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Open MHA: The Heroes of the Future

Hello, Welcome to UA. This is not the best time to be calling as we are preparing funeral arrangements for a teacher who passed in the field, he was a second year Battle instructor who took over for Hound Dog following his retirement. As such we are giving his family, friends and allies a time to give a final goodbye. After that is the start of a new hero's career.

Your character is in the class with the Deceased teacher's daughter and a classmate connected to the Hero Chargebolt, or in Class with Emiko Satokaro of The Third Year. The school requests a file be transferred over for all years.

Clothing (Civilian):
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name:
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.):

Name: Sayori Shinichi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm (5'1")
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Appearance: She has long silver hair, braided, and copper eyes. She is very curvaceous and has a whirlpool mark on the left side of her neck, and a scar on the right side of her chest from wreckage in an incident involving Gigantomachia.
Clothing (Civilian): Sayori wears a light blue crop top, with long pants, top in the summer, a coat in the winter.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name: The Cloaked
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Water Veil: She has a veil of water around her that can be turned on or off, with a twenty minute delay between the changes and a ten second duration for the change from to off. She, like her father, must drink multiple times as much water than normal people. The quirk can only get to three inches thick and that causes Severe Dehydration if kept on longer that about eight minutes.
Personality: She is a shy, but usually calm, and watchful, but can rage severely if provoked.
Background: She is the Deceased Teacher's daughter, and was raised by him from age 7 to his death shortly before she entered UA. Her middle school was a normal middle school in a world of quirks.
Class: 1-A

Name: Emiko Satokaro
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 176 cm (5'9")
Weight: 72 kg (150 lbs)
Appearance: She has brown hair and orange eyes on a slim frame, her frame lithe and agile.
Clothing (Civilian): Emily wears a loose, long sleeve red shirt and black pants with red boots similar to that of Deku.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name: Linked Earth
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Tremorsense: She can detect Tremors on the ground with her feet. She has a limit of 2 miles, and it has no offensive use. This quirk will eventually bond with One for All, granting her access to a Stored Power Quirk (All Might's style, he was Quirkless), and
Float, a quirk left by Nana Shimura
Personality: Emiko is a reserved girl, preferring to keep to her self, but is working on being bolder and helpful.
Background: Emiko was a girl orphaned by an the same incident involving Gigantomachia as Sayori, was rescued by Deku. She was taken in, much like Eri, but was kept an eye on as a potential successor when the time was right.
Class: 3-B

Name: Raikiri Kaminari
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Appearance: Short messy purple hair and golden eyes on a slim but slightly muscular frame. He has no other noticeable traits
Clothing (Civilian): Raikiri wears comfortable clothes and was given a old black and white jacket from his father.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name: Cords
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Plugs: He has plugs on either ear, he can plug in one and release electricity out the other, he can use internal electricity, but too much makes him an idiot.
Background: He is the son of Denki Kaminari, and was raised Kaminari alone after the incident involving Gigantomachia.
Class: 1-A

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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
I'll join this!

Name: Apollo "Polly" Bakugou
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125lbs
Appearance: He has sky blue hair and ice blue eyes. He also seems pale.
Clothing (Civilian): He normally wears blue hoodies and sweatpants, since he's always cold because of his quirk. He wears a red scarf along with the hoodie.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name: Softy
Quirk: Sheer Cold. He is able to freeze or make something specific cold. he's also ALWAYS cold and gives off cold air even when doing nothing. He's also always cold which made him turn a bit pale. He also will never be seen wearing anything else.
Personality: He's the literal opposite of his father, Katsuki Bakugou, being very talkative and nice, he's very trustful and loyal to his friends. He's also fairly positive, and unlike his dad, he's very observant and thinks before he does actions.
Background: He was born and raised in the Bakugou household, Being trained by his father, and getting very good at hand-to-hand combat + using his Quirk.
Class: 1-A
Name: Kara Mereon

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 144 cm (4'9'')

Weight: 52 kg (114 lbs)

Appearance: Kara has long black hair often tied in pigtails, she has emerald green eyes with fair skin, and small patches of green scales on her cheeks and forearms that help her blend into the surroundings

Clothing (Civilian): Kara often wears a white t-shirt under a pink hoodie with the word "Recall" written on the middle, paired with a black skirt and white sneakers.

Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.

