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Five, Six, Seven...and Done!" A loud, booming voice called throughout a large, echoey dance studio.

Roaring music was blaring in the room, but as the thunderous voice came to a halt, so did the music. Immediately, seconds into the silence, several deep huffs and puffs could be heard as several teens-young adults panted. Everyone had just finished running through a dance routine taught to them earlier that day - the current session had lasted a solid three hours up to the occurring point. Almost everyone's limbs felt sore, and it was quite obvious, so the Instructor, who had just been shouting out counts, dismissed them all to get water.

This was none other than one of the often dance practices of SM Entertainment, one of the largest and most successful pop culture music companies in all of Korea. Some of the biggest names in K-Pop, successful winners, and world renowned idols belonged to SM Ent. Groups and artists like Red Velvet, EXO, Taeyeon, NCT, Super Junior, SHINee and many more belong to the label and continued to grow and dominate the industry to date. Naturally, several fans and young talent wanted to get in on the opportunity to become a hit success as well, so people from all over the world attended several auditions for companies for a chance to be picked up and signed as a Trainee, a novice performer with the potential to eventually become an official artist and make it big. Companies like SM, as well as other big name productions such as YG, JYP, Cube, Pledis, and much more held auditions frequently; always being on the lookout for new talent ranging from singers, dancers, musicians, film acting, managers, etc.

SM Ent. had just commenced their largest ever Global Auditions two months ago in late 2017, judges and agents being spread literally world wide in hopes to find stars in more branched out countries. All together in the spam of 8 weeks, literally thousands of people had auditioned. Several upon several had been rejected, some were quickly welcomed, and some had barely made the cut. This was where dreams would begin to come true for the young talents, and the experience and journey of a lifetime.

Among the decently sized number of performers who had passed the auditions was Park Jihyun, a 17 year old born in Incheon, Korea. He would make frequent visits to Seoul while growing up, due both to his schooling being located there, and his love for the hustle-and-bustle of the city. It was very similar to Incheon, but something about the air there gave it an extra factor that he simply enjoyed being surrounded by. He had grown up singing and acting as a hobby, performing often in school plays and musicals, however around the age of 12 he had picked up dancing - and he realized his true passion for it. Musically, he had fallen in love with korean pop music and tuned in often to endless amounts of music shows and kept up with any idol soloist or group he found interesting. His favorites tended to be the five membered girl group, Red Velvet, and people like Chanyeol, etc. He was secretly a dork on the inside, crushing on all of them. So naturally, when SM Ent. had promoted their new auditions, had to jump at the chance.

In the past couple of years he had actually attended quite the amount of auditions, but always fell short when it came to other companies. A bit resilient and air-headed, though, Jihyun never let those failures stop him. Auditioning for SM was probably one of the most stressful, and anxious-filled things he had ever done - but when results came back and he made the further rounds, he slowly became more confident and hopeful...as well as extremely excited. From the moment when he ended up reading the email informing him of passing the auditions, to the moment he was signing the contract, he held a very hyped composure. The contract was long and actually quite complicated, but he and his parents themselves were so thrilled that they didn't have a second thought before scribbling down their signatures.

That all came to modern day, Jihyun and the others living as Trainees for around a month now. The dyed-blonde sounded a murmer of relief as he hastily absorbed the ice cool water from his bottle. The dance routine at hand had been credibly much harder than the ones the Trainees had learned earlier. Even though it had only been four weeks so far, it seemed that the longer that time went on and the more they improved, practice sessions got longer and more difficult. Shin had expected this, though.
Celebrities didn't reach the top just doing nothing, he guessed.
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Previously Sarah316
"Oh oh Oh...no not right."

"Oh oh oh OH! No, still not there."

"oh OH oh oh Oh...d-darn it! Why can't I get my pitch right?"

For the sixteen year old American born Korean, it had been a long road for Amy Young. Amy had auditioned in numerous American companies, and while her dancing had been praised and she was considered having possessed a "good" voice, it lacked much range and her tone shifts needed work. To say they were unnatural would have been kind, so she was unable to make the progress she dreamed of.

Still Amy was never one to have throne in the towel and decided to try her luck on the native land of her grandparents, the K-Pop capital of the world in Korea. While her bilingual tongue served her well, the weakness in her vocals did not disappear overseas. Still, Amy had worked on improving her tone and range and now had an opportunity with SM Entertainment, one of the largest and most successful pop culture music companies in all of Korea where many of the nation's top stars and groups came from their banner. So the platform was just what she needed, now she just had to make the most of her chance.

Which is why she was working on a tempo in one of the practice areas, as she tried to shift her pitch. Trying to raise and lower her voice's tone in a smooth manor. It was...mixed to say the least which was a source of frustration for the aspiring pop performer. Amy decided that a break was needed as she took a sip of her water bottle and had began to process ways to correct this issue of hers. There had to be a solution, Amy was sure of that much.
Levi was sat down, resting. They had just finished one of the training sessions, and Levi was already tired. One of the trainees went up to them with a bag full of water bottles, he then gave them to every member that was sat down, including Levi. Levi picked it, nodding and smiling, like a "thanks" with no words at all. Levi looked at the water bottle, staring at his face, which was being reflected on the water inside the bottle, he was looking at it and laughing because his face was distorted and weird. "Guys, let's try to see who drinks this water first?" Levi said, looking at his two friends, which were on his right, their names were Jae-Nee and Ji-Sung.

"Right! But you know that I'm going to be the first!!!" Ji-Sung said, opening a smile that was one of his characteristics because it looked like a heart. Levi nodded, looking at Jae-Nee, who smirked. "That's going to be easy, I'm going to win!" Jae-Nee said, holding the water bottle next to his chest. "I will count, ok?!" Ji-Sung said, looking at Levi, who nodded, and he then looked at Jae-Nee, and he also nodded. "Hmph! One... two... three... GOMENASAI!" Ji-Sung said, and Levi moved his hand towards his face, but he then stopped it, rolling his eyes towards Ji-Sung, slightly moving his eyelids together, and Ji-Sung started to laugh. Jae-Nee knew how Ji-Sung was, and he didn't even move his hand, and he also laughed when Levi almost smashed the water bottle against his own face. "Okay, now it is true... one... two... three... GOOOOO!!!" Ji-sung screamed, opening the bottle on his hand and drinking the water, but, he was the last one to finish drinking the water. The first was Jae-Nee, and he looked proud.

