team leader was soon to follow after the mini-she-devil left. He advised them to ‘train’ but didn’t seem too keen on doing so himself...was...was he in on it too? It didn’t matter; danger was afoot and Shiroi needed to prepare.
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Sapphire Jenny - Days 2-6

Day 2-
Sapphire was not happy with the way that taking of the drinks went for her. She was also not happy that she was yelled at. Though that quickly turned around when she shrugged and just placed the food on the table and walked to the door. "You know Booker that not everyone is here to cause trouble. I mainly just wanted to do something nice for you. I did not work with anyone to get the food for you. It was more my way of saying thanks for the way you have treated everyone."

Saphi spent the rest of her days with her pokemon taking notes on them and just working with them. It would seem that her newest addition would need the most work as they were very spirited and did not want to listen to her. Lucky she had Serverity as he seemed to help with the control of the flames the foal produced.
Day 3-
Saphi was happy to be working with Kawa and the others that she was assigned. She helped with scouting the fields and other pokemon that was needed to be researched. She also helped out in the afternoon with the barns and cleaning them up. She seemed to have a knack for them. It also did help that she had her own Ponyta to help guess what was needed. She would present something to him and learn what he liked. When she was off that night, Saphi took the time to work with her team and get them to start trusting her more.
Day 4-
Sapphire was happy with the amount of progress that she has shown with her newest pokemon. It would seem that gaining their trust was a long way to help them see her as someone they could rely on. She really needed to come up with a name for the newest member of her family. He was slowly being brought into the family. It helped as he was near Iris at times when Saphi would go to spend time with the other teams and just hang around.

Her shiny Ponyta was proving to be a very laid back and happy pokemon. It would seem that he was relaxing around her and the others. That did not mean that he would not shoot out flames towards her though if she did something that he did not like. Though he did seem to like the grooming that she did at the end of the night.
Day 5-
ON the last day of the week that they spent around the village, Saphi would spend more time with her pokemon and her family. She had five sisters and they loved to be around her and her pokemon. It would seem that the Jenny's were not as afraid of pokemon as most of the rest of the town. It helped that one of Sapphire's older sisters was apart of the group and their mother worked with Booker on keeping the peace and leading part of the guard.

Day five was spent working mostly with her newest team member and gain their trust. Seeing how Iris let Rick ride her, her Ponyta wanted to see what it was like to have a rider. So with great caution, Saphi mounted her larger pokemon, and they were off. It would seem that Ponyta liked to move fast. If you were near her, you would hear Saphi screaming in joy about the rush of the ride. They did not leave the training ground though.

The four days spent in the village was great for everyone involved. Saphi learned a lot from others and learned a lot from her pokemon. All in all, it was a great way to start her career in the Galaxy Corps.
Day 6-
Saphi was getting ready for the day. It would seem that there relaxing was coming to an end, and that the excitement was just about to unfold. With some joy in the thought, Sapphire made her way to the Galaxy hall to get her next assignment.

When she got to the hall, she was greeted by the sight of everyone there and even some high ranking individuals from the clans. It would seem that a lot of people was there. Making her way closer she heard of the mission and was sad to see Kawa go. She would miss not seeing her friend that she thought she had gained over the course of their time working.

When she was appointed her own team leader for the reserve team, she was happy that she would be able to follow in her mother's footsteps. When Yua said what she did about her, she was happy. She did not know that Yua felt that about her. She would have to work harder to earn her spot as the team Captain. Turning to her team, she gave them a smile. "Hey. Why don't we work in the training fields today and see what our pokemon and friends can do. It would be helpful to learn of their moves and how they work as it would be a great way for us to use their moves to help guard the village.
Kawa, Day 7.

"Kague, I hope your training will help us complete our mission."

As the sun settled and the night sky took over, the Pearl Clan ninja stood at top of the hill he had made his temporary home. The Eevee next to him seemed determined and focused on the village in the distance hidden between the hills in front of them. Kague never expected for Kawa to spend to much time with her. They had worked on her new move, which they were calling Bite. It seemed Yua's Dewott wasn't the only one who could use dark energy to fight. Her practice buddy, now named Asahi, the Glameow, had become a bit more cooperative with their master. She figured she could get more food if she listened and helped the human and the Eevee with whatever mission they had to do. For now, she would obey, for now.

"Asahi, if you plan to stay in this team, this mission will prove that. Otherwise you can return to the wild." Kawa didn't even look at the Pokemon curled up behind him, but he could feel her challenging gaze on his back. "Let's move out."

It was obvious for anyone who would attempt to enter Jubilife unnoticed, it would have to be during the night. But, there weren't much who could move through the shadows like Kawa could. In the wild it was quite simple, even being able to avoid the wild Pokemon roaming in the skies and hiding in the tall grass. With his two Pokemon at his side, any local predator thought twice before attempting to attack a human and his two companions. Even the Zubat kept to themselves, while Kawa avoided them as much as possible.

Soon the village was in sight, the front gate came into view. He knew there would be guards, there always were. But they had to have at least doubled the security after the falling out between the clans and the Galaxy Corps. Going in from the sides would be a bit more difficult, considering the mountain range which had some tough Pokemon and probably Zisu standing guard near the GC headquarters.

"Asahi, I'm counting on you."

The cat like Pokemon nodded and bolted off, weaving between the grass and bushes. Her dark figure being basically invisible as she kept to the shadows made by the trees. It was at the path that led to the front gate that she finally stopped. She yawned and dug her claws into the dirt, before stepping out of the bush and into view. Her job was easy, create a distraction. Asahi looked up at the shiny moon up in the sky and began to moan loudly. Her voice sounding through the woods and breaking the silence of the night. After a few moments, other similar cries began to echo throughout the area. She was imitating a mating call. The males of her kind were answering with loud cries of their own.
Having been stationed near the front gate and out of sight, Tatsu sat with his eyes closed and listened to his surroundings while his pokemon kept an eye on him. Judging by the cool, light breeze blowing through and the lack of solar heating, Tatsu guessed that it was nighttime by now. Not long after that thought crossed his mind, Tatsu heard a loud moaning sound that was quickly answered by multiple more like it from further away. Knowing the location of the original perpetrator, a Glameow by the sound of it, Tatsu nudged the newly evolved Luxio next to him and whispered. "Storm, I think there's a Glameow over there. Any chance that you can shut her up?"
With an unseen nod to her trainer, Storm snuck away from their hiding spot so as not to give away her companions' position. Spotting a patch of overgrown grass nearby, Storm crouched ready to pounce on the Glameow. Hearing where the Electric-type went, Tatsu took a deep breath before making a sound like a sudden gust of wind. Loud enough for his companions to hear, subtle enough to not seem out of place, but sudden enough for anyone to notice. The second Storm heard the sound she pounced on top of the now smaller Glameow. "LUXIOOO!"
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"More training...?" Bo thought to himself. He looked over at Toar with a puzzled look. This had put a wrench in his other plans, as he was planning on helping as well. Albeit within the confines of the village. One of the good things about training was, his pokemon would be better prepared for what was to come. Though he could only wonder when they would need the reserve team's assistance. Was there anything out there the first two teams would be going up against? For now, the only thing Bo could do was wait and see.

As Squirmy hid near the entrance, it heard the sound of a cat. Squirmy didn't like cats and had no clue what was going on, but whatever it was, it got other cats in the area stirred up. With all the cats meowing, Listening for anything suspicious was difficult. For now the silk worm would need to rely on his vision and try block out the cats if possible. Boa wasn't far behind and had hidden himself away under one of the rooftop edges tucked out of the way, but with a perfect line of sight of Squirmy.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Outside of Galaxy hall - Afternoon- Day 2
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand

Rest of her day was quite nonchalant. Etsuko helped Tatsu out with cleaning his stantler. Rest of her day was spent running small errands for her sister or helping her out in the medical wing, so much wasn't different from the usual. Other than she had a Happiny with her, who was eager to help. Perhaps even too eager at times. Walking in, out and around inside of the Galaxy hall, Etsuko also caught glimpses of the clan leaders of both Pearl clan and Diamond clan argue about.. something. She didn't stay there long enough to catch what it was about. She didn't want to eavsdrop anymore than she had accidentally done after all, but it seemed urgent and important. Hopefully the matters would get resolved.