Hero Name: Camo

Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Chameleon, Kara can basically do anything a chameleon can, Kara can use a camouflage technique, she can firmly grab branches, (Kara can also move her eyes in two different directions, but she doesn't like using it), her spit can be unbelievably sticky, and she has an elongated tongue (like Froppy)

Personality: Kara is a rather mean girl, the kind of mean where she ignores you, and will say harsh words to you with a straight face. Though she will ignore you, if tasked to cooperate, Kara will be as helpful as she can, and tries to not let others down.

Background: As a child Kara always looked up to the famous rainy season hero: Froppy, there was something about her that always inspired Kara, so she trained hard, trying to master her quirk, though this tryhard behavior led to her not having much friends or any other kind of socialization, her training made her into something she isn't, she was friendly and always socializing before, but then she just stopped being herself.

Class: 1-A
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I have one more character idea.

Name: Toshinori Midoriya
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 166 cm (5'5")
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Appearance: Toshinori has A messy mop of green hair and brown eyes with a round face. He has some muscle, but not too much as he is still young.
Clothing (Civilian): Toshinori wears a green hoodie, and whites, browns, and blues.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Flametouch: anything he touches with all five fingers on one hand will burst into flames.
Personality: Toshinori has a hero's drive and motivation, along with his father's easy flustering around girls. He has
Background: Toshinori is a child of The Number One hero Deku, and has big expectations from people. His father singlehandedly cleared wreckage from the incident involving Gigantomachia, he and Raikiri have issues due to circumstances of Raikiri's mother's death.

In this story Gigantomachia broke the prison he was held at, and went to wreck a city, Kyouka Kaminari (Jiro) was hosting a concert as a Music hero in the city and the stage was attacked, several heroes were clearing the wreckage, but were not Fast enough, Jiro died of her Injuries. Several other local pros died, and Uravity, Creati, Shoto, and Bakugo received severe injuries. My opening post will start with this and jump to the current.


Previously Night's Shadow
Name: Kaia Tokoyami
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 107 lbs

Appearance: Kaia has short and choppy black feathery hair. Her eyes are large and a vibrant amber with rounded slits for pupils, similar to the half-dilated eyes of a cat or bird of prey, framed by long, dark lashes. She has an athletic form, and her full lips are usually twisted into a perpetual smirk. Large wings covered in black feathers so dark they seem to absorb all light attach to her shoulders, and can fold to fit neatly into slight indentations on her back. Her skin tone is a light olive, dotted with a few scarce freckles.
Clothing (Civilian): Generally, Kaia doesn’t give a rip about her appearance, and often wears the same baggy sweatshirt and jeans for several days in a row. She keeps her hair short because she can’t be assed to brush it in the morning. In the summer, she switches out her ratty hoodie for faded band t-shirts and jean shorts that reach mid-thigh. She owns literally no makeup with the exception of chapstick (which she does consider makeup.) In uniform, it’s rare that she bothers to button her jacket or wear a tie.

Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.

Hero Name: The Silent Night Hero: Strix
Quirk: Night Owl: The user possesses large wings that make no sound when in flight, as well as eyes that can see through darkness like noon on a cloudless day. They also have the ability to control shadows to an extent, and their power is stronger at night. Unfortunately, due to the user’s being nocturnal by nature, they often find themselves restless and unable to sleep at night, often resulting in narcolepsy.

Personality: Kaia is, as she would describe herself, a “depressed heartless shitheap with no soul to speak of.” As a child of Tokoyami, she inherited his dark, brooding interests. Unlike Tokoyami, however, she is a total flake, and loves living in the heat of the moment. Pain doesn’t bother her all that much, and she enjoys freaking people out to no end. This often means engaging in a perfectly normal conversation for all of five seconds before cracking a sardonic quip, cursing several times in ancient tongues, then turning it into a situation where she can yell “we’re all gonna die!” before falling asleep on the spot. On the other hand, she is completely out of touch with her emotions, and find relationships awkward.

As a side note, her dorm room looks like someplace where she sacrifices human children to burn at the gates of hell.

Background: Kaia never knew her mother, as she died during childbirth. Everything she knows about her came from her father, Tokoyami. All she really knew was that her mother was a massive extrovert, was kinda crazy, and had umbrakinesis as a quirk. Oftentimes, meals would consist of pizza, instant ramen, or leftovers of the first two options, unless Shoji came over to make something that wasn’t completely unhealthy. Shoji was like an uncle to Kaia, and she addressed him as such, starting with “uncle Shoji” until she was eight when she started calling him “old man” affectionately.

