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Mega Rayquaza Officially Revealed!


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A seven hour special Pokémon stream was shown in Japan today and right at the end a surprise reveal was made in the form of Mega Rayquaza for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. The Mega was revealed by the official Pokémon YouTube channel for outside of Japan straight afterwards and you can see a trailer for the Pokémon below:​
Mega Rayquaza can learn a special Flying type move known as Dragon Ascent which is said to be extremely powerful. Mega Rayquaza also has a new ability known as Delta Stream which means all other weather abilities and moves will not work as long as the Pokémon remains in battle. It's worth noting that the ability also makes it so moves that Flying type Pokémon are normally weak to will only deal normal damage to any Flying type in battle. Mega Rayquaza also gets a boost in all its stats and remains a Dragon and Flying type Pokémon.

Official artwork for the Pokémon has yet to be revealed but we'll no doubt get some when CoroCoro leaks.
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It always makes me a bit sad to learn about interesting abilities that are ultimately banned from most official tournaments due to the Pokemon that have them. I'm not entirely sure yet what I think about Mega Rayquaza's design but I really like the sound of Delta Stream. Either way, it's nice to finally see this fellow officially revealed (even if everyone and their dog saw it coming).

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Wow. Just wow. I knew Rayquaza would get a Mega, but that amazing design just blew me away (stabbed for incredibly lame pun). It makes sense that Ray would get a new Ability to not only counter Groudon and Kyogre better but benefit itself as well. Dragon Ascent. I like that move. It's about time Rayquaza got its own signature move as well. With that I think all Base 680 Legendaries have their own signature move now.

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I already mentioned this in chat but oh my gosh, I love that design so much. I'm not even 100 percent sure why, but it's really neat and so alien and just.... eeeee ♥ the ribbonstreams are so cool too! I want a figure of this now :'D
This is . . . just . . . WOW!! I was never a big fan of mascots & super legendaries, mainly because they're banned from most competitions & battle facilities, but I am absolutely in love with Mega Rayqyaza. It's design is the perfect combination of epic and majestic that I can't even be able to come up with the right words to describe it.

And then there's Delta Stream. Not only is this a great nitch to stop Primal Groudon & Kyogre, but it's also the kind of boost that Flying pokémon have needed for so many years. I have never been so tempted to get a legendary pokémon like this before, I think I may just cave in


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I love Rayquaza even more now.
This announcement just made my day.

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That's a bit too much going on for my taste. Like somebody had a really nice car, then they put a spoiler and racing stripes on it. Then numbers and a bunch of bumper stickers. Plus extra exhaust. And some tassels, for some reason... Very meh about the design.

Do love the new ability, though. Should be fun in Ubers mono-type teams.
i wasnt exactly expecting a mega rayquaza but oh well it happened. im actually glad but again its my same problem, the design. it looks like the offspring of an antlion and snake. what do you get when both of them breed, a green snake with puny wings, mandibles, streams of light coming from its back and fire under its head. it looks cool but i personally think the mandibles are highly unnecessary but im glad hes being added


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When i first saw this mega i was like did the people from pokemon really watch Dragon Ball Z or GT or dragon ball cause it feels like it's coping Shenron from that show i never really exspected this but they did say mega Rayquaza holds the secrect to mega Evolution.
Eee! I was re-reading The Golden Door earlier today, and this design reminds me of exactly what I think a 'skimmer' from the book would look like.
Anyways, this took me by surprise even though we all knew Rayquaza was going to get a Mega Evolution/Primal Devolution.

I will go fulfil my destiny of fanboying in the distance now....

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I'm not a big fan of Rayquaza but holy eff is this thing epic looking.

The mandibles were the first thing to win me over. The streaming holo-traily bits happened next. The way it flows when it moves too... yeah. I'm rather curious about what makes it different from other Mega Evolutions (and for that matter, the plot reason it is a mega rather than a 'primal reversion' - although let's face it, they're the same thing with a sillier name) - but I guess we'll see.

Mind you, I'm kind of roffling at those flame decals on its head (or are they meant to resemble the Shichishitō?)
(*Dragons Intensify*) I SO SAW THIS COMING YES YES YES. Eherm I Mean I Thought It Would Get A Primal Form But This Mega Form Is Amazing And Delta Storm?! Best Ability Ever. I Am Glad Rayquaza Still Got Some Of the spotlight :3
So this guy can nuke Swampert from orbit with Dragon Ascent. That's pretty tough to do. Impressive! Can't wait to learn more about him :)