Day 3

The next day continued much like the previous one. Running errands and helping Peselle with Yua. All of the injured security and survey corps seemed to be healing nicely and there wasn't as much 'urgent' care, but there was still plenty of work to do. More important looking people from the Pearl and Diamond clan visited Jubalife again, along with their leaders. The tension was slowly rising with a lot of hushed whispers and gossip going around to try and possibly put together what was happening. A part of Etsuko couldn't help but wonder if this would impact or affect either Kei or Kawa. Only time would tell.

Day 4

It was a new day. Etsuko had some small assignments to still help out with in the Medical wing, but people were starting to heal up so that they wouldn't be in need of such attentive care and could be sent home. Things were slowly calming down from the big aftermath from team Platinums first venture to Obsidian fieldlands, but it seemed like something new was peering over the horizon, or more accurately, right in their village. The meetings with the clan leaders still continued and only seemed to get more heater. That certainly wasn't good. Etsuko just hoped that whatever was going on could be resolved in a civil manner.

Day 5

The following day it all seemed like it was at a bursting point. Like something was about to spill over. Or that's how Etsuko felt as she made her way to the Galaxy hall per Zisu's request. What news met her and the rest of team Platinum were.. not good at all. Due to whatever argument had been going on the past few days, the two clans were cutting the teamwork with Jubalife and on top of that there were bandits going around?! That was certainly a lot to take in, but Zisu and Yua seemed ready to take on these new challenges and hurdles. Etsuko honestly couldn't help but get a bit inspired by them. She'll do her part as well.

The pink haired girl listened to her teammates' plan. She trusted her. As much trouble as Yua got herself into, she could usually also get herself out of it as well. Besides, it looked like she had taken on the role of the leader in their group and it seemed quite fitting for her, "Alright, got it, and you're right. I'd like to do some training with Chamomile to at least be more familiar with what she's capable of," she said, remembering back to the Luxray attack where her Happiny had strangely pulled off a really powerful looking water type move.

A good chunk of her day was spent digesting all of this new information. She felt a bit.. sad? Disappointed possibly? Over that she couldn't spend any more time with Kei, whom she had hit off with quite well. There wasn't much else to do right now other than to wish the best of luck for whatever the future may bring her..

The rest of the day before relaxing before the night watch, Etsuko took the time to familiarize herself with Chamomile's abilities as a pokemon. She had some more 'consistent' attacks with moves called 'Pound' and 'Disarming Voice'. One being an attack with her Happiny's stubby little arms against the target and another was a wave of a loud cry that certainly damaged her opponents eardrums. Another move that she could use was something called 'Charm' where she made the target less inclined to attack her.

Then there was the wild card. Zisu had explained to Etsuko that the move was called 'Metronome' after she watched Happiny burn a test dummy as well as the wooden fence behind it to ashes with an extremely powerful fire type move. With more precaution next time the next two moves that Millie performed was something that shielded her pink little body from hits, or to a degree at least and the second had the Happiny attack the dummy, but looked to be holding back in some way. Well, this was certainly to be kept in mind as a possible last ditch effort if nothing else.

Day 6

The first day since the departure of the Pearl and Diamond clan from working with Jubalife on top of the rumors and risks of bandits planning on raiding the village had Etsuko quite nervous if she had to be honest. Luckily for them, this first day on their new duties seemed to slowly go by without any complications.

Day 7 - Outside at the front gates to Jubalife Village

On the next day's night watch, it had been smooth sailing, until loud cries of a strange cat-like pokemon rang throughout the area with more similar cries echoing back. It was quite.. odd to say the least, but Etsuko kept her position at the front gates with Yua,"What sort of pokemon is that?" the pink haired girl asked, but her gaze found itself at Tatsu who had sent his Luxio to attack the pokemon. Etsuko couldn't help but frown a bit. Was the sound annoying? Yes, but she didn't think it'd warrant the pokemon to be attacked. From all she knew, this was just some harmless wild cat-pokemon that was just wailing, maybe calling out to other pokemon of its species.
Rick [HP: 16/20]
Day 5 - Jubilife Village

After the meeting, Rick went to check the area they were gonna watch. Despite living in Jubilife for 2 years, Prelude Beach and its adjacent fields never really caught his interest compared to other areas. In fact, the last time he was there, it was when he and his parents arrived at Hisui.

"They gave us quite the area for a team of three." He commented, having ridden Iris across the fields, the beach, and even jumping atop the hills to get a more panoramic view. "Well... whoever decides to come through here has to come from the mountains. Good luck sneaking through the sea." He muttered, rubbing his chin. "Take us home. I think we'll need to do a... recruitment." He told Iris, patting her neck.

Back home, Rick walked in and leaned on the wall next to the crafting table, where his father makes his work. "Hey dad! How busy are you for the next couple days?" Rick asked. "What do you need?" The man asked, without taking his eyes out of a wooden sculpture.

"Dummies. Three of them would be nice." Rick answered. His father rolled his eyes up, processing the request, before leaning back on his chair. "Why do you need dummies? I'm sure they have a few of them at the Training Grounds." He said.

"Pff! Those things wouldn't even scare a murkrow from a cropfield, let alone a person." Rick told, pulling out his notebook - aka pokedex - and drawing a sketch of what he pretended. His father rubbed his chin, before commenting. "That's... evil and clever at the same time, so I like it. They won't be finished today, though." He told him. Rick smirked. "Serves! Byes!" He said, walking off the door.

On the Training Grounds, Zisu was putting Iris's dodging skills to the test. "She dodged ten out of fourteen attacks. Not good enough when a single one can put you out of a fight." Zisu shouted. "Okay, but I still think, despite not being perfect, it's still more than half of what you threw at her." Rick rebuted. Zisu raised an eyebrow, putting her hands on her hips. "If I shot three arrows at you and only one of them hits you in the head, would you be okay with that?" She asked. Rick rolled his eyes in thought. "That's... actualy a good point." He responded.

Zisu walked up to him, after having recalled her pokémon. "You're about to have a taste of what the work of a Security Corps looks like. It can be a tedious job, let me tell you that. A lot of newbies fall asleep on their first night. I hope none of you enter that list. So get some rest, and tomorrow I have more in store for you. Questions?"

"Yes, actualy. Tell me about Shiroi and Fujiki and their pokémon. I hadn't got the chance to work with them so far."

As the night started falling, Rick went back to the gate, where Fujiki and Shiroi were already waiting. "So... we're all here. Don't worry, I'm not nearly as harsh as Zisu. I can't talk about Kawa, since I barely had the chance to work under his leadership. So long as you don't compromise the entire mission, you're good." He started. "Now! I know Zisu said we were less likely to see action. I disagree! Thieves never go through the front door. This is just to say: keep you guard up." He told them, before turning to each of them.

"Now, Shiroi. You have a Silcoon, correct? That String Shot will come in handy, as it's something we can use without fear of hurting the target. If anyone comes in, you know what to do." Rick then pulled a small map of the area from his beltpocket, before continuing. "You'll be standing by this tree, where your Silcoon can stay hidden in its top. That way, people won't know what kind of pokémon you have and plan ahead." He told him.

"And Fujiki, I hope you managed to keep your Rufflet under control by now. Yua already suggested this, but we'll use him as our eyes in the skies. Again, if he spots anyone that doesn't belong to this village, be my guest to make their life miserable. I heard that's something the bird is pretty good at. You'll be standing by this hill here. Similar to Shiroi's Silcoon, your Geodude will be camouflaged by the rocks in that spot." He told, pointing the area on the map.