As a child, Kaia was quite the troublemaker, not that her father minded. They would often perform satanic rituals together train together and share dark humor. As a bit of an eccentric, Kaia was bullied in school, but she didn’t particularly care. When people yanked on her wing feathers or called her names, she just started strangling them with their own shadows until she got bored or fell asleep, whichever came first. And if her father was around, Dark Shadow took care of things for her with a simple glare.

By the time Kaia was 13, she had learned a large variety of cooking techniques to make up for her father’s less-than-stellar kitchen skills, and was quite a whiz in the kitchen. But other than that she was extremely unmotivated in terms of school, often lazing around or training during the day and jamming out to various emo/punk rock/heavy metal/retro bands at night. The fact that highschool was coming up kind of snuck up on her as a result, so she just jotted down the first school she could think of: the school her father went to, UA. When she was accepted into 1-A her father made a human sacrifice attempted to make an actual dinner in her honor.
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Previously Gamingfan2
Ehhhh might as well join an rp. Charms has been slow as of late.

Name: Allie Vera
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 119 lb
Appearance: Allie's tan, has green eyes, and red hair, which hangs to her waist, and is always covered with leaves and seeds. She's has an athlete's body, and is dirty pretty much all the time.
Clothing (Civilian): A simply white (now gray) tank top and black shorts. Simplicity is best!
She also has a bag of seeds she carries at all times on her hip.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name: Forest Fury
Quirk: Life Surplus
Allie possess immense life energy, giving her inhuman stamina and a healing factor. She can share this energy with allies, providing a power boost and healing, although this usually takes a toll on her own capacity. Aside from that, Allie can also control plants and their growth, such as growing vines from seeds or having a tree grow right into someone's gut.
The main disadvantage to this is the fact that while Allie has a lot of it, her energy is still finite. If she ends up using too much, her health with likely deteriorate.
Personality: Allie is quite the wild child, to put in simply. Despite her rather bold demeanor, she's amicable with everyone, usually to their annoyance. Always one to look for a reason to laugh, few things can keep her down. She's IS very reckless however, and often puts her duty before her personal health.
Background: Allie was born from two nobody heros, and spent most of her life vibing in a forest near her childhood home, often getting lost to the point where her family stopped freaking out unless she disappears for a week. She had always wanted to be a hero, finding the idea of adventure and action irresistible. Eventually she enlisted into UA.
(Bad Background is bad. The quirk took all of my brainpower. I'll likely edit it later.)
Class: 1-A
This would be a very difficult explanation, since all of the pros from UA are showing up plus a few others for the opening event, I will be giving character sheets for important characters, like this one who will appear for the funeral.

@| Korutesu | Is it possible that they are divorced due to your character's background.

Name: Yohei Shindo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 177 cm (5'9 1/2")
Weight: 69 kg (143 lbs)
Appearance: Messy dark brown hair, with dark eyes and sharp pointed teeth.
Clothing (Civilian): He is known to wear random clothes.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Vibration Wave: Yohei can send his vibrations a distance based on how far back the body part he is using goes before launching.
Personality: Yohei is a cheerful person, but has the mind of a Tactician, his cheerfulness on the outside. He also is known to be two faced, showing a disposition of competition facing competition and more cheerful with allies.
Background: Yohei is the Son of Ketsubutsu's Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame, a previous event involving the teacher, him and Inasa Yoarashi, brings him and his father to the Funeral.

@Gamingfan Accepted, could see her as a Foreign exchange student, which would explain the two nobodies as her parents.
Name: Akio Midoriya
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 167.2
Weight:56.0 kg
Appearance: He's got naturally straight dark green hair hung on a pony tail (hair makes him look like a woman from behind), he has even darker green eyes which come out easily in light, he has a fine build like deku did when he got in UA, an otherwise agile person. it's obvious he works out and trains alot
Clothing (Civilian): a blue jacket with some jeans
Hero costume: will be figured out later.
Hero Name: Sutoring : The string hero
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): He can materialize strings from his fingers and his palms, the strings are powerful and hard to break through, although it's weak in melee attacks.
Personality: He's a very pacifistic person, often talking about things that are impossible (ex: if only everyone were to be nice, villains wouldn't be a thing then..) , otherwise, when provoked or angered, he will take it out immediately, he is a very open person who speaks his mind and hates bottling up feelings. He often analyzes people before talking to them
Background: He, too, is one of the sons of Izuku Midoriya, the number 1 hero, although he isn't exactly too talkative about it, because he does not want people to be friends with him just to be "friends with the son of the number one hero", which is why he took the habit of analyzing people as he meets them .

