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Marshadow Event Begins for North America


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Marshadow Z-Move.png
Just a quick heads up that the Marshadow distribution has also started in North America now. Like with the Europe distribution (which we recently reported on), you'll need to visit a participating retail store to get a download code for Marshadow.

The Marshadow codes will be available at GameStop in the United States and at EB Games in Canada. Note that despite the official event dates in North America running from October 9th to October 23rd, EB Games Canada has specifically stated "while supplies last" - so don't wait until the last minute to get your codes.

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I got mine today and with that every base form in the National Dex besides the new UBs in USUM. There are still plenty to evolve but I'm on my way. ^_^

This is just my luck. When cool Pokemon become available, I don’t get a crack at getting them.
"Ah, yes. I need to go to my local GameStop and remind myself to pick up a code for the hip, radical, cool new Pokemon..."

*squints at smudged writing on hand*