"Lucky, I was almost finishing mine when you finished yours..." Levi said, chuckling. He then turned his head to the speaker, which was telling every person who sat down to go back to their training, and it also said that every person who was already training should sit down and rest. Levi raised his eyebrows, nodding and getting up, walking forwards and standing next to his friends, they then started to do their common tasks again.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Kim Taeyang leaned back against a wall as soon as the dance instructor gave a break to all the SM Trainees. Why did I sign up for this again? Taeyang asked himself for the millionth time during his trainee years, only one year actually. The struggles of becoming an idol he guessed. He always thought of the outcome of the rather than the work idols put themselves through. When people say they are in it for the journey rather than the destination, they're lying; the destination is where it's at. Taeyang picked up his water bottle that was beside him and took a huge gulp of the ice cold water, which cooled his overheated and sweaty body. Putting the water down, the Korean-American gave a sigh to when did this korean idol madness start.

It was soon right after he had moved from Wellington, New Zealand to Seoul, S. Korea. At the age of 10, Taeyang still hasn't found his hobby. It wasn't until one day he had seen the MAMAs, or also known as Mnet Asian Music Awards, with his parents on the television. Seeing singers singing in front of live television, he suddenly aspired to be like those K-pop idols. Taeyang took an interest in singing, and surprisingly, he was not half-bad at singing. Taeyang pick-up dancing along the way as well, mainly Hip-Hop and Contemporary. Sure, his dancing skills wasn't on par as his vocal skills, but he wouldn't say he's not skilled in dancing.

Third times the charm as the saying goes. And third times the charm it was. His first audition for JYP Entertainment was a bust as he wasn't able to hit his notes due to nervousness. Of course, he didn't make it. His second audition was actually for a smaller industry: Starship Entertainment. unfortunately that was a bust as he conveniently fell during his audition for dancing. That was another bust. He was respectively the ages of 11 and 13 during those audition. Luckily, SM Entertainment had accepted and welcomed Taeyang into their company as a trainee as he audition with both singing and dancing.

Now that left him to where he was now. Dying from the intense training for trainees, maybe regretting his decision. But he wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon. He made it this far already, so why should he give up now. It's been a year already of being an SM Trainee. He should start working harder. Alright Taeyang. Suck it up and work hard. Taeyang mentally scolded himself. Who knows, maybe if he works harder, he may debut sooner than he thought.
Jihyo wiped some sweat from the edges of her brows, finally given a break from the dance practice that she and several other trainees had recently just endured. She sighed, making her way towards one of the benches in the studio and exhaustedly taking a seat. She wanted to throw a fit - dancing was something she was decent at but it definitely was not her forte. She drank and water in small but quick sips, trying to hydrate herself without overdoing it, in fear of the possibility of throwing up in front of everyone here. The auburn-brunette looked across the room of all of the talented (and some disastrous) people in the room. Some her age, some in their early twenties, and some even almost a whole decade younger than herself. This was insane, really. This was nothing like the experience she had in the past.

The young Japanese girl had moved to Korea from Kyoto, Japan, at the age of 13. But only half of a year prior to that, she was associated for a small japanese entertainment label called Avex Inc., where she had learned quickly how to develop her voice, and even make an appearance in a couple of film dramas. The main goal that Jihyo dreamed of as a child was to become a famous actress, however, being in a family that had much rather preferred Korean style entertainment over JPop and Dramas, she spent much more time watching and hearing about the Idols of the neighboring country. Eventually, the thought of performing in a musically inclined style had enticed her, and soon enough she began developing her voice in her old company's vocal department. Unfortunately, Avex Inc. began to be investigated due to the several business-holes, and rumors of the mistreatment of their talents. Eventually, the entertainment company had become so veiled in lies and corruption, it was forced to shut down. It left a lot of their clients and trainees hanging dry. Jihyo's parents took this as the opportunity to start anew, and packed up - moving to Daejeon, South Korea.

Upon their arrival, the 13 year old immediately wished to jump back into the entertainment scene, instead of giving up, however her mother wished constantly for her to find a more reliable and safe career path. For 4 more years Jihyo had remained in the "normal world", focusing on school and such, but after actually sneaking on a train after school to attend an audition in Seoul, she was notified of her acceptance two weeks later.

A month later, here she was, a trainee in one of the biggest companies in korean pop culture, truly a dream come true. Well...a dream turned nightmare, as of now. She couldn't feel her legs, and was already tired from her 2 hour vocal lesson before the current dance session. It was all over now, though. According to the schedule the company gave her, she should have a couple hours of free time before heading off to her language/communication class. She stood, stretching and feeling like jello, getting ready to head back to her dorm.
"Mm-Mm-Mm! Don't leave just yet, children!" A voice suddenly spoke, coming from the speakers scattered along the walls of the dance studio. The source came from a small, curly-headed tan woman who stood where the instructor usually did during sessions. She was dressed in a three piece business suit, and gave off a warm smile. Definitely a manager. Joining her were two more figures, both males, who wore similar clothing. One of them held a clipboard cradled in their left arm.

"I'm going to have to ask all of our Trainee's that have joined us since June of 2016 to gather in Platform 5 of Building A, please! We will be expecting to see those of you called in 20 minutes!" The lady spoke, while keeping a solid smile. After her short announcement, the formal unit of three managers walked out of the dance studio without another word and went on to announce the same message in each of the remaining dance, vocal, acting, and other category sessions.

Instantly, murmurs spread throughout the dance studio, some people becoming rapidly anxious already, and some becoming excited. Soon, a different voice came through the speakers, but it was a male's voice - and it repeated the same kind of announcement the woman a few minutes prior had. Except this time, it was a broadcast from the main offices - which meant it would be an important announcement.

Jihyun had no idea how to feel, as he had only experienced this kind of situation once before - and at that time they had just gathered everyone into Building A to announce another building was constructed into progress. But, why would they only request the attendance of the trainees of the last two years? Who knows, perhaps this was just another good announcement? The lady seemed in good enough spirits, so he decided to relax and look forward to whatever was about to reveal itself.

After finishing his water, he tossed the bottle in the trash and picked up his bag and headed to the bathroom. He had 20 minutes, so he used the time to wipe the sweat from his body and change clothing, deciding to shower off later after the excitement settled down and he had a couple hours break. Soon after changing, he joined in on the sheep-like group of trainees heading towards one of the biggest buildings within the SM Headquarters.
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Previously Sarah316
Alright, alright! I think I'm having a good rhythm going...or close to one. Just gotta build on this and...

However, Amy's thoughts that concerned her recent trial run before she heard the general announcement which cut off her thoughts and any rhythm she had going which caused her to curse. Just when things seemed to be going decent, Amy thought to herself as she had let out an annoyed sigh.

However, Amy also realized that whatever this announcement was had to be serious so it would be best to just go along with it. Setting the studio mic aside Amy would grab her personal bad and had began to make her way towards what had to be one of the larger buildings here at SM HQ. Building A, and she would search for this Platform 5 all the while she had tried to keep her nerves down.

It's okay...it's okay, just gotta go in with confidence. You can do this, you can do this...