"As for me, I'll be mostly at the gate, but I'll also be moving around from time to time to try to cover more area, since we can get anywhere quickly. Iris can't hide at all, so we might as well have a more active role. She'll also be the one sounding the alert if anything happens." Rick said, putting the map back into his beltpocket. "We were told these bandits have their own pokémon. So if anything happens, attack first, make questions later. It doesn't matter if you can beat them or not, it will cause enough fuss that the backup team and the rest of the village will be alerted, which is the worst thing that can happen to them aside from being captured."

Rick [HP: 16/20]
Day 6 - Jubilife Village

Having slept most of the morning after several hours of standing guard, Rick returned to the Training Grounds to make the most out of his time. Similarly to the last day, Zisu was focusing on Iris's evasion skills. Except this time she was also testing Rick's riding skills. And the captain wasn't going easy, with attack after attack being launched at them. "This is a training, right? Definitely not a murder attempt!" Rick asked, gritting his teeth as he held on to Iris. "Get used to it, Rick. It won't get any easier than this." Zisu responded.

At one point, Rick leaned too much to the side, which caused Iris to lose balance and ultimately get hit by a Dark Pulse while righting herself, knocking Rick off her as she got knocked onto her side. "There's a difference between sitting on a pokémon and actualy riding one. Until you two are in perfect sync, you'll be nothing more than a liability. Now giddy up!" Zisu shouted.

In the afternoon after the training, and while Iris rested, Rick went home to help his father finishing the dummies. He also went to the general store to get some caster ferns and pop pods that would be used. "Three Pop Pods and three Caster Ferns, plea-- oh my god, who made those prices?!" He exclaimed as he looked at the price tag of the Pop Pods.

"They can only be found at the Coastlands. The Supply Corps doesn't go there very often, so it's reflected on the price." Explained Choy, the store owner. Rick sighed. "Welp... guess I'll have to go tell Cyllene how miserably we failed our mission because we couldn't afford the materials necessary." He muttered, intentionaly loud so that Choy could hear him. Choy gasped. "Oh my god! Take them all for free!" He exclaimed, grabbing the items and handing them over to Rick.

"Why it was a pleasure to negociate with you!" Rick said, taking the items. "By the way, it's probably better if you don't comment this with Cyllene or any of the higher ups. Ever since those Diamond and Pearl guys came in they've been kinda stressed lately." Rick whispered to the man, before walking off. Now, the only thing left were a few uniforms from the Corps. Rick could use his own for one of the dummies, but he still needed another two. Fortunately for him, a few of his teammembers were nice enough to lend their uniforms for the cause.

"Okay, I think we're finished. What do you think?" Asked Rick's father. "I don't know, let's test them out, shall we?" Rick said, coming in with a bat in hand. "Piñata!!!" He yelled. His father widened his eyes, waving his hands. "Wait, wait, wai--" before Rick slamming the bat into the dummy's head, causing a deafening bang that was heard across the entire village and scared away most of the pokémon that were peacefully resting on their treehomes. "EUREKAAAA!!" Rick shouted.

The next hour was spent at the hospital wing to make sure the resulting deafness was only a temporary thing, Before Rick headed to the gate for the second night. "So, we're back for Round two, huh? Hopefully this night will be just as calm as the last one." He said to the group. "Since we don't know if anyone has been spying on us last night, we're changing your positions a little bit, so it doesn't get too predictable." He said, pointing each one's positions on the map. "Oh! By the way! Because now we know in first hand how boring this job can be..." Rick pulled up two small bags with coffee beans and handed them over. "Just in case you feel sleepy. Don't feed them to the pokémon, please!"

Rick [HP: 15/20]
Day 7 - Jubilife Village

The next day, Rick was back at the Training Grounds, and he and Iris were starting to show some improvements. Especialy considering that Zisu had just raised the parade, and was now alternating between her pokémon, keeping the pair on their toes without giving them much time to rest.

"Aerial Ace!" Zisu commanded to her Honcrow. Iris jumped to the side, but the bird quickly turned around to strike again from the back. "Behind you!" Rick shouted. The filly stood on her front legs, kicking at the incoming bird with both hinds. Zisu quickly recalled the Honchrow as it got struck to send out her Zoroark. "Use Swift!" She ordered. The Zoroark spread his hands wide open, firing off a salvo of star-shaped projectiles. Rick frowned. "Not this time." He whispered. Iris opened her mouth and shot several bolts of fire to intercept the incoming projectiles.

Zisu smiled, which was something she never did during the other sessions. "Good! We're making progresses!" She complimented, recalling the Zoroark to his pokeball. "But running will only take you so far. Sooner or later, she'll get tired." She said. Rick gritted his teeth, looking down at Iris, who was panting. "Hard to go on the offensive when we're basicaly fighting four pokémon at the same time!" Rick exclaimed.

Zisu crossed her arms and nodded. "Indeed. Enemies don't play fair in a real fight. They'll have no qualms using numbers to put you off balance." She said, bringing her hands to her hips. "Fortunately there are ways to prevent that. Special moves like Fire Spin, that traps the opponent and prevents them from escaping." Rick raised an eyebrow, before Zisu continued. "That's what I want her to learn today. She already knows how to extend her flames to her entire body. Now lets see if she can project it." She said, sending out her Ambipom.

"Quick Attack!" She ordered. In a short burst of speed, the Ambipom closed in, slapping Rick off Iris with one of her tails. "You'll thank me later! Now use Fire Punch!" Zisu called. Ambipom's tails ignited before she started slapping the ponyta with them repeatedly. For a few moments, Iris simply flinched and endured it, her flames seemingly growing with each hit. At some point, the filly had enough, and with a loud whinny, her mane flared up into a collumn of flames swirling around her. The Ambipom winced and retreated.

Zisu nodded. "That's one way of using it! But my pokémon isn't quite trapped, is it?" she said, before recalling the Ambipom and sending out her Zoroark. The ponyta grited her teeth and started pawing the ground. The captain smirked. "Now check this out. Dark Pulse! Agile Style!" She shouted. "Agile what?" Rick exclaimed, widening his eyes. The Zoroark's hands glowed with dark energy before he started throwing several dark projectiles in quick succession. Iris started running around the Zoroark to avoid the projectiles. After several seconds, the fox didn't seem like he was gonna stop anytime soon.

"We're not getting anywhere if she keeps running circles..." Rick muttered, gritting his teeth. Meanwhile, Zisu continued to smile, even though, somehow, her Zoroark was missing every single shot. Then, Rick started to notice a trail of flames that Iris was tracing behind as she ran. "Hey, wait a sec... Keep moving!" He shouted. With each lap, the trail of flames started growing bigger, until the Zoroark at the center was out of sight and the temperature started rising. Zisu pulled out a pokéball to recall her pokémon, though the beam was deflected by the flames. "That's more like it!" She muttered.

"So? We're at your mercy. What are you gonna do now?" Zisu asked Rick, who was staring at the fiery tornado sort of mesmerized. "Right, umm... Flame Charge?" He shouted. While the Zoroark was looking for the ponyta in all directions, Iris charged out of the flames, ramming at the fox pokémon and knocking him out of the fiery prison. The Zoroark skid on his feet towards Zisu, while Iris returned to Rick's side. Seconds later, the Fire Spin wore off, while Zisu started clapping. "Congratulations! You've now learned Fire Spin! There are many ways of using it. I'll leave up to you to explore." She said.

Rick smiled. "Thank you, captain!" He said, giving Iris a pat. Zisu nodded before walking towards them. "I never asked. How are those nights going? Anything suspicious?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Honestly? Pretty boring. And I move around from time to time, which should break the monotony. For the other two it must be even worse." Rick replied. Zisu frowned a bit. "Well... that's the Security Corps for you. But it's thanks to us that people in Jubillife can rest. In one hand, it's a good thing to not have any activity."

Rick sighed. "I think at this point I rather have those bandits show up tonight, so we can capture them at once and get this over with. Thieves love money. Just put a bag with coins near the gate and jump them as they take the bait." He said. Zisu raised an eyebrow. "If it was that easy, we wouldn't be requesting help from the Survey Corps. Besides... not all bandits are looking for money." She said, glancing away.