Class 1-A
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| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
About Apollo's quirk, He divided it pre-rp, into three phases, Phase 1 costing least energy, Phase 2 costing normal amounts and Phase Three costing massive amounts.
I will list what he can do with all three Phases.
  • Phase 1
  1. Ice Create - Apollo creates anything from ice or snow with his hands, The weapons are very hard to break but takes long to recharge. he can only create one at a time.
  • Phase 2
  1. Ice Ball - Apollo creates a ball with a radius of Five Centimeters. It floats in the sky before Apollo drops his hand, with the ice ball also falling down.
  2. Freeze - Apollo stomps on the ground, Freezing the floor in a fifteen meter radius. To keep it going he will need to continuously use it making him lose a lot of power
  3. Rain - He claps his hands together creating two dozens of icicles, Which Apollo can move freely, like Hawks' wings. He cannot shape these Icicles though, but CAN reach heights. These will also melt.
  • Phase 3
  1. Subzero Slammer - Apollo freezes the floor, then creates an ice spike, then creates Icicles that he can move freely. Which if they hit, will freeze anything a radius of 8 meters. This needs a lot of focus and power to use, It also makes it so that Apollo's body temperature will become very cold.

This is what Apollo can do with his Quirk, but cannot completely perform Phase Three and Phase Two's Ice Ball. Phase One's Ice Create is still weak, while Phase Two's Freeze has a smaller radius and Apollo cannot control the Icicles with Rain.
The funeral, after that wraps up they will head to the school dorms. Currently, my headcanon was that someone replaces Hound Dog before their unexpected death.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Also, if both Toshinori and Apollo got into a fight, Toshinori would definitely win, unless Apollo masters Phase Three, Which is Apollo's strongest move. or could find a way to negate his quirk by covering his hands with ice


Previously Tokki_Boki
I'd love to join! But I was just wondering if my characters mother can be the pro hero Amplifier, she's only showed up for a short amount of time but I honestly love her quirk.


Previously Tokki_Boki
Name: Aika Himori
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 116 lbs
Appearance: Aika holds a strong resemblance to her mother, from her honey brown hair and her matching honey brown eyes. The female's face was also an exact replica of her mother's cutesy facial appearance. The only drastic difference between mother and child was their height, though Amplifier herself was rather tall, her daughter was more on the shorter side of the spectrum.
Clothing (Civilian): Aika typically wears a pink pink croptop hoodie with rabbit ears attached to the hood, along with a black pleated skirt, knee high white socks, and a pair of pastel pink platform sneakers. Aika also wears a rather large assortment of accessories such as chokers and bracelets, but the one thing she always has with her is her wireless headphones that rest around her neck.
Hero costume: will be figured out as we go on to that arc.
Hero Name: Echo
Quirk (give basic Explanation, I have plans for a Kid of Kaminari, the Deceased Teacher's kid, and One For All. No All for One.): Yell+ (Aika's quirk was inherited from both her parents, her mothers yell quirk plus her fathers quirk to create a loud echo, thus creating a Yell quirk with a larger range and power. The quirk allows Aika to increase the volume of her voice and reach further ranges with her vocals.)
Personality: the female is an upbeat individual like both her parents and avoids conflict like the plague. But sadly the female couldn't show her excitement much due to the danger of her quirk, having an incident involving breaking the neighbors windows as a kid just from her crying. Even though she needs to keep her excitement and emotions in check, Aika was still a fun loving female who saw ghe world as nothing but sunshine and rainbows.
Background: she grew up with a normal childhood. Two loving parents, a nice house with friendly neighbors, and a quirk that she perfectly inherited from her parents. Aika was living the good life with her parents, and she wouldnt have it any other way. Plus she gained some recognition for being Amplifiers daughter, especially since the mother and daughter duo were favored for their attractive faces.
Class: 1-A
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I'd like to join, but I dunno if I might recycle and old MHA character of mine or maybe make a new one. Is it mandatory for the characters to be descended from canon characters?