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Magearna Now Available in North America and Europe


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The first event Pokémon for Sun and Moon, Magearna, has officially been released for North American and European players. Magearna is the first Pokémon to be distributed using Sun and Moon's new QR code feature, and is the first event Pokémon to be released without an end date.

Magearna comes in a Cherish Ball, and holds a Wishing Ribbon. Its full details are:


Nature: Random
Level: 50
Ability: Soul Heart
Held Item: Bottle Cap
Moves: Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, Helping Hand​

To obtain Magearna in your game, you must be playing Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, and have finished the game. Then, follow these instructions:
  • Open up the QR Scanner function, found in your game's menu.
  • The QR Code you need to scan differs based on the version of your game.
    • If your game is a North American copy, scan the QR code below:
    • If your game is a European copy, scan the QR code below:
  • Afterwards, visit the deliveryman in the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau'oli City to pick up your Magearna.
That should be everything! If you haven't finished the game yet, don't worry. This giveaway doesn't expire, so you can pick up Magearna at any time.

Do let us know if you have any questions about how to pick up Magearna, and tell us in the comments if you've picked up yours!
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I just got mine today :D

I was super happy to finally finish the game and beat the Elite Four. Even better was catching Tapu Koko in a Quick Ball x'D

So all in all, a good day!
After seeing Magearna in action... Eh. Such an "eh" Pokémon overall. Alright moveset, and Salazzle is way better as a Special Attacker. Only good thing about Magearna is its ability.


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Stay on-topic, folks. This article is about Magearna, not bragging about how quickly you can finish the game :)
I do like getting special Mythical Pokemon (if Magearna is considered to be one). However, seeing how it's just handed to you after scanning a QR code makes me long for the days when events with Mythical Pokemon were more thought-out. Usually, there would be a previously-unavailable area in the game that you could explore and events you could not see, and typically one would have to go through the process of actually battling and catching them, which makes receiving such a special and unique Pokemon feel earned.

Now, they're just given to you by a stranger in a particular place, and that's it. I appreciate the gesture, of course, but I loved places like Liberty Island that could be explored, or parts of previously-visited areas like Spear Pillar and Canalave City that could be entered when previously they were inaccessible to the player.

Basically, I miss the creativity and fun behind Mythical Pokemon events. :/
No, it's holding a Bottle Cap and has the Wishing Ribbon attached to it. Ribbons aren't items, they're their own thing :)
I was gonna ask the same question! Lemme go check if mine has the Wishing Ribbon. (P.S. What Is your Sun/Moon team? Mines is: Incineroar, Primarina, Decidueye, Vikavolt, Lycanroc, and Metagross.)