As another night fell, Rick headed to the meeting point for another night shift. "And we're back! Now, let me introduce you to the new members of the group." He said, as he went to pick up the dummies that he had hidden near the gate. "Here's Mr. Ed and Mr. Ted. There was supposed to be third one, but... it had a little accident." Rick said, glancing away.

"Anyways! They'll be standing a few meters away from you to give the impression there's more guards than there actualy are. May not fool anyone up close, but from a distance and with low lighting, they should keep people guessing." He added. "But, as you can see, they have a few problems with locomotion. That's why I'm gonna ask each of you to set them up a few meters away from your positions. Don't worry, they're lighter than they look. Their heads are fragile though, so don't mess around with them."
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Jubilife Village
Day 5, Night

Shiroi arrived at the back gates early, not because he was a particularly punctual person, but because wanted to scope out the area and plan the best path to retreat. Say what they might, Shiroi had his priorities straight. If a whole group of bandits came down on them, he was booking it; he certainly didn’t trust himself to take on anything larger than a 5-year-old, though if the bandits fielded 5-year-old children he’d gleefully send them packing. Alas, things probably wouldn’t be that easy.

It didn’t take long for Fujiki and Rick to arrive. Shiroi sorta knew Fujikia, they’d worked together on their last mission. He wasn’t expecting much from her...maybe she could distract the bandits while flailing around? Anything more than that would be a pleasant surprise. He didn’t really know what Zisu was thinking putting him and her on the same team, twice. Hadn’t she learned anything from the last mission? Those excursions into the wild often ended with their team scampering back to the village, tails between their legs, and that was when they had a member of the Clans with them. Either Rick was really good, or they were really screwed.

Fortunately, things learned towards the former. Their new leader had even come prepared with a plan. There was just one problem...

“No can do, Myrtle doesn’t leave my side.” Shiroi turned his back to display Myrtle and the latest adjustments to his armor, the Direct Impact Liability Deflecting Overcoat MK III! Upon close inspection, Shiroi wasn’t just carrying Myrtle, he was wearing her. The silky threads that extended from her body had been woven and wrapped around his torso and the padded pots turned shields he’d strapped to his arms. Simply put, even if he wanted to, it’d be some time before he could remove Myrtle. More importantly, he didn’t want to, he needed all the defense he could manage!

After a moment of thought, Shiroi shrugged and offered a compromise. “I could put a coat over her?”

Jubilife Village
Day 6

The day passed by in thankful quiet. Shiroi spent the day hanging around the village herbologist, taking notes and learning as much as he could. As for training? What was that? Could he eat it? Would it keep him safe? Actually, it might do that last one, but that presumed it didn’t kill him first. He’d checked out the training fields and after seeing Zisu murder a group of corp. members in a 3-on-1 match, he signed another cross and vowed to stay away from those cursed grounds.

Jubilife Village
Day 7, Night

Curious. Their leader sure was pulling out the stops. After observing the dummies for a moment, Shiroi shrugged and moved to set it up. If it was going to take a hit for him then he was all for it!
Fujiki Oshuoka - Jubilife Village
Night 5

Exciting, exciting, exciting! Fujiki could hardly contain herself as she milled about at the back gate, pacing back and forth so many times that it was a wonder a ditch hadn't been dug under her feet. Shiroi had arrived well before her, but she only caught sight of him a few times. He was turning out to be a real go-getter, scouting out the terrain before their team leader arrived. So cool!

The sun was setting when Rick finally arrived, and Fujiki gave him a salute when he relayed her orders. Senta was a better listener thanks to Yua's help at the training grounds, so Rick's plan should go off without a hitch. It was well thought out, with all of their bases covered. He was a smart leader! "Aye, aye, cap'n!"

The Johtoan released Senta in a flash of white light, and the Rufflet swiveled his head around in search of an opponent. "Hey, eyes up here—" Fujiki snapped her fingers to his attention. "—You ready to battle, Senta?" The Rufflet shook his feathers out, clawed the ground, and cocked his head. "I'll take that as a yes. The only thing is, they're not here yet. If any other humans come into this whole area—" She made a sweeping gesture at everything between the back gate and the distant coast. "—It's our job to battle them when they show themselves. Think you can handle it?"

Senta nodded fervently. Whoever these challengers were, they must have caught wind of his reputation! No wonder they were scared to show themselves!

Day 6

Boring, boring, boring! Guarding the back gate wasn't nearly as exciting as Fujiki thought it would be, and when they were finally relieved of duty at sunrise she slept like a rock until the brilliant ball of light was nearly halfway across the sky.

Luckily, Geodude gave her just the thing to spice up the day leading up to that night's watch. The rock-monster wasn't the most obedient pokémon, either, and though he did stay in the area the Fujiki directed him to he didn't keep a very good watch. Instead he occupied himself with lifting boulders and rocks over and over— straight up and down, curling them in front of himself, curling them above his head, and a slew of other motions.

Fujiki needed to make sure he'd be more content to sit still come nightfall, so off to Captain Zisu's training grounds she went. The grounds were clear of other trainers when she arrived, save for the burly captain.

"Oshuoka!" Zisu called out. "What brings you to the training grounds? I heard you're making steady progress with that Rufflet of yours."

"Well, ma'am, it's not him wanted to talk to you about." Fujiki relayed the trouble with Geodude's lack of focus, and Zisu nodded empathetically as she listened to the recruit's troubles.

"So you've swapped one problematic partner for another, eh?" Zisu thought carefully about the situation before snapping her fingers. "If Geodude's more worried about his own training than yours orders, you just have to merge the two! Send him out."

The girl dutifully complied, and when the Geodude materialized he started a series of flexing poses. Showing off his gains was half the fun of lifting, and show off he did. Fujiki thought she saw Zisu's face crack a smile, and asked, "Now what, ma'am?"

"Now you start training with him!" The captain barked. "BOTH OF YOU, DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY!"

Night 7

Last night passed by again with no action, but Fujiki was getting more than she bargained for during the day. Zisu's idea of changing Geodude's individual training to training together was grueling —she was super sore!— but the rock-monster's trust in her seemed to be growing. He stayed still for most of the previous night, and tonight Fujiki was hoping for the same thing.

Rick's dummies were funny looking, but she set one up without complaint. With Senta circling the skies and Geodude buried in the rocks, at least she'd have a little company this time around.
Day 7
Itachi "Weasel" Nakamura
Outside wall, the bushes, Jubilife Village
HP: 20/20
Pokemon: TBD the Aipom

Itachi, currently sat in the bushes to the opposite side of Tatsu in front of the Village, just stared blankly at the Aipom that sat in front of him, and who stared right back.

They had spent the last day and a half or so training together, so on, but that didn't make it any less weird to be around each other.


Itachi eventually sighed quietly and looked away from the monkey pokemon, and shook his head a bit as he looked around, and swatted a buzzing fly next to his head in annoyance.

The news that they were no longer allies with the Diamond OR Pearl clans had been a surprise, to say the least.

And Itachi thought he was the one who had issues when it came to friends.

Itachi guessed it made sense for him to be out here, on guard duty, given his "past experiences".

He wasn't sure what being alone in the bushes with an Aipom would achieve though.

As his mind drifted, he idly looked to his left at the direction of the wall.

Now, he wasn't saying he was GOING to do this, just that if he WAS, it'd be what he'd do.

Admittedly, he didn't know how ninjas worked, but from his perspective...

Making his way atop the wall, whether it be from climbing up physically, or jumping from the nearest tree branch, or who knows what else...

Regardless, doing so and immediately ducking behind the nearest building would probably be the best way to enter the Village walls, as undetected as possible.

At least, in his opinion, but when did anyone ever listen to the Weasel?

He sighed again as he shook his head to clear it, before he looked at the Aipom, who now had its head tilted to the side as it studied the human.