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
“Thank you!” Taeyang said to the administrator, along with a couple of other trainees. Apparently the trainees from last year on June, were to come to Building A, Platform 5. A whole bunch of trainees stood up and left immediately. Some went the opposite direction, as the info was probably not referring to them. Taeyang was among the students who left to go to the informed building. He was a trainee of 2016 after all, having one year of solid training already. But there was a solid twenty minutes before the trainees were required to be there. Taeyang decided to head to his dorm real quick to change attire. If there’s a big meeting going on, better look fresh, sharp, and casual. If there wasn’t, well at least he feels cleaner.
Just as Jihyo was heading out of the dance studio, her and others were stopped and directed towards the three professional looking adults that had suddenly made their way into the room. She was confused, but listened on as the woman spoke about an announcement. All trainees brought along into the company as of 2016 were to meet in Building A.

"Oh, cool!" She mumbled to herself, half enthusiastically but also carried a sarcastic tone. The amber-haired girl was curious as to what her higher-ups had to say, but she was really looking forward to a quick nap or something to eat. She sighed and stretched - heading off with the crowd towards the large building; her strawberry muffin laying within her dorm would have to wait a little longer.

She took the tie out of her ponytail, allowing her curls to drop and relax around her shoulders, and threw on her white hoodie over her practice clothes. It wasn't any fancy attire, but it was enough get rid of the hot-and-sweaty-from-dance appearance.

Jihyo had no idea what to expect, and grew more excited as they neared the metropolitan looking building. She had only been an SM recruit for a month or so, and had only entered the main quarters once before to sign the commitment contract. Hopefully she would be able to see more this time around.
After two long hours, a voice coming from a speaker said: Every trainee, head to the dorms. As Levi, Ji Sung and Jae heard that they instantly ran towards the dorms, which were in a different building. Levi ran down the stairs inside the dancing practice rooms, getting to the first floor and running out of the building, running towards the dorms, which were about 45 feet away from the main building, which was where they were.

"WAIT FOR MEEEE!!!" Ji Sung yelled, almost tripping over his own leg. He managed to get to the first floor, but he was hit by a lot of other trainees, and he fell down, getting stomped by them, and, as he got up, he smiled and gave Jae, who had just got downstairs, a thumbs up, with his left eye completely purple due to one of the stomps.

Levi finally got into the dorms building, and he walked towards his room, which was room 34, he opened the room, and it had three beds, he went towards the only bathroom in the room, taking his clothes off and walking in the bath, sitting down and taking a bath, and he obviously closed the door.

Ji Sung and Jae arrived at the dorms building, walking towards their room, opening the door. Ji Sung walked towards the mirror, and he gasped, opening the fridge and getting some cubes of ice, placing them inside a plastic bag and placing it on his left eye, and Jae went towards the bathroom door, knocking it, and Levi screamed "WAAAAAIT".

After Levi took his bath, he opened the door and looked at Ji Sung, and he approached him, looking at his left eye. "DAMN, DUDE, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE?! THAT THING IS TERRIBLE!!!" Levi yelled, touching his eye, and he started to laugh, pushing him off. "Bro, you're so funny with that eye... Haha!" Levi said, walking towards his bed and lying down on it, closing his eyes and placing the blanket over his body.

As Jae went off the bathroom, he did the same, and Ji Sung took a bath, did something weird to his eye and attached a weird cloth on it, and he then went towards his bed, placing the blanket over his body, closing his eyes, like the others.
During the time of the trainees being ushered and guided into Building A, they would most likely be able to notice the beauty of the construction's interior. It was the largest building on the set of the headquarters, and held a very bright white aesthetic. Quite expensive and posh lights hung from the ceiling, and the walls were decorated with the faces and names of the current debuted artists signed with SM, and also promoted their recent singles and albums with concept art displayed in every direction, as well as the Idols' music playing gently through the speakers of the building.

Aside from being a large mob type of crowd, it was quite obvious as to who the trainees in the room were. Almost all of the young debut-wannabe's, including Jihyun, walked along with the herd turning their heads in all sorts of directions - admiring the white, soft, and poised furniture throughout the building. Several desks and office-entryways were noticeable as the group passed them, moving on and blindly following one of the Assistant Managers. Multiple newer trainees kept there heads up and remained alert - all in hopes to possibly catch a glimpse of any of the debuted stars that may be wandering around. Since the only way to get into the professional recording studios and manager offices was traveling through different parts of Building A, it wasn't too uncommon to spot one of the Idols lurking about every now and then.

Jihyun would be the first to admit that he could get star-struck pretty easily, but he particularly was calm and never had a burning passion to collide with an Idol just yet. The blonde teen actually felt bad for the celebrities at times; realizing that they probably dealt with crazed fans a lot of the time. He wanted to be able to give them some space instead of getting all in their face and business during their downtime - plus, despite his playful personality, he did wish to keep an air of maturity and professionalism... famous artists didn't act like psychopathic fans whenever they met other artists, and that's exactly what he wished to be, so best to act like it now so he would be prepared for the (hopeful) future.

Finally, the trainees were lead to an open meeting room. They were instructed to fill in the large open space of the room, assembling in front of a short platform with a podium and microphone set up. It was a bit awkward at first, as Jihyun just stood among the silent gathering of anxious young adults, all of who were unsure about what would happen. However, after a few minutes went by, a man walked up on to the stage. He was a tall, middle-aged man with thin, bright eyes and prominent ears, giving him a naturally jolly look. Looking out into the group of trainees, he spoke into the mic.

"Hello, children!" He began in a happy tone. Children was a bit of an odd choice of terminology, considering he wasn't too old looking himself. But he continued on. "I thank you for gathering here so quickly, and apologize for the wait. However, I would like to introduce myself. I am Lee SoonChun, Head Executive of the Trainee Board. My team is responsible for each of you being here... and to cut to the point, first I wish to say how happy as we are to have met all of you and to have you in our SM Family! Unfortunately... I am afraid that there was been a bit of haste when bringing aboard our recruits as of two years ago. To explain, we have had a number of employee's in our committee that had the task of taking on all of you talented young ones under our wing. Recently, we have discovered that certain employees were disrespectful, incompetent, and non-diligent when it came to the auditioning process, and had become a bit...uncooperative."

Jihyun listened on, and he could feel tension beginning to rise inwardly. SoonChun선생님 had begun his speech in a light, positive tone. But it seemed he was climaxing to an eventual unwelcomed point. He was obviously using as many formal words as possible to deliver his intent in a cautious way.

"We within the company have come across some errors in our system - in several departments of trainee development. It seems our now formal employees have recruited a bit too large of an amount of you, including some of who were not particularly supposed to have been allowed passed auditions... meaning that some of you will have to be leaving our program." SoonChun선생님 said. His speech and joyful tone slowed and faded towards the end of his sentences. He sounded almost regretful, but quite blunt. He noticed some of the faces in the crowd turn to panic, but he continued talking.

