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Open Lost (A pokemon mystery dungeon story)

Jackie relaxes and says "Yes, we're looking for some people who may be in this area, have you seen anyone that might fit that description?" He faces Eclipse and says "I think she may know a little more about them then I do."
"Yeah I do, 4 eevees, one that looks like Flareon, one that looks like Jolteon, One looks like a Normal Umbreon, one looks like a Espeon and then there's me" Eclipse said. "Well yeah, I saw you run past quicker than a Voltorb, but no, I didn't see you guys when you were heading to the is place" The Serperior said sadly before turning and slithering away. "Oh well, at least you know a little bit of them"
Jackie nods and says to the Serperior "Oh well, thanks for the help."
He looks around, unsure of where to go next, or who to find first. "What do you think Eclipse, any ideas where they might be?" He asks.
Jackie nodded. "Alright, straight ahead it is then" He says as he moves forward. He can't help but notice that someone, or something, may be nearby other than the Serperior that might be hostile, watching.
Jackie then stops. "Are you sure one of them is up ahead? This is one of the Mystery Dungeons in the area. The layout of the dungeon changes every time, so its impossible to map out the area. The wild pokemon that appears remain the same however...and trust me, their not friendly unfortunately. Not even I know what the layout will be like..."

He faces Eclipse and says "Let me know when your ready to enter, theres no turning back unless we get defeated in the dungeon, reach the end of the dungeon, or use an escape orb."
"Ugh!" yelled the young Marshtomp. "Why doesn't anybody want my help?!" He then turned to the cave and heard the voices of three pokemon.(Maybe they need help) he wondered, as he ran towards the trio.