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Master Trainers


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I'm curious if anyone else bothered with the Master Trainers and, if so, which ones have you beaten thus far?

As I was playing Let's Go Eevee, I took down the Eevee Master Trainer first as suggested by the game. After that I tackled the Raichu Master Trainer because it was only proper that I be dubbed a "Raichu Master".

From there, after hunting for a shiny Gastly and coming away with an almost perfect IVed Gastly instead, I decided to just knock through the Gastly-Haunter-Gengar Master Trainers with the same Pokemon. At the time I hadn't realized that the Master Trainers abuse candy as well, so it was a heck of a lot more level grinding and candy spamming than I'd initially anticipated! It made prepping for Gastly and Haunter's Master Trainers quite the slog. By the time that I was ready for Gengar's, I just picked up the Gengarite to help with stat boosts and managed to beat it fairly easily.

My final Master Trainer challenge ended up being Nidoking's because I'd had my Nidoking in my PokeBall Plus for several weeks and got several level ups upon sending him back to LGE. Since I was already partway there, I figured that I might as well just level/candy grind him a bit more until I could finally beat the Master Trainer. In the end, I likely over leveled for the Nidoking Master Trainer and took it out fairly easily with a couple of Earthquakes.

I only aimed to beat 6 of the Master Trainers so that I could summon Red, and since beating him and obtaining the "Battle Master" title I've put the game down. I'm satisfied with my achievements now. 8D