"....still should probably think of a name for you, I guess..." Itachi muttered to himself, quietly thinking, as he listened to the sound of bugs chirping around him.

"...Aipom...monkey...tail hand...bananas...fruit...food....ah...i'll worry about it later..." he shrugged it off as he swatted another insect, and groaned, this clearly not having been his top choice to be stationed at, if he got to choose.

"Ignore the bugs, ignore the bugs, listen for the attacking ninjas, ignore the bugs..."
Yua Yamamoto

Day 5
Location: Galaxy Hall -> Training Grounds, Jubilife Village
Trainer HP: 16/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Seeing as Yua's comments about the other's capabilities in guarding has helped boost morale a little bit (or in this case, showcase Shiroi's paranoia hilariously), she turned back to hear Tatsu telling her they didn't need to use the ocarina. He could just mimic stuff? When he demonstrated this, Yua clapped. "Good good, that's perfect! We'll definitely need that. We'll work on what each sound means later." Hearing that Etsuko would like to do some training with her Happiny, Yua nodded. "Good idea."

That was when Yua went to the training grounds with Fujiki, to aid in training her Rufflet as well as learn more about Julian's attacks and train Zashi's "urges".

Day 6
Location: Jubilife Village
Trainer HP: 17/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

During this day, Yua went out towards a more hidden area of the village to train Zashi in secret. Zashi trained against Julian, rocks, and trees, but she always had this brutality in her attacks - especially when using Night Slash - did Yua wonder if she was even okay. She wasn't like this as an Oshawott, but she did eventually figure out that just as long as Zashi controls it, she won't let it affect her decision-making skills later.


Another night of guard duty. Another whole lot of nothing.

Day 7, Night
Location: Jubilife Village Gate to Obsidian Fieldlands
Trainer HP: 18/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Asahi the Glameow (Hecotoro), Etsuko Joy (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Itachi (BloodRedRobot), Tatsu and Storm the Luxio (Draco Nightshade)

It was the night of guard duty again. Itachi was in position, Tatsu was in position, and Etsuko was beside her. Yua stood in front of the gate, her arms crossed. She wondered who would end up appearing now.

Ahead, she saw some color and bushes moving, then a cacophony of meowing and wailing. It sounded... Odd. She didn't know what to make of it but it did sound familiar. "Glameow...?" Seeing the Luxio leap into attack and noticing Etsuko's worry, Yua's expression hardened. "It should take its noise somewhere else, Etsuko. If they are too loud, it can make it harder to detect movement. So close to the gates, what other reason would that be?" She sent out her Eevee, who looked around in confusion.

"Julian, be on the look out. This isn't right." Huffing, the Eevee looked around. That mewling from the Glameow sounded like a good idea, actually. He let out one mating call of his own, his fur bristling as he did so. Yua looked at him in confusion. "What are you doing?"

Julian looked up at her with a cheeky grin and winked. "I didn't know Pokemon could wink." Yua looked across the area, keeping a lookout. She hoped Itachi was paying attention.
Kawa, Night 7

Just as Asahi was about to be on her way, a Luxio emerged and pounced on her. She was expecting to attract a mate but not one so aggressive! However, the Luxio wasn't the only one to have heard the call. A handful of Glameow came from the mountains and trees around the area. A few jumped on the electric cat, trying to get it away from their possible mate. Other's chased after Asahi, who bolted as soon as she had the opportunity. The rest began calling out for a mate also, hoping their meowing would attract the female looking to nest with them.

Kague's ears perked up as she heard a male Eevee amongst the crowd. While she was tempted to answer the call, her loyalty to Kawa was just a bit stronger. She growled and shook her head, fighting the need to answer the plea from the male somewhere up ahead.

"Good, the more noise the better." Kawa looked at Kague, feeling annoyed that she was struggling to keep focus. "Kague, I can't have you messing up now. Let's move."

The Eevee jumped on to Kawa's shoulder. He patted her on the head while she fought the urge to cry out loud, then dashed forward. Asahi was on the move and if everything worked out how it should, they would be making contact with the village soon.

Asahi dashed from bush to bush, avoiding horny Glameows after her while hearing their lamenting cries all over the area. Straight ahead she could see her target, the owner of the Luxio, Tatsu. The blind man had good hearing, but with the noise going on around them and the small pack of cats chasing after Asahi, there was no way he would who or what was going on around him. She let out one last mating call, gathering as many males a she could behind her before running straight towards the gate, looking like a scared cat running for her life.

Asahi climbed up the wooden fence effortlessly, the group of cats chasing after her. Once she reached the top, she ran straight at Tatsu, tangling around his legs and running in circles. The males showed up moments after, running around Tatsu, screaming, scratching and doing everything possible to try and get the female amongst them.

On the opposite side, Kawa threw a smoke bomb in the gap between the trees and the village gate. It was obvious he was going to go through it, and so he did, on his own. He climbed up the gate without any troubles and was face to face with Itachi. He wasn't about to let him react though, another smoke bomb hit the floor, covering Itachi and Kawa in a cloud of smoke. His mask allowed him to breath naturally, but he couldn't say the same for anyone else who dared entered the smoke.

Kague had been left behind, she was doing something different, going for the center of the gate. The brown furry creature dashed out of the trees and bolted directly at the front gate, a green gleam in her eyes as she leaped into the entrance of the village.

Miss Fortunes, Night 7

Three figures emerged from the mountain range in the back of the village. They ran straight ahead towards the back gates, their Pokemon running by their sides. One of the Pokemon was a big white tree looking Pokemon. It began attacking some of the puppets planted around, spamming Ice Shard at them. The second attacker had a tall blue, fighting Pokemon, who broke the heads of the dummies with Rock Smash.

"They're fake!" The one in the center called out, a Rhydon standing next to her. "Attack the gate!"

Big boulders began to appear around the rock Pokemon and then were shot towards the back gates, smashing into the good and slowly starting to tear the wall apart. It was a matter of seconds before the other two Pokemon joined in on the attack, focusing on breaking the wall that kept the village safe.
~Bo Lake...~
~Boa(Ninjask)(Male), Toar(shedinja)(genderless). Squirmy(wurmple)(Male)...~
~Location, Jubilife Village(outside the HQ)...~
~Day 7 Night...~

As Bo was scouting around the village, he was heading down the street, when a wurmple had spotted a smoke bomb going off down below. It was happening. Squirmy shot out a string shot at on of the houses and pulled himself away from the area. It gave off the impression of a scared little bug fleeing a scary situation, but Boa saw this and immediately flew off. Bo was near the headquarters he spotted Bo just outside the headquarters. The bug flew to him and motioned towards the smoke in the distance. He squinted his eyes to make sure he knew what he was looking at, but there was no mistaking what that was when he got a good look at it.

"Guards! Security breach! Guards! Come quick!" Bo called out.

"Did you call? what happened?!" The man asked before pausing to see saw Bo, Boa, and Toar looking towards the gate.

"Glad your here. Something or someone has compromised the safety of the village. It's dark, but you can see a smoke bomb over there. They haven't attacked yet but it could be an assassin here to assassinate the higher ups. Maybe they want something or someone. I don't know, but we need to get to the bottom of this before they leave. Go alert the rest of the guards around the village. I'll go check out the gate. I'm assuming the gate guards needs help" Bo said. the man nodded and ran off. Bo watched him do so, then turned to watch Squirmy grapple towards him.

"Squirmy? Do you think you can make your way towards the top of the headquarters and keep a look out?" Bo asked. Squirmy violently shook his head no.

