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Ask to Join ✮Live! || Idol RP

Jihyun shrugged his shoulders and let out a slight laugh as Gyung-Hoon referred to the cameras. He honestly had no idea what reality shows were like when it came to being the object of focus, instead of a spectator. Now that he thought about it, it was fairly common for variety shows and survival competitions to be very intimate and invading on the idols lives in order for the audience to feel personal and involved. He shuddered at the thought of camera crews waiting outside the bathroom as he would do his business.

"I guess so, hopefully its not this intense all the way through." He whispered back in a low tone as they awaited Taeyang's introduction.

Poor Jihyun, as little did he know this was barely the start.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Taeyang followed up with his introduction after his two roommates had introduced themselves. Stuttering a bit, nervousness sleeping through, Taeyang managed to finally introduce himself. “H-hey there! I’m Kim Taeyang,” Taeyang introduced, humming for a bit what to say next. “I’ve been a trainee since last year.” Taeyang flashed a smile towards the camera. He give a slight bow and mumbled, “Please treat us well, thank you very much.” His mannerism showing up.

Taeyang went up besides Gyung-Hoon and Jihyun and followed in pursuit. “Sorry for the wait. Let’s go,” Taeyang said. “Studio C right?” Begin the youngest of the three roommates, Taeyang always followed and asked his olders on what to do, even if he did have at least a one year experiece over Jihyun.
Soon after the girls headed off to head for Studio B, Jihyo noticed Amy compliment her introduction to the camera. She smiled, flattered by the comment, but also feeling a tad insecure at the afterthought.

"Thank you! Yours wasn't all that bad really, you just have to sort of relax more," She added, "Even though it's not easy doing so when you know the entirety of Seoul and even international viewers will be tuning in to watch. The only reason I became a Trainee is because I originally wanted to be an Actress, so for a short time I was primarily focused on learning reality entertainment such as varieties shows and all of that. The key is to fake it until you make it, really." Jihyo spoke, the petite girl stretching her shirt sleeves out to cover her hands after getting a chill.

"Well, whatever is waiting for us in Studio B, you have to promise me we meet it head on and pass whatever challenge that they throw at us - okay? This won't be as fun if we dont both make it!" She chimed, suddenly gaining a happier tone, as if she didn't just wake up 20 minutes ago.


Previously Sarah316
Amy heard the advice of Jihyo, who seemed to be rather encouraging of her struggles rather than having felt the need to tease her over it, and appreciated it as it sounded like solid advice. While Amy perhaps might never fully get over the idea of Seoul and in fact the entire world as they watched their actions on camera, the idea of just faking it and making a performance out of it sounded like something to build off of. Jihyo was a natural with the camera as far as "stage presence" so any advice had been much appreciated as she smiled at Jihyo which only grew when her roommate began to challenge her and asked her to make a promise to meet this challenge and make it along with her, which was all Amy needed to hear to reignite the fire of confidence from within.

"Yeah...yeah that's right! If we both work hard, give it our all and perform at our best I have no doubt we'll both make it. I promise I will give nothing less than my one-hundred percent best, but I got to hear that same promise from you." Amy replied back to Jihyo as her spirits seemed lifted at the moment as she accepted the promise and even held up a hand as if to shake on the promise between the pair to make the cut no matter what was to be thrown at them.