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Mafia 2: Day Three: Murder, Destruction, and...

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Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

This day shall end soon. I give my vote, and it is to lynch Dia.

(why are these always open like a day after they should close =/)


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Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Cycloneblaze said:
(why are these always open like a day after they should close =/)

(Because Data is managing this game alone and he doesn't always have the time to tally the votes/post the closing reply)


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Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches


Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Since I suppose it can't hurt at this point, I'm going to hop on the end of the bandwagon and cast a vote to lynch Dia. I've already voiced my concerns and doubts about her guilt, but out of the people we've lined up she's the one who looks the most suspicious. And, to be honest, there's something about her defense that just doesn't feel right - there's something missing in it that doesn't sound the way that an innocent player's does, the way that Savichez's did (thought it was weak) or Tan's in the last game.

Anyway, now that's said and done. I'm hoping tomorrow will be more discussion-heavy o:
Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Belle, I'm agreeing, but keeping my eyebrow firmly raised.

On one account, Dia is defending very strongly and firmly. She is completely trying to convince us of her alignment, but that could just to stay in the game, or it could be for a more.... Mafia related reason. Perhaps she has taken a leaf out of Savichez's book, defending herself absolutely firmly and hoping that people would have learned from last time, but she is doing it all very well, and even though I'm very suspicious, something just seems wrong about lynching. Not that I'm not opposing it, I'm just growing less and less sure of her alignments.

On the other account, you are defending her as well. Perhaps you're trying to change our minds. Maybe this is a very well planned Mafia defence. But surely, you mush have learned from last time if you were doing that.

And also, if you're Mafia, you might just be lynching Dia to cover YOUR tracks, because you know that this lynching is inevitable anyway. That's the oldest trick in the book, and not one to be instantly overlooked, either.

I am growing more and more tempted to change my vote, but I don't want to raise suspicion levels, so I'm still lynching Dia.

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Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Myth Busted, I find that to be faulty reasoning. Just because someone jumped onto a bandwagon does NOT mean that they're automatically mafia. I mean, people always jump onto bandwagons whenever they don't find stronger evidence against anyone else, or their arguments have already been voiced by others. It could strongly indicate that they are, but there are a few reasons why I don't find Belle to be in league with Dia.

Dia said:
It seems as though Belle acted 'overboardly' as an innocent townsperson at least once as well.

Take a few other things she said in her post regarding Belle, and you realize that Dia has been voicing her opinions about Belle as possible mafia. Before this, they have never showed any proof of either being comrades or whatnot; this post could very well be proof that Belle and Dia are NOT working together.
Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Oh deary diddles.
Suspicion? Cast on me?
This will not do.

First and foremost I am most decidedly not in league with Dia.
In fact, on the second page I even posted an entire tl;dr detailing the flaws in her arguments that pointed fingers at Sho and I.
I'll do you a kindness and post the parts that you're looking for here.
Belle said:
Also I'd just like to giggle a little at how this is the second time a feeble, highly defensive and accusatory finger has been pointed my way once someone has had suspicion cast on them :V
It's nothing personal Dia, but I suspect that anyone being accused by another player would feel inclined to assess the argument of said accuser and pick at the flaws in the logic. So, just for a moment, I'm going to do that~
First and foremost, any behavior that I've shown that might have been interpreted as being 'overboard' was very plainly and simply, just that. For no reason other than to play it up a bit. When I had first seen the post that Savichez made, I found the wording and phrasing to be highly suspicious, so I threw out a wild accusation. After doing so, I presented the evidence I had to the other players who were on Chat at the time, and they agreed. That's where Sem came into the thread and posted the findings, and cast the first vote for her lynching. When she stepped up to defend herself however, is where you see that I posted once more expressing my uncertainty. And, as we now know, my doubts were obviously justified as she did turn out to be innocent.
And as for this;
Dia said:
Here's some more food for thought: On the very first day Red accused Sho but Belle immediately redirected suspicions towards Savichez with nothing to back up her claims. She could have been trying to protect a fellow mafia member; you never know.
You're very right, and if either of us turned out to be mafia such a circumstance would be incriminating. But as Sho has already mentioned, Red's accusations were teasing because of a friendly rivalry between the two of them. Knowing how quickly things spin out of control in Mafia games, and that the idea of abstaining and losing players to the mafia families on the first night without even sparking the debates that get people like DS and Blazi convicted was being frowned upon, I wanted to take the attention off Sho. As for why, I've stated before, and for the same reason that I voted to lynch DS - I trust Sho. The same way I trusted Red who, as we now know, was innocent. And if you're not convinced of Sho's innocence simply for the fact that he's been such a headliner in this game thus far, then perhaps consider the fact that he and Red have been playing off each other and throwing ideas around that, as we saw yesterday, brought a member of the mafia family down. And what's more, from that death we can presume that the vigilante followed suit and took out the other suspect that was on everyone's minds - Blazi.
And, since death in this game always results in a domino effect, we can immediately look at the players with whom the convicted and dead'd have apparently been associated with. Having defended both Blazi and DS yourself, you've managed to paint yourself into a corner.
A very suspicious corner.

Hope that clears things up for you~

And if anything, the fact that you've said that Dia's arguments and defenses are strong merely solidifies my reasons for having doubts about lynching her, as I've been wary of doing all day.
The only reason I'm voting to lynch at all is because to abstain would be hypocritical, as I've been saying this entire time that abstinence is completely unhelpful and if anything, is detrimental to the cause.


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Re: Day Three (July 28th-29th): Murder, Destruction, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Apologies for the delay, folks.


Firstly, the identity of Dark Soul has been discovered after a thorough investigation of his home, movements, and possessions. It has been revealed that he was not only a member of the Crimson Order: he was also the Mob Boss.

The committee has also lynched Dia today, killing her swiftly and brutally in the town square, in full view of the city. It was quickly shown that she was Mafia. The Inactivity Rule has also taken effect, and the committee have disposed of several members who have not appeared at meetings: burp23, Tribute, and antou, which are all townsfolk.​
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