"Pleeeaaase! If you see anything scary, you can run back to me" Bo called out to Squirmy whom reluctantly obeyed. Squirmy shot a string shot all the way to the top of the headquarters building and grappled up to the top. Now Bo needed to go check it out. He looked at it from a distance. Boa and toar sat on each of his shoulders.
"Ahh!" Tatsu covered his ears as the multiple Glameows ran around him, their constant meowing overwelming his senses. Frustration increasing, Tatsu took a deep breath before letting out a loud roar reminiscent of an angry Ursaluna. The sudden loud sound not only startled the Glameow in his vicinity, but a few sleeping bird Pokemon nearby... and maybe a few village residents. Zisu would probably punish him for that in the morning, but now was not the time to worry about that. Right now, they had to deal with the intruders. "Storm! Follow whoever just came through the gate!"
A quick nod to her trainer and the feline ran through the smoke while Tatsu howled like a Lycanroc. The sound was meant to say to the others that there was an intruder and they got through the gate.
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Rick [HP: 15/20]
Day 7 - Jubilife Village

Rick was leaning at a tree on a corner, with arms crossed and tapping his foot. An hour passed, and nothing seemed to happen. He started to think that this night would be just more of the same. When they weren't doing a check up of the area, Iris was practicing her new move, forming small vortexes of flames around her. Just small ones. They didn't want to send a false alarm. It was about time for them to do another inspection of the area and check on the others, when he heard a loud bang coming from the fields.

"Congratulations... you played yourself." Rick muttered while smirking. Then, another loud bang was heard, coming from the same direction. Rick's eyes widened. "Another one?!" He exclaimed. He had hopes for those thieves to blow up one of the dummies. That's why they were armed in the first place. But he wasn't expecting both to get hit. Either it was more than one thief, or whoever came in was pretty dumb for falling for the same trick twice. Rick's bet was on both. Smart criminals were a myth afterall, and the female voice that followed confirmed it was a group.

Rick mounted on Iris as the filly took him to somewhat higher ground. They saw a gray-haired lady approaching the gate, with a tough-looking pokémon by her side. "Pff... crime really doesn't know aging, huh?" Rick muttered, before the Rhydon started firing boulders at the gate. "Cut them off." Rick told to Iris. The filly quickly jumped into action, tracing a trail of flames in her path as she ran a circle arround the woman and Rhydon. Rick then picked up the chisel from his Crafting Kit and shoved it at the granny's head. Sadly for him, the handle connected first. "Sorry! I really wanted to hit you in the eye instead!" He snarkly said, waving at her.

Rick then spoted two younger women coming in with pokémon by their side. Rick frowned, whistling for Iris to come back. The filly left the circle shortly after and jumped to Rick's side, who gave her a side glance. "You know what to do." He told her. Iris nodded and jumped atop the hills. Then, with a loud whinny, she flared up, forming a tall collumn of swirling flames around her which served as a beacon to alert Jubilife from the ongoing attack. If the sounds of the bangs hadn't been enough already. "Welcome to Jubilife! Except not!" He said, crossing his arms before thinking to himself. 'Where's Shiroi and Fujiki?'
Day 7
Itachi "Weasel" Nakamura
Outside wall, the bushes, Jubilife Village
HP: 20/20
Pokemon: TBD the Aipom

Itachi (and Aipom), having suddenly heard the loud noises, straightened in surprise, as both of them quickly looked around, as Itachi tried to get a view of whatever was going on without moving, before Kawa suddenly landed in front of him.

Itachi made a noise of surprise at the ninja's sudden appearance, eyes widened as he jumped a bit, as did Aipom, with Itachi taking a step back out of a mix of surprise and initial fear.

When the smoke bomb was thrown, Itachi, (after he coughed once or twice), quickly stepped back to get out of the smoke.

"S-swift!" he shouted, for Aipom to hear.

The monkey pokemon, whether out of loyalty or indignance at being spooked, obliged.

Aipom quickly jumped backwards out of the smoke as well, as it swung his tail from one side to the other, with bright stars shooting out from its tail into the smoke, in an attempt to hit the ninja.
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Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Day 7 - Night
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand, now out

Etsuko listened to Yua make a smart assessment of the situation. It was indeed odd to see a Glameow so close to the village when she had no idea a pokemon like it even inhabited anywhere close to Jubalife. She then watched as chaos ensued. The cat pokemon went to harass Tatsu along with it's friends that it called upon and with something also apparently happening up on the wall as well if Itachi calling something out had to be anything to go by.

Then she happened to see something, glimmering. Turning her head she saw an Eevee now dashing towards them. Taking this as a threat, Etsuko released Millie, but didn't have much of a plan besides that. Frantically remembering what Zisu told her a few days ago when training with her Happiny she called out a move, "Disarming Voice!-" the pink haired girl yelped out and pointed at the Eevee. The pink little pokemon obliged, not knowing really what else to do in this chaotic moment and shrieked out with pink soundwaves aimed in the direction where her trainer pointed.
Fujiki Oshuoka - Night 7



"Huh?! Wha—" Fujiki snapped awake, jolted by Senta's sudden cry. She'd fallen asleep?! Oh no, she'd completely overworked herself with Captain Zisu!

The girl scrambled to her feet as the sound of shattering ice rang out through the valley which she was meant to be overlooking, followed by a BOOM! that made Fujiki jump. She peeked over the top of her hill to see two cloaked figures and their pokémon tearing through Rick's dummies while another raced toward the gate with a Rhydon at their side.

Go time!
Time to fight!
Yeah, time to battle.
Time to...


Fujiki felt like she was glued to her overlook, fear anchoring her to the grass like roots had sprung up and trapped her. This wouldn't be like training with Yua and the captain. It wouldn't even be like fighting the wild pokémon in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Their opponents were methodical, smashing through each of the dummies and hardly being phased by the explosions from a couple of them.

Could Senta take them on?
Could Kotai?


The valley was lit up, and the trembling girl stared wide eyed at the massive column of fire. Where did it come from? Wait...Rick's Ponyta! Rick had joined the fight!

That's right, it wasn't just her up against the bandits. Fujiki had teammates, and they were counting on her to help them just as much as she needed their help. What a coward she was. She came to Hisui to change who she was, to become the person she wanted to be. She chose to join the Galaxy Corps, and now it was time to commit to that choice.

Fujiki shaily rose to her feet as adrenaline trickled into her system. The fire column gave her a better view of the cloaked figures and their pokémon, and with a start she realized that the tree-like one was right next Kotai's hiding spot among the boulders. "Alright, Fujiki," she whispered to nobody, bringing her shaking hands to cup them around her mouth.

Deep breath. She could do it.


The pile of boulders next to the tree-like pokémon rumbled, and suddenly the LAUNCHED! up in an arc to crash down on top of it. Kotai the Geodude was revealed, and he flexed his arms upward like a praying mantis as he made his move.

In tandem with the cascading rocks, the sound of a bird's cry rang out. Fujiki finally gave Senta the signal to show off his newfound strength, and he targeted the most enticing opponent with his Aerial Ace divebomb: the sharp-looking blue-and-red pokémon.
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Jubilife Village
Day 7, Night

What in the nine distortions!? Shiroi whipped around just in time to see two strange pokémon blow the heads off the dummies. Gulp. Looked like an accurate demonstration of what they could do to him...

The boy shuffled backward; nervous eyes flickered between the three pokémon, each looked stronger than the last, and each seemed more than capable of ending him in a single strike, shield or not. There was no way he was headed over there. Rick and Fujiki could...well, Fujiki had two pokémon. They’d be fine.

Shiroi quickly slipped away under the darkness of the night. He would’ve slipped back into the village but obviously, the village walls would offer no real protection. He...didn’t really have a choice here. He cursed Zisu under his breath and resigned himself to the most rational course of action.

His targets? The three shadowy figures. From the yelling he’d heard earlier, he was almost sure at least one of them was a girl.

Take on half a ton of angry stone rhino? Naahhh! But beat up a girl? Absolutely!

Shiroi believed in gender equality, after all.
Yua Yamamoto
Day 7, Night
Location: Jubilife Village Gate to Obsidian Fieldlands
Trainer HP: 18/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Kawa Ko, Kague the Eevee, and Asahi the Glameow (Hecotoro), Etsuko Joy and Chamomile the Happiny (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Itachi and Aipom (BloodRedRobot), Tatsu, Avani the Teddiursa, Merlin the Stantler, and Storm the Luxio (Draco Nightshade)
Mentions: Bo Lake (ThAtGuY101)

The mess got worse. Smoke bombs blowing on their right, a horde of Glameow charging Tatsu's position, and an Eevee-...

