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XY/ORAS Singles Let's Go . . . Another Team


Formerly Aurora Beam
My official competitive team . . . up for refinement
(sheer force) Nidoking @ life orb
-earth power
-ice beam

(defeatist) Archeops @ no item
-stealth rock
-dragon Breath

(scrappy) exploud @ assault vest
-incinerate (or hyper voice)
-focus blast

(magic bounce) espeon @ Twisted spoon
-future sight
-shadow ball
-dazzling gleam

I will take constructive criticism
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Green Dragon

Formerly supertrainer300
Just one or two pieces of advice:

Exploud: Scrappy and Boomburst, I personally find those go well with max SpA / Spe, as well as Choice Scarf, because sweeps.

Nidoking: You're running Surf on a Sheer Force Nidoking. That is no-no. Switch that to TBolt, for extra power + perfect coverage.

On the whole, pretty good. Although I question the use of only 4 Pokemon.
For Archeops:
- Dragon Breath is a pretty terrible move on Archeops or in general. A rock move is what you should have in its place. Stone edge if your feeling lucky with that chance to hit or Rock slide. Depending on if you run it as a lead you could always consider roost or taunt as well for a more supportive role.

For Exploud:
- Incinerate made me giggle. It does very little damage to anything really, consider replacing it with flamethrower or Fire blast.
- Crunch is fine if you really want to run it as a mixed attacker. Surf works well for an all out special sweeper set. Ice Beam is another possibility.

For Espeon:
- There are better options then Future sight for its attacking potential. Signal beam gives you more coverage, Grass Knot works as well. More importantly Espeon actually has a decent pool of supporting moves you could look into as well since you already have Exploud as a special sweeper. Reflect/Light screen along with a light clay can help out a lot even after Espeon has fainted. Status moves are always useful as well as lacking from your current team. Thunderwave, Toxic, Yawn and even Attract can all be quite useful.

A 4 pokemon team makes little sense to me as well. There are so many roles you could use to help your team and so much coverage to be had, it seems odd to limit yourself.