"Fear not, though! You will all have an opportunity to stay within the company. Since our files are blurred and disorganized, we want all of you to have the ability to prove to us that you want to stay here. You may have noticed our Sa-Jang사장 (CEO) is not fond of participating in coerced reality shows such idol producing and such as other companies do. However, we are fairly excited to announce to you all that you will have the opportunity to show your skills and keep a place as an SM Trainee through our very own competition-type variety program! Please look forward to it with us, as it will be exciting, interesting, and broadcasted live! SaJang사장 has had several developers work with him in order to create the most versatile competition in order to show your talents, earn your place, and possibly gain public support! More information will be released soon, stay alert for any meetings and please obey our faculty. I am sorry to have to inform you all of this news, but let's make it for the best! Thank you! You are now dismissed."

And with that, Mr. SoonChun was off the stage and followed out of the room by his own little group of businessmen and women - leaving the group of trainees in a blank shock, wondering if what they had heard was reality. Jihyun stood, frozen, unable to comprehend it all...a reality show? Was this serious? He could already hear nearby girls beginning to lightly sob. He could understand the sadness and fear, though. He personally had only been working with SM for about a month, but this effected people training for the past two years. He could hardly believe it, and had no idea how to respond.

SM Entertainment not only just vaguely explained that they were going to possibly revoke multiple hard working talents from the company, but they would be leeching off of their misfortune and making a profit from the public audiences. None of this made sense, and it was very questionable as to why they would do such a thing. Whatever "competition" was going on, though, Shin knew he had to fight to stay. These dreams would not be accomplished by just hoping.
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Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
(Sorry for the long dead wait lol, I'm alive and hopefully able to roleplay again)

It took a solid two minutes for the Head CEO's information to seep into Taeyang's head. It couldn't fully grasp and understand why this was happening. Taeyang thought he was doing solid on both his vocals and dance training sessions. Though it's still a bit understandable with all the new trainees that had joined for last year and this year. The SM company decided to make a competition slash reality show for the trainees. This competition is going to be different from the generic k-pop idol reality television shows. Instead of competing for a spot to debut with a k-pop idol group, the trainees were fighting to stay as trainees in SM. As if Taeyang wasn't stressed enough, he has to stress to stay in the company. And he did not want to come home as a disappointment. He did not give up his education to not debut. He did not want to join another company. He already made decent friends here and did not want to leave them either. He guessed he'd just have to not lose.

Taeyang went back to his shared dorm and decided to text his family about his not so small controversy. His eyes watered up a bit with his vent, but he had to hold it in having to practice later after the call. Taeyang was a sensitive man, but that doesn’t mean he wants to tell the world that he was a cryer. Cleaning himself up a bit, Taeyang made sure he looked presentable before headed out to the next SM Trainee practice.


Previously Sarah316
Rather than go back to her dorm as others had, Amy had dashed back to one of the practice rooms for vocalists and had grabbed a mic. Amy had been in a panic since the announcement had been made, a competition? Just for the right to remain a trainee for SM Entertainment? Amy knew that leaving was not an option, she had exhausted seemingly all other openings and had grown to like this place a great deal. No matter what. Amy was gonna do whatever it took to stay, and clearly she had known the area of weakness for her so she felt there wasn't any time to waste as she began to practice.

I can't leave here, I promised myself that I was gonna make it. If I get kicked out here, I don't know what else to do. Where else to go, so I won't let it happen! I have to get this darn pitch down, give myself range...no matter what it takes.

"Oh oh OH! D-darn it! Okay, deep breath Amy, you got this...Oh oh OH oh oh..."
The rhythmic clicking of the metronome sounded loudly, beating at roughly 158 beats per minute as Gyung-Hoon practiced. He performed an airflare, a common move known among the B-Boy society, spinning 180 degrees every click. The dorm room didn't really allow for much space, as most of it had been occupied by the beds, but it was just spacious enough to accommodate a few B-Boy moves. After 3 or 4 spins and an occasional mid-air switch to another hand whilst doing so, Gyung-Hoon spun into an upright standing position, fell backward and jackknifed to his feet. "Wow," He panted, wiping away a large bead of sweat from his brow. "That was the best one yet." In 20 minutes, he would have to make his way to Building A, but he was putting a little bit more practice in. He just needed to solidify the consistency of his dancing; his singing was already where he'd wanted it to be.

Gyung-Hoon downed a water bottle in seconds and wiped his face with a towel, getting ready to head to Building A. He changed into a black v-neck tee and black sweatpants, slipping on a pair of white sneakers. Gyung-Hoon saw his face in the mirror and made a face before taking off his rectangular glasses and carefully inserting contact lenses instead. He took a small dollop of hair gel and slicked his hair to the left. Much better. He grinned at himself in the mirror and headed out of the dorm, locking the door behind him. Here we go.

As Gyung-Hoon made his way to Building A, the structure most distinguishable due to it's lustrous white color, he found his hands shaking with either excitement or fear. According to 순천 선생님, some trainees would not be here to stay. Not only that, but the 사장님 had organized it to be competition-based and broadcasted live, which intensified Gyung-Hoon's apprehension and excitement. He smirked and ran a hand through his hair, directing his gaze upward at the giant white tower that would decide his fate. "아이고, 인제 재미있어지네." (Translation: "Oh man, it's starting to get interesting now.")
(Apologies! Got caught up in some school and such)

Jihyo, indeed, was one of the few girls that could be heard lightly sobbing soon after SoonChun선생님 left the room, leaving behind the dramatic shock that he had placed in the room. What? There was a chance that she would have her career as a trainee ended again? None of this made sense... she couldn't comprehend how the company could be so careless in who they allow as staff. The fate and future of literally hundreds of performers -idols, trainees, actors, and even backup dancers alike- were held in the hands of these business men and women. Mistakes as intense as these in these departments should have been prevented!

She left the building, quickly making her way to her dorms, accompanied by a couple friends of hers.

"And to make it worse, they're trying to leech money and attention off of this and turn it into a reality show!" The amber haired girl ranted aloud. She continued on until her friends had separated as they headed to their own dorm rooms, but even then she continued to banter on, however this time a bit quieter in fear of running into an executive or some sort.

As she went inside her room, making sure to slam the door shut behind her, she plopped on to the bed as if she were a young child throwing a tantrum. She couldn't help but wonder, though, how Amy had felt about all of this. She hadn't seen her roommate in Building A for the announcement, or all day in that matter. She had most likely been in the studio all day trying to master her vocal techniques again.