That Eevee looked awfully familiar.


Yua sighed, looking off to the side where the smoke bomb erupted. Ninja tool. She couldn't help but think this was Kawa. A sharp pain hit her heart, but it steeled her resolve and her gaze hardened. Releasing her Dewott, the flash erupted, Zashi facing Tatsu's direction. She heard a roar coming from his location, and a howl.

They've been compromised so quickly.

"Julian, prevent that Eevee from getting in." Julian nodded, yelling out in that strange sound he made earlier to see if he can get the Eevee to yell back, reciprocate. He stood there with his legs ready and tail in the air, watching as the Disarming Voice went towards Kague. Wait, Kague...

He readied a Quick Attack, body shining to pounce on her and get her away from the gate. Maybe he can reason with her to stop.

Figuring Tatsu had the horde of Glameow handled, Yua looked back at Etsuko. "We've been compromised. We have to fall back. Tatsu has two Pokemon, so he can handle himself. When he comes back, tend to him. Until then, I got this." She looked behind her to see the Luxio chasing after whoever went through the gate, and some of the guards were stirring, thanks to someone's help. Likely Bo. "Go back and alert Zisu and Cyllene. Tell them... The Pearl Clan is here." She ordered solemnly, pain on her face. She took a few steps backwards, passing the gate's entrance. She then looked at the smoke cloud, stars being thrown through it from Itachi's Aipom.

Making sure her body was still viewing the front of the gate and now the smoke cloud, Yua pointed towards it. "Zashi, Detect then Night Slash!" The Dewott charged into the smoke, weaving passed the Speed Stars with Detect before trying to slash whoever was still in the smoke with her brilliant dark scalchop blades.
Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Day 7 - Night
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand

Etsuko looked back at Yua, listening to her intently. Things turned so serious so quickly. And the Pearl Clan was attacking them?! She had no time to question it though as she returned Chamomile, who was still shrieking to her pokeball, "A-alright! Hang in there. I'll go warn the others," the young Joy said before slipping through the gates and bolting right over to the Galaxy headquarters. Seeing some familiar faces stand by, she called out to them as well, "The front gate! Pearl clan!" was all she got out before sprinting past and over to the Galaxy building.

She banged at the door to alert of her presence before opening the door and immediately yelling, "Pearl Clan is attacking Jubalife!" she yelled as she ran up the stairs, hoping that Cyllene, Zisu, Kammodo or someone would hear her.

Hopped up on adrenaline, she continued to yell again, "T-the Pearl clan! They're trying to attack the village!" some security seemed to have woken up and rushed out to see what the commotion was about, "The front gates!" Etsuko continued to yell, leaning down from the stair railing to give some semblance of direction.
~Bo Lake...~

Squirmy had done exactly what was expected of him, and waited atop the base headquarters. Carefully observing the nearby area. Bo had began making his way to the eastern gate. The smoke cloud could be more visibly seen as he made his way closer. He saw the aipom, and Eventually Dewott and Yua.

"The pearl clan...?" Bo said confused. He had told the guards to get reinforcements but he didn't know the pearl clan was involved. Why? Bo wasn't entirely surprised as he didn't have much trust in clans to begin with. He saw Yua trying to remove the smoke cloud.

"Boa, help them out! Aerial ace!" Bo called out.

"Are you guys okay?" Bo asked.
Kawa Ko, Day 7, Jubilife Village. 20/20.

The smoke had done exactly what Kawa had expected, cause a commotion. He held up his arms to shield his face as the Swift attack hit him straight on, making the ninja step back. Just as he was about to move again, Zashi jumped into the smoke, her weapon making a clear cut on both Kawa's forearms. The pain stinnged, but he had to fight through it.

"Move!" Kawa cried out, the sound of the alarm going off in the background as he broke through the smoke, rushing past Itachi.

He knew they were on to him, he just needed to get to the rooftops to be at an advantage. From the gate he jumped down, seeing guards and even Bo already on their way to his location. Kawa dug grabbed a handful of dirt and dashed ahead, going face to face with a guard, who failed to catch the slippery boy due to the dirt hitting his eyes. While some bug tried to get rid of the smoke, the Pearl Clan member was already bolting for the closest building.

Meanwhile, Kague bit her tongue, trying her best to avoid responding to Julian's call. She was biting so hard, blood was starting to drip down her mouth, but whatever was needed to accomplish her mission. She flinched as she heard that dangerous Dewott go after her loyal partner. But she needed to keep going, she was told to stop no matter what! The Detect activated in her eyes once more, avoiding the attack from who knows where, running through the gate, between some guard's legs, and into the first house in sight, jumping through the window and landing in a bathtub!

Kague cried out along with the woman who was in the middle of her bath, both jumping out of the water as soon as possible. Kague shook the water off her fur while the woman screamed for help. The Eevee burst through the bathroom door and started rampaging through the house while the rest of the family yelled in panic.

In the other gate, Tatsu's unbelievable roar scared away the Glameow, ever single one of them. Some returned back to the wilds, but another handful ran into the town. Lights, screams and frying pans were thrown around the village as random cat like Pokemon began going into their houses, running across their rooftops and getting entangled in their clothes, legs and hair. Asahi had accomplished her mission.

Kawa Ko, Day 7, Jubilife Village. 18/20.

Zisu, Night 7.

The door burst open as the strongest trainer and guard in Jubilife stepped out. She looked down at Etsuko with a stern look, picked her up under her arm and looked around. "I see, tell me everything you know while we make our way over there!"

The woman began running down the street, catching glimpses of people waking up, wild Pokemon running wild everywhere and smoke bombs being dispersed by the gate. She had to keep Etsuko safe, she was their on field medic at the moment and the medical team was going to be busy with the citizens, for now, she needed to focus on the intruder.

"The Pearl Clan?! Who did you see? What Pokemon? How many?" She shook Etsuko while she kept running towards the gate, not noticing the ninja running past her above the buildings. "Yua! Report!" She called out as she reached the gate, "Etsuko, tend to that man!" She pointed at the guard with dirt in his eyes, "Bo use your bugs to chase after the intruder, Itachi, Tatsu, DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE THROUGH THAT GATE"

Miss Fortunes

The fire spread quickly and the three sisters found themselves in the middle of it. Normally, this would be a reason to panic, but the Rhydon's Bulldoze spread through the field, kicking up enough dirt to put the flames down. To match the incoming avalanche, she used her own Rockslide, colliding with the one sent towards them and causing a cloud of dirt to kick up around them.

"Sisters, divide and conquer!" Charm called out

Clover and her Abomasnow headed towards the gate, choosing the side that seemed to be completely empty. Lucky girl, just like her name suggested! She snickered as she arrived to the gate, getting ready to break it down and make her way into the village. "Icicle Crash!"

The snow Pokemon roar as giant ice spears formed above him and began launching towards the wooden gates of Jubilife.

Coin went directly towards the girl commanding the bird and rock Pokemon. "Hey you stupid! Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

The toxic amphibian rushed ahead towards the Geodude, the spikes on his hands gaining an orange flow as he prepared to come down on it with Rock Smash! His momentum was stopped though as his attack collided with the bird Pokemon first, making him jump back.


