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(Maybe Spoilers) Guzma Appreciation Thread

Poor guy's been through a lot. He needs some love.

Guzma, and Team Skull in general, are the most humerus evil team ever seen. Not to mention the fact that he's so multidimensional. It's not like "oh I want to kill everything" like quite a few of the previous games. They're relevant to the story without being one of the only driving forces.

Guzma is all these things and more. He's an outcast. Always second best. Thing is, he loves his Pokemon and the entirety of team Skull. I swear, they're like a family. Not ribbing ya.

Now, to finish off my rant on why your boy Guzma is great-

Guzma's a train wreck but he's probably my favorite team leader in recent memory.

His past of being abused as a child and coming from a broken home is absolutely heartbreaking, though. Sun/Moon got heavy in a lot of areas this go-round.
I was talking about this last night on twitter, but Team Skull in general and their dynamic with Aether Foundation is actually pretty amazing, even better than the straightforward but effective rivalry between Magma and Aqua. (spoilers ahead here, be warned)

Now, throughout the early game, it's made pretty clear that Team Skull is one of the goofiest teams to date, and pretty much universally incompetent to the point where other NPCs and even Plumeria can't really take them seriously. There's always been something of a sense of humor attached to most teams, but sometimes it just doesn't seem clear whether the game actually wants us to take the bad guys seriously or not, the worst case of this being Team Flare, who I simply could not be assed to care about at all.

But Team Skull is always making a spectacle of themselves, everyone knows it, and while it's funny to watch it's also a bit… sad. And this trace of sadness really comes to light when you get to Po Town, where it's finally made clear just what bad shape Team Skull is really in. Like, it's bad. It's worth noting that most other syndicates (including Aether Foundation) have hella finances and usually have a big, fancy, technologically-advanced base. What does Guzma have for his gang? A slummy, run-down "mansion" that apparently doesn't even have enough room for everyone since there are also grunts lying about outside, sleeping on the ground in the pouring rain. And the grunt running the pokémon center who demands all of ₽10 to heal your team? I felt like crying.

It should be clear at this point that whatever is going on, Team Skull aren't the real bad guys. They simply don't have the resources to do anything more than run around and cause trouble, and Aether knows this and takes advantage of it. They've been using Team Skull as a scapegoat in order to give themselves good publicity while they run the real show underground. It just goes to show how cunning, manipulative and dangerous Lusamine can really be.

But as for Guzma himself, he might actually just be one of my favorite bosses. While I wouldn't go as far as to call him a father figure, the dude's a hard guy (and while it may have been because I was underleveled, but also a pretty damn hard battle) and does do his best for his fellow outcasts and failures, as well as his pokémon. He's probably one the more if not the most well-rounded leader figures in the series, in all honestly. And, oof, I did not know about that past until just now. Lusamine also seems to have it pretty bad too, being severely mentally ill and having lost her husband who she was dependent on, but it's a lot harder to feel sympathy for her considering how she chose to have children and then treated them as objects.

I'm just. Man, I'm so glad GameFreak actually really tried with their characterization and storywriting this time around. Because XY was garbage. I appreciate it so much.
My boy deserves to be on the Elite Four. I don't even know this Kahili person.

I guess he still has a long way to go before he can be considered 'good' though. Perhaps if there was a sequel, he'd become a person of importance to the league.
Guzma is most definitely my favorite villainous team leader. After learning about his backstory and why he is the way he is, you just feel for the guy.

Going back to his house and seeing those trophies show you how much of an wide-eyed idealist he probably was. The father that tried to put him in line and the mother who couldn't believe her son could ever get up to no-good. While he's not the first team leader to have a sad backstory, it's still very well done here. I greatly look forward to seeing what GF does with his character from this point.

Also my PC rocks the team skull tank top proudly.
I haven't actually played S&M yet, but I think that Guzma is a pretty funny guy from the way that people are always saying "IT'S YA BOI!" in my school. I guess it's something like, "Oh, that's funny and I think it's funny that he says this then actually SWEEPS YOU LIKE A GANGSTA 'Cos that's what gangstas go. They sweep you."
Oh trust me, if you're not careful around that ariados of his it WILL sweep you 100%. Fell Stinger got some ridiculous buffs, not only a BP boost but it also increases your attack by three stages now instead of two.
Oh trust me, if you're not careful around that ariados of his it WILL sweep you 100%. Fell Stinger got some ridiculous buffs, not only a BP boost but it also increases your attack by three stages now instead of two.
Oh, don't even talk about it. Basically, he sets up SD on Gilisopod and then EEs out into a sweeper.
I found Guzma to be a tragic character as well, as his demise was set up by how (before he started Team Skull) by failing the challenges (or something like not wanting to do them at all) and then essentially being ostracized in some manner until he felt it was a good idea to start a 'villainous team' that seems to be more like havens for people who are considered 'lesser' in Alola for not finishing the island challenge.

His theme is also badass as hell.
Guzma is are boy!
But yea... I did not know how he was before till I found his house..... it make me sad that his father try to beat him up and that he had to fight back at that point (even I would). ... and he didn't get much help form his family because of that sadly I relate. ... and don't get me started with Lusamine just using him making him believe she cared about him... (Pokemon yo dark sometime)