Rolling over and looking up to her dorm ceiling, she simply sat clinging to a pillow. If she was going to do this thing, she would have to mature. Jihyo knew that crying wouldn't solve anything, the only thing that will is proving that SM does not have the right to just kick her out. However, she was glad she had a free couple of hours to still sit and sulk for the time-being.
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Previously Sarah316
After a prolong period of practice, Amy decided it would be best to take a break. Working herself to death now would do no good, Amy reminded herself the importance of pacing.

On her way back to her dorm, she happened to take note of who appeared to be another trainee, Gyung-Hoon, though she had no way of knowing the name. Amy considered her options.

Should I go talk to him? Socialize? What if he is not interested? I mean we are competitors here and what not, but then again there is a chance we could both make it and work together in the future.
On his way out of the dormitory building, Gyung-Hoon noticed a girl heading toward the dorm. Well, might as well talk to someone during my stay here. It'd be pretty boring without any friends, right? He grinned and waved, greeting her in his native tongue. "Hey, there! I'm assuming you're a trainee as well? That announcement really changed the atmosphere, huh?" Gyung-Hoon chuckled and extended his hand for the girl to shake. "I'm Gyung-Hoon. Pleasure to meet you."
Park Jihyun was pretty much just loitering around Building A as several devastated, yet some unfazed trainees left after hearing the announcement of SM's mistake. Millions of thoughts ran through his head as he just wandered the lobby and halls, even though he knew he shouldn't have been. He came across two people, a young boy and girl, who seemed to just be meeting. The girl actually looked pretty similar to himself, having western america features in her face as well. He heard one of them mention the recent announcement of the competition and inevitable dropping of talent within the company. Frankly, he was bored being bored did not knowing how to react in these times to what he had just heard, so Shin approached the two- who he assumed to be trainees as well- and jumped in the conversation.

After the girl would have had a chance to respond to the boy, the blonde teen came up from behind her.

"Yes, indeed! Things are getting a bit hectic, and I've heard that some of the others are already heading out to end their contract since they can't handle the stress..." He spoke, obviously offering simple rumors that had come across his ears. "I'm Jihyun, nice to meet the both of you!" He greeted, in an oddly positive mood.

He knew he wasn't exactly invited to the conversation, but that didn't stop the extrovert from enjoying some company and possibly getting in on some drama. He simply couldn't help himself.
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Previously Sarah316
Before Amy had a chance to respond to Gyung-Hoon's comment, the voice of what she had assumed was another trainee caused her to startle as she glanced over to see another guy, who had announced himself as Shin, insert himself into the conversation which she felt was a bit rude, but given the way things had gone she had to account for extra anxiety or even energy among people. So being mad was not gonna solve anything as she focused more on calming herself before she faced the two.

"Y-yeah, way to get us on our toes I guess. Still though quitting is not an option for me. I've come to far to go back home now, I will not be denied!" Amy called out, making note of her belief in herself even if some nerves escaped her lips. Either way, she felt that she owed it to them to introduce herself as she smiled at the pair.

"My name is Amy. Amy Young. Nice to meet you both." Amy said, as she spoke in Korean which made her thankful she was fluent in more than one language. Would make communication and perhaps forming bonds much easier, she thought to herself.
Gyung-Hoon chuckled upon Hyung-Syo's interruption and grinned at him and Amy. "Likewise." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Looking at the two, he noticed that they both had some facial features more common in the United States than here in South Korea. "Well, I'm feeling a bit nervous more than anything right now, though before the announcement, I was totally confident about how my audition's gonna go; higher stakes'll do that to you, I guess." Gyung-Hoon chuckled.
~*~*~*~*~* Post Two Days *~*~*~*~*~

Jihyun sat in an open-spaced room in a plastic circle, alongside ten other male trainees, as their chairs were all gathered in a circle. A female vocal coach sat in a chair of her own the middle of the circle. Each teenage/young adult had taken turns singing runs as they were prompted one by one, but then eventually all together. The Trainer continued to give the boys vocal exercises all together before prompting them to sing specific songs in harmony with certain trainees in the room. The singers did as instructed, but there was a bit discomfort within the room.

It had been two days since the dreadful announcement that a flaw was in the performance system of SM, and eventually there would be several less trainees around to pursue their dreams with the guidance of Lee SooMin's company. However, calmness had somewhat returned as the next two days went on - most people were relaxed - except for when it came to practices and sessions. The trainees were told by administration that the only way to remain as a trainee (as well as possibly get enough attention to debut) would be through surviving the reality show that they would put on the trim down on the talented within SM. So, everyone had seemed to be on their top game during performance sessions, and done their best to look good - even just for practice.

All trainings seem to have an air of competition to them, before the real competition even began. The young aspirants apparently wanted to show that they were worth being here, and wanted to display the skill sets they would be going into the reality show with. At least - thats how Jihyun felt. He looked around the room as he sang with two other boys in the room as he was instructed, but couldn't help but feel nervous. This session was usually a bit bigger before...around 15 guys. But in the last couple of days, there were quite a few trainees, both boys and girls, that were so intimidated and stressed from the announcement that they had decided to end their contract with SM earlier. The company didn't put much resistance into letting them go, as it would be legally easier on their part.


As soon as his vocal class was over, Jihyun and the others were stopped as they were about to leave the room. The lady that had been coaching them had gotten a message on her phone towards the end of the session that afterwards, she was to make sure all trainees should report to their dorms temporarily, as there would be something waiting for them. This message was sent to all coaches, who then alerted any trainees near them as well.

The blonde teen questioned the Trainer, however she admitted that she had no knowledge of what exactly was "waiting" for them at their rooms. Jihyun sighed heavily, beginning to grow irritated of the company's lack of explanation and anticipation-prone ways. He began heading back to his dorm, stuffing his hands inside his yellow hoodie as he walked. He moved faster the more he pondered about what it would be, as he was sick and tired of the anxiety at this point and wanted to rip the bandage off quickly and see what was happening. As he exited the building, he could see several of the others practically jogging to their dorms as well.

Once he arrived, he unlocked his door with his room key, and quickly pushed the door inwards - to be met by nothing.

"What....is happening??" He spoke aloud, releasing a huff of disappointment and confusion. However, he was soon surprised as his eyes met a large neon pink envelope that laid just at his feet.

Picking it up, he read all three of his, Taeyang, and Gyung-Hoon's names written in Korean on the back. He looked around, noticing that neither of his room mates had appeared yet, and decided not to open it without them. He paced the room, wide-eyed, stressed about what could possibly be inside that slip. He feared the worse, and waited for the two others to arrive.
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Gyung-Hoon ran a hand through his hair as he made his way to the dormitory upon exiting Building A. He wasn't quite sure what was going to be waiting for him when he arrived at his destination, and Gyung-Hoon's mind raced at the thought of what it might be. Was the SM's employees' cooperation taking a turn for the worse, in turn forcing the company to cut people out of the program swiftly? The very thought sent chills down Gyung-Hoon's spine. He opened the door to his dorm room and stepped inside to find Hyungsyo pacing back and forth. three pink envelopes in his hand. "Yo," He greeted in fluent Korean as he waved rather sheepishly, feeling wary at intruding upon Hyungsyo's apparent apprehension. "What you got in your hand there?"


Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Taeyang, finishing up his vocal training, was walking to his locker. Taeyang sighed as he was stressed from the announcement made a few days ago. He didn't want to leave yet. Not now. Taeyang's thoughts were broken suddenly as he recalled what the woman outside the vocal room told the small group. There was an apparent message for the trainees waiting in their rooms. Taeyang pondered what it could be as he packed up his belongings and made his way towards his dorm.

As soon as he arrived, Taeyang sees both Gyung-Hoon and Hyungsyo had already arrived in the room. Taeyang immediately takes notice to the pink neon envelopes Hyungsyo held. "Is that the message," Taeyang asked anxiously. "What did it say?" Taeyang bombarded the questions, wanting to know everything immediately.


Previously Sarah316
Amy had been in a rush, having finished one more some vocal practice before she had heard of the massage the other trainees and as such had made her way to the dorms. As such, Amy had arrived on her own dorm and saw the same pink envelop that she presumed was the "message" that other dorms had, and decided it would be best to wait for her roommate to arrive before she would open it.

Said roommate who she had not gotten to know too well, given she spent most of her free time in private vocal practice, something she had known she had to correct. With little better to do, Amy paced back and forth, nervous as to what the contents of the neon envelop had as she waited for the arrival of her roommate.
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Jihyo was off fetching a snack in the middle of the day after one of her dance lessons. All of that movement seemed to drain and starve her every time - and left her at the current state of munching on a bowl filled with mixed fruit. If she were being honest with herself, all her body wanted was to grab one of the chocolate chip muffins set out on the counter before her within the little cafe next to one of the training buildings, but the Japanese girl knew that her trainers would kill her for taking in those carbs - especially with television production coming into SM Ent. any day now.

She was caught off guard in the middle of her day dreaming, slowly chewing on a grape when she was tapped on her shoulder. Jihyo snapped back to reality, pivoting her position on her stool coming face to face with a casually dressed man with glasses, a whistle hanging around his neck, and a clipboard. He must have been one of the boys' coaches in the physical preparation department, but she had never seen him before. Her assumptions of him being a trainer was confirmed when he alerted her that he had received a message, prompting all trainees to return to their dorms for some kind of message.

The brunette was confused and sighed, but followed orders. She made it to her dorm within a couple minutes, and swung the door open slowly with her right arm, gripping her plastic cup of fruit in the other hand. She was relieved when she aid eyes on Amy, her half-american roommate.

"Hey there!" She said in a perky tone. Jihyo hadn't seen Amy in a good couple of days, due to her not returning to their dorm much later than Jihyo herself had - assumingly from extra vocal lessons...she had began to worry Amy had dropped out in advance as some of the other trainees have.

"So...what exactly is going on? Are those for us?" She asked, pointing to the letters.


Previously Sarah316
Amy had stopped pacing when she saw the arrival of her roommate, Jihyo, who had been a rather perky girl from what she had known of her which admittedly had not been very much due to her own constant practice. Still, she had been determined to establish a good relationship with her roommate as she offered a friendly smile in return.

"Yes, I think so. I was waiting for you to come back before we'd open them." Amy explained, as she knew of nothing of what had been inside the envelopes, but she was able to hold back her curiosity until Jihyo had arrived.
As Jihyun noticed both Taeyang and Gyung-Hoon enter their dorm, he tensed up even more. Now that the three of them were all collected, there was no excuse to further avoid what was inside of the envelope.

"Yo, I guess this is the message that the company intends for us. Its safe to guess that every other trainee has received one of these as well, since I saw everyone else heading up as well." He explained, holding out the neon pink cover. "I wanted to wait for you guys before just ripping into it....but I can't lie, I'm a little nervous."

He finished rambling and took a deep breath, moving over to the mini-couch within the dorm and sat cross-legged, holding the envelope outwards for both guys to see as he poked his thumb in between the closing flap, and began slowly tearing the tape away. He pulled out a white sheet of folded paper, and his mind immediately went to worry. Was it yet another contract of some sort? Or a notice?

The blonde teen decided to unfold it, and held it upwards for everyone to read, hoping they would read it aloud as he decided he was too stressed to lay eyes upon it himself.
All sorts of colorful prints were plastered on to the page, with fancy font typed and printed on to it, with the SM Entertainment logo sealed on the bottom right corner and animated cameras surrounding it. Its appearanced matched that of a flier.

Hello, all aspiring talents! As you know, SM Ent. will be hosting our very first reality show, featuring all of you as the focus of the public eye! We have approximately 50 Trainees signed with SM, and our variety competition will end with only a deserving 25 remaining. Our show's name will be
"SooMin's Survival™" !

All of your practice will be put to the test through assessments, performances, interviews, and even company-wide competition! We hope you look forward to showcasing your talents and hardwork, but be cautious, as you must really show your stuff to keep your spot as an uprising SM Artist!
The full-coverage competition will begin on the 13th of this month! Train your hardest, students, for you succeeding through this competition could open incredible doors for you and your future as a performer!

Best Regards,
-Production Team생산 팀
-Lee Soomin사장

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Gyung-Hoon murmured aloud the words that were printed on the sheet of colorful paper. He whistled. "So, this is just the notice, isn't it? Things are about to get pretty heated then." He rubbed the back of his neck rather tensely as he soaked in what the message had meant. In all honesty, Gyung-Hoon was finding it quite hard to keep his calm as he breathed in and out. "This certainly doesn't help the mood that 순천 선생님 had set with his other announcement earlier, does it?


Previously Sarah316
"Hello, all aspiring talents! As you know, SM Ent. will be hosting our very first reality show, featuring all of you as the focus of the public eye! We have approximately 50 Trainees signed with SM, and our variety competition will end with only a deserving 25remaining. Our show's name will be
"SooMin's Survival™" !

All of your practice will be put to the test through assessments, performances, interviews, and even company-wide competition! We hope you look forward to showcasing your talents and hardwork, but be cautious, as you must really show your stuff to keep your spot as an uprising SM Artist!
The full-coverage competition will begin on the 13th of this month! Train your hardest, students, for you succeeding through this competition could open incredible doors for you and your future as a performer!

Best Regards,
-Production Team생산 팀
-Lee Soomin사장"

Amy had finished reading out loud the letter that she had opened with the arrival of her roommate, and to say that it had been a lot to think over would have been an understatement.

Man, things are gonna get crazy. If I don't get this vocal range down I could be in big trouble. Oh Amy why are you thinking that, of course you'll get it down! You have to...