"Can't run your mouth when you have to face me alone, kid." Charm looked at Rick with an upset look. "I want to see you run around, after this! Bulldoze!"
Hearing Zisu's order, Tatsu nodded before turning to face the outside hoping his Luxio was alright.
Storm pursued Kawa as he ran through the village, ducking past and jumping over obstacles as she went before climbing to the rooftops after him. She did alright keeping up with him but soon decided enough was enough and fired off a Thundershock attack towards him before following up with a Spark, hopefully catching him off guard.
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Etsuko Joy - Team Platinum - Day 7 - Night
[20/20] - Happiny the Chamomile on hand

Etsuko yelped as she was suddenly picked up by Zisu, but she obliged as she ordered her to tell the head of the security corps about the ongoing situation, "I-I- I didn't see how many- I saw a cat pokemon and an Eevee, but no other pokemon," the young Joy stuttered, but told Zisu all she knew about the situation. As she had her feet back on the ground, she stiffened up at the orders being barked around and the commotion. She still did as asked as she went to the guard who had dirt in his eyes.

"I'm the Medic- Come here and I'll help you," Etsuko said to the guard, putting a hand on his shoulder, seeming to now get a grip on herself as she had a singular goal in mind right now. Help this guard.

"I can't open my eyes-" the guard yelped, holding his hands by his eyes as the field medic reached into her sash to get out a waterskin to help him.

"Lean down and I'll pour water to clean the dirt off," she instructed and the guard did as he was asked. Of course getting water into his eyes wasn't pleasant, but he woulf take it over dirt any day. Millie popped out of her pokeball as well to try and be of help and patted the guard by his shin, trying to comfort him.

"Ah! What was that!" He yelled in surprise, trying to see what just touched him, but he couldn't still quite open his eyes without it hurting.

"That's just my pokemon. She won't hurt you. She's trained," Etsuko stated as she led the guards head back down to continue pouring water over his face. While trained was a bit of a stretch, she couldn't give the guard any more reason to be more panicked than he already was.
~Bo Lake...~

A few other galactic patrollers were helping, but Zisu was the first to enter the smoke and raise hell. She took control of the situation quickly. She was telling patrollers what to do. Bo's job was to pursue the intruder. He nodded. He saw the pursuer leave the smoke while Zashi and Boa gradually blew the smoke away. Bo quickly gave to chase, pointing high in the sky for Boa to take to the skies. With Squirmy on the roof, and Boa flying above, they could coordinate directions. Toar remained with Bo as they continued chase. Two pairs of eyes were better than one.

Boa saw the eevee run off, but Bo gestured towards the intruder moving towards the nearest building. He signaled to Toar to fly up high and signal to Squirmy. Bo began charging In to close the gab, and gesturing for Boa to come closer. Boa wasn't sure how dangerous this person was or if they had any other pokémon so he'd need to exercise caution.
Day 7
Itachi "Weasel" Nakamura
Jubilife Village
HP: 20/20
Pokemon: TBD the Aipom

Itachi, after he was sure the smoke was clear, hurriedly made his way through it and towards the front gate, out of the bushes, to assess the situation as quickly and as best as he could, the monkey pokemon hurriedly running after him.

Itachi looked around, his eyes widened at the rapidly increasing chaos, as he stood at the front gate, not fully sure what to do, before he heard the commotion of an Eevee "rampaging" through someone's house off to the side.

Itachi looked over when he heard it, before he bit his lip and looked down at the Aipom, who looked back up at him, the two sharing a small nod before they hurried over in the direction of the house, where Itachi quickly flung the door open; he stood in front of the door after he had flung it open; as he did, Aipom quickly charged into the house, and started to search for the Eevee, in an attempt to fight and or scare it off, or contain it somewhere so it couldn't cause further harm, and be one less problem that was currently in the village.

When Aipom had entered, Itachi quickly did the same, hands raised, and made sure his Galaxy Team logo was visible, as he nervously smiled at the family.

"Hi, everything's- don't freak out- everything is gonna be under control- Galaxy Team- don't hit the purple monkey, he's with me - don't hit me either, please - trying to get rid of the OTHER one, sorry i'm in your house!" he spoke all in one breath, before he darted out of the entrance room, in an attempt to locate either the Aipom or Eevee.
Rick [HP: 13/20]
Day 7 - Jubilife Village

"Nice, granny! Two days of waiting, it would be a shame if this was over so quickly." Rick shouted with arms crossed, as the Rhydon pettered down the flames. The other two girls received orders to split up. While the older one would take on Rick, the one with the Toxicroak would take on Fujiki. While the younger-looking one with the Abomasnow would take on... nobody? That didn't seem right. Fujiki was late, but she was there. Shiroi though? Rick was still wondering where the hell that guy was. But he also didn't have much time to think about it.

"Lady! If you have any complaints, climb up here and write it down on my Complaints Book!" He said to the woman, waving up his pokedex in one hand. "Of course, this is the part where being a few decades younger would help you." He added, putting the book back into his beltpocket. Turns out the woman didn't need to climb. Her Rhydon would take care of bringing Rick and Iris down to her level with a Bulldoze. The tremors caused the two to stumble. The difference was that Iris slid down the hill and landed on all fours, whereas Rick did a nice scorpion as he landed on his chest.

"Well played, old timer. You're the living proof that with age comes experience." Said Rick, as he stood up. "It's just a shame it's being wasted in such a pitiful life style." He continued, dusting his clothes before mounting Iris. "The whole village already knows you're here, so I suggest we have some fun before the Security Corps arrives and ruins it." From the corner of the eye, Rick saw the braided girl with the Abomasnow knocking at Jubilife's door. "First, though..." Iris suddenly turned and started running towards it. "I don't remember them ordering any Christmas Tree here!" Said Rick, as he held onto Iris while she ran a full circle arround the Abomasnow to trap it, before they left the circle and started heading towards the Rhydon. "Think fast, lady!"
Yua Yamamoto
Day 7, Night
Location: Jubilife Village Gate to Obsidian Fieldlands
Trainer HP: 18/20
: Zashi the Dewott; Julian the Eevee
Condition(s): Bandaged (Wounds are covered and are healing properly)

Interactions: Kawa Ko and Kague the Eevee (Hecotoro), Storm the Luxio (Draco Nightshade), Zisu
Mentions: Itachi and Aipom (BloodRedRobot), Bo Lake (ThAtGuY101), Tatsu, Avani the Teddiursa, and Merlin the Stantler (Draco Nightshade), Etsuko Joy and Chamomile the Happiny (IDKWhatUserNameToDo), Asahi the Glameow (Hecotoro)

Bo had asked if they were okay after siccing his bug at Kawa, to which Yua nodded. She looked back at the cloud, waiting for whoever was in it to leave. Zashi had seen Kawa and her eyes widened. Then glowered at his apparent betrayal. Kawa ran out, and Yua barely knew what she saw. She saw Kawa. She did. She just didn't want to believe it. Zashi was throwing obscenities in her own tongue at the fleeing Kawa, as Yua tried to get her mind back to what she was doing. She ran back, saw Zisu running out with Etsuko, who was treating a man who had gotten something in his eyes.

Julian, meanwhile, used Quick Attack to try and catch Kague, but missed as she used Detect. Growling, he pivoted on his forelegs and chased her down, only to stop briefly as she jumped in someone's home. He walked around it, seeing Itachi and his Aipom going inside to get Kague out. But with all this commotion, Kague might slip out from under him, so Julian waited for Kague to come out through the door, crouched and ready to pounce her when he even saw a hair of her get past the doorframe. There were a bunch of Glameow everywhere now, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from laying in wait.

Hearing Zisu call for a report, she yelled back at her after she was done delegating to her team. "Zisu, Kawa from the Pearl Clan just got through and he's on the rooftops. He used a Glameow and his Eevee. I'm sure my Eevee will be trying to find his Eevee. I have not yet seen the Glameow, but it's probably around here. She's female. Tatsu's Luxio is chasing Kawa."

Right as she said that, she saw lightning arcing towards Kawa's position. She swallowed. She realized Itachi wasn't at the gate. "Oh shit. Itachi's not at the gate. Zashi, go chase Kawa down and capture him. Alive." Yua put the last word with a stern tone, before walking back to the gate to keep watch. With a nod, Zashi ran through the chaos, climbed atop a building, and used Aqua Jet to get in closer to Kawa and maybe hit him if he was too distracted by Storm.