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Mega Metagross Revealed In CoroCoro Leaks!


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Anime news site AnimeNewsNetwork have posted up some interesting news in regards to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire today after coming across the first of this month's CoroCoro leaks.

This month CoroCoro has revealed a brand new Mega Pokémon for the games in the form of Mega Metagross. It has also been revealed that Steven himself owns a Metagross which he Mega Evolves into Mega Metagross using a Mega Stone in his Mega Brooch.

Nothing else about Mega Metagross is currently known, but the information from CoroCoro is still being translated, so keep checking back!


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Ooooooooooh! Now that's a nice and shiny Mega Evolution :') It'll be an absolute beast in battle I'm sure. The claws are interesting, although I'm not sure whats happening with the random face/chin-spike :V

*Crosses fingers for Mega Flygon* ^____^
We can only hope...


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I saw this on facebook a few moments ago i was like why give a mega to a Sudo Legend in wifi battles isn't he strong as it is i mean to give him a mega for wifi battles he will be a big threat or how you say it good thing i won't be using his mega form just normal but it's really good we get more mega's 6th gen was kinda lacking them
I do hope it gets levitate, both for design and competitive. As it is if it has to walk on those legs it will be facing the ground the whole time lol.
Speaking of Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, how about a Mega Evolution for my man, Arcanine, the LEGENDARY POKEMON?

Still holding out for Mega Pidgeot!
As much as I'm loving the fact of Metagross is getting a Mega form. I'm very worry about what Metagross Mega ability is going to be.
I hope its something useful and not something useless.
I do not love the design of this Pokemon, but I do not hate it either. It is interesting to note, however, that if you look right above the golden X on Megagross's face, you can see a fifth arm sticking out of its back, and since it is on the left side, it presumably has another arm sticking out of the right side of its back. What is up with this design choice?