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Taeyang simply pinched his forehead and gave an exasperated sigh at the message. "No it does not," Taeyang said bluntly to Gyung-Hoon. With all the stress piling on, Taeyang threw himself onto his bed and gave a loud groan. He still had a lot to work on. His vocal skills were pretty good, with him being able to hit the pitches lately and hold out notes. His dancing skills could be using a bit more work. It's been getting a little sloppy lately, even the dancing instructors were calling him out on that. He guessed it was just the stress getting to him. As a dancer, one must be level headed to reciprocate that with their body. Acting was a necessity he needed to work on. Acting comes par-on-par with modeling. And if "SooMin's Survival" was anything like the other idol reality shows he's seen before, there were definitely going to be photography.

Sitting up on his bed, crossing his legs, Taeyang stared right at the other two roommates. "Since we're all part of this," Taeyang began, "I guess we need to train and practice extra hard." Taeyang said all that with a sort of forced smile. "Good luck to you guys." Taeyang said, trying his best to be cheerful.
Jihyun reluctantly turned the paper around and mentally read it all the way through once more, as if to make sure he didn't mishear anything the first time. Upon confirming everything that Gyung-Hoon had read aloud, the teen sighed heavily.

"That's only 5 days from now. I wasn't even close to prepared..." He mumbled.

He leaned back on the couch, already feeling defeated despite Taeyang's attempts to keep spirits positive.

~*~*~ And Since Its The 13th Today - Timeskip ~*~*~

It was around 8:00 AM KST, on the 13th of March.

Jihyun's schedule was marked for today to actually be a 'chill day', as he was only being required to attend a 2 hour dance practice and then vocals for another 2 hours - the rest of the day being left for him to do whatever. He was looking forward to it, and hadn't even set his alarm clock for the morning. He was curled up in his bunk, holding his pillow close to his body as the blanket laid draped over him.

There was slight vibration and muffled sounds that came from one floor below, but Jihyun being the deep sleeper that he was, remained in a deep sleep.

The dorm containing himself and his two roommates was quiet and undisturbed, though. That is, until a faint two knocks were sounded from the door. Those two knocks, however, were quickly followed by the door being swung wide open and "Overdose" by EXO began blaring from a radio. Lights then began filling the dark room, emitting from three cameras and an entire crew of 7 people following behind them. One of the cameras moved quickly to where Gyung-Hoon was lying asleep, zooming in on him snoozing.

The crew flooded into the dorm as the other two cameras respectively honed in on Jihyun and Taeyang, catching glimpses of their nighttime slumbers. Although a deep sleeper, Jihyun was prompted awake at the blaring sound of the radio playing a song from a couple years ago, but happened to be one of his favorites. He was confused, and lifted his ruffle-haired head from underneath his blanket pile, only to come face to face with the bright lights of one of the cameras. His eyes widened and pupils quickly dilated, shocked from the sudden encounter and ducked his head underneath his pillow. It had just struck him what was beginning.

Meanwhile in the girls dorm, the same exact affairs went on - a crew of about 6 adult woman, 3 of which held cameras, intruded into the room of Amy Young and Jihyo Hiroko. The camerawomen made sure to get shining closeups of the American and Japanese trainees as well while blasting "Red Flavor" from Red Velvet.
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Gyung-Hoon let out a muffled protest into his pillow as the music blared throughout the dorm room and opened one eye to see a camera lens focusing in on him. He yelled out, "Holy sh--"" and jerked into an upright sitting position, rubbing his eyes and running a hand through his wild bedhead. "What the hell?!" Gyung-Hoon smoothed his hair and stretched, hearing an audible series of pops in his back before he got out of bed. He slipped off his white tee, revealing his abs after years of exercise as part of his B-boying practice and put on a black v-neck tee, slipping on some navy jeans and tightening them with a belt.

Gyung-Hoon sighed as he looked around at the cameras, cracking his knuckles. "So, it's begun, hasn't it? Could you please turn down the music?"
"A-Are you kidding? That soon?" Is all that could leave Jihyo's mouth as she listened to Amy read on. The competition-slash-show would be happening in under a week from that day. She wasn't ready! She was currently being pressured to lose 5 more pounds, and there was no way she could do so in such a short amount of time and be camera ready.

She had no idea how she was going to fair with the future events, but she had to fight through it.

: After Time Skip ~~~~~

Jihyo laid in bed, snuggled up within her blanket late into the night. It had taken a good couple of hours of just laying in the deep darkness of her dorm in order to fall asleep the previous night. She had been intensely anticipating the next day, as she knew thats when the production would roll in and surely the tests would begin.

Little did she know that it would be that very night when the show actually began - and it was literally quite the rude awakening.

Before she knew it, Jihyo was jolted from her slumber and came face to face with a bright camera as a Red Velvet song was blaring through some speakers. When she was able to make out that the light shining in her face emitted from a camera, she freaked. It hit her that it was deep into the night/early morning, and that she looked like road kill with her fuzzy hair and wrinkled under eyes. Jihyo screamed, ducking herself back into the covers, hiding any visual contact with any of the multiple bodies that fled so unwelcomely into their dorm room.


Previously Sarah316
Amy had her own reservations, but there was nothing that could have done to stop it. She'd just have to give it her all and hope that her vocal practice had been enough. Amy had to believe herself, she had to believe that she was ready for anything.

----------TIME SKIP----------

One thing Amy had not bee prepared for was camera being in their dorm room nor had she been ready for the loud music that blasted into it. Amy buried her head in her pillow and under the covers, but this proved to be rather ineffective. Besides, as he dazed brain processed what was going on she realized what this all mean.

Ah crabs, it's today! D-darn it and I am so not ready for a camera right now.

Amy sat up and had a serious case of bed-head, her messy hair along with her pink pajamas with hello kitty heads decorated around it. Yeah, Amy had not wanted a camera to capture this, but there was little she could have done about it now.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Taeyang woke up, clearly annoyed from all the ruckus, only soon realizing it was the start of the competition. Seeing all the cameras and staff around, Taeyang made a small squeal out of shock before finally getting out of his bed. He threw off his blankets and quickly made his way towards the restroom, where he would freshen up for the day. Things were a bit awkward, with him just standing there and brushing his teeth. The camera was capturing every single movement he does within the dorm.

taeyang tried to recall every sort of reality TV show he as seen before and tried to implement them into SM's Reality Show. Okay Taeyang, just talk, lie how all those other contestants do it. Taeyang finished his freshening up and turned to the camera, drawing a complete blank on what to say. "Well this is awkward," Taeyang chuckled nervously. "Anyways, woo hoo first episode of the show?" Taeyang joked a bit before giving thumbs ups towards the camera before going to his drawers to get a nice change of clothes.

