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Mega Venusaur


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Mega Venusaur



Japanese Name: MegaFushigibana
Classification: Seed Pokémon
Height: 2.4m / 7' 10"
Weight: 155.5kg / 342.8 lbs.


Ability: Thick Fat


Revealed: Mega Venusaur was revealed alongside Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise in a Pokémon Direct aired on the 4th of September.
Additional Info: When Venusaur becomes Mega Venusaur, the flower on the Pokémon's back blooms even more fantastically than before. Its legs and frame become more sturdy to support the weight of the huge flower.


Mega Venusaur's most notable stat boost is to its Defense stat, but it also receives boosts to its Attack, Sp. Attack, and Sp. Defense.

HP: 80
Attack: 100
Defense: 123
Sp. Attack: 122
Sp. Defense: 120
Speed: 80


Mega Stone
Given by Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City (if Bulbasaur chosen as Starter) or purchased from Vernal Avenue's Stone Emporium (if Bulbasaur not chosen as Starter).
OR/AS: Route 119 (Following Primal Kyogre/Groudon narrative).


Mega-Evolves from Venusaur


Mega Venusaur.png

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Hmm..don't see much difference in appearance here, just a flower on its head and the flower on its back growing out and upward more. This is cool, just one of my least favorite Mega Pokemon based on design.

StellarWind Elsydeon

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So apparently they went and turned Venusaur into some kind of a Death Tank. The boost to both defenses is a nice touch - and further compensating for a few of its weaknesses means that MegaVenusaur could make a fine steamroller. The upgrade to the flower is kind of nifty but on the whole MegaVenusaur seems to be the one least changed in appearance of all the Kanto Starter Mega-Evolutions. Then again, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Doctor Oak

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Mega Venusaur could really end up being one of the bulkiest Pokemon in the entire game. I could definitely see it being very effective if you've already managed to get rid of the other player's Mega Evolution, as it looks like it'll be damn hard to budge otherwise.
Thick Fat is simply lovely! Turning two weaknesses into regularly effective or even resisted moves(I don't know how much Thick Fat reduces, tbh) is amazing. I would love to use this tankmonster.
Forget it! I will not buy a 3ds nor a 2ds nor pokemon gen XI!!!!!!!!!! All of these mega-Evolutions are ruining pokemon! I am going to say right now, Nintendo is going to lose a lot of money!!!


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I'm not normally prone to doing this, but...

Mega Evolutions are not ruining Pokémon simply because they are new. They are not making the games any less compelling, and bringing the focus back on the old starters via Mega Evolutions is a strategy that will attract older players as well as new ones. Nintendo are going to make shedloads of money with X and Y, just like with every other main series Pokémon game.

You are entitled to not like Mega Evolutions, but you're not entitled to bitch and whine about how they'll destroy the franchise, when any quick look at the fandom will tell you people are actually warming to the idea and quite like at least a few Mega Pokémon. And I haven't found anyone who has decided the Kanto starters' Mega evos ruin the original creature. Food for thought.
Also as for Mega evolutions no one if forcing you to use them, you can carry on using the regular version. Only way Mega's would be forced is competitive battling and I'm sure people will find creative ways to avoid using Mega's


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"Here walketh the mighty Mega starter of Grass
With a flower on its head...
... and one on its ass."

Priceless. XD

I gotta say, while I'm not quite sure what to think about this Mega Venusaur design-wise (it really isn't very different from standard Venusaur and I'd prefer it without the flower hat/butt cosy XD) I'm very much liking what they've done with its Ability and stats. I'm already a big fan of Venusaur's ability to tank hits and utterly love the idea of it having Thick Fat + further defensive boosts. Can't wait to get its Mega Stone on my current Venusaur. ♥
Like I said in the thread that announced them, I'm not terribly excited about any of the Gen I starter megas, but Venusaur is easily my favorite of the three. It just seems so...right. I absolutely love that they gave it Thick Fat which lessens two big weaknesses and I can't wait to see how it is pans out competitively. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm picking Bulbasaur since I have no plans for picking Chespin.

Hm, maybe I am more excited than I thought.
One thing I am wondering about is if the Mega evolutions will be a bit overpowered compared to those who don't have any mega evolutions, I fear pokemon like Abomasnow and Ursaring are going to lose its glory to these power house's. Oh god, even the fearful Weavile might be weak.
GameFreak: Hmm let's make two mega Charizards, one part dragon and super cool and for the other one lets give it some wings and a more dragony look..
GameFreak: For Mega Blatoise lts give him anothers cannon and it looks good enough..
GameFreak: Hmm what to do for Venusaur..? -puts a flower on a forehead- Voila!
Awwh, after looking at this closer I love the design alot more!
I wish I chose Bulbasaur...T^T
I managed to snag a Bulbasaur off Wondertrade but it wasn't holding a Mega Stone...
Actually after you beat the game you can buy different mega stones from a man in the stone emporium in lumiose city. If you keep denying his offer, it will get cheaper every day, but the cheapest price is 50,000 pokedollars. One of the stones he'll offer is a venusaurite. Hope I helped!!:)