Taeyang picked out a decent outfit and ran towards the restroom and locked it. They can film my life all they want, but they are not seeing me change. Changing out of his over-sized hoodie and shorts, Taeyang wore some black jeans and a loose white button up, along with a pair of black vans. He wanted to look presentable at least, but comfortable for whatever challenge they were going to face during the filming of the first episode.
Seeing his two roommates get up, Jihyun figured it would be smart to do the same, considering the production team wouldn't just let him lay there all day - regardless of how badly he wanted to. He released a loud, defeated sigh as his face muffled against his pillow, and finally sat up. He ran a hand through his shaggy morning hair, simply blinking at the camera only about a foot away from his face, making sure to capture all of the expressions of confusion and exhaustion.

There were exactly three cameras amidst the crew within the dorm, which seemed a bit excessive, and the group of people giggled every time Taeyang and Gyung-Hoon said something to them.

Jihyun reached out gently moved the camera backwards out of his personal bubble as he quietly slid out from his bunk. He scrambled about for clothes, a tad unbalanced as the EXO song continued to blare, right up until Gyung-Hoon asked the crew to turn it down, in which they did. Jihyun could still hear other music blaring just as loud through the walls of the other dorms, where the other male trainees were being awoken in the same process.

When Taeyang exited the bathroom, Jihyun went in and immediately shut the door as he completed his morning routines. He then threw on a black short sleeve shirt and slim white jeans, tied a maroon long sleeve flannel around his waist, and threw on a white hat to cover his messy dyed blonde hair. He didn't put much thought into looking amazing, he just wanted to be comfortable and had no idea what the production teams had in mind to start all of this off.

After Jihyun left the bathroom, a young looking man, wearing all black and a white face mask (something Jihyun wished he had at the moment) spoke up and requested the boys to meet and line up in the center of the room. When the boys had the time to do so, two of the cameramen left, leaving just one in the room who then went and knelt beside the young man, getting a frontal shot of the three trainees. The man continued speaking.

"As you boys can tell, today is the beginning of our reality show, Soomin's Survival. We have come early on this morning to get a completely natural, and relaxed look introduction of the three of you. We trust that you've read the guidelines that the company provided to you guys the other day, so you know what will be happening on this show! We're very excited, so to get started can you all step up, introduce yourselves to our audience, mention how long you've been with SM, and then I am going to ask you guys to meet up in Building A, Studio C."

Jihyun was a bit confused, as Studio C was just a dance practice room in the main building where the current Idols came in only for short amounts of time to showcase their planned performances if any Executives or such wanted to see and evaluate them - other than that, the artists and even trainees stuck with the larger, nicer studios on campus. But he shrugged, moving past any questions he had.

Due to being at the end of the line of 3, Jihyun took a step forward and look at the camera, and attempted to enthusiastically throw up a peace sign.

"안녕! My name is Park Jihyun, Trainee with SM for a month and a half now." He spoke, smiling, and then stepped backwards for the others to go.


In the girls dorm, it was the same procedure. The team has turned the volume to the Red Velvet song down as they instructed the girls to meet in the middle of their dorm. It was a a young lady around her late 20's who lead the production team in Amy and Jihyo's room, and after giving the two time to get dressed and ready, she asked the girls to introduce themselves and eventually meet in Building A, but instructed to go straight into Studio B.


Previously Sarah316
Amy, in spite of being flustered at the sudden wake up call, did as she was instructed to as she met an older woman in the middle of their dorm. With a somewhat nervous expression, Amy quickly coughed as she gazed into the camera and knew that this was live and she needed to give some kind of introduction.

Alright, you are on camera. You can do this. Act natural....

"Um...hello. I-I am Young and ready to be an idol. I-I mean Young is my name, I am Amy Young."

Great job you idiot!

Amy eventually decided not to speak to the camera until she got over the shock of all this as she began to make her way to Studio B as instructed.
Jihyo had gotten up from her bed and darted straight for the bathroom, wasting no time or leaving any chance for the cameras to see her any longer - they had already gotten a good glimpse at her sloppy, puffy-eyed, whack morning appearance, they were not going to see her get ready.

While in the bathroom she brushed her teeth, intensely brushed her hair, and moisturized her skin; this time with a little bit more than one pump. If people around the country- and world- were watching, she had to look her best. After several minutes of combing and curling, her dark auburn hair finally sat in a wavy style that had a natural appearance. Unfortunately, she realized the competition itself was starting today, so dressing incredibly nice could serve her inconvenience later. She sighed dramatically, and made sure to put on her best black tights, and loosely fitted maroon longsleeve shirt, and slipped on her black converse. She would have killed for some make up, but her access to that kind of stuff had been extremely limited ever since she had become a trainee.

Making her exit from the bathroom, she felt in a slightly better mood, feeling more presentable. Despite being so rudely awoken so early in the morning, Jihyo felt fairly comfortable with the cameras at this point, since working to become an actress was the only reason she had been interested in the entertainment industry. As instructed, she approached the camera shortly after Amy did, and gave a cheeky smile.

"My name is Jihyo, and I am here to tackle all of my aspirations of becoming a performer. I have been working under SM for around a month now! See you later!" She chimed, throwing a quick wink in. Hopefully she could gain viewer popularity if she was charismatic enough; she didn't want the audience's first intake of her to be a grumbly little girl.

She was then took two small hairbands off of her dresser, threw them around her wrist, and went along side Amy to Studio B, curious and very anxious about as to what was waiting for them there.
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Sighing with mild agitation, Gyung-Hoon reluctantly made his way into the single-file line. After Jihyun enthusiastically introduced himself and stepped back into the line, he followed suit, a tired smile on his face as he bowed to the camera briefly. "Uh, 안녕하세요, 저는 문경훈 이라고 그래요. 반가워요! 저는 SM에 있는 시간은, 뭐, 일년쯤 됐나? 응, 그런것같에." (Translation: 'Hello, I'm Moon Gyung-Hoon. Nice to meet you! I've been in SM for, uh, about a year? Yeah, I think that's right.') He grinned and waved before stepping back and waiting for Taeyang to introduce himself as well. Gyung-Hoon leaned over to Jihyun and whispered in his ear, "So, this is what being in a reality show's like, huh?"


Previously Sarah316
As Amy walked, she mentally cursed at her poor excuse of an "introduction" before the camera, especially compared with how natural Jihyo came off by comparison. To say she had been caught off guard by the cameras had been an understatement.

Fantastic, a chance to make a first impression and you come off as a mumbling meek. If I don't get my act together the show if over for me...

Amy glanced over to Jihyo and decided to engage in some small talk on their way towards Studio B.

"G-gotta say you know how to speak for the camera. Was very impressed." Amy said to Jihyo, having disregarded her sub-par introduction to give a